Brand Build Guide

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Brand, I play with the fire and you get burned ...

written by Daddykiller

Brand Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Brand's spells light his targets ablaze, dealing 2% of their maximum Health in magic damage per second for 4 seconds. (Max: 80 damage vs. Monsters)

    This is a great passive if you have good magic pen, earlier in game some kills you got is from your passive , a enemy run with 50HP die for your passive and if you take ignite you can do some serious damage

    Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals magic damage. If the target is ablaze, Sear will stun the target for 2 seconds.

    Spell Summary
    Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals (80/120/160/200/240) (+(0.65 per ability power point)) magic damage.

    If the target is ablaze, Sear will stun the target for 2 seconds.

    This is a skillshot ability and if you want play brand it's better you know how to use this one, you can catch runners with this, kill in fog of war, stun the target for a easier Pillar of Flame, you can even check the bushes with this, but like any skillshot if enemy is behind minions you can't hit, so position yourself first for a good shot.

    Pillar of Flame
    After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units with the area. Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage.

    Spell Summary
    After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame at a target area, dealing (80/125/170/215/260) (+(0.6 per ability power point)) magic damage to enemy units within the area.

    Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage from Pillar of Flame.

    This is your major Nuker, after a short delay (1.5/2sec) deals Great damage and even great if the target are ablaze, so try always hit more then 1 enemy and ablaze ones, or the maximum minions possible to farm.

    Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing magic damage to them. If the target is ablaze, Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.

    Spell Summary
    Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing (70/117.5/165/212.5/260) (+(0.6 per ability power point)) magic damage.

    If the target is ablaze, Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.

    This is a single target Nuke, but can do aoe damage if the target are ablaze, so it's great for multi targets fight

    Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealing magic damage each time it bounces. If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm's missile speed increases.

    Spell Summary
    Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealing (150/250/350) (+(0.5 per ability power point)) magic damage each time it bounces up to 5 bounces.

    If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm's missile speed increases.

    Brand's Ulti, can be deadly if you shoot in right momentos and in right places, se if you shot when enemys team are near minions is possible thae ulti bounce to minions and you lost burst in multitarget fights and that can be the diference in live or die, so try to drag enemy away from minions then use your ulti, and the ulti it's good to catch runners you throw it when you see 3 low hp targets and you do a very easy triple kill.

  • Introduction

    Hello people, this is my first guide here, but i'm play LoL for ages since release.

    In this guide i will tell all i learn with brand and everything you need to know to play with brand.

    I play brand since he is get release and i see many people say brand is OP and other say he is balance, nad i think he is a balance champ as well so in this guide i will tell you some secrets for some of you learn how to counter brand...

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries i have 2 options for you

    First he famous 9-0-21

    External Image

    This Set is more for CD like you know because [mastery_icon=sorcery] and [mastery_icon=intelligence] since Brand a bit huge CD you need to watch for that

    and in second maybe be a bit strange but it's really good for brand and some other casters the 9-21-0

    External Image

    i personally prefer this one, brand it's a bit squishy easlier in game and this provide you a bit more defence and a bit more of offencive power with [mastery_icon=ardor]

    For Runes

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Glyph of Insightx3
    Greater Glyph of Force x6
    Greater Seal of Force x9
    Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

    I see many people paly with Brand with a Full page of AP runes go good damage but sometimes they can't kill some enemy champs because they don't have good magic pen and his passive don't do anydamage earlier game because like Phreak say and it's true Brand Passive counts alot in damage specially if you nuke enemy champ and he run with 100 or 50 hp your Passive acts like an Ignite and with a good Magic Pen earlier you will do so kills because of that. And with the Rest in AP runes you do good damage earlier in game .

  • Summoner Abilities

    In the most games i use Clarity and Flash Or Ignite and Flash

    Flash it's good because you can surprise your enemys by flash trough minions, walls and that leave then wide open because they can't "hide" behind a minion so you can shoot Sear and get them stun, or to catch a runers, andd it's good in a defence way , for example you got catch in a 3vs1 so Flash back or trough wall

    Clarity it's for the ones how use the 9-21-0 you don't get Mana Regen in masterys and even if you get Runes for that isn't enough Brand's abilitys spend a Bit mana earlier and sometimes you do
    Conflagration but don't have mana for Sear for stun oor for Pillar of Flame for the final enemy nuke, and if you get catch without mana alone man you're dead if you don't have Flash

    Ignite works so well with your passive earlier even if your enemy runs with 150 hp he is dead (if he don't get heal or shield)

    Other Summoner Abilities

    Ghost it's good to rune In and out of a fight, since brand doesnt have any escape abilitys so it's easy to gank with ghost that will be diferent.

