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Ezreal Guide By SouL1ess

written by VVstar

Ezreal Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Rising Spell Force
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Runes for Ezreal

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction


    Well. My first guide on Leaguecraft, Ty for any helpful comments&discussions.

    Many ppl says ez suck. I say no to that. I play ez and carry in 80% of my games with a kill death ratio of 2:1 or larger (i dont notice assists so much, but i still get more assists than deaths).

    So, please read the full guide, and leave positive comments :D

    I will not include a game play example because its up to you to figure out YOUR playstyle of ez.

    This is a guide and only a reference, not a command.

    Win10cent's guide have a lot about gameplay and stuff, go read that if you are looking for it.

    Maybe I will add a hybrid build later. havent figured out what are good hybrid items for ez yet.

    Credits to:

    Win10cent's guide (read over it and decided to buy trinity)

    Any feeders that allowed me to make my full build.

    Any teams that allowed me to carry the enemy team.


    September 2nd, 2011:

    After playing ez for a while, I have decided to change my build a bit. I will still have old builds up thou.

    Thank you all for viewing my build and your positive comments :D

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    I would say this is 1 of the best passives in the game. On spell hits, for EACH target hit, gain a stack of 10% attack speed each stack, max of 5 stacks. It is a HUGE attack speed (AS) bonus for ezreal(DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE 50% AS). This can eliminate most needs for AS on ezreal, so you can stack more ad. You can easily gain full stacks from Trueshot Barrage. However, Rising Spell Force is not as useful for ap ez, since auto attack is weak.

    Mystic Shot
    Best ability from ez. This skill has amazing damage against other dps/mage at beginning levels, and it also have extremely good scale mid-late game for BOTH ad ez and ap ez (with Lich Bane). The projectile also moves at fast speed, which means u can hit opponents easier.
    Note that Mystic Shot receives a 0.2 ap ratio.

    Note that each time Mystic Shot hits, it decreases the CD of ALL skills by 1 second. This includes Mystic Shot itself,and is an EXTREMELY important feature. Use Mystic Shot to farm whenever Trueshot Barrage is down; with enough mana pool, Mystic Shot costs next to nothing.

    Essence Flux
    Early game nuking, and the dps source of AP ez. This skill doesnt have a great ap ratio imo (0.6), but it does have low enough cd (+ Mystic Shot 's cdr), which makes this skill powerful. Also, keep in mind it has a 40% AS debuff on enemies and a 40% as buff on allies, so when pushing towers, dragon/baron, or when dps carries r raping your team, cast this skill to buff/debuff and raise/decrease the damage output.

    Note: since Essence Flux attack speed debuff is addictive, it is VERY SIGNIFICANT if the enemy do not have 50% attack speed or higher to counteract the debuff. Hitting a tryn with no items with a level 5 Essence Flux technically reduces his damage output in 5 seconds by 40%, because thats how much Essence Flux slows.

    Arcane Shift
    Escape+chase skill. This is your life saver. It doesnt have a super large teleport range, so remember to jump over walls to make a clear escape :D Also, this ability has a ap ratio that is higher than Essence Flux (0.75) but do not use this skill too recklessly, else you will get RAPED becuz of how SQUISHY ez is.

    Btw, if u use this skill and jump into dragon/baron with low hp...you will probably die cuz the arrow will fire and aggro dragon/baron, which then gets you killed, and the kill goes to the opponent. So sometimes its not good to do that :D

    Also: when master yi Alpha Strike you, WAIT UNTIL HE IS FINISHED before tele, because if you E before he finish, he will land beside you anyways, which means u die.

    Trueshot Barrage
    1 of most powerful ult ever~but u need to learn how to use it. Deals significant damage, especially on carries, and will lead you to ace if u can use it.
    First of all, remember that for each target hit, trueshot barrage gets -8% damage. This mean that, to maximize damage, it has to hit champions first b4 it hits anything else.

    Once i hit a fiddlestick with ult (without hitting any1 else) and he died. 100% to zero. And That was before Trueshot had a AD and a 0.9 ap ratio.

    Please note that this skill is kind of weak at clearing minions, despite being the only AOE spell that applies to minions for ez.

    **Ezreal ult cannot be interrupted unless Ezreal is killed. This includes being flinged or knocked back, although it may be a bug**

  • Pros and Cons of Ezreal


    -Deals a lot of damage (if you do it right ofc)

    -Long ranged hits (Q and W and R all have 700 range at the least, however auto attack range is 550.)

