Corki Build Guide

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I got me an ace machine

written by Leinforge

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Corki is one of the most difficult characters to play extremely well. People may say that he is easy b/c his ult has a short CD...well, they are wrong. This guide will give you some tips to help master the skies.

  • Masteries + Runes


    Corki is an AD carry, but he actually gains more benefit from the Utility tree than the Offensive tree with this build. Why? B/c you are not focusing on critical strikes.

    9 points in offense will get you the magic penetration that will help maximize your damage and how effectively you can "poke" with .

    The remaining 21 points will go into Utility to reduce your cooldowns on abilities and summoner spells, increase your mana regen, and give you a much needed boost to your terrible movement speed (every little bit helps).


    Marks - Your best bet here is . This will increase your damage in the early and late game and it stacks well with The Black Cleaver and .

    Seals - Many seals are good for Corki. I personally use , but you can also use Greater Seal of Clarity for better mana regen (not really necessary with Manamune), Greater Seal of Vitality which is good for any squishy character, and several others.

    Glyphs - For glyphs, I would recommend . This will increase your up-time on Gatling Gun and allow for more Phosphorus Bomb. If you want to be more protective, try Greater Glyph of Shielding since casters can dominate Corki quickly. I have also seen some people us the AS glyphs, but I don't personally recommend them b/c their are secondary, not primary.

    Quintessence - Maximize Corki's armor penetration by using .

  • Items

    With this build, you will be rushing Manamune, so start with either Sapphire Crystal and 2 health potions, or [item_text=meki pendant] and 3 health potions. If you are soloing top lane against 2 champions b/c the other team has no jungler, you might want to use Boots of Speed and 3 health potions if you are uncertain of your survivability.

    Once you have Tear of the Goddess, make a judgment call on whether to buy Manamune or Boots of Speed next. The boots will then be upgraded to Mercury's Treads in most cases. If those are not needed, buy either Berserker's Greaves for more damage or Ninja Tabi for survivability against carries.

    Next build Sheen. This should be self-explanatory; Corki casts a lot of spells and does most damage from auto-attacking. This will be upgraded at a later time.

    Now you are building the greatest item for Corki, The Black Cleaver. Once you complete this item, your damage will increase significantly. If you aren't dominating the game at this point, you have probably already lost.

    Your next item move has a choice. If you are dominating, finish off your Trinity Force. If you need to stop those pesky casters, go for Banshee's Veil.

    Now, finish your build with one of the following; The Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade, or another defensive item if you are having trouble staying alive (such as Guardian Angel).

  • Ability Order

    3. Phosphorus Bomb
    5. Phosphorus Bomb
    7. Phosphorus Bomb
    8. Gatling Gun
    9. Phosphorus Bomb
    10. Gatling Gun
    11. Missile Barrage
    12. Gatling Gun
    13. Gatling Gun
    14. Valkyrie
    15. Valkyrie
    16. Missile Barrage
    17. Valkyrie
    18. Valkyrie

    If you can tell me how to make that nice table that people are using, that would be much appreciated.

  • Tips and tricks


    Like most characters, Corki's abilities can be used for more than just one task. An inexperienced player will at his abilities and see a pure damage character, while a good player can see a very versatile champion.

    This is by far Corki's most useful ability for early game harassement (once you get Missile barrage, that changes). Use phosphorus bomb to punish your opponent for standing close to minions in the early game. Once you've hit them, put some auto attacks on them while the miss chance from phosphorus bombs gives you an upperhand. If a player tries to rush you or the jungler comes in for a gank, use phosphorus bomb to blind and speed away with valkyrie.

    Team fighting - Phosphorus bomb is the "CC" that Corki brings to his team. Either use it on a clumped up group of enemies or cripple their main carry's DPS. As you get more experienced with Corki, you will find that he can take a small beating when you place Phosphorus bomb in the right location.

    Your second point will go into valkyrie b/c it was increase your mobility in the early game, even without boots. That first blood about to escape? Valkyrie in for the kill and flash out to avoid damage from his laning partner. Are you about to be first blood? Valkyrie away and use flash for added distance if needed. It is important to note that valkyrie can propel Corki over terrain. This can allow you to fight from behind a treeline with Missile barrage or make a quick escape in a bad situation. Also, don't forget that valkyrie leaves a DoT in its wake. If you are looking for a kill; valkyrie over your target, turn on gatling gun, and blind them with phosphorus bomb (not recommend against a caster unless you are very confident).

    I see far too many Corki's taking this ability at level one. The damage on this ability is not very good at low levels compared to the burst of phosphorus bomb. Why? The damage is applied over a duration, which means that you have to stay close to your target to get the full effect. If you target is running, then you have to decide between moving with them or auto attacking them. Gatling gun has a shorter range than your auto attack, so you may miss some hits if you stay too far back.

    That being said, this ability is extremely powerful late game (esp. once you have The Black Cleaver). The amount of armor it shreds with not only increase your damage, but the damage of other champions on your team. If you can manage to hit multiple targets with the full duration during a team fight, then you will be maximizing your own damage and increasing the teams damage significantly.

    I hear a lot of people complain about this ability being overpowered. No it is not. Here are the facts:
    1. Corki does not focus on AP (Missile barrage also scales with AD, but only at .2).
    2. The missiles are easily dodged at long range by a good player.
    3. Only the "Big One" does significant damage.
    4. Corki has a finite number of missiles at any point in time (though he has an ifinite amount throughout the game).

    Now that you know the facts, here is how to optimize this wonderful ultimate.
    1. Farming - Yes, use your ultimate to farm, you restock quickly.
    2. Pushing - Kind of like farming, except that you are trying to dispove of the enemy as fast as possible to get your entire creep wave to the next tower. A few well placed phosphorus bombs and missile barrages can move your creep wave quickly and efficiently (missile barrage has a very low mana cost).
    3. Poking/harassing (my favorite use) - Missile barrage has such a long range that you can hit an enemy champion that is standing just on the other side of his tower without being hit by the tower. How? Fire a missile and move away as it is still in the air, valkyrie away if needed. You will only take damage from the tower if you hit the opponent while still in range of the tower. You can also use this to harassing an enemy that is not near a tower. If your opponent is standing next to his minions, then hit the minions that he is next to, instead of aiming for the champion. Why? You are guaranteed to do damage with a missile that lands, even if you don't get damage on the champion. Why completely miss and waste you missile when you can increase you farm?
    4. Fighting - Your missiles explode when they hit their target and deal AoE damage, this AoE and damage is increased for the "Big One". Much like gatling gun, if you can hit multiple enemies with a single missile in a team fight, then you will maximize your damage output much better. Make sure to use your "Big One" on larger groups or enemies that will die from the burst to get the most bang for your buck.

  • More to come

    I ran out of time for now, but I wanted to post this for you guys to start on the build testing. I will add more tips and tricks soon!

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