Nunu Build Guide

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Can't Catch Me.

written by housedimir66

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Basically, this is just how I personally play Nunu. I'm not saying it's the "best" way, or the "right" way. Hell, it may actually be the wrong way, but it's my way. This is a guide to a tank Nunu, with a few extras for various situations.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Now then, your runes and masteries. For a mastery set up I go with A build that has yet to fail me. Now then, I know Nunu doesn't have any passives or anything based around dodge, like Jax or Sivir, but it has saved my arse a number of times by dodging a ton of attacks and gaining that move speed boost, so I go with it. Now for runes. I take x9, x9, and x9 because honestly, it's extremely difficult to kill a high health Nunu that can then turn around and smack you in the face for a decent amount of damage. Finally for quints I use

  • Items

    Now for the item set. I know there's controversy over first items for champions, at least from knowing some of my friends. I personally hate Doran items because I rarely want to ever sell an item later on. Yet again, just me. As Nunu, I grab , x2, and . I try to hold off my first trip until one of three situations. (A) Lane is secure, took out at least one enemy and my laning partner is okay to stay, (B) I'm at 500 or more gold and condition (A) is met, or (C) I am OOM or low on health and thus NEED to go back. I wait for 500 gold so that I can quickly buy and make the most of the dodge masteries I set, the extra armor is good as well. My next target in a normal match (by normal I mean average, and by average I mean a pretty evened out enemy team setup without any broken characters like Katarina or the like, I hate Katarina with an undying...rage XD, but I digress) is . I build it in the order of , , ; but if I die before I have the gold for the belt and have enough for the pendant, I grab that second. Warmog's works great on Nunu for multiple reasons; it makes you impossible to kill when you get enough of it filled, it fills with minion kills which can be achieved through consuming to restore health, boosting regen and max health each consume heal, and when you ult, Absolute Zero is sure to kill plenty of minions, boosting the item more. Third on the list is , build it how you like, there's no real wrong way to build it here. Frozen Mallet just adds to the entire concept behind the title of this guide. Nunu is meant to be inescapable and able to flee in a jam. If running, tap an enemy with the mallet and Blood Boil for a speedy escape. If chasing, Ice Blast then Blood Boil and repeatedly hit with the mallet to keep them close. Fourth item on the list is [item_icon=Force of Nature], another item that makes you impossible difficult to kill because not only will you have more health regen than your body has room for, you've got magic resist and dodge, negating a considerable amount of damage from both autoattackers and mages; sidenote, this magic resist also works well for when that annoying enemy Shaco or Udyr or Nocturne grabs Bloodrazors, if that keeps killing you, rush Force of Nature asap as a counter. Next is . Yet again, a good defensive item. All around a good item. Finally I finish with another because honestly, I wanna be freakin' invincible. At the end of the day, you get near 7k health, a spell shield every 45 seconds, health that regens faster than most can dps out, and the ability to catch or escape anyone in a gank.
    Now, as I said, different situations call for different items. When against a mage heavy team, the above build is little good due to burst damage wrecking your day. If that's the case, or you just get a pesky Malzahar or Katarina, replace the first Warmog's with , Frozen Mallet with , and the last Warmog's with . Voila, you are a counter mage AP tanking Nunu of death and destruction.

  • Edit on Items

    Okay, so, I just remembered a part of the item build I hadn't earlier mentioned. I realized I had completely forgotten about Randuin's Omen, that is the item you'd get before Frozen Mallet in this build and in place of the second Warmog's Armor. In the mage heavy match, your build will remain the same as the guide currently has it written. Tabi, Lich Bane, Abyssal Scepter, Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil, Rabadon's Deathcap. Just thought it'd be a good idea to make this small sidenote.

  • Skilling Order

    My skilling order is as followed EQWEQREEEQRQQWWRWW. Ice Blast is your friend, as is Consume, and Blood Boil is helpful enough at rank 1 if mixed with your dodge mastery correctly. Level ult when possible.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Call me noob for it or what have you but I tend to only use three different spells with Nunu. Heal, Ghost, and Exhausr. Switching out Ghost and Exhaust depending on my mood. Now then, I've been asked why before by teammates, my answer? Heal is good for when I have no minions, voidlings, evo-turrets, Tibbers, etc to munch on. Heal is also good to pull during your ult because if the other team thinks they can kill you before it finishes, heal, finish, Blood Boil, and run because you're probably about to die if you had to heal. Ghost and Exhaust, yet again, chase and flee mechanics for them. Simple as that.

  • Summary

    In short, this is how I play Nunu, comment and criticize as you like, but I shall not change my ways.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros-High survivability, high melee damage when spells are on cooldown, all around build with minor tweaks included as needed, has both escape and chase mechanics.
    Cons-Getting focused alot by heavy damagers, ending up chased by entire teams.

  • Abilities

    Amazing for staying in lane when low on mana, try to use this on an Ice Blast or even an ult on an unsuspecting enemy that thinks your OOM.

    Wonderful staying power for laning, great in jungles, kills Heimer's turrets, Tibbers, voidlings, anything of the sort. Occasionally worth using your free spell on.

    Blood Boil
    Good for a chase, be you on one side of it or the other. Use on high melee damagers or the initiator of a fight for the extra attack and move speed. Help fleeing allies escape by Blood Boiling them and then slowing their pursuers.

    Ice Blast
    What makes Nunu, Nunu. What makes Nunu unstoppable. It is your go to spell. Always worth the free spell. Nukes if your go AP.

    Absolute Zero
    Great in team fights, great in quickly killing that massive minion ball that kills your turret otherwise, a good ult. Master how to cancel it and you will be far more effective than those that can't.

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