Katarina Build Guide

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[AP KATA]Unleash the Killer =)

written by XeroX

Katarina Build

Table of Contents

  • Before u read

    This guide should just be a suggestion on how to play Katarina. It`s not
    meant to say "play her like this u ***** this is the only way". So if
    u think changing sth is better for your playstyle, please feel
    free to do it.

    P.S: I`m not a native english speaker, so please dont`t blame me if my english is not really the best sometimes :P

    P.P.S: Please give me constructive criticism ;) Feel free to say what
    you don`t like, but be fair and stay nice.

    Planned Changes:

    Include a full chapter telling you
    how to work in team and how to play
    her on mid and on outer lane,
    so some general tactics.

  • Abilities

    Awesome passive ! Let`s u Towerdive (go in, kill -> Shunpo resetted, Shunpo out] and instantly use ulti again after 3 kills / assits. The gold is not that good but ok. ;)

    Bouncing Blade
    Your ranged skill, use it to harass a lot. Also use it against healers with KI !
    Scales with both AP & AD.

    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    Unleash the Killer ;-)

    After casting it, your ad is increased by +8 till 24.
    But dont forget about the effects it does in combination with Q or E:

    Q: It`s doing full DMG on all the targets it hits, and the heal of all targets
    is reduced by 50 % for 10 Secs. Good against healers !
    E: For 3 seconds, u get 15-35 % less dmg.

    On AP builds, Shunpo is ur main DMG ability. Use it to gank,
    to kill fleeing champs and to flash out right after a towerdive,
    or out of ganks. Think before harassing with it, as after casting this
    ur fleeing skills are pretty low. Only scales with AP.

    Death Lotus
    It`s simply op and makes Katarina one of the best (ok nearly the best) nuker
    in the Game. Note: You can use this together with ur KI, every dagger
    will do more DMG then ! Think before you use it, because silence and stun
    can interrupt it. Scales only with AP OR AD, it will automatically choose
    with which one u deal more DMG.

  • Really Quick Guide

    Summoner's Abilities:
    + OR +

    External Image


    Core Build:

    Example full build: (Read chapter "Items")


  • Runes


    3X or

    Q: Why not you noob ?
    A: In my opinion, healh per levle runes aren`t efficient enough.
    I only use the live runes one kata because i dont want her to be too
    squishy. At the beginning, the ~46 health given by are
    much more effective.

  • Summoner's Abilities

    Well, I use:
    Good with your ulti. Use [mastery_icon=Cripple] with this. Use it to gank or to save ur ass.
    Just another nuke on Kata. Use it :)

    For mid:
    Can be useful on Mid, but normally you push
    your enemy at Mid so hard that u dont need this, you go back when he needs to
    or if he has been killed by you.

    Spells u can use:
    It can be good for ganking / saving you, but you have Shunpo for this.
    Normally you dont need this, for getting running champs, you have Shunpo,
    and running is not Katarinas style. If u need to escape, u got shunpo too.
    This can be good getting out of annyoing ganks. BUT: Kata normally doesnt
    get ganked, she ganks. In a normal game Enemies dont dare to gank you (only with more than 2 people)
    or just one time. If 2 of them gank u: Pop Ulti and see them running :D If they are low, follow and get some kills, if not just run away.

    Spells u shouldnt use:
    If u ask me: Dont use it. It`s fail. Can be useful for new Kata players, or to save ur ass at the laning phase.
    Your not a jungler. If u grab buffs, u will do this when u do enough dmg to do it without smite.
    [spell_icon=Fortify] Just as with Cleanse. If u see a tower of yours pushed and u are
    strong enough, jump in and do ulti. This works, believe me ;)
    Nothing to say.
    [spell_icon=Rally] Not for Kata.
    This is for supporters. Kata is DD.
    Go to Control Panel. Go to "deinstall a Program" and deinstall
    League of Legends.

