Lee Sin Build Guide

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I am Lee Sin

written by keeroo

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Patch v1.0.0.118

    The recent patch gives a nice buff for Lee Sin:

    Lee Sin

    Energy costs on all spells reduced to 50/30 from 60/40
    Safeguard shield no longer restores energy when the shield is destroyed
    Tempest range increased to 450 from 400

    The energy buff on all spells makes them more spammable. The buff on the crowd control ability is also nice to make it easier to harrass and to escape. The energy restoration on safeguard was not really reliable... so no problem!

  • Abilities

    The passive is the basis for the so called combo based gameplay.

    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    The ultimate harrassment ability. If you fail to hit, you will fail to kill.

    Safeguard / Iron Will
    The ultimate escape ability

    Tempest / Cripple
    AOE spell to slow and cripple enemies

    Dragon's Rage
    This ultimate is rather difficult to use because the damage is a little low and should only be used for crowd control. Take care that you don't kick enemies away that they can escape with low health! Instead, mark the enemy with Sonic Wave, roundhouse kick in his face, and finish him with Resonating Strike!

  • Introduction

    This guide is about my new favorite hero, the blind monk. I have 1200+ wins overall, using leaguecraft for quite a while but writing here my first guide. I am just fascinated about the totally different gameplay provided with this champ. He is really hard to master but once you got it... it is just pure fun. And this is why I want to write this guide. There are many poor Lee Sins out. I want to give a perspective how to master him. I will never dare to state that I am the best... I also found my masters -.-

    First of all, one simple question which might shorten your time on this page a lot:

    Do you know Smartcasting?

    If you ask yourself "WTF, smartcasting?!?", please join some practice or bot games until you are familiar with casting your spells by the keyboard shortcuts Shift + (Q, W, E, R) (Alt is used for selfcast). Usually, you will probably cast your spell by clicking the spell button (Q, W, E, R) followed by a click on the left mouse button. The keys for smartcasting can be changed with:

    ESC -> Key Binding > Scroll down to smartcast > Click on the primary and then hit Q and W and E and R (for each skill). This will reduce the clicks for casting all 4 spells by 50%!

    (Thanks to the comment from Nacht about the key bindings)

    Currently, I have a stable win loss ratio with constant +70% win ratio although facing really frustrating games where I had 20/1 turning into a 20/6 loss because of an epic fail team.

    In my opinion, Lee Sin has to be played like an assassin either for last hitting or for take downs of left overs in a team fight. 5vs5 clashes in summoner's rift are not Lee Sin's game. He is the guy who needs patience in the bushes until the first AOE ultis are out. Then, he starts to clean up the mess... The Lee Sin fight usually takes place by watching the mini map for enemies moving lonesome from their lane into the jungle. As soon as you have your base items, you just wait in the bush, cripple the enemy, do your combos, and take down even tanks.

    Here, you can see my recent match history (taken after the awesome buff in the recent patch):
    External Image

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image
    For Masteries, I go usually 21/0/9 for jungling and laning. I put additionally points in the magic pen mastery because the Tempest skill is actually dealing magic damage. I also tried points in the defensive tree and mixed masteries like 11/9/10 but it does not make much sense as the bonus damage from 21 points in the offense tree are essential.

    For Runes, I go on Marks and Quints Armor Pen with Seals Armor per Level and Glyphs Magic Resist per Level:
    9 x - Armor Pen
    3 x - Armor Pen
    9 x - Armor
    9 x - Magic Resist

    In case of jungling, the Armor per level can be exchanged to flat Armor: .

    The following masteries give you a lot of survivability throughout the whole game in combination with 3x and 9x while still having the 21 points in offense:
    External Image
    Here, you have to be really aware to not lose XP or die without getting a kill in the laning phase!

  • Items

    Start Items
    For laning, I go with Doran's Blade as first time. The +10 attack damage combined with the offensive masteries give incredible 73 Attack Damage on lvl 1. In the jungle, you can either go with Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion or even with Vampiric Scepter.

    Core Items
    As jungler, you will build Vampiric Scepter into Wriggle's Lantern. For survivability as a melee, the Mercury's Treads are a must have. If you fight against a low crowd control team, you might also buy Berserker's Greaves. But this is usally not the case...

