Renekton Build Guide

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Ain't stopping this crocodile!

written by Dekaar

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    So yes hi! I'm Dekaar, a german (sorry for bad spelling sometimes) summoner on EU and I'm mainly playing aggressive offtanks or, how I like to call them, supporting tanks.

    I tried hard to play Autoattackers or assassins like Tryndamere, Udyr, Akali and so on but totally failed since my playstyle was way to aggressive for them... so you could guess why I switched to Tank.. because I can play aggressive, run my offensive playstyle and don't get whacked that easily... sheesh.

    I normally play Champs like Renekton, Alistar, Maokai, Rammus, casters as Swain and Malzahar and newly Trundle.

    I might say that I'm pretty experienced with Renekton and that I found the best setup for my personal style but then...... "OMG! YOU NOOB RENEKTON! YOU'RE NOT PLAYING AFTER A LEAGUECRAFT-GUIDE! NOOOOB!"
    Really. That one hurt me alot. An Akali, (2/12/4 Phage, Phantom Dancers, Black Cleaver) said that I can't play my Renekton (4/5/18)... *sniff*

    This guide is written for playing on 5on5. So there won't be any tips and tricks for acting on 3on3. Actually it's on 3on3 highly luckbased if your build works or not. So remember that this guide is made for 5on5. Not 3on3 ;)

    So let's share the way I play Renekton with you!

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    This is what makes Renekton the Renekton he is. It's a rather underrated passive since it generally does nothing. Really. Nothing. For every attack you gain 5 Fury, additional if you're under 50%. The only real benefit from this is for your normal attacks.

    Cull the Meek
    Cull the Meek is really really awesome. It's a nice null-range AoE for farming, doing decent damage and also healing you. Many people say that, after the nerf of the bonusheal, this skills is rather underpowered but there is still plenty of heal with this skill. So no need to worry.

    Ruthless Predator
    Do you like teamfights? Do you like close situations? Do you like supporting your fellow autoattackers? Well than this skill is your best friend. Ruthless Predator is an awesome skill to make sure something falls to your lane-mates. It's not intended to be pure damage but it's a nice skill to stun if you have enough fury so that it stuns longer!

    Slice and Dice
    THIS SKILL IS DEAD! IT DOES NO DAMAGE! ... Seriously? People think that this skill is intended to do damage? They whine after the nerf of dmg on this baby?

    Have you ever seen a skill, that is so awesome at Rank 1 as Slice and Dice? This is the best supportskill that Renekton can get. It's not really good for damage anymore ( even though it never was ) but it's still great to cover smaller distances for chasing, getting away or simply jumping through walls. So why damage? Oh yeah... the fury bonus is nice to reduce opposing armor... If that ain't support then I don't know

    You turn into a giant Crocodile with a nice AoE around you. Isn't that enough to be nice?
    Okay. Dominus has a rather low cooldown and is really nice for helping you out to initiate teamfights. It gives a nice boost of health, helps you generate Fury faster and has a decent AoE. Lot's of people will focus you because you're the great Crocodile with the sandstorm around you... or they'll simply run away.

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image

    This is a more defensive mastery since this build is, who would've thought, tank. Cripple is nice since it helps you deal a bit more damage and again, helps you to keep track on your enemy. Additionally to that improved Ghost is just awesome. Enough said. This mastery works, trust me :P

    Okay. Runes.
    Marks: 9 Greater Mark of Desolation
    Seal : 9 Greater Seal of Resilience or Greater Seal of Evasion
    Glyphs : 9 Greater Glyph of Warding or Greater Glyph of Focus
    Quintessence : 3 Greater Quintessence of Focus

    I prefer the armor Seals and MRes Glyphs even though Dodge/CdR better is if you can afford the runes.
    Renekton likes Cooldown. Most of the Itembuilds used by this guide lack of CdR so that's what you have to take care of when you build your runes.

  • Skilling Order

    Nothing much to say here. Go for Ultimate as soon as you can skill it. Otherwise max out Cull the Meek as soon as possible. After that max out Ruthless Predator and put the last points on S&D

    Make sure to start of with Cull the Meek, at level 2 get Ruthless Predator and at LvL 3 Slice & Dice. You can ignore ruthless and S&D until you maxed out Cull the Meek.

  • Summoner Abilities

    No big choices here. Ghost/Exhaust.

    Ghost to get away or chase, exhaust for getting away and chasing cO

    Heal : Wtf are you kidding me? Seriously? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ! Did I mention? NO!

    Flash : You could take it if you like, Drop ghost if.

    Revive : Duuuuuuuuuuuude? If you die then that basically means that there's a fullwipe, you got ganked or your lane is lost. You're a teamplayer and where's the point if you die, revive, you'll be alive, alone, and the rest still dead? Since this is a guide made for 5on5 revive sucks. And 3on3... sorry 3on3 is to easy break

    Ignite: Same as flash. If you like it, why not. Drop exhaust for it.

  • Item Build

    Now here comes the real deal.

    There are typically 3 Builds that I run, depending on the opposing team.