  • Masteries


    External Image

    [mastery_icon=Haste] ist just to get [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master]

    Offense Masteries

    [mastery_icon=Cripple] If u use Exhaust
    [mastery_icon=Archmage's Savvy] I think this is clear
    [mastery_icon=Sorcery] A bit less CD is always nice
    [mastery_icon=Archaic Knowledge] All your Abilities do magic DMG
    [mastery_icon=Burning Embers] The extra AP is nice, but useless later on. Your choice ;)

    Utility Masteries

    [mastery_icon=Good Hands] Dead Kata means useless Kata
    [mastery_icon=Perseverance] The Mana reg. is useless for u, but the health one is worth it.
    [mastery_icon=Awareness] Because Kata pwns after lvl 6, and u want to get fast to this.
    [mastery_icon=Greed] You will love the extra gold
    [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery] You need this to skill the next 2 ones, but it`s also nice if u get the bluebuff for the CD Reduction
    [mastery_icon=Quickness] You want Kata to be fast ;)
    [mastery_icon=Intelligence] Less CD
    [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master]Do not use with Burning Embers

  • Skilling Order

    This is for really agressive Kata Players. The more
    good the game goes, the more often you should skill e.

    If you are not experienced with her or facing good enemies, you can basically
    change q and e from my skill build above.

  • Items

    Must have:
    You will love this for the slow and surviability.
    Note for Q Attack: Only the first dagger will slow 35 %, the other ones
    15 %.
    The AP it gives u is simply amazing. Get this.
    It gives you Spell Vamp, AP (For ulti and Shunpo) and a bit
    AD for Q. The life steal is not your`s but ok. But don`t get me wrong, an AP/AD Hybrid Kata
    is fail ! This is only because the is a really good
    core item. The AD from it is only useful at the begininning of the game, later on
    you will just don`t notice it because it only goes with Q.

    Situational Items:

    Like i said, if u are really powning =)
    Only if ur team needs the aura or
    u dont get gold easily, 80 AP and 25 % Spell Vamp for just 2150 ;-)
    But there are better Items for Katarina.
    If u feel like u need some surviability combined with loads of AP.
    Use this for the Aura. If they got 100+ MR, use
    Since the Vamp is removed, only effective if u dont use Sorcerers shoes.
    Against High Live Tanks (Active), or if u need the CD Reduction.
    Against High MR Tanks 100+ MR

    Items not to get:

    Simply fail for Kata. You really never autoattack, u are a nuker.
    [item_icon=Malady] Same like with Lich Bane.
    Same ;)
    While the CD and the AP are nice, like with Lich Bane: You never
    auto attack, so the Attackspeed is wasted, like the Mane reg.
    This is an item for Mages with Mana, not for u ;)
    I dont need to say anything, right ? Also, the price *rofl*
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] The Gasp is better for Kata, if u ask me.
    Pretty Clear, never get this. And even on Mages with Mana this is fail ;-)

  • Core Build

    So here is our Kata core build:


    You have a bit surviability from the Dorans Shield, a good chunk of
    flat MPen with Runes, Masteries and Shoes, and some AP and Spell Vamp from our revolver.

    If u dominate ur enemies and score a nice amount of kills earlygame,
    your build should look like this:


    Note: Sometimes, I even dont buy the Mejais while pwning my lane
    because the other enemy champs are very good and/or the rest of my team fails.
    Decide wisely ;-)

  • Example build, and how to build it.

    How to build this:

    Start with a Doran's Shield

    Now, most writer`s say: "At 1200 gold, return and buy blablabla".
    I say: One game is not like another, so here are some thoughts how
    u should build.

    I just give u an order on how to build, when you build
    is your thing.

    First things first
    Boots of Speed
    Amplifying Tome

    Then upgrade to Sorcerer's Shoes

    Next step should be Giant's Belt
    which gives you some nice surviability.

    Then, buy a Hextech Revolver

    Now, our core build is finished.

    Then, i mostly finish Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
    or if the game goes well i go straight to Rabadon's Deathcap

    Now, you need to chose if you build a Hextech Gunblade
    or not. I normally don`t if i went straight to Rabadons, but if i built
    up Rylai's Crystal Scepter first, I normally do. If
    about 250 AP with core build and the Deathcap, then dont upgrade, because the +35 AP is then more or less
    useless and the Gunblade is just too expensive for that.

    Now, finish Rabadon's or Rylai's, the one which u didnt build till now.

    After that, get the Abyssal Scepter

  • The deal with the Void Staff

    The Deal with the Void Staff...
    [Yes, flat MPen is applied first]
    Well, I see many Players just getting this without
    thinking. This item is only against Tanks with High MR, so 100+ !

    So here is a good link:


  • It works ;)

    External Image

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