Janna Build Guide

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Versatile Janna

written by xyirx

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Janna is a very versatile character. She can be played in various ways, but I will skip DPS since, the other guides already offer a lot of information, plus I'm not really good with DPS. So I would directly jump into the other two main builds:-

    1.) Support build
    2.) AP build
    And the other extra build is for Dominion:
    1.) Dominion AP Aggressive Support build

  • Update Notes

    Last update:

    November 10, 11
    - Update to v.
    - Add Dominion game mode sections!!- Chalice of Harmony is now considered viable only if you have mana regen runes.

    Previous updates:
    August 30, 11
    - Update to v.
    - Rework all Quick Reference section: Support build (Check it out!)
    - Rework on Mastery recommendation
    - Remove Phage out of Janna's item analysis
    - Remove Zirun's Build out of build samples
    - Remove gradings on all item analysis for easier read
    - Revise Mastering Janna techniques section for easier read
    July 25, 11
    - Update to v.
    - Replace Greater Mark of Desolation with Greater Mark of Warding in quick reference build
    - Replace Doran's Shield with Doran's Ring in quick reference build.
    - Include Doran's Ring in Support Build: Item
    - Tailwind no longer has effect during deathtime countdown.

    All older updates have been deleted to save space.

    March 28, 10 - First post

  • Abilities

    This is simply one of the things that makes Janna more valuable to pick in champion selection. It increases your allied champions movement speed by 3%, including yourself. That's about an extra 3 levels of [mastery_text=Quickness] in utility mastery tree for everyone!

    Note: This ability is no longer active during your death time countdown.

    Howling Gale
    AP Ratio = 0.75

    Your only AoE damaging spell. You can cast it in any direction you like, then it'll start channeling. You can let it build up to 3 seconds for maximum damage output and range or just press Q again to quickly launch it for quick knock up. The latter is much more frequently used due to its usefulness in team fights. It can knock up several enemies at once, buying you and your teammates a nick of time to escape or chase.

    AP Ratio = 0.80

    A spectacular spell that makes Janna one of the fastest champions in the game! You get a whooping 16% free movement speed for level 5, which means that you can reach at least 454 Movement Speed with Tier 2 Boots (along with your passive, Tailwind.

    For AP build, Zephyr will be the main damage output and also great CC for getting kills; however, you have to decide when to use it. There're several ways to utilize Zephyr to the fullest. Please see the "Mastering Janna Techniques" section for more tips.

    Eye Of The Storm
    AP Ratio: 0.90

    An extremely useful spell that gives a lot of difference in the match, especially in early game. This spell does its work very well both offensive and defensive ways. It can give you extra "ghost" health instantly and damage boost. By the way, you can use this spell on your allied turrets, which makes Janna an excellent defender against pushers.

    Note that the spell's attack damage and damage absorption are separated, so it's even much better to use this ability for DPS ally. However, the shield durability can still drag the effectiveness down toward late game, unless you play her as AP.

    AP Ratio: 0.175

    Janna's "emergency" spell. It has a decent AoE knockback effect around yourself. Enemies will be pushed away immediately when you activate the spell, then you'll start channeling for healing for 4 seconds. Most of the time, people use this spell for a quick knockback effect, then run away ASAP.

    Healing from Monsoon is useful when you're doing a hard push but usually it's the case where you almost ace/ace the other team already.


    SupportJanna :
    This is the build I prefer to play as she's not as strong as other mages when played AP, and she's too squishy to be in the frontlines.

    High mobility
    Easier laning phase
    Cooldown reduction maxed early
    Good in sustaining defenses and pushes

    Very low damage output
    Extremely Team dependent
    Terrible farming ability

  • Support Janna: Quick Reference

    For those who find my guide unbelievably long wall of texts, here are the quick references:

    Greater Mark of Wardingx9
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Greater Glyph of Focusx6 and Greater Glyph of Wardingx3
    Greater Quintessence of Avaricex3

    (Choose Strength of Spirit for Defense Mastery)




    Build Process:
    1.) [item_icon=meki pendant]
    2.) Complete --[item_icon=heart of gold]
    3.) Complete --
    4.) Complete --and build either , depending on team setup
    5.) Sell [item=heart of gold] if you need other items to replace it late game (and not going to turn it into ).


    **Don't forget and for stealthy enemies.

    **If you have leftover gold during late game, spend it for [item_icon=oracle's elixir] to hunt wards and Teemo's shrooms.

