Alistar Build Guide

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Alistar buffed and ready to pwn!

written by mygoombas

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    HI, im writing this Alistar guide because he's my favorite char, heres something that won't be happening though good grammar or spelling, so don't hate on me for it, also sometimes the sentences won't make sense, so won't be writing a lot but i strive to make this a good guide anyways.

  • Masteries + Runes

    yay for runes! they help a lot with this build or at least the build i will recommend for runes i get:

    Greater Mark of Alacrity *9 which will total 3780 ip

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude *3 which will total 6150 ip

    Greater Seal of Vitality *9

    Greater Glyph of Resilience * 9

    explanation for As is the fact you attack as slow as hell and this gives you the equivalent to a dagger at the start, as for armor well thats flat armor who doesn't like that, and vitality quints extra hp and same for the quints anuf said. and if you don't like this do it your way.

    And now for masteries pretty simple-22-0-8 you take all the flat Cd reductions and As everything else is simple u get the mana and haste and perseverance.

  • Abilities

    YES YES YES YES YES! makes him so much better it scales with ap really well and Ive gotten a triple kill because of this and pulverize, pretty damn awesome, so in team fights spam low cost ability like triumphant roar to keep this up.

    this is your main early game skill, helps with farming and teh combo pulverize and headbut push em into your tower and guarentee a kill

    Bread and butter, this skill scales exactly with the amount of ap points you have, so if you have 100 thats + 100 damage in ap. Just be careful when you use it it could screw up a whole gank if head but em forward.

    Triumphant Roar
    Decent heal, will keep up our sheen or lich bane up allowing for some sweet damage
    otherwise not much to say doesn't scale really well with ap, but a heal is a heal.

    Unbreakable Will
    YOU...ARE...GOD! yea its awesome
    with this ap build that i recommend this will keep you alive more than you already will, you can run in activate it and be at half health with all of them focusing you, it makes you the best tank ever in the game with this. just make sure to use at the right time.

  • Items

    here ill list them in order, pretty self-explanatory with why you get these items.

    1.[item=Dorans Ring] I like me that dorans.
    2. Berserker's Greaves for AS or [item=Sorcerers Shoes] obvious.
    3. Trinity Force or Lich Bane depending on situation ill go into to detail later.
    4.[item=Rylai's Crystal Cepter] Constant slow because of Trample.
    5. Rabadon's Deathcap or Zhonya's Hourglass for armor
    6. Rod of Ages HP and AP AND mana gain over time and awesome normal stats
    7. Sell the dorans and get Hextech Gunblade good everything.

    And if you whant to go tank get those tank items, shouldn't be to hard to know which ones.

    Lich bane VS trin force

    well i say lich bane after trying both because of its mana and ap but you can still get trin force and it will work it gives you more hp, it depends on which you like the best.

  • Summoner ability's

    Ok take ghost and ignite thats all i have to say do it, or be destroyed by urf the manatee. Ok fine ill give a reason ghost give you that escape and speed to position that pulverize and head but, flash works well to imo, otherwise get what suits you best.

  • Tactics

    Combo=Pulverize, get in front of them and head but, beat the hell out of them and hopefully your teammate will help and not sit there and watch.

    Lanes= the best lane mates would be

    EVELYN- she can stun them when you head but them back and nuke me down

    SION- stun will keep them at tower if you can head but them into your tower

    MUMMY-once again stun and nukes

    NASUS- hes got a slow,oooooo giggity.

    those three are the ones that came to mind, basically any char with a stun is good, or a slow

    worst nemesis

    EZREAL- flash out of were you head butted him

    TWITCH- he can stealth away if you can't stun lock him

    EVELYN- your best friend and enemy once again can stealth away.

    and those are the ones i can think of that piss me off completely, beware them.

  • Late game

    OK, well late game whne you have your items you should be owning, unless you had a sucky laneing phase. you can tank because of your ult and get a lot of kills in the process, now to avoid pissing your team of don't place bad head buts they can push people through walls which screws gankning and could allow an enemy to escape a team fight and defend. Other wise play smart and try not to die of course, you will end up with a positive score if you play Alistar right, so get out there and don't screw up.

  • Item discussion

    Lich Bane- this gives you ap,move speed, epic passive and mana the only equal is Trinity Force which is OK but still not as good IMO, it depends which one you favor

    boots are important, Berserker's Greaves help with AS and Sorcerer's Shoes magic pen and if you another type of boots OK it's your choice over all.

    Most of the other items are self explanatory.

  • Conclusion

    Quick guide, basic stuff, hope you found it some what useful and have a fun time playing Alistar.

  • giggity

    GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY sorry had to do that...giggity.

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