Ezreal Build Guide

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Exploring Ezrael

written by JoeyMacGuffin

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    This passive is pretty good, but you can't count on it to be up all the time, especially in 1v1 or 2v2 scenarios. As such, it should be viewed as an extra bonus in bigger fights or when farming, with the brunt of your attack speed coming from items like with any other DPS champion.

    Mystic Shot
    Your bread & butter spell. At first it is weak and only real useful for the CD reduction and last hitting creeps, but as you purchase items it becomes a good damage-dealer, as it scales with AD. Important, Shot counts as both an attack and an ability when cast, but only as an attack when it hits, this means:

    - It will proc on-attack-hit effects (Phage), but not on-spell-hit ones (Rylai's).
    - It will proc Sheen/Lich Bane on cast and "discharge" it on hit, meaning Sheen basically adds free damage to it. Go Sheen!
    - I believe it is physical damage and benefits from ArmorPen instead of SpellPen, but I haven't tested this.
    - It gives THREE charges of Guinsoo's Rageblade: TWO when cast, and ONE when it hits. I'm not sure if this is intended, but as of 3/21/2010 that's how it works. This makes Guinsoo's pretty damn awesome in Ezrael's hands, as you can get up to 8 stacks in seconds.

    Essence Flux
    Early game this is your main harassing and ganking spell. Late game, it is an amazing asset in team battles. It heals and buffs your allies and damages your enemies. Hitting as many targets as possible with this is key to your late-game performance. It's also the skill that scales best with skill levels, and should probably be skilled first.

    Arcane Shift
    It's a free Flash (and an attack, but the damage is pretty pathetic unless you stack AP, which isn't really recommended). Good for chasing and escaping, but pales in comparison to the usefulness of his other abilities. Take one level of it early and don't waste mana on it unless you need the teleport. I mean, the damage is generally wasted on a creep anyway.

    Trueshot Barrage
    It's like Ashe's arrow, only it goes through enemies instead of stunning. It's pretty wide and does good damage. It can finish off people from the other side of the map if you're good enough (the channelling time needed to cast doesn't make this easy), farm a line of creeps (hey, it's not on that long of a CD), or provide a good area damage burst in a team fight.

  • Introduction

    Ezrael is a very effective champion, but tends to come over as underwhelming in the hands of players new to him. This is because he is, first of all, rather difficult to play, as he can't directly target enemies with any of his abilities, relying rather on positioning and precision of the player, and, on the other hand, because he is rather difficult to itemise correctly, while being simultaneously very dependant on item build.

    What he is NOT is a caster. A lot of people build him as one, but I've tried it and it's just plain worse. His abilities don't scale all that well with AP, and relinquishing attack damage to second place wastes both his passive and the AD-scaling of Mystic Shot. Much like Corki, Ezrael benefits from a bit of AP, but builds strength late-game through the usual carry attributes of attack damage, speed and crit. This guides explores that design space, which is what I've been using successfully since I decided against AP-Ezrael.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Digging into the Utility tree for the TP and Clarity/Flash summoner spell masteries, more mana regen (very useful), movement speed, and neutral monster buff duration (you're good at getting these, and should have them up as much as you can. Golem's especially). You can take Offence down to the SpellPen mastery skill, too. It's pretty good. This is the build I use: http://www.leaguecraft.com/masteries/1003400100000000000000000000130040032130301

    As for Runes, I'd recommend ArmorPen Marks, Mp5 Seals, Mana Glyphs, and either Mana or Mp5 Quintessences. Ezrael is rather mana-intensive, especially early-game, and you can't afford to spend valuable gold on mana items which inevitably give you spellpower (which you don't want to spend on).

  • Items

    Starting item:

    Your first purchase should be a mana regen item. This is vital. You WILL run out of mana otherwise. Okay, you'll run out of mana anyway, but you'll take longer if you buy some Mp5. Look at your choices, but I personally recommend starting with Faerie Charm+ Rejuvenation Bead+ Health Potion.

