Heimerdinger Build Guide

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[AP] Heimerdinger - Indeed, A Wise Choice

written by Wolfar

Heimerdinger Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    My name is Wolfar (IGN Wolfar) and I want to share my thoughts about heimerdinger. I really like to play both offensively and deffensively whith him by storing two turrets and place them next to the enemy :)

    Please read the whole guide els you might fail on some parts.

  • Abilities

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    This is an awesome ability for early game/ mid game. It gives you alot of health regen that will keep you alive early game most of the time. It even helps out your allies and turrets.

    Very Usefull.

    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Aaaaah the turrets,

    The unique part about heimerdinger. whith this skill you will place a turret who will attack enemies in range. It has a high damage output if you got alot of AP. Most people don't expect that much damage so it will give you some kills by dumb moves from enemies :)

    This is also a good farming ability, When you leave the area (mid/bot/top) your turrets might give you some more gold by killing minions :)

    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    This is your spammable nuke ability.

    It is auto-target so you have to position yourself well to hit enemy champions. End game this abiliy instantly kills all minions it hits. Can be used to farm a bit. But it are only 3 missiles and whith ulti still only 5.

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    This is your stun/blind

    Whith this skill you got a good chance surviving melee/ranged champions who attack you or maybe even winning the fight whith it, Because it will blind the enemy (90% miss chance) and it will stun also when used correcly. Blind means dead for most melee/ranged champions.

    This is your life saver and also your CDR ability.

    This will give you up to 20% CDR. which is alot.
    The active on the ability will cause your turrets to be full health and deal slowing damage (20 % slow) also your grenade will fly faster and whith rockets you will fire 5 missiles instead of 3

  • Masteries + Runes


    The standard 9/0/21

    There isnt really anything els that is good for Heimerdinger. Going full into offensive is useless because most is AD and not AP. Going full in defensive isn't great either (ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE TANK HEIMER, but I don't include that in my build so No).

    You should get:
    [mastery_icon=archaic knowledge]. This will boost you damage alot.
    [mastery_icon=sorcery] + [mastery_icon=intelligence]. This will increase your CDR by 9% so u can get it to 40% (max) whith the Runes + Your Passive R.


    Plain and simple:

    x9 Greater Glyph of Focus Cooldown Reduction Runes for Blue

    x9 Greater Seal of Clarity Mana regen runes per level for Yellow

    x9 Greater Mark of Force AP Runes per level for Red

    x3 Greater Quintessence of Force AP Runes per level for Quintessences

    Imo CDR is always a good stat. It will help you spam your abilities more and that will result in more damage. You don't even have to use an item for the CDR due to Passive R, Masteries and Runes
    Mana regen is good to have. because thanks to it you can spam your abilities well Enough
    AP Runes... Moar Damage!

  • Items

    For item I like to go AP. Like most people I guess :)
    It is the only viable choice for heimerdinger except going heimertank. But that's pretty bad in my opinion.


    Starting Item:

    1.0 + [item_icon=Meki Pendant]/ (1st Recall here)

    1.5 + (+ If Going for Mejai's)

    2.0 (Only if your doing good, I get this almost every game because its such an nice item to have)

    3.0 + or/and

    4.0 +

    5.0 + OR

    6.0 or

    If you got Needlessly Large Rod. Get zhonya's hourlgass
    If you got Blasting Wand. Get abyssal scepter

    Abyssal scepter should be added to your items when the enemy is mostly AP
    Zhonya's hourglass should be added to your item when the enemy is mostly AD

    Doran's Ring should only be sold when you need room for your last item!


    Banshee's Veil: Moar defense. If you are getting nuked away by Veigar or any other nuke this is a viable choice also some additional health and mana is always nice :)

    Deathfire Grasp: It has some good things on it. I don't like this item because I almost never use the active on this one. But you can give it a try. WARING: It might maxes your CDR over 40%! If you got a full rune page + masteries I don't recommend it!

    Lich Bane: When you are overfeeded this is a cool item to get. Auto attack of 700 damage? Hell yeah!

    Will of the Ancients: It's an nice item when the whole team is based on AP. If the team isnt based on AP then just leave it.


  • Skilling Order

    -> -> -> [spell_icon=ch-1 concussion grenade]

    gives you alot of cooldown reduction which is very usefull
    lets you make turrets. Very important
    gives you a spamable ability
    [spell_icon=ch-1 concussion grenade] is more for end-game but can save you early game by blinding/stunning

    First 6 levels:

    4. or [spell_icon=ch-1 concussion grenade]
    5. (At this point you can place 2 turrets)

  • Summoner Abilities

    For summoner abilities:

    I would recommend


    Ignite & Flash.
    These two are very good for Heimer. Ignite to finish off low hp enemies and Flash to escape easily or get that last hitwhith your rockets :)

    Other usefull summoner abilities:

    . Heal: This can be nice to save you early game

    . Teleport: teleport can be nice if you need to gank somewhere or save your turret/towers

    . Clarity: Also very nice even late game to help people whith mana problems.

    . Ghost: Whith masteries and your W. You already got a good speed. No need for ghost but some people might like it.

    . Exhaust: Can be usefull to shutdown melee/ranged champion or slow them enough to get a kill.

    . Clairvoyance: you aren't an support champion whith this build so not needed. But can be usefull.

    Useless summoner abilities:

    . Smite: Heimer jungling.. Eh..

    . Cleanse: No. Get an item for that if you want.

    [Spell_Icon=Rally]. Rally: Just no. AD Heimerdinger could use this.. if that excisted

    . Revive: *No Comments*

    [Spell_Icon=Fortify]. Fortify: Like the enemy will ever touch the tower if you play Heimer :)

  • Pros / Cons

    + Lots of Damage End-Game
    + Epic Farming abilities!
    + Turrets... :)
    + Can avoid champions easily whith slow/stun/blind
    + Great at holding the lane
    + Annoying the enemy whith your turrets

    From a game a recently played:

    Wolfar: Annoying huh Morde.. My turrets :)
    'Mordekaiser': Pfff.. damn annoying.. Can't even reach you whitout being shot.. -.-'

    - Can't jungle
    - Might be a bit squishy (2300 hp end-game)
    - maybe a bit expensive? (3150)
    - Veigar might instant kill you whith his ultimate...

  • Gameplay Videos

    Wolfar's Video

    This is me playing a game whith heimerdinger. Go have a look :)
    I don't care that much about K/D and I never time for kills but it looked like i was timing for it sometimes. Trust me I never steal, I can live on assists :)

    League Of Legends Heimerdinger


    1. Download leaguereplay so you can play the file
    Website: http://www.leaguereplays.com/

    2. Download the dropbox link above or below this step (copy & paste)

    3. Double click the dropbox file and it will auto-start if you have leaguereplays installed!

    NOTE: You must have the latest version of League Of Legends installed on your computer els it will not work!

    Youtube Videos

    League of Legends - Heimerdinger Champion Spotlight

    This is a person from Riot Games playing the champion he gives information about the skills etc. I don't recommend following his item build. It is far from good also outdated.

  • The End

    So what are your thoughts about building heimer this way?

    What do you think is bad and what do you think is good.

    Please leave a comment :)

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