    **You can pick other boots if you like to, but you'd have to take to compensate the lost CDR, or take instead.

    Here are the overall stats from your runes, masteries, and items:
    Health = 1760(+975) = 2735
    Mana = 1454(+375) = 1829
    Hp/5 = 14.4(+30.3) = 44.7
    Mp/5 = 11.6(+36.25) = 47.85 (Chalice of Harmony bonus excluded)
    Armor = 77.4(+36) = 113.4
    MR = 30 (+138) = 168
    CDR = 0 (+39.89%) = 39.89%
    MS = 310 (+144) = 454
    Gold/5 = 0 (+Up to 14 Gold/5) [1g/5 from mastery, 3g/5 from runes, and 10g/5 from items)

    Build Cost: 8780 Gold
    (excluding wards and other consumables)

  • Support Janna: Rune Book

    These are the choices you can pick for her:

    Greater Mark of Warding
    Greater Seal of Clarity
    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    I use Flat Magic Resist Marks . Flat Armor is also viable here.

    For Seal, I personally use MP/5 to get my mana regen high. Combine it with Chalice of Harmony to get 40+MP/5 during early-mid game. This way, you don't have to worry about mana or even forget Clarity and pick something else for Summoner's Spells. Scaled health seals aren't bad either.

    For Glyph, I suggest you to use for CDR, so you can save your friends with your spells more often. Another alternative is to mix/replace with or which provides a lot of magic resist.

    Quintessence offers you variety of choices, but flat health seems to work best because you'll be squishy in this build. I also suggest you to use for extra gold to buy wards.

  • Support Janna: Masteries

    Two choices for you:

    1.) 0/9/21 - Keep CDR from utility mastery but drop another 9 points for nice health regen.

    2.) 3/6/21 - Get 3 ranks in [mastery=archmage's savvy] for AP instead of Strength of Spirit

    If you want to take Exhaust while keeping the first choice, switch to 1/8/21 for improved Exhaust.

  • Support Janna: Summoner's Spells

    Support Janna,
    Consider these spells:

    Most Useful:
    Clairvoyance is one of the most useful spells of all. It has very short cooldown (about 40 seconds with all mastery synergies) and allow you to see people in the brush, jungle, etc. Basically anywhere in the map. It helps you to escape ganks and plan ganks effectively. Every team should have 1-2 of this spell.
    Flash is more or less terribly nerf lately, but still useful for escaping from fights and chasing someone down. This makes your offensive Monsoon come to reality (though strongly NOT recommended).

    Clarity is also a great choice to pick. I personally like this spell a lot because it makes you almost impossible to run out of mana. It works best if you friends (who use mana) are nearby, provided that you put a point in [mastery_text=insight]. DO NOT TAKE THIS SPELL IF YOU'RE PLANNING TO BUY Chalice of Harmony

    Exhaust gives Janna another useful CC. When Zephyr is on cooldown and you really need to stop someone, this can come in handy. Please note that when you use Zephyr, you also lose passive movement speed bonus, so this can help you. Remember your role? Disrupt.

    Cleanse gives you a more survivability and allows you to save your friends with Monsoon when you're stunned during the gank.

    Ghost is surprisingly good as second Ghost when you're ganked. Also useful for rushing in, save your friends, or even pin some wards down.

    Heal lets you win small fights and let you stay in your lane longer, but has very long cooldown and not useful at all late game.

    [spell=rally] only becomes more useful when you have a pusher team.

    [spell=fortify] should be picked by other strong tanks. You shouldn't use it at all.

    Ignite doesn't suit you. You don't need to do a lot of damage anymore with support build. It can ruin opponent's healing and regen, but you better leave this spell for someone else in your team.

    Teleport can give you a smoother laning phase, and teleport to jungle wards for emergency gank/support.

    Smite Even though Janna's not really a good farmer, but Smite really isn't a way to solve it. You could have picked something else.

    Revive is not a viable choice at all. Never pick this up until it's buffed in the future.

  • Support Janna: Skill Orders

    Your skill orders will be pretty much similar to what AP build is; however, there're alternatives that you can choose. Please see below:

    1.) Get a rank in Howling Gale to avoid death in brush fight, then give priority to Eye Of The Storm for maximum early game shield and damage.

    1.) Focus on Zephyr to get early kills. Works well when you're not laning with a DPS.


    For your ultimate, Monsoon, it's not necessary to get it at LV6 though, as it's a very mana-consuming; however, if the opposing team has any strong self-AoE characters, put down a point for your ultimate at LV6 to save your friends when they use their AoEs, and you can always ignore it after you've put 1 point in. The same goes for Howling Gale which you can just leave at level 1 for the entire game. You use it to disrupt enemies only, not for damage.