    -Escape artist (E has very low cd if you think about it, especially after CDR)

    -Major early game advantages (long ranged+powerful skillshot nukes and cheap teleport)


    -SQUISHY without defensive items (AS IN if you are CAUGHT you will most certainly die from open fire)

    -Damage can be TINY if not played well (skill shots win)

    -Bad movement speed (Slow - -, however E can solve problems with escaping, as mentioned above)

    -Minions CAN DECREASE TOTAL DPS if they stand in between you and your target (Ult gets decreased damage for EACH target hit, and mystic shot cant hit your target, E chooses the closest target to hit, which can be minions, however W only targets champions so its not affected.)

    -Team reliant (Ezreal cannot do 1v5s as opposed to other champions)

    -Has no short CD farm skills (ult is the only minion AOE)

  • Summoner spell

    Escape spells:

    Between Flash and Ghost, I really recommand to use flash. Ghost is NOT very useful for me because if u want to get the hell out of melee range, flash or double flash does the job 2 times quicker. After u get out of range, you can wait for E CD and tele over walls to escape. However, enemy with extremely fast movement speed or with ghost on can easily chase you, which is why you wall jump so they cant chase :D

    Offensive spells:

    September 2nd, 2011:

    I am taking ignite for ap ez and exhaust for ad ez.

    I start to realize that ad ez is good with Exhaust because of the ability to steady your aim against your target, and the ability to fight against other carries.
    Ignite on ap ez gets rid of the problem of low dps after initial rounds of your damage, allowing you to keep your kills. However, you can switch ignite and exhaust depending on your style and your team composition.

    Other spells:

    Heal Can be useful early game, very bad late game. Since its game time scaling is bad, and ez is more towards a late game champ, i wont recommand taking it.
    Even with the summoner spell rebalances heal is just not that great to take.

    Clarity If you are not buying Manamune, then mana can be an issue. I still dont recommand this. However, with clarity, you will be able to harass more with high levels of W, since mana is not a major issue. You can also purchase something else aside from [item_text=meki pendant].
    However ive seen teleport+clarity ezreals who spams W 24/7 in lane, it is actually quite annoying lol.

    Clairvoyance This spell can help with aiming with Trueshot Barrage...the problem is, when u cast this an eye comes up that SHOWS through fog of war; the enemy may move before your ult hits. Although this is still a great spell for map awareness :D
    Besides your support should have it, and 1 CV on a team is enough IMO.

    Teleport Farming wins. But to me, i rather take something else. I never take teleport.

    Cleanse Good summoner spell, however i think you will still get raped even if u can clear CC - -. You are not supposed to get caught anyways. Besides, there is something called quicksilver sash...

    Smite ...There is rly no point in taking smite. Just cuz farming win doesnt mean u cant last hit enough to make you take smite - -. P.S. I never tried ez jungle. Go lane guys

    Bad spells!:

    Revive Well, anything would be better than this, right?

    [spell=fortify] Blackmail your tank/support until they take it. Kinda useless on you.

  • Mastery + runes

    My runes:

    Ad page

    Greater Mark of Desolationx9

    Greater Seal of Clarityx9

    Greater Glyph of Celerityx9

    Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

    Ap page

    Greater Mark of Insightx9

    Greater Quintessence of Insightx3

    The Rest is the same

    Good runes:

    Greater Mark of Strength / Greater Quintessence of Strength for Ad ez (Win10cent did some calculations that concludes ad runes = armor pen runes. But ad gives more damage on ult.)

    Greater Mark of Insight / Greater Quintessence of Insight OR Greater Mark of Potency / Greater Quintessence of Potency for Ap ez (I recommand magic pen thou)

    Greater Glyph of Focus (both flat and by level work nice for me)

    Greater Seal of Clarity (same as CDR, by level or flat doesnt really matter)

    Ok runes:

    Greater Seal of Warding / Greater Seal of Resilience (Make you able to survive against harassment)

    My optimal rune setup:

    Greater Mark of Strengthx9 ( Greater Mark of Insight if you are ap)

    Greater Seal of Wardingx9

    Greater Glyph of Focusx9


    Greater Mark of Focusx9

    Greater Seal of Focusx9

    Greater Glyph of Celerityx9



    With the new masteries update:

    AD: 23/0/7

  • Skill order

    Three skill orders :D

    (You take Trueshot Barrage whenever u can)

    AD ezreal:

    Take Mystic Shot first for maximum damage -> Take Arcane Shift for CDR to chase as well as escape-> Essence Flux is not that useful and only should be used to debuff/buff.