    Teleport are good to save a tower from a push, to teleport behind enemys lines and surprise them with your aoe burst..

    Cleanse it's good to, since you are a dps you will get focus sometimes and if you fight a team with a lot's of stuns and disables this can save your ass many times.

    Exhaust is nice to help you hiting with Sear and get your stun in a easy way and will slow enemy so it's good to escape or to get the time for your Cd get refresh but i think Ignite or Ghost are better for brand.

    Clairvoyance it's good for scout bushes and enemys to prevent bushes, but you are a DPS not a support so you have better abilitys to choose.

    Smite, smite, smite... It's good but not for Brand since he isn't a jungler.

    Heal maybe save you some times and help team to but if you play solo matchs you can take better spells

    Revive and [spell=rally] i never see no one use since they are a Bit useless

  • Skilling Order

    Based in my experience with Brand this is the order i use:

    Skill Order:

    In my opinion Pillar of Flame it's always the first to max because it's your major damage spell, next Conflagration since if you use well this one can do aoe to and Sear at last, but of course Ulti always first, so the order will be :

    Pyroclasm - Pillar of Flame - Conflagration - Sear

    Some people prefer Conflagration first so fell free to try your ideas to.

  • Build Example

    I have 2 diferent builds to start:

    if you are playing 5vs5 lane i always start with Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion
    If i go solo lane in 5vs5 or i play 3vs3 i start with Amplifying Tome( later to turn in a Mejai's Soulstealer in solo lane 5vs5 or into Haunting Guise in a 3 vs 3 and 1 Health Potion

    5vs5 Built

    In your first trip:
    Catalyst the Protector and Boots of Speed

    In your second trip you have to choose:
    Sorcerer's Shoes and Mejai's Soulstealer, if you don't like stacks just grab boots and wait till you get gold for Needlessly Large Rod

    After that in your Mid/late game:
    Buy (or finish if you didn't choose Mejai's) the Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff(if you need more Magic Pen Buy before Rabadon's Deathcap).

    Note: I never turn Catalyst the Protector in a Rod of Ages before i get lvl 18 but you can if you prefer.

    If other team have alot CC or you are getting focus turn your Catalyst the Protector into a Banshee's Veil or for the ones how like yo spend larges amounts of gold buy [item=zonya's hourglass]


    ( My Core in 90% of the games ) - Catalyst the Protector / Sorcerer's Shoes / Mejai's Soulstealer / Rabadon's Deathcap

    ( If the enemy team are getting/or have heavy Magic Resist ) - Catalyst the Protector / Sorcerer's Shoes / Void Staff

    ( If your Runes and Masteries are Enough for Magic Pen and you don't like stacks ) - Catalyst the Protector / Sorcerer's Shoes / Rabadon's Deathcap

  • Items

    Here i will talk in more detail about some items and why some items are good or bad for Brand. Since Brance it's more about Magic Pen due his Passive.

    Catalyst the Protector - It's very good earlier games due is ability and give you some surviality, you can stay in lane for longer times and farm for longer, and it's good for offence if you are near to level up, you go gank even if you get Low hp you kill 1 or 2 minions and you get more HP and mana and with that you maybe turn the fight in your favor

    Rod of Ages - A good item for brand to give you more AP, HP and Mana but i advise you just to take this item before the game have 20/25 min of game time after that it's a bit late to pick this because in most of games you will finish the game in 30 min so the Rod won't get "fully loaded" since you need 10 min.

    Sorcerer's Shoes - It's a core item for Brand in early game due Brand Passive Blaze, when you are nuke an enemy Champ and he get away with 50 hp and you almost broke your PC that won't happen if you have good Magic Pen earlier.

    Void Staff - A Core Item for brand, good AP and more Magic Pen and are specially good if the enemy team are getting or have good magic resist.

    Rabadon's Deathcap - This one it's great for any caster and Brand are no exception, Huge AP and more 30% of AP due his Passive.

    Mejai's Soulstealer - The famous Mejai's... but many people don't get it because sometiems it's hard to get stacks but with Brand it's a bit diferent, since Brand have 2 Aoe's ( or 3 if you use Brand well) you get many stacks in fights even if you don't kill anyone in a team fight 5vs5 you always get 4 or 5 stacks, even for the ones who don't like it i advise you to take this with brand.

