Ashe Build Guide

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Ashe, The Hot Frost Archer

written by ytram

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    An ok passive. Lets you start the lane with a crit which is nice. ALWAYS attack the enemy champ before starting last hitting creeps.

    Frost Shot
    Awesome for chasing.

    One of the better harrasing tools in the game. Also nice to slow whole teams in team fights.

    Nice for scouting after ganks and checking baron.

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    Really nice ulti. Can help other lanes from the base and also good for chasing if your out of range for Frost Shots.

  • Introduction


    I´m kinda new to LoL. Ashe is currently my main and since I´m doing good with her I thought I`d make a guide for her. This is not one of those guides where I will go through every single detail there is to know about Ashe but a guide for a starter Ashe. This guide will cover the basics of Ashe.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries you wanna go offensive.

    This is the masteries I go with. You pick crit, ad, crit dmg, armor pene and also more dmg on creeps for easier last hits. In utility I pick health/mana reg, improved ghost, increased exp and longer duration of buffs.

    I´ve seen some Ashes going defensive masteries but personally I think this is a waste because you are going to be in the back of your team shooting at the other team. And if you get CCed/Focused or something that makes you take dmg in a team fight your dead with or without defensive masteries.

    For runes I like to get alot of armor pen combined with some mana reg and cd reduction.

    This is my runepage for Ashe:

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation x 3

    Greater Mark of Desolation x 9

    Greater Glyph of Focus x 9

    Greater Seal of Clarity x 9

    Armor pene is really nice on Ashe. The quintessence could be switched for health quintessences for more early game survival but I like armor pene since it helps out late game too. I don`t think there is any chioce for marks.

    For Glyphs and Seals you could make some switches but mana reg lets you spam your volley more and also makes you have mana for your ulti when you get it at lvl 6 (if your not shooting volley as fast as it`s colldown drops).

    The cd reduction also let`s you spam volley more lategame and it reduced the cooldown of your ulti which is great. I´ve seen some Ashes who put mana reg in glyphs and seals and this is seems like a good choice too.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always go with Ghost and Flash

    Both of these have saved my life so many times and you don`t need an offensive spell on Ashe.

    Some Ashes go with Teleport but Ghost/Flash save lifes. Teleport does not.

    The only other viable summoner spell is Cleanse. But Ghost/Flash is better for escaping and can also be used offesivly. Cleanse can`t.

  • Skilling Order

    You want to max volley becuse it`s an awesome harrasing tool. Ofc max your ulti because it`s awesome. Then you want 1 point in E at lvl 4 to scout for ganks. NOT FOR THE MONEY.

    The money passive from E is bullshit. It can be usefull but then you have to build your gameplay/runes/masteries around just making tons of money and I´ve seen guides who does that and I´ve tried it myself but I don`t like it. You`re gonna get less kills early game and I´m not sure you`re stronger late game even if you have more money because you waste armor pene from runes.

    Therefore you only take 1 point in E at lvl 4 and then you max it last. And you want to have your slow stacked up before lvl 18 for chasing.

  • Items

    I always start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion

    Another option is Doran's Blade but the boots helps you dodge some nasty skill shots so I prefer them.


    Now you wanna farm until you have 1650 gold. Then you blue pill back and buy B. F. Sword.

    You are now going to build Infinity Edge. This is really really CORE on Ashe. It gives a lot of AD which is good since Ashe is an AD Carry and it gives you crit which is an awesome stat for Ashe. It also makes your crits do more dmg. Look at your passive. It gives you crit chance when you are not attacking... Which means when you attack you prolly will crit... And if your crit deals more dmg isn`t that awesome?!?

    In other words: Infinity Edge is just to good to miss out on for Ashe and you should rush this.

    When you have your B.F Sword you deal some nasty dmg so you could go for some ganks or just kill your opposing mid.

    Next time you get back to the base grab your Boots of Swiftness. If you can afford it also buy Cloak of Agility.

    Then buy Cloak of Agility if you didn`t earlier.

    Then finish your Inifinty Edge.

    Now you are going for Phantom Dancer. This is also a core item for Ashe.

    Start with Zeal. Then Cloak of Agility.

    The AS makes it easier to keep your slow on targets and you do more dmg in general. More crit is always nice and the movement speed is really nice on Ashe since you are very squishy and don`t wanna get stuck in bad places.

    Now you have according to me the core build of Ashe.

    After this you should take a look at your score and the enemy team. If you dominate the other team just pick up 3x The Bloodthirster. Then you can penta kill the other team while kiting them. If you have a little trouble surviving I`d recommend to buy a defensive item. This is what I usually do.

    Banshee's Veil is nice since it gives hp/mana and some magic res. And the passive is nice too.

    There isn`t any really good armor item that you want to have on Ashe but she doesn`t need it too much. If I face a team with lots of physical dmg I usually buy Thornmail. Only if you face a team with 4-5 physical dmg dealer you should buy this.

    Aegis of the Legion is a good defensive item but usually a tank or support get this. If noone in your team has it and you feel like you need armor tell your team that you are getting this.

    Guardian Angel is an item that you could take if you want both armor and magic res. I don`t like it too much becuse the passive is kinda meh. If you die the enemy team will just stand on your corpse and wait for your respawn and kill you. So there is not many situations where the passive will actually help you but ofc the magic res and armor is nice.

    After getting a defensive item I usually go for The Black Cleaver. This is a nice item which gives you more dmg and AS. It also helps agaist champions who picked up one or none armor items since it takes away the armor that a champions has by itself at lvl 18.

    If your up against a armor stacking team you should go for Last Whisper. (2-5 Champions with 100+ armor).