    We have a hybrid build that is basically working for opposing setups that either run a balanced amount of AP and AD based champions or when there is one or two strong AP (or AD ) while the rest runs more AD (AP respectively).
    We have, if we have a hybrid build, a build against ADs and APs. So that's basically all there is :)

    The Item build starts off always the same.

    Start of with Doran's Shield
    This is enough for earlygame survivability and helps you a lot to keep your lane.

    Move over to Boots of Speed and upgrade them as soon as possible to Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    As I already said. We're running very little CdR in these builds. So Ionian Boots actually are a must have. If you're running heavy CdR-Runes you can think about it to use Ninja Tabi. It's fine but I'll stick to Ionians ;)

    Next stop on your list is actually Aegis of the Legion
    Try to build it (or it components) in one run. If not, decide what's on your lane. If they run both AP/AD get Ruby Crystal and then get the rest depending who annoys you most. Aegis of the Legion is an awesome item. It gives you ( and your lanemate ) a nice boost in Armor and MRes, not to forget a bit damage. Still a very nice supportive Item for your team and yourself. For not that much money.

    So much about the core build that's identical to every build. Now it gets situational.

    Against AD
    Once you've got your core build ready go for Chain Vest and upgrade it in the next turn to Atma's Impaler.
    Atma's is a really nice item that you really want to have. It's great defenses and gives you, especially if you continue to build armor. It's been a while but Atma's is actually one of my coreitems now that can be used in various ways. It is nice against AD-Champs and also boosts your own dmg output a bit. You're not really going for any other damage except this item so it's the best you will get :)

    Next stop is either Sunfire Cape or Thornmail
    If they're running heavy autoattacks then go for Thornmail first. You'll get both anyways. It's just a matter of situational orders. Heavy on Autoattack = Thornmail, more frequent gankings and teamfights = Sunfire.

    Your sixth slot stays actually the way you like it the most. I prefer Randuin's Omen for the last slot ( be sure to sell Doran's Shield first), while other people seem to like Warmog's Armor

    Against AP
    Actually I like some Items from the AP-version better than in the AD-Version.

    After you finished your Core Build you'll buy Spirit Visage
    Who didn't see that coming? Spirit Visage IS THE BEST item you can get for a defensive Renekton if you ask me. It has CdR, a bit health, decent resistance, and most importantely, it increased your heal from Cull the Meek. This item is just beast and you totally want it!

    Next Stop on your shopping list is a Negatron Cloak. In addition with 2 Regrowth Pendant you'll build it into [item=Force of Nature]. It's nice to run a bit faster, have a ton of health regen and awesome magic resist.

    Last Item on our shopping list is again a bit personal taste. But one thing's for sure. You want to get a bit more offensive on your last item. Wit's End or Hexdrinker turn out to be a good choice. If you're more chickened of your enemy casters go for Hexdrinker, if you like to disable them a bit and do additional damage go for Wit's

    You still should have Doran's Shield. You could sell it for either the second one of the couple Wit's/Hexdrinker or you could buy a Guardian Angel. I think it's better to get the guardian angel since you'll wreak havoc in opposing casters and they'll have some hard time killing you. So yeah

    Why not Banshee's Veil?
    Well there's one easy reason. Banshee's annoying after the nerf. It's not that good of an item for Renekton (He needs no mana), is rather expensive and the passive really isn't that great anymore since it takes 45 seconds. Old Banshee's would've been a good choice, yes. But today's banshee's has a wasted stat on Renekton and a rather decent passive for way to much money... sorry but no thx

    Actually this set is really... not that special. Just build Atma's Impaler and Spirit Visage (which first depends on what annoys you more] and take as 5 & 6 [Item=Force of Nature] and Sunfire Cape (Or Thornmail if you prefer it). That's it.

  • Playing as Renekton

    There is one thing, that you'll have to learn very quickly about this dude. You're not going to kill anything as fast as if you were running an offensive build. In fact, you might be able to kill, but that's not your main job. You're strongly reliant on you lanemate and you are on the lane to help to feed your partner so that he can carry the game later. You'll get enough money through assist. It's not like that you're going to be immortal but you are pretty much a target that nobody likes to attack in the first place. It's hard to gank you and you'll be able to hold a lane alone and, if you're a bit lucky, you can survive ganks from groups of two people without dying or you even killing them ( Me Ren LvL 8, Yi and Xin both LvL 7 ganked me, I outlived and got the doublekill)

    Jobs as Renekton
    - Make sure that your mate gets enough kills. Play aggressive by building Fury and Slice into enemies making a little positioning mistake and stun them with Ruthless Predator

    - Use your Ult for every fight you initiate. It's on a rather low cooldown and you can use it as often it is ready. You'll get a ton of health when activating. Additionally to that, you will be able to stay a long time on your lane since it gets harder for them to kill you while you're in your ult

    - Bait them. As written above you're capable of staying on a lane for a longer time. Most combinations try to rush and towerdive you when you're low on health. Ironically most people forget, that you have a (if you done it right) fed partner on your lane that could kill them of if he has the time. Your Ult saves your ass, damages them while they're focusing on you. In that time, your lanemate should be able to kill at least one of them with your stunsupport or general AoE-Support

    - Stay with one of your teammates. You're great for ganking since you can stun most enemies. You're highly resistant so basically it's a good idea to help people gank.