    Hextech Revolver/ Will of the Ancients - The life stealers items for casters i like this item very much but i rarely take this with brand, yep you can recover Huge amount of life because brand have many aoes and help you in a 1vs1 and even in a 1vs2 situations, but your objective in team fights it's stay behind your tank and do your aoe and get out, but if you are getting to focus by enemy maybe this item help you with some surviality

    Abyssal Scepter - Give you some magic resist and more Ap and reduce Magic Resist from enemy teams so acts like Magic Pen so it's good for your passive, if enemy team getting Huge Magic resist don't hesitate to take this one

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This items it's great for Brand, if the enemy champs flee many times with little HP and you can't catch them, take this one will help you alot with that slow and give you more power and surviality, and help alot in team fight if you play your abilitys correctly you can slow all enemy team and help you and your team pick some easy kills.

    Zhonya's Hourglass - Like Phreak say this is the best friend of Caster Dps, if you are getting to focus this one will help you alot you burst your enemy activate this your Cd refresh and you pick the kill, and it's good to escape from Requiem , [spell=finales funkeln] and or nasty spells when you have Low Hp

    [item=Morello's Evil Tome] - This one it's pretty cool for Brand to since you have a bit great cooldowns, so sooldown reduction it's a good idea and give you some mana regen.

    Deathfire Grasp - This it's very nice for Brand, you know Brand it's a bit weak in 1vs1 sometimes he don't have the single burst target like Malzahar so this item help you in that way, shoot this and do your combo of Conflagration/ Sear/ Pillar of Flame and you can own almost any champ, and you even get more CD R and more mana regen.

    Magic Resist Items ( If enemy have alot of casters )

    Banshee's Veil - If Enemy team have many CC's or/and Caster's you for sure want to pick this one will help you alot with the bubble and the magics resist

    Abyssal Scepter - Give you some magic resist and more Ap and reduce Magic Resist from enemy teams so acts like Magic Pen so it's good for your passive, if enemy team getting Huge Magic resist don't hesitate to take this one

    Armor Item's ( If enemy have alot of Physical DPS )

    Frozen Heart - Give you Mana, Huge amount of armor and CR and even a nasty debuuf for enemy team

  • Pros / Cons


    GREAT Aoe Damage
    Contribute Alot in Team Fights
    Reallly nice passive Ignite !!!!
    can 1vs2 agaisn't some champs because Pyroclasm (if you used well)


    Like almost any caster SQUISHY
    Spend Alot of mana earlier
    Isn't easy to learn, you need to know when is the right moment and place to use your Ulti
    If the enemy team are spread you can't do your maximum dps

  • Working in the team

    Working in team it's the brand speciality, see since you are a aoe champ you really shine in team battles. Wait till the fight iniciate and the enemy team attack together so shoot Pyroclasm then Conflagration in the first target of your Pyroclasm to spread, next Pillar of Flame and stun any runner with Sear.

    in 1vs1 situations Conflagration / Sear for stun / Pillar of Flame and just shoot Pyroclasm if you know that will kill your enemy, if not will be just a waste of your ulti, even if are minions nearby you don't konw for sure if oyur ulti will bounce again to your enemy that will happen for sure if is just 1 minion nearby.

    If you get catch in a 2vs1 situation and you are alone without any ally nearby drag your enemies away from minions check if one of the champs have a CC and shoot Pyroclasm then Sear / Conflagration and finally Pillar of Flame. Pyroclasm will put your first target very low since will bounce to him 3 times and will spread Blaze so your Pillar of Flame will do adicional damage to both.

  • Farming

    Farming with brand it's easy if you pay attetion you can Aoe all 6 minions in any have, earlier you don't have much damage so you toss Pillar of Flame and Conflagration and Last Hit minions, but later just 1 [spell=ppillar of flame] can take down all minions, even if the wave are huge and Pillar of Flame can't cover all shoot Pillar of Flame to a side and Sear and [spell=conflagratoin] in the other part and you wipe the minion

  • Summary

    So Brand it's a nice champ help alot the team with his AOE burst but isn't OP like some people say, the enemy team make him OP because stay together and Pyroclasm do tons of damage, if you see brand shot ulti just spread so he can't Aoe all team because his Aoe's areas aren't much big, if you do that you lower ALOT his Burst, if you continue getting trouble with gim just say to all team buy Banshee's Veil and you almost nuliffy Brand.

    Fell free to comment this guide and give your opinions to improve the guide ... and may the force will be with you... Have Fun

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