    After this you can buy either more defense or more dmg. The Bloodthirster is nice for the dmg increase.

    NOTE: You should not focus on life steal with Ashe. In a team fight you`re dead or alive. Life steal will not save you therefore you should focus on dmg or defensive items.

    Some say that you should buy life steal for laning phase but I don`t think it`s worth the money. You need your dmg to be able to get kills. And kills leads to tower kills which leads to wins. So don`t focus on life steal. The only reason I tell you to buy x3 The Bloodthirster if your dominating the other team is becuse of the dmg. Nothing else.

    Example builds:

    The build I often end up with in a game:

    * Boots of Swiftness

    * Infinity Edge

    * Phantom Dancer

    * Banshee's Veil

    * The Black Cleaver

    * The Bloodthirster

    Against heavy physical team (4-5 physical dmg dealers):

    * Boots of Swiftness

    * Infinity Edge

    * Phantom Dancer

    * Thornmail

    * The Black Cleaver

    * Guardian Angel

    Against armor stacking teams (2-5 champs with over 100 armor):

    * Boots of Swiftness

    * Infinity Edge

    * Phantom Dancer

    * Last Whisper

    * Banshee's Veil

    * The Bloodthirster

    This is the build I use if I`m completely pwning the other team or having a bad day and wanna get out my anger against some bots:

    * Boots of Swiftness

    * Infinity Edge

    * Phantom Dancer

    * The Black Cleaver

    * The Bloodthirster

    * The Bloodthirster

  • Laning with Ashe

    As mentioned before: ALWAYS TAKE MID

    Ashe needs mid for farming and shes very squishy so you don`t want her at solo top. She can be placed with a support in bot but then you have to make sure that you get every single last hit.

    When the game start buy your items and go to the bush in the mid lane. Wait for minions and the opposing mid champion to arrive. Run in and shoot volley + 1 auto attack. You auto attack will be a crit so the opposing champion will have around 50% hp after just 2 moves (ofc depends on what champion you`re up against).

    Note: If you have a jungler you should cover and leash for him instead (Look this up if you don`t know what I´m talking about). Always leash with volley. You wanna save your first auto attack crit for the enemy champion.

    When laning you should focus on getting last hits. Don`t just stand still and auto attack creeps. Only shoot at them when they have really low hp so you get the last hit and the money. You don`t wanna push with Ashe since you are very squishy and can be ganked easy.

    You`re a strong early/mid champion so you should harras much. And you have one of the best tools to do soo: Volley. If you can master the volley you will do tons of dmg to the opposing mid. If you`re new to Ashe just shoot volleys when you feel like you have time and watch which creeps/champions takes dmg and learn how you should aim to do dmg to the opposing champion.

    My personal tactic is to harras so that the enemy champion will have around 20-40%hp when I get lvl 6. Then I just pop my ulti and ghost if needed and I got myself an easy kill. Ofc I kill my enemy if I get the chance befor lvl 6 but I don`t wanna make him recall at lvl 4-5 so he/she will have full hp when I get lvl 6.

    At lvl 7-9 you should have your B. F. Sword. Then I try to kill/make my mid recall and then head out for a gank. Ashe is a good ganker with her ulti and slow and with your B. F. Sword you will do some nice dmg also.

  • Working in the team

    This is team fights from a low elo perspective. In beginning/mid/high elo this information might be inaccurate.

    As Ashe you always want to be at the back of your team!

    When a team fight begins you often don`t rush into each other. The teams are pushing back and fourth and waiting for a good opportunity to begin the fight. Ashe is one of the characters that is good at initiating a team fight. If one of their carrys is in the front of their team poking your team you can shoot your ulti at him/her and give your team an easy kill. Don`t ever shoot your ulti at their tank!

    After the initiation you want to stay at the back. Don`t ever go infront of your tank! Ashe is squishy and 1 CC = your death. Stay back. Shoot at the ones you can reach with your auto attack and shoot volley to slow melee and small range characters from running back to safety. If you only can reash their tank shoot at their tank but always aim for squishies if they are in range!

    If the team fight goes to your favor spam volley so the enemy team can`t escape.

    If the team fight goes to the enemies favor spam volley to keep them from reaching your team while running back.

    Remeber to ALWAYS have Q active in a team fight. It`s not to much mana and it is worth the slow.

  • Using your spells

    Ashe has a good set of spells. If used correctly with good positioning shes told to be one of the best champions in the league.


    Don´t worry to much about the passive. Just remember to always use the crit on an enemy champion if you have been back and bought or was dead.

    Frost Shot:

    Pretty straight forward spell. Always have active when attacking champions.


    One of the best harrasing spells according to me. Shoot often to learn how to aim it. It has 7-9 (can`t remember the exact number)arrows which shoots out in a triangle. It is possible to be inside this triangle and still dodge the arrows but use it much and you`ll learn how to aim. Just make sure you always have enough mana for your ulti.


    This is a free movable ward with cooldown. Use it on the bushes close to you if enemy champions are missing. When you`re mid you can also run into the river and shoot this at the enemy's blue/red buff and try to get a look at their jungler.

    This however is not a replacement for wards. You should still buy wards because they are overpowered.

  • Avoid jukes with hawkshot

    "When a opponent runs into the bushes to get away from your team. You can fire hawk shot (you have to time it to where the hawk gets to the bush right before they get to the bush) into it and never stop auto attacking. The reasoning behind this is if your hawkshot reveals units in a bush, and you know a opponent is in a bush firing this right when they are about to get into the bush never allows them to hide. Which is awesome for people who try to juke you, run from your group, loose you in the grass, etc.... They don't get that opportunity to clear your auto attacks."

    Great tip from Jason0885! Thanks alot. :)

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