  • Support Janna: Item Analysis

    Here are some lists of items you may consider to purchase:


    Sight Ward AND Vision Ward
    I don't know how many times these two items have made my friends thank me for saving their lives or succeeding ganks. These wards are extremely helpful to extend your map awareness. Be sure to ward on buff spots, jungle brushes, or even middle of river.

    [item=soul shroud]
    Health, CDR, mana regen aura are exactly what you're looking for. [item_text=soul shroud] simply makes you more like a support tank. You can aim this for first major item. You can't go wrong with it, especially when your teammates are mages.

    [item=heart of gold] and Philosopher's Stone
    Gold items are becoming more and more popular among supports due to ability to let your carry farm all the minions he or she could and you still have steady income to buy wards, pots, and even big items late game. I find that getting one of each should make your gold count skyrocketed.
    **Get Greater Quintessence of Avarice and Greed for hyper money boost along with these items.

    Chalice of Harmony
    This is my personal favorite item of all time, provided that that you have mana regeneration per level runes. Starting game with [item_text=meki pendant], you only need 500 gold to solve your mana problem for the entire game. It can increase your mana regen up to 40-60mp/5 during low mana time, which is extremely cost effective. And yes, with always sufficient mana to cast spells, you will have much more chance to cast shields, tornado, and most importantly, your ultimate to save your friends, not to mention whooping 30 MR that lets you survive strong magic spells throughout.

    Doran's Ring
    Still, this item is very useful for what it offers, compared to cost. Since you wouldn't need a lot of farm, this item will make fullest use of your gold. Health, AP, and mana regen. Just excellent choice in my opinion. Stack up to 2 of this is a good choice.

    Mejai's Soulstealer
    You gain stacks by assisting your friends. Throw in some shields, tornadoes, and slow for your friends whenever possible. This item will make your heal, shield stronger. The damage for Tornado and Zephyr is just a nice touch but not to be used mainly for offense.

    Aegis of the Legion
    It's the item that you buy for your friends. Although, it's considered pretty expensive, compared to what it offers for an individual, it worths many times more when you stand along with your team. It makes your team tougher, push harder, and hit harder. Almost a must-buy for tank support build.

    Catalyst the Protector
    A cheap survivability item which can sustain your farming till you get in mid game (Sometimes you get to keep this to late game because you're poor, but who cares?). This item is another choice if you don't want to get Chalice of Harmony but focus on survivability instead. I find this item very useful and cost-effective. Also, you can build Banshee's Veil from this in late game.

    Glacial Shroud
    You build this for a match against heavy physical DPS team. Recommended as second or third item to build. As for Frozen Heart, you actually gain merely 5% more CDR and armor for 1000+ gold. It's something I don't recommend to get early. Slow ASPD aura does help, but not very remarkable.

    Shurelya's Reverie
    Another alternative support item to stack your CDR toward CDR cap. Usually, you would have a choice to choose between Shurelya's Reverie and [item_text=soul shroud]. The choice is pretty easy. Pick Shurelya's Reverie if your team leans toward physical DPS, while, of course, [item_text=soul shroud] if your team is magic DPS (relying on spells for damage) to lower their cooldowns. If your team is balanced, pick one that suits your playstyle.


    Situational Items:

    Banshee's Veil
    Health, mana, MR, and debuff shield is like a whole set of survivability for Janna. Get this item ASAP when the other team has gotten a lot of CC, especially stun and snare. It CAN save your life numerous times.

    Will of the Ancients
    Just get this item when your team is AP-based. Akali, Jax, Vladimir will hug you and the other team shall rage for the unbelievable spell vamp.

    Guardian Angel
    Nice late game item. When you've gotten 3000+ HP, this item can turn the tide of the fight, granting yourself an extra life to help your friends kill the enemy or flee yourself out of the losing battle. It also has very nice armor and magic resistance that you could never ignore.

    [item=stark's fervor]
    This is probably the best aura item of all. It has everything that your team needs in late game--lifesteal, attack speed, health regen, and most importantly armor reduction aura. You'll find this most useful when your teammates are strong DPS like Twitch, Tristana, Master Yi, Ashe, etc. The price is not very expensive, compared to what it gives your team. Anyway, if none of your teammate has picked this up, make sure you do, except if your team is a mage team (which shouldn't be).

