Teemo Build Guide

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Legendary Teemo Guide [Funguide]

written by T00m

Teemo Build

Table of Contents

  • Important

    This is only a Fun Guide, so please dont downvote it. Ill never play Teemo with this Guide!

  • Introduction

    Yesterday i played with my Friend 3vs3 - He was Teemo and had an own composed Guide that i want to present you (We lost becuz him)

  • Items

    Buy the Items in this Order: [item=Malady], Boots of Mobility, Rylai's Crystal Scepter ,
    Warmog's Armor , Rabadon's Deathcap

  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Spells

    Summoner Spells are dispensable (Take what you want)

  • Early Game

    With your Malady you do strong dots and you have a nice attackspeed + magic pen too.

  • Mid Game

    Now you have a Problem: You are too squishy so you must get life - Buy a Rylai's Crystal Scepter and then Warmog's Armor! (You have ~3600 hp now)

  • Late Game

    You are tanky and you can be long in a fight. Now only attack the Enemies with Auto Attacks - The dots refresh with every auto attack and so they get crazy dmg(not). The other Spells are Useless.

  • Amount

    Pros:-You are tanky and you have much life!

    Cons:-Your Spells Blinding Dart, Move Quick and Noxious Trap are Useless.