Ryze Build Guide

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Ryze, the Arcane Panzer

written by Overhunger

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Arcane Panzer

    Hello everyone, I'm Overhunger from EU servers. I've registered to write this guide, and this is my first guide for League of Legends. My theorical knowledge and practical skills in English is not that great, so I apologize for any possible mistakes in this guide.

    Ryze is my main champion since the day I have started playing League of Legends. I have proven that Ryze is not a squishy kid to slap and throw to base easily, at least in my games. Since the patch that scaled Ryze's spells with mana more than ap it did before, Ryze has become a fatal champ who is totally underestimated. With some help of runes and masteries, Ryze can easily obtain 5000 Mana (which works like OVER9000) and 180 Armor/80 Magic Resist, 3000 Health. With these stats, Ryze looks like a TANK. To become a PANZER, we need to add some damage. You remember that 5000 mana, right? That gives us the ability to blow our enemies' head up into the sky without mercy. Our mana may decrease to 4000 if they have some Magic Resist -in order to get some Magic Penetration- but that won't be a problem. Because two of our skills hit 700 instantly, one of them is per 2 seconds and 2 times in one simple combo. Let's leave these behind and see what's the real deal.

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    This is the power, my friends. This "thing" is your greatest treasure when playing Ryze, which makes you a true panzer. This beauty lowers your unavailable spells' cooldowns by one second when you cast one of them. Thanks to this passive, your Cooldown Reduction modifier is more valuable and effective than others'. Overload have a cd of 2 seconds when you hit the cdr cap, so you will always cast until you are out of mana.

    Most champs have a bread and butter skill, but this is the rage of the beast. Truly overpowered, always useful, never weak. It passively gives you 2/4/6/8/10% cooldown reduction, which is your hidden power in this spell. Overload gets most damage from your mana, which is scaled by %8 of your Maximum Mana. When your enemies see this red ball of death, they will flee or die right there.

    Rune Prison
    Your only CC, so make sure you use this one wisely. It only snares for 2 seconds at most, be aware of any possible counter-spells that you may face while casting your combo. This will not prevent your enemies from casting, or attacking from range. It has remarkable damage indeed, scaled with %60 of your AP and %5 of your Maximum Mana. Still, you will not need AP. As the last warning, it needs 140 mana at last level, so watch your mana bar while using this spell frequently.

    Spell Flux
    This will mostly be your cooldown reducer, but cooldown is not the only thing this spell reduces. Your enemies' Magic Resist will be reduced when hit by this spell for 5 seconds. Not stacking, but still useful. With your ultimate, teamfights and huge waves of creeps will be your playground. This spell is only scaled with AP, so do not expect any damage from this spell unless you are at end game phase and got some AP. Scaled with %35 AP.

    Desperate Power
    Not quite useful except 5v5 teamfights and farming big waves of creeps, I only use it for reducing my cooldown for another combo in ordinary situations. Area of Effect damage for your spells is a great deal, so in teamfights a multi-target CC champ will be of great help to you if it can stick them to their ground in a narrow place. Spell Vamp can not be relied on at teamfights, especially if you are getting focused and you will mostly be so due to your high burst damage, remember this.

  • Summary

    Here's the lazy's formula. Max Overload and get Tear of the Goddess first, Max your mana as soon as possible, blow them up. If there are many CC's, get a quick Banshee's Veil. If there are too many AD's, get a quick Frozen Heart. If your team needs a ganker, get Boots of Mobility. If your team needs an off-tank, get an early Rod of Ages.

    The combo goes as "Q - W - E - Q - R - Q" if you need all the power you have. If you need a little, "Q - W - E - Q" does well too.

  • Skilling Order

    Overload FIRST. OVERLOAD FIRST GODDAMNIT. You must get level 5 Overload at level 9, no other way.

    Ahem, let's make an easy scheme. Desperate Power > Overload > Rune Prison > Spell Flux. Yes, quite easy.

  • Items

    At last, the items. Best thing with Ryze's items is they can be built differently depending on situation and they do not lose their effectiveness. You will see why below here and better in-game.

    ----Core Items----


    TotG is ALWAYS FIRST. Start the game with Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potions, at the first return you get TotG. Even the Boots are less important. Quicker you stack, quicker and better you kill. No questions.

    I did not give a specific type of boots because you can choose them for your own way. Mostly will do the job but sometimes your team may need a ganker, so you can get to help by roaming if you are at mid lane, leveling quickly.

    Two Crystals will be our advancing items' core, and they are optional because your build IS optional. You can get 2 Catalysts, 1 Catalyst and 1 , 1 Catalyst and 1 , 1 and 1 for example.

    I will clarify those items' purposes when you play Ryze, so you will be able to choose more easily.

    ---> We make Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil with this sweet piece. is mostly used against targeted CC's, which makes you more capable of ganking, is used when you need to be more tanky at early-mid game or when you are getting focused frequently at teamfights. Banshee is mostly a need, so you will mostly get a CtP as your last item in early game.

    ---> This one advances to Catalyst or . Catalyst is written above, Haunting Guise is the optional nuke-enhancer with its great Magic Penetration modifier which you can afford between early and mid phases to make your enemies sit down where they are before they get heavy Magic Resist once they felt your cannons.