    If you are playing defensively in a lane, u can take 1 point of Essence Flux at level 4 so you can debuff the enemies as they try to push the tower.

    AP ezreal (FOR ME):

    I realized that im getting better and arcane shift's cdr became not as useful when i only need 1 flash to get away from danger, so i have decided to max W and Q first. Taking Q at level 3 is for a small damage increase as well as its ability to last hit better in lane. Mystic shot range is longer than most spells, so its safe to last hit even in dangerous lanes.



    I did this before, dont worry. This strategy is mainly used for lane domination (for example mid, against another nuker), where the use of Essence Flux becomes more significant than Mystic Shot.

    Example: Ezreal against Pantheon, both solo top:

    I started with Mystic Shot and was able to hit pantheon a few times in bush. However, after minion waves get in, i have less and less oppotunities to hit with Mystic Shot as he has both Aegis Protection (blocks Mystic Shot, since it deals physical damage) as well as minions to protect him. He can also nuke me if i am in autoattack range, making this a bad situation for ez.

    In my team comp, i was supposed to go ad. However, if i go Mystic Shot> Arcane Shift > Essence Flux , i will most likely not survive or do well in laning phase. What i did is max Essence Flux first to nuke pantheon, as he is melee and will most likely be hit by my Essence Flux. This makes him more cautious about nuking me as well as zoning him out of farming range.

  • Item build

    For ez, i mainly focus in mass AD and mass ap

    AD build:

    I have changed my build as of 2012.

    Full build:

    Infinity Edge

    Phantom Dancer

    Phantom Dancer

    Trinity Force

    The Black Cleaver

    The Bloodthirster


    Infinity Edge

    Trinity Force

    New build stats without runes&masteries, in champion builder:

    2040 hp

    1295 mana

    2.111 attackspeed (not including ezreal passive)

    366 AD

    100% crit (since the IE crit buff and the phantom dancer crit buff, only 4 items are needed for 100% crit)

    250% crit damage ([item=Infinity Edge)

    25% lifesteal

    430 Movement speed(boots is compensated by two Phantom Dancer and Trinity Force

    I realized that crit is OP.
    I am sorry for realizing so late but:
    More crit = more damage = more lifesteal.
    High crit chance + high crit damage = higher bursts = faster an enemy die.
    However, crit is not a stat that ezreal cannot build starting from the beginning of the game (unlike other AD champions like Master Yi or Tryndamere). Since mystic shot cannot crit, ezreal will have to slowly build toward crit as he get autoattack damage from other items such as The Black Cleaver and The Bloodthirster. The build order is more complicated but still similar to my previous build:

    Start of the game:

    [item=longsword] or Doran's Blade This helps with last hit and makes you deal more damage as well. The advantage of taking longsword is because you can buy another hp potion with it, and it builds into other late game items, however if opponents have high burst Doran's Blade may be the optimal choice.

    as you progress, go for Sheen and Boots of Speed. If you happen to have exactly 1260 gold when you go back to base for the first time, i recommand skipping boots and buying sheen first for its insane damage scale with mystic shot harass.
    Upgrade Boots of Speed to Berserker's Greaves after sheen, unless you can buy B. F. Sword.

    if B. F. Sword is too expensive because laning phase is not going well, upgrade longsword into Phage for HP and AD increase.

    as midgame progresses, you should be building towards either The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver, doesnt really matter which one you build first. After you have one of them, you can start building Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, or whichever item you did not build from the first choices.

    after finishing Trinity Force the game should be over already. But just in case it doesnt:

    build towards a Infinity Edge if it is not done, then build the last two Phantom Dancer, selling your Berserker's Greaves as you get the second Phantom Dancer.

