Veigar Build Guide

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One reason why this game is imbalanced

written by Nilpferd

Veigar Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Chalice of Harmony`s passive effect, just a bit weaker. However an awesome passive for that mana hungry champ we all love. In synergy with Chalice and runes your mana problems will be solved for all times.

    Baleful Strike
    - lasthitting minions
    - non-skillshot -> safe dmg spell

    Not the best AP scaling. Anway your harassing tool and ... dmg spell with low Cd.

    Dark Matter
    Sometimes hard to set, medium Cd and awesome AP scaling -> high aoe dmg spell.

    Event Horizon
    For beginners hard to set, but long duration and "aoe" since you can hit lots of enemies. Also Known as Stun Cage.

    Primordial Burst
    High Base dmg, great AP scaling and additional 80% of the enemy`s AP, "low cd" with cap.

    What does a nuker want more?

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, this is my first guide on Legauecraft. Anyway read and enjoy and be fair at commenting and rating. I know you play Veigar on another way than me but i wanna show you my sight of things, so if you dont search help or another player`s experience with this champ leave that guide pls :-). At last I wanna apologize for my english, I`m not native but I hope you`ll understand me.

    Aim of this guide:
    Veigar is a range AP carry, focusing on nuking down enemy squishies, especially casters (Anti-Mage). If you do well, Veigar will do well and you will fill out the team slot you "waste" :-). Its pretty annoying getting killed from 100% health points to death, just cause you ran into range of stun cage of that overfarmed Veigar........So now the point is : Be the one dieing or the one killing (If you want my appreciation, the last point is alot more fun).

    Something about me:
    I have gained lots of experience in Lol cause I play for a long time so far. I`m not the worst player out there and just to give you an estimation here a part of my history sometime.

    I know this guide contents lots of Text, but if you want to take something with you from that guide you will have to read all the important parts.

    Pls dont think: "Öhhh, huge text!I just skim it and flame the author cause I think he wrote shit."

    So far, enjoy, rate and comment!

  • Masteries + Runes


    Of course I run normal caster masteries. (9-0-21)

    Self explanory, maybe you have personal amenity.


    There are thousands of players out there with a runebook filled with Ap runes in every slot. That is annoying early game yeah..., but it will loose its efficiency soon and then they have a lack of other values.
    Let`s do it better in that point :D.

    I hope you aren`t disappointed, cause i dont post some fix runes like in other guides, but I really cant tell you what is "best", since there are many ways to set runes with veigar.
    I`ll tell you what runes I do use. Take them or the runes you think are best. It`s your choice!

    Marks (Red): 0.95 magic penetration or +0.1 ability power per level (1.8 at champion level 18)
    Seals (Yellow): +0.065 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (1.17 at champion level 18)
    Glyphs (Blue): +0.055 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (0.99 at champion level 18)

    In item section you will see, more Cd Red from runes isnt necessary, since you will get enough from items and masteries, with blue buff, soulstealer, elixier or orbs from mates you will reach the 40% cap anyway. So I pick just more mana regen in glyphs, since they have nearly as much effect as Seals and running out of mana is counterproductive for owning.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash + Teleport

    Fix thing, I use it with every single ranged champ I play, since it will save your ass and grants you kills more often than any other Summoner Ability.

    It will enable you to:
    -- go back and regenerate/shop withut losing much experience and gold
    -- hold the lane and especially the tower against those aggressive champs like Malzahar / Ashe
    -- getting kills, if enemies on the sidelane chasing your mates (enemies located between your minions and the tower)

    I never felt like I need other summoner abilities so far with Veigar. Maybe Ghost instead of Teleport as another escape ability.

  • Items

    Maybe the most important section and the one people without time scroll to when coming to a guide.
    This section is connected to the playstyle of Veigar, but later more.

    You wanna start with an [item=Meki Pendant]. Dorans Ring is a great start item, but we want to get our items quickly and we dont need anything else normally. 7 MP5 gains a big boost, also for Veigars passive while laning phase.
    At first bluepill you should have at least (!) 500 Gold and build it up to a Chalice of Harmony. Awesome synergy with Veigar`s passive, as long as you stay low mana at farming you should be able to hold Baleful Strike on Cd, while having mana left for harassing if the enemy is too agressive.

    Next bluepill try to get Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Boots of Speed and Fiendish Codex. The Cd Red normally enables you now to lasthit every minion in a normal wave with Baleful Strike.

    However finish boots and then get our Deathfire Grasp. AP, mana regeneration, Cd Red and the active as an awesome addition to Veigar`s nuke combo, normally useable with ulti all the time, since their Cd is similar. I really like that item and i think it`s a musthave on Veigar, also cause he gets high amounts of AP which increases its dmg.

    Veigar is a real damage dealer and not one of those weird Rod of Ages magetank things like lots of people play there casters. So we focus on dmg, we have our team holding us alive and we stay back till we can do something. So next get Rabadon's Deathcap. Nothing to say about that item, pushes your Ap up to an unbelieveable amount midgame, if you farmed well.

    Now the enemies will have magic resistance cause they don`t want to die in teamfights, especially those tanks, offtanks and all those carries saving there ass with banshees. So get Void Staff all the time. You need it! Some people may say why Cd Red boots and not MPen boots...Normally enemies wont stay at there ~30 starting MR (just in low summoner level games). So the efficiency of it will drop to nearly nothing. Voidstaff will fix your problems, even if its effect isnt that big on high MR characters. You will compensate that with AP. [Thats another reason why i said you shall choose your runes, The 10 MPen from Marks are not that important...cause of the same reason].

