Caitlyn Build Guide

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Piltover Asskicker

written by King Satan

Caitlyn Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    If Caitlyn attacks from the brush, then it counts as two stacks. This effect deals 150% bonus damage to an enemy champion or 250% bonus damage to a minion. Caitlyn relies on this passive as an essential element to her damage output.

    This is basically one of your harass tools. Once you've mastered the ability to shoot your target with this bonus 150% damage early game then you can deny a lot early game especially if you use the runes advised below.

    Piltover Peacemaker
    After a short delay, Caitlyn fires a projectile that pierces through her foes. As it passes through it does less damage down to a minimum of 50%.

    After three points into this, this becomes something of a nuke to squishy champs early game, and if built right, late game as well.

    Yordle Snap Trap
    Caitlyn can set up to three traps that spring on enemy champions. If the trap is walked on, the trap stuns for 1.5 seconds, deals magic damage, and reveals the champion for a few seconds.

    This will come in handy when pushing lanes and in team fights. If you are mid lane you might want to do a defense strategy of placing them in a row so that it somewhat cuts off the enemy champion from coming to my turret (at least without taking some damage from you). This is done when they are pushing you. When you are pushing them and harassing them pretty well, you should place a trap right at the foot of their turret, it leaves them confused and once that activate it, be sure to have your Piltover Peacemaker on hand.

    90 Caliber Net
    Caitlyn shoots a projectile, knocking her back and dealing magic damage to her target while slowing them.

    This deals a great escape method since it is in fact a skill shot, slows, and knocks Caitlyn back.

    Sometimes I just use this to deal damage. I use this along with my Piltover Peacemaker in a combination that leaves men crying.

    Ace in the Hole
    Caitlyn sets aim on an enemy champion. After she channels, she fires a shot at the champion dealing physical damage to the champion. This shot can be intercepted by another enemy champion.

    Alright so this acts as your finishing blow when you can no longer reach your target. The hardest part about this ability is the timing. You do not want another champion intercepting your awesome kill and you do not want to shoot the target and realize that he is getting away with 1 hp. Trust me, it's the worst feeling ever. Timing is key.

  • Update


    -Updated a few grammatical errors. Such a disappointment -_-

    -Added a pros and cons section.


    Of course more spelling and grammatical errors. Disappointment? Ah maybe.

  • Introduction

    Hello Leaguecraft world, I'm King Satan and I've been a part of the Leaguecraft community for awhile. Just not member wise. I was always obsessed with seeing how other people play champions that I play and I also took their playing styles into consideration. I learned how to play my favorite champ, Jax through an old guide that I stand by still till this day even though it doesn't exist anymore. I may in fact recreate it someday in hopes that people who play Jax and get the experience I once had killing and getting yelled at for going legendary to the point that it shows my name in the chat box as,"King S**** is legendary". Who ever thought that "Satan" would be blocked out...?

    Any how, this is my first guide ever so please cut me some slack, it will take me awhile to work out the nooks and crannies of creating a guide on here but hopefully you all can give me some tips on how I can improve on my guide(s).

    I hope you enjoy this guide on the Sheriff of Piltover as I started it one day in school when I was really really really bored. Thank god that this is like one of the only websites that my school does not blocked.


    King Satan

    P.S. Excuse me for my ramble, I am a man of the ramble. Cheers!

  • Summoner Abilities

    For summoner abilities I like to go with:
    Ghost Flash

    These two allow you to escape when needed and move even faster when trying to put in a few extra shots to set up your ult.

  • Skilling Order

    This is how I like to do my skill order.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go with the original 21/0/9. If you happen to not know what that is, find it here:

    As for runes, I go full out attack speed with movement speed Quints. Something like this:

    9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity

    9x Greater Mark of Alacrity

    9x Greater Seal of Alacrity

    3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    The movement speed Quints come in handy a lot. I use them for my AP rune book as well.

  • Items

    There is different item path ways I take. I generally go with:

    1. Doran's Blade this gives you reasonable amount of damage to start with while adding a tiny bit of health and lifesteal to the mix.

    2. Last Whisper sometimes I just full out rush Last Whisper because it gives you show damage to deal with while you wait for your B. F. Sword. If you farm your way past to 1650, then go ahead and purchase the BF. During this time I generally get my Boots of Speed.

    3. B. F. Sword If I decide to rush the Last Whisper, I then get my BF to maximize that early-mid game damage. It will also help you farm better.

    4. I would then build up a Phantom Dancer by starting with the Zeal. This will give Caityln some more movement and attack speed so that you can just keep punishing those enemy champs like the CAKE that they are. Finish your Phantom Dancer or you can get a The Bloodthirster if you feel like you should get start with it's passive.

    5. The Bloodthirster if you've decided to stick with finishing the Phantom Dancer then go ahead and get this item and start wrecking.

    6. The last item varies depending on how I'm feeling. If I feel like attacking fast and adding a little "kick" to my damage, then I go for Sword of the Divine because that extra 100 magic damage can do wonders. Or if I feel like just being nasty, I'll either build up another The Bloodthirster or maybe even an Infinity Edge. You're choice depending on how you are doing in the game.

    7. Sell your Doran's and either build a Frozen Mallet or if you are just feeling flat out confident go with adding one of those combinations on number six together. I mean think about what you can do with an Infinity Edge and 2x The Bloodthirster.

    Here's a typical build made via builder:


  • Pros / Cons


    -Great Harasser

    -Monster Carry at times

    -Easily fixable if having a bad game

    -A "team" player

    -Wears a top hat

    -The sheriff that Bob Marley "didn't" shoot.

    -Great Damage

    -Good farmer


    -Has her hott moments

    -Nice rifle

    -Sometimes over-looked

    -Good aim



    -Easily annoying phrases

    -Not pretty enough

    -Skirt is too long

    -Sometimes the main attraction in team fights


    -Attacks kinda slow without attack speed

    -Has to rev rifle for Q

  • Summary

    I hope you've enjoyed my guide to Caitlyn! Please feel free to leave me any advice possible as much is accepted and also rate to let me know how I did cause I think it will help me a lot. I will continue to work on this guide, improving it when I can and I hope to make more guides in the near future. So for now, go out there and show everyone that,"Hey! There's a new Sheriff in town and er' name is[insert name here]!"

    Oh and check this out:

    External Image

    The other day, I happened to win my 666 win and I just had to take a screen shot of it because how it corresponds with my name =D I was playing Brand that day, and was doing alright. Would have loved to have been Caitlyn but as you can see, we were a little AD heavy.

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