    My build with manmune:

    My Full build:


    The Bloodthirster

    The Bloodthirster

    The Black Cleaver

    Trinity Force

    Berserker's Greaves


    Trinity Force

    The Bloodthirster

    Full build stats (excluding runes and masteries)

    459 (101+358) ad (with full stacks of The Bloodthirster and full mana bonus from Manamune

    1.547 attack speed (not including ezreal passive bonuses)

    30 ap

    419 movement speed

    2040 hp

    2645 mana

    50% lifesteal

    45 armor pen (max stacks of The Black Cleaver passive)

    25% chance on hit to slow by 35% ( Trinity Force)

    on spell cast, increase base damage by 150% ( Trinity Force)

    15% crit ( Trinity Force)

    Cooldown reduction: 0%


    Mystic Shot deals 115+(ad:459)+(ap:6) CD:4 and apply Sheen effect and Phage effect

    Essence Flux deals 280+(ap:18) CD:9

    Arcane Shift deals 275+(ap:23) CD:11

    Trueshot Barrage deals 650+(ad:358)+(ap:27) CD:100

    Build order:

    Start game: [item=meki pendant] + 2 Health Potion. Harassing + lane stay power

    build [item=meki pendant] into Tear of the Goddess

    build Berserker's Greaves

    build Sheen AND Manamune (whichever u like first, but i build Manamune first)

    buy Vampiric Scepter (12% lifesteal)

    build Trinity Force (Recommand Phage before Zeal, small hp and AD boost, as well as a nice slow)

    build The Bloodthirster

    build The Black Cleaver OR The Bloodthirster

    build The Bloodthirster


    Im buying Trinity Force all the time now for AD ez, because all the items have good scaling with game (Sheen bonus damage and Phage slow, and they are cheap enough to farm), as well as a 15% crit and 12% movement speed that can potentially save your life. The Sheen effect is great, ALTHOUGH note that it is only the base damage that is added, not the total damage. Still, 150% base damage technically means you have around 100-150 bonus damage on a Mystic Shot hit (before going through armor). Note that Sheen effect have a cd and spamming your skills cannot activate it soon enuf to take full use of it.

    Manamune is a great item for ez. He has good base mana, which means at level 18, Manamune can potentially provide ad surpassing the ad of an uncharged The Bloodthirster. Also, you will be able to spam Mystic Shot.

    The Bloodthirster is very good with ez, since it provides one of the highest ad and lifesteal when charged. Lifesteal can essentially save ez from utter destruction. When you Mystic Shot a minion for around 800 damage late game, you heal for at least 25% of it, which is 200. Per Mystic Shot. It technically means you restore 10% of your max hp with each Mystic Shot hit, for each The Bloodthirster you have. However, note the lifesteal is base on the damage you DEAL. If you hit a taric with 700 armor, and you deal 100 damage, you are only going to regenerate 25 hp. It may not be much, but it is good nontheless. Lifesteal keeps you in lane so you dont have to go back to the base too often.

    The Black Cleaver: 55 ad, 30% as, and stacked flat armor pen. This item reduces the armor of your target by 45 at max 3 stacks, which can be effective against people who doesnt have much armor. However, tanks will neglect most of the armor pen, since it is flat and not by percent. Last Whisper may be more effective when against enemies with armor > 120.

    Berserker's Greaves will be more useful than Ionian Boots of Lucidity because Ad ez does not rely on [skill=mystic shot] to deal damage, therefore it is better to increase attack speed than CDR in my opinion.

    Other items for AD ezreal:

    Wriggle's Lantern OP early game item, 23 armor makes you a tank against AD and 15 damage increases your damage, the passive allows you to farm, and the active is a free ward. Just 1600 and you get this item. But this thing doesnt build into any late game items so it doesnt have to be a core item.

    [item=Madred's bloodrazor]: 40% attack speed, 30 damage, 23 armor, and THE passive: on hit, bonus magic damage scaling on 4% of the target's max hp. Hitting with Mystic Shot DOES apply the passive, and with 40% more attack speed you will have around (estimated) 1.8 attack per second, which scales with ad as well as the passive. If you get this item, i recommand getting Madred's Razors before Manamune and after Tear of the Goddess to take full advantage of the farming capability.

    Last Whisper This item will allow you to tear through armor and hit hard even on enemies with high armor, i.e. tanks. However, i would say that only if 3 or more enemies on the other team is stacking armor will i buy Last Whisper.
    Next, lets move onto AP build:

    My Full build:

    Archangel's Staff

    Rabadon's Deathcap

    Lich Bane

    Hextech Gunblade

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity


    Lich Bane

    Archangel's Staff

    Rabadon's Deathcap

    Full build stats (excluding runes and masteries)

    (Assuming full mana bonus from Archangel's Staff)

    161 ad

    0.981 attack speed

    675 ap

    15% CDR

    2290 hp

    2795 Mana

    15% lifesteal

    20% spell vamp

    402 movement speed


    Mystic Shot deals 115+(ad:161)+(ap:135) + ( Lich Bane: 675 where appliable). CD:3.4