    For your last slot you have some choices. If the enemy team does well and yours does bad, get some defensive stuff (If you think it will save your ass in teamfights). My favorite item is Zhonya's Hourglass it will hold you alive at least for 2 seconds ;) . Sometimes enough time for your team to deal with those attackers. Of course there are other items possible, for example rylais or just more dmg with archangel`s staff.

    If you got too much money now lategame, sell your chalice and get an/another Archangel's Staff. At the latest now you will blast the 1000 AP border.

    Mejai's Soulstealer:
    Im not a big fan of Soulstealer, since it makes you even more to the main target of the whole enemy team. Additionally it is not sure, how much stacks you will gain, and it needs 1235 g early game which you want for other items too.
    Play with it or do not. Your choice.

  • Skilling Order

    Focus on Baleful Strike! Skilling it up makes lasthitting easier, gives you the opportunity to counterpush against such champs like Malzahar or Sivir, since you are able to kill minions with (for example) 50% HP instead of 10%. I know some people focus on Dark Matter, but it gains dmg with an awesome 1.0 AP ratio anyway, and you have to set it right, in some cases it wont be easy (cleanse, unexpectet early mercury boots without you having skilled Event Horizon high enough). Baleful Strike has an 100% hit chance, high dmg too and last hit matter, so skill it up.

    You will take two points in stun cage, since then you can set your Dark Matter without problems. If you find enemies with early Mercury's Treads or you have some other problems with doing a combo while stun duration, take some more points into it and skill up Dark Matter later.

  • Farming / Laning

    Maybe the most important part of this guide. There is a difference between having 200 Ap farmed with Baleful Strike at the end of the game or 50 Ap cause you are bad at lasthitting. Rather there is an 150 AP difference in this "realistic" example. 150 Ap are worth ~3000g, just cause you farmed well. Use this potential! Its the most important thing about Veigar.

    First of all: TAKE MID LANE! ALWAYS! Never go sidelane with Veigar. If there is a strong mid laner already in the team take another champ. It`s pointless, you would waste Veigar`s potential.

    With Meki Pendant and health potions on level 1, you should be able to compensate early harassment from for example Ashe (passive chrit + volley takes half hp -.-). Stay defensively till level six. If the enemy pushes hard, stay autoattacking, if he just lasthits, do the same with Baleful Strike or autohit if on Cd, so the enemy jungler doesn`t has chances for a gank.

    Good enemies will try to hold you off farming. In that annoying case you should stop farmin and start harrassing them with Event Horizon + Dark Matter + Baleful Strike + Autohit Combos. This will deal serious dmg even without beeing farmed. They should stop beeing too aggressive and you can start farming. This works often, but of course there are unlucky games out there.

    If you dont got a jungler in the team, feel free to clear wrath camp with Dark Matter and Baleful Strike (if needed) and if you have time wolf camp. But don`t let your enemy push the tower and don`t lose even more experience and gold just to get those jungle camps!

    At level six with Boots and Chalice you can start harassing your opponent like mentioned above and if he drops low Hp abuse that and finish him off with Flash + stun + ulti + baleful if needed. There are lots of players out there which dont want to accept they have to go back just cause of that bit harassment and stay in lane.

    Once you got your Deathfire Grasp and you are well farmed you can easily nuke down low MR champs from sidelane ganking or the chipped mid opponent with a full combo, since most players don`t expect such heavy dmg from that little half-pint.

    Now hold on getting kills, since you want to use your farm before lategame, where everyone catches up with equipment and you lose your advantage.

    How to use Event Horizon (stun cage):
    Dont fence your enemies, so they just stay in the middle till its gone and own you! Try to put it down with the edge onto the enemy! If he stands there where the edge is put, he will be stunned instantly without having a chance to escape. That needs some practice but you have to master it.

  • Working in the team

    Your aim is simple:
    -support with stun
    -deal dmg
    -nuke there ap carry (karthus,vlad)

    Your stun cage is awesome in teamfights. Try to hit as much enemies as possible with it. Nuke down your target with the normal combo

    Event Horizon - (set) Dark Matter - Deathfire Grasp - Baleful Strike - Primordial Burst

    If he doesn`t die, your Baleful Strike should be off cd soon. But don`t waste your Cds! Killing Karthus with that combo even if he would die trough ulti and baleful on their own isn`t very effecient.
    When you got your Deathfire Grasp and Ulti on Cd try to stay more defensively since you aren`t able to kill another player easily on your own. Now deal constant dmg with Baleful Strike and Dark Matter but care about your safety.

    Veigar is a range magic carry! Your aren`t supporter or tank. So it`s not your job to buy wards or running around in front of your team. If your team sucks and the tanks arent able to tank, you cant do yours. Dont go for solo actions against more than 2 enemies, dont towerdive if it isn`t safe! Not dieing is more important than killing. You will grant them Gold (Maybe up to 1000g), in case you will lose stacks, you lose time at farming or doing other things. You will normally get enough kills with the time!

  • Pros / Cons

    - lots of fun
    - heavy nuke dmg
    - long aoe stun duration will make him safer to play than some other champs
    - able to rule a game on his own if the enemies are bad
    - making those Ap carries flame about the OPness of Veigar since it is possible to Onehit a champion with ulti if thing go right

    - for beginners hard to master
    - not much early game action
    - pretty squishy
    - prone to crowd control

  • Summary

    Some People may say I overact things. Of course no guide on this world and no champion will lead you to good results, if the player is bad! Everything depends on yourself. Pls dont blame me cause you tried my build and you sucked in that game. With practice and first of all experience (!) it is easy to rule with Veigar.

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