    Main item:

    Haunting Guise: Mp5, Hp5, -CD and SpellPen. It's a pretty good combination, for a modest price. It works ok, but I believe Tiamat is the superior choice, especially if you're solo mid.
    [item=Tiamat]: Less mana regen than other items, but it gives splash damage. I cannot stress the important of this enough. Mystic Shot now does splash damage. This increases your farming potential orders of magnitude. It is truly spectacular, and because of this you really should get it first thing.


    The regular fare. Berserker's Greaves normally, Mercury's Treads if the opposition is heavy on stuns and stuff. Frankly, err against getting Mercury's. They're expensive, and you generally won't survive long enough to notice the reduced duration of the effect anyway. Attack Speed is your friend with Ezrael, anyway.

    Mid Game:

    Guinsoo's Rageblade: Get this ASAP. Right after your boots. Seriously. You can reach 8 charges (+20% attack speed, +48 AP) in 6 seconds easily. No other item gives you +35 AD, +93 AP +20% AS for this price. This is also your main AP item to buff your Ulti and Essence Flux.

    Sheen/ Phage: Get one of these. Basically, Phage if you feel you need greater survivability, Sheen if you're doing fine. You'll build into Trinity later, anyway.

    Late Game:

    Trinity Force: With this you now have the core of your build and are doing your late-game function efficiently. From here, just stack DPS until the game ends, I'd say starting with Infinity Edge and then Phantom Dancer. I'm not sure why you haven't won yet, though.

  • Skilling Order

    You want one level of Mystic Shot at first, for the -CD and to last hit creeps, but Essence Flux scales much better with level, not to mention Mystic Shot will be scaling with AD anyway. Then, late game, you want to have a shorter CD on Shot to keep your passive and Guinsoo stacks up. I'm sorry, Arcane Shift, you're just a glorified Flash. You can get your first level of Arcane Shift at lvl 3 instead of 4 if you're either ganking or being ganked a lot and want the teleport NOW, your choice. Doesn't make much of a difference one way or another.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Clarity is almost a must. You WILL have mana problems, and this saves you buying lots of +mana items that won't add to your combat effectiveness in any significant way.

    Teleport is always good to have, especially as you aren't the fastest champion around on foot.

    Flash will help you survive. Yes, you have Arcane Shift, but it needs mana and has a relatively short range. I don't currently take this, but I won't say it's not useful.

    Ignite you could get for the healing reduction, but it's short range is awkward with your long-range abilities. I don't recommend it, but it is an option, as is Exhaust.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Long Range
    -Mix of magical and physical damage makes you difficult to counter effectively.
    -AMAZING team buff/debuff in Essence Flux.
    -Good last-hitting and farming (with Tiamat) potential thanks to the spammability of Mystic Shot.
    -Free Guinsoo stacks!

    -If they catch you, you're dead. Survivability hinges on being able to escape before being stunned, as you have no CC or resistance to speak of.
    -Again, no CC, and minimal chasing ability. This is mollified somewhat by your ridiculously long range, but really, don't think you're going to be chasing down anyone. You either kill in the first barrage or you don't gank at all.
    -Everything is a skill shot. Get used to it, and get used to enemy champions dancing around everywhere to make you miss and waste your mana. Can't do much about this except practice, practice, practice.
    -As a hybrid, you don't have the burst damage of a pure caster or the turret-downing potential of a focused carry. In exchange, you have a very good support spell, so leverage that for all its worth.

  • Working in the team

    Try to take mid. Ezrael is excellent mid, as you can farm with Shot and harass with Flux. When you get your Ulti, try giving a hand to the other lanes by shooting something off. This can be an easy kill if you time it right. Later, in team fights, shoot Essence Flux every time it is up, and remember to hit as many allies as you can with it. It's probably even more important to hit allies with the heal and buff than it is to hit enemies. Spam Shot, keep your stacks up, and auto-attack people and turrets to death. Remember to shoot creeps with Shot when you're pushing turrets! Your passive gives you vital attack speed!

    That is all I can say, all the rest is practice.

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