    Essence Flux deals 280+(ap:405) and slows enemies for 15% ms. CD: 7.65

    Arcane Shift deals 275+(ap:506) and slows enemy for 35% ms. CD: 9.35

    Trueshot Barrage deals 650+(ad:40)+(ap:608). CD:85

    Build order:

    Start game with [item=meki pendant] + 2 Health Potion (again)

    build into Tear of the Goddess

    build Boots of Speed

    build Sheen

    build Ionian Boots of Lucidity

    build 1~3 Blasting Wand until you want to buy lich bane or archangel's staff. (not troll)

    build Lich Bane

    build Archangel's Staff

    build Rabadon's Deathcap

    build Hextech Gunblade


    Rabadon's Deathcap is a must if you want your ap to reach beyond 400.

    Archangel's Staff will provide you with enough mana to spam skills, as well as a good 100~150 ap by itself

    Lich Bane: Must buy item. works wonders on ap ez, because of Lich Bane proc and Mystic Shot.

    Hextech Gunblade Gives more damage on Mystic Shot, more ap on ap scale skills, and lifesteal + spell vamp to keep you in a fight. Ok item for me.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity CDR is more beneficial on ap ez than magic pen imo. Less cd on Arcane Shift gives u survival + damage.

    I dont usually play Ap ez now, since when i choose ez every1 is like "Ez is ad", then they choose ap champs and lock in >.> i want to play ap ez sometime...

    Ap ez and ad ez have their advantages. Ap ez is better nuker early game, in laning phase, because Essence Flux can technically hit everytime, as long as you are 500 units away from the enemy, aiming straight at him, and they dont have 350 or above ms to move out of the way. However, towards the late game, essence flux will not have enough burst to eliminate threats and win teamfights, so damage on Trueshot Barrage, Mystic Shot, and Essence Flux are all needed ( Arcane Shift should be reserved for crucial moments), which is why we buy Lich Bane.

    Ap ezreal is also hybrid damage instead of pure magic damage. Keep that in mind.

    Other items for AP ezreal:

    MORE Archangel's Staff Stacking this thing will give you the most monsterous ap evvverrrrr (with Rabadon's Deathcap ofc). This is the classic glass cannon. Choose for yourself.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item for AP ez, but I JUST CANT find the time and money to build it when it counts. So now it is not included in final build. Rylai should be built around 20min mark for its full chase effectiveness in ganks, as well as its 500 HP for ezreal to survive ganks. As teamfights begin, Rylais will be less useful than other items.

    Zhonya's Hourglass 100 ap, 50 armor, and unique active: 2 sec invlurlerable + stunned. This item can provide good ap as well as some protection against physical damage, as well as baiting the enmemy into focusing you, then use the active to save yourself.

    Abyssal Scepter 70 ap, 57 magic res, and a -20 magic res offensive aura. Similar to Zhonya's Hourglass, this item provides you with some ap while increasing survivability. Note that the offensive aura increases damage not just for yourself, but for any magic users in your team as well. However, the aura is fairly short, and Ap ezreals should be reluctant to engage enemies in close range than long range, making the aura debatable in usage.

    Will of the Ancients 5 more ap than Hextech Gunblade, but with the same amount of spell vamp. However this is now a support spell vamp aura. What is significant is that it a LOT cheaper than gunblade, but Hextech Gunblade should still be an end game item, since the ad bonus and lifesteal would be better for ez individually. For team players, Will of the Ancients can be an option.

    Haunting Guise Can be a mid game item, however i dont think its 1.4k price is worth the time and cash investment, since ez should survive pretty well early game.

    Void Staff useful when enemies are stacking magic res. Similarly to Last Whisper, i wont buy this items unless over 3 of the opponent team are getting magic res.

    Deathfire Grasp This item has cdr ap and burst magic damage, however ez is not really within range of that active, so even if you want to burst some1 down, you will be dangerous close to enemy. Can be good but not recommanded by me.

    Comment: This ap build is more about utility than full ap. Many alternative items can be taken for maximum ap gain, as well as defensive bonuses.

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  • Things to add in this guide:

    So sad. Riot nerfed gunblade.
    Try stacking 4 Hextech Gunblade and buy Rabadon's Deathcap.
    Ezreal ult with 1.5k initial damage is so funny to watch lol.

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