    As written in most of the other guides and proposed as default build for this champ, Sheen is the must have item for the skill combos. It might look odd to have a mana item in this as well as mana bonus from the final Trinity Force but the passive with +100% damage after spell cast for Sheen and +150% for Trinity increase the burst damage output to an outstanding superior level. If you are not underleved or fed the enemy, you will kill Irelia, Warwick, Xin, and all other heavy melees easily! No Joke!

    The finalisation of my Lee Sin core build finishes already with the 40% armor penetration from Last Whisper.

    That's it!

    In my honest opinion, this core build is actually one of the cheapest you can get compared to other guides. You will have a severe damage output to instantly kill any squishies even in the final end game after 45 minutes. Having the offtank items in the next paragraph, you will not only kill the squishies but can also stand 5on5 clashes.

    Offtank Items

    I usually get defensive items such as Sunfire Cape or Randuin's Omen.

    If you have a caster heavy team, you can go for the Olaf build with insane HP having Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler and [item=Force of Nature]. This makes you somehow immune to heavy bursts from Veigar, Malzahar, Karthus, Ryze, etc.

    Trinity Force gives besides the 150% damage boost upon spell cast already a senseless ability power and mana bonus which just stops in case of Banshee's Veil. I don't recommend this item at all as long as you are not a caster with Archangel's Staff and getting a bonus for the additional mana. The nerf on it putting a 45s cooldown for getting the shield up instead of the previous 30s just make it senseless. Go and get a Quicksilver Sash instead. It costs 1.3k Gold less and gives you a cleanse every 105s. It has a higher cooldown than Banshee but you can decide which spell to remove.

  • Creep Jungling

    The jungle route for Vampiric Scepter is:
    - Wraiths (the 4 ghosts)
    - Wolves
    - Golems (the 2 big ones)
    - Kill the small ghosts at the Lizard camp
    - Kill Lizard to get the red buff and go for GANKS

    The skilling order is Safeguard / Iron Will -> Tempest / Cripple -> Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. Most enemy junglers start at their blue golem camp and you have the possibility to steal the enemy's wraiths. Just go in cover position of yours blue golem camp and move at 1:30 to the enemy wraith camp. Check the bushes, smite the blue wraith and either leave one small wraith or take the full camp. This will you give more XP and the right timing for putting your second smite after cooldown on your own blue wraiths after taking down the wolves.

  • Skilling Order

    I propose to maximize Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike after the basic jungling requirements. This spell just hurts so hard... red oceans of blood will remain! (Especially for Vlads!)

    External Image

  • Summoner Abilities

    As jungler, you will need Smite. If you don't go for jungle, get Ignite.

    The 2nd spell should be Ghost. I also tried to use Flash but besides hitting your spell combos, the usage of Flash is really too hard for me :D

    Of course, Flash can just make you move even more insane amongst creeps and enemies to hit your ultimate Dragon's Rage in front of an escaping enemy. But for myself, this usually ended in weird situations... You can try on your own and maybe comment on this, but a Lee Sin combo with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike (Sonic Wave to mark, Resonating Strike to port to the enemy), hit the enemy, and escape with Safeguard / Iron Will is usually a movement combo of milli seconds!

  • Unique Skills

    Lee Sin is a ninja...

    He is a REAL ninja (not like these Shen, Akali, and Kennen fake lords)

    What does it mean?

    It means, you need patience...
    It means, you need to be at the right moment in the right time...
    It means, you should not show up to the enemy...
    It means, you should hide...

    And this is why it is so difficult to play him...

    You should ALWAYS be aware where the enemies are located...
    You should ALWAYS know misses...
    You cannot count on your mates...
    You have to put your third eye PERMANENTLY on the mini map...
    You MUST know smartcasting...

    All this stuff requires a lot of game experience. No other champion except EzREAL challenges you as much as Lee Sin. If you fail, you will fail harder than with most of the other champs. Once you lost track by getting underleved or underfarmed, you can actually either go afk or farm for the next 15 minutes by tower hugging.

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