    ---> Great mana, great armor, great cooldown reduction and advances to the great Frozen Heart.

    ---> Standard movement speed, +20 Magic penetration for more brutality. Unless you need anything else from boots, get it.

    ---> Choice of the early ganker/roamer.

    ----Late Game Items----

    ---> If your team needs an off-tank or a secondary carrier, you get this and job is done unless this is your bad day.

    ---> If there are more AD champs than AP champs, get this earlier unless there are many CC's. 99 Armor, 500 Mana, %20 Cooldown Reduction. All of these are incredibly valuable for Ryze. Both defensive and offensive.

    ---> You have a Tear of the Goddess, why not upgrading it to an AP bomb? After you have 4k+ Mana, it's time for pumping up your AP to make all spells hit better. Spell Flux will shine after you get it.

    ---> More than 1 tank? Your enemies have quickly noticed you pwn them and got some resist up? No problem, get this and keep pwning.

    ---> This is not a common choice, but if your team extremely needs some room for dealing magic damage, or you need more magic resist more than Banshee's Veil provides, you can think about getting it. Don't get it otherwise, even a second Rod of Ages can do better.

    ---> Maybe the last item if you still need firepower after 5k mana, but I strongly recommend to take a look at enemy team's items. If more than one of them have some magic resist, get Void Staff instead.

    You will not need anything else really, maybe some wards on purpose and hp/ap elixirs after you get your all items.

  • Masteries + Runes

    9/0/21 for more offensive, 0/9/21 for more defensive.

    If you want to stay in lane longer and keep up with consecutive battles, choose 0/9/21 and your defensive masteries will be Armor, Magic resist and HP Regen per 5 equals %1 of your mana. They will all have 3 points in them.

    If you think you don't need that, and some offense will be useful, standart 9/0/21 with %15 Magic Pen will do the job.

    Runes can be real weird for Ryze. Marks are always Magic Pen, others can be scaling mana runes for maximized mana quickly. With scaling mana runes except Marks, you can achieve 1k @6, 2k @8-9 with some items, 3k @11-13 with more items and you really don't worry with the rest. At the end of game -if there is not an early surrender- you will have a total of 5k mana. This mana will be your main source of damage and you will not need any AP.

    But Ryze can still do well with some less mana, at the end game you have 4000-4500 depending on the items. Instead of scaling mana runes, your Quintessences turn to Magic Pen first. Your seals can turn to flat Mana Regen if you use skills a lot, and actually you will want to do it to stack Tear of the Goddess quickly. Glyphs can be Cooldown Reduction if you have them, but I guarantee that you will not need them so much. With some help at low levels and without any help if you did not feed the enemy after level 8-9, you will be able to get blue buff which gives you enough cooldown reduction (which takes you to the %40 cap).

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash + Cleanse will do the job, but some change of taste would not be dangerous. As you do not have any innate escape mechanism, Flash + Cleanse will be your lifesaver. Still, they are good tools for ganking and teamfights, so I do not recommend changing them. Maybe Teleport can replace Cleanse, which can let you participate in some ganks.

    By the way, PLEASE do not choose Ignite. Remember that you have a 2-sec cd nuke which always hits more than Ignite.

  • Working in the team

    Ryze can do what the team needs.

    Nuke? Yes. Primary objective.
    Gank? Yes. Secondary objective.
    Harass? Yes, Overload is a great spell for it. At least 200 hp per hit after Tear of the Goddess, 2-3 sec cd.
    Tank? If built and played right.
    Carry? If no one else can do it real effectively.
    Roam? Yes.
    Bait? Yes. (Especially if the enemies do not know Ryze well. I had lots of kills this way.)
    Assassinate? Yes. Just wait for the off-guard position and jump in.
    Initiate a fight? Yes. Flash + Rune Prison if someone too near, but it is dangerous mostly.

  • Pros / Cons


    -Power Word: KILL
    -Off-tank or secondary carrier
    -As Riot indicated before the patch, Ryze has become a "spell machine-gun". Almost non-stop casting.
    -Items are both defensively and offensively effective
    -Can be played in different ways depending on the team's need
    -Good baiting due to the common idea "Ryze is squishy". (A full hp Nocturne ult'ed me while I'm full and after 2 seconds he was lying on the ground while I'm still full. I'm not joking.)
    -Can turn the tide of game as long as guarded well, even with the life of all other teammates. (I have a game which I fed my own teammates with assists while they suicide and I kill everyone left. 1 hour, super creeps were running towards us @15min. We won.)

    -Squishy until mid game
    -Once you unleash your combo, you have to wait a bit to do the same again
    -If focused, you don't have any escape mechanism except your summoner spells
    -Can not harass effectively until level 5
    -Have mana problems until 1500 Mana, unless you have the blue buff
    -In teamfights, a tank before you is a must.

  • Farming

    Until you have the Tear of the Goddess, you have to rely on your last hitting skills. After you got the Tear of the Goddess, use Overload to both last hit and stack. Do not be afraid of returning to base, you will have a good amount of gold until you deplete all the mana you have. Especially a few kills provide a good gain and let you build faster.

  • Conclusion

    I hope I gave a significant insight about Ryze and how to play with him. You can ask or comment freely without being offensive and rude. Thanks for reading, have fun.