  • Croco likes!

    In this section I'll show you what partners you really like as a lanemate.

    Well actually it's pretty quickly summarized. You like people that can stun, slow, disable, snare or simply hit extremely fast and hard.

    Remember? You're the one to help your lanemate feed. If you have Akali, feeded, with a bit of skill. GG

    Not the typical dreammate for your lane but still very awesome to have. Just run a bit more offensive build and help her a bit with stuns or other damage support

    Stun, Grab, Knock, Stun... Nuff said?

    He has a great damage output since his redesign, great slow and an awesome innate. So actually he's pretty awesome for his sheer damage he can do now. I really like this guy on a lane :)

    Ms Fortune
    Similiar to GP, without a buff

    Again. Olaf is beast. He can slow, he has huge damage outputs, great survivor. One of my favorite partners

    Apart from having great damage, great farming, nice slow there is only one thing to say

    I don't know if AP-Sion works with Ren, but trust me. If you run AD-Sion then you'll rip everything pretty much apart

    Can I be your locket, Udyr?

    Just for the sake of it since Pantheon needs more love
    Without jokes now : He can stun. Stun on a lane with Ren is alway great

    What works but what we dislike
    Tanks actually work well, too. But remember. You're running a tankish build. It would take ages to kill something... So yes. Not that good, really, but still pretty nice

  • Croco hates!

    This section shows which opposing champions we totally hate. They're annoying on your lane and later on they'll get even more annoying when they manage to kill you and get a bit feed of theirselves.. so yes

    As a laneopponent he's not that bad at all. As soon as he hits his Ult he gets really mad and makes us into sad crocodiles. He can run the same base idea of feeding his teammate or simply feeding himself. But there is one thing to remember. He owns you when it comes to bigger teamfights or ganks. So basically you'll hate him even though you're not even on his lane.

    God dammit. She is the reason why you propably won't be able to feed up. She's annoying, hard to hit and knows her job to annoy you and make sure that her lanemate can punish you.

    Ever tried harrassing Fiddlesticks? No? Well don't try it. He'll just laugh and you and kill you. In earlygame you can't control him since you lack resistances (curse you fiddles passive!), nowadays he has good armor, great heal, silence, fear.... YOU ..... HATE ..... HIM.... WE .... HATE ..... HIM!

    Renekton likes playing with melees. Jax = hard to harrass, hard to hit, huge damage, totally meleehate... Jax is one, if not THE worst thing you could encounter

    He's so fucking effective against nearly everything... be very careful against him

    Olaf is actually in our oppinion ( I share it with my typical lanemate ) the most annoying thing you can encounter. While other retreat while they get harrassed, Olaf stays, gets stronger with every health missing. He's easily capable of killing you in a couple of hits and he's attacking so fucking hard thanks to his innate. This guy is definately to be feared.... especially if he comes with Ashe... Hope you'll never get that lane.... we played against it. Rush Thornmail as soon as possible against that guy... forget your corebuild... get thornmail

    Blind, blind, poison, shroom, blind, shroom... Pesky little pest!

    He's a great burst-champion. Be very cautious against him

    Normally not to be careful about
    This section contains Champions that you normally don't care about. These champs , if they're on your lane, will normally don't do any trouble for you at all.. But if the other lanes you're playing with feed them to much, then you'll have huge problems against them. They all will most likely kill you thanks to their great mobility, huge burst and overall, strong feed. So make sure that your partnerlanes keep them low.. or else you'll have a problem

    - Akali
    - Evelynn
    - Katarina
    - Warwick
    - Shaco
    - Nocturne

    You've been not forgotten
    Well this section contains champions that are actually not to put into any of these sections before. But still they're there and I guess they're worth mentioning.

    Our little pyromaniac. he's really strong in the earlygame and he likes to kill you there. But only there. Once you progress with your build he's actually not really worth the thought since his damage is quite manageable and you can easily keep him low so that he's not much of a big help in mid or lategame. So yeah. You tried Brand, you tried

    Jarvan IV
    Jarvan is a tank that's actually really bothering us sometimes. But only as tank. If he's played offensive he's rather easy to kill and in most cases he forgets one little thing that kills him. Renekton can slice through his cataclysm. When Jarvan focuses anyone with cataclysm, activate ult, slice in, stun him and he's dead. NO Jarvan ever was able to kill us when he used Ult.

    Okay it's hard to say if he bothers us or not. He's pretty new to the league and still we don't know if he's a good tank, a good dps or a good frying pan. We've seen plenty of different Rumbles and saw every time a different ending.. some sucked, some owned... but one thing's for sure... he's way to new to state if he's good or bad since not all players on EU know him or actually know how to handle him

  • The End

    I really do hope that this little guide is enough for you to understand and learn a different played Renekton. He's not designed to be a killing machine, he's actually more designed to be a nice supporter and I think that he does his job pretty well.

    I'm not claiming, that this is the best way to play Renekton but I do say, that this is a way to play him efficient.

    So if you have any comments on this guide, any suggestions, anything I missed or simply a thanks for writing this, then feel free to comment :)

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