    Warden's Mail or Randuin's Omen
    It can ease your pain from those DPSers since their attack speed and movement speed are occasionally decreased by 35% for 3 seconds when they attack you. If combined with Frozen Heart, you can completely ruin their attack speed (just a fun thought). Nice armor and health regen from these two items also sound appealing. If you happen to grab Randuin's Omen, be sure to use its active ability which can help you to chase/escape.

  • Support Janna: Boots

    There're 4 pairs of boots that you would be using as Janna, in fact, only two. I intentionally put the latter two down for your own playstyle:

    Mercury's Treads
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Boots of Mobility
    Ninja Tabi


    Now let's start with

    Mercury's Treads is a very viable choice when you face a lot of CCs, especially from mage-based team. Remember to grab this when facing strong CC such as from Veigar's Event Horizon, Taric's Dazzle, Annie's Pyromania, Shen's Shadow Dash, etc. Despite the introduction of Tenacity items such as [item_text=Eleisa's Miracle], Mercury's Treads is almost always better to pick Mercury's Treads if I face heavy CC team. Note that it also gives magic resist.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity which should be #1 choice for you in case the opposing team does not stack too many strong CCs. You might prefer to buy [item_text=Eleisa's Miracle] to cope up with those if you really like cheap source of CDR.

    Boots of Mobility makes you a flying jet! Along with your Zephyr's passive, you should be about 500 MS when not in battle. These boots make your scouting much more effective--putting wards, roaming around the map for ganks, and rush in to help your friends in a pinch. (It's as if you're "ghosted" all the time!)

    Ninja Tabi seems viable against almost-pure to pure physical DPS team. Most likely, these boots should give you several dodges throughout the game, but I would stay away from these, especially when I'm not supposed to be taking a lot of damage with all CCs in my hands anyway.

  • Support Janna: Item Build Samples

    Here're some builds which I find quite interesting:

    Versatile Support Build - Balanced defensive power.

    / [item_icon=soul shroud] /

    [Slot for wards]

    You can add more items, depending on team setup.

    It's also great to start this build with Doran's Shield before going for boots. Easier laning.


    Pure Support Build
    [item_icon=soul shroud]
    Any "Gold item" or [item_icon=eleisa's miracle]
    Any "Gold item"
    [Slot for wards]

    Replace/Upgrade gold items in late game. If you don't use Mercury's Treads, consider buying [item_icon=eleisa's miracle]. It's advisable to build "Gold items" before you start building [item_text=Soul Shroud] to maximize your gold return. You could also buy up to 3 gold items if you really prefer to.


    These are not the only ways you can build your champion. Try experiments with different combinations. Read item analysis part for help.

  • Support Janna: The Gist

    Things to remember:

    - Your role is to disrupt enemies and break their formation. Try as much as you could to separate 1-2 enemies from their team and buy a lot of time before they could get back to their team by using Howling Gale and Zephyr or slow proc from items.

    - Always save some mana for emergency, so it'd make sure you can cast all your spells. About 150-200 mana is enough for early game, and about 400-500 mana is mandatory late game (for Monsoon).

    - Janna works best when fighting small skirmishes. That's the reason why she shines most in early game. 2vs2 and 2vs1 is her most favorable situation in fights. Throw in a tornado to disrupt enemies, slow them down with Zephyr, then finally try to attack them as much as you could. Repeat the process if possible.

    - In big team fights like 4vs4 or 5vs5, you should try to harass careless enemies with your Howling Gale. After you've successfully knocked up one of them, quickly judge whether your team goes in for a fight or not. If they do, start your disruption combo by applying the following order:

    => Howling Gale
    => Auto attack (if you have slow proc item)
    => Exhaust (if you have it)
    => Zephyr (if exhausted enemy doesn't die yet, or not yet slowed, or not in your attack range)
    => Repeat the process.

    It's a little bit different in order than small team fights though.

    - Try to save Zephyr as long as possible until it's necessary because you'll lose a lot of your own movement speed when used. Usually, the perfect times for using are:
    => Fleeing enemy who is out of your attack range
    => Dying enemy who might die because of your Zephyr (You last hit him/her with it.)
    => Harassing enemy in lane, usually early game.

    - Your ultimate, Monsoon, is usually useful when you're doing a hard push, allowing your team to recover their health and push further. You can use it for a push back when enemies are focusing one of your main carry or fed champion. It might save their life, but not often. Once your push them back, quickly run away and forget about channeling for healing. You just need some space for your friends to flee. Please note that Monsoon can push enemies THROUGH treelines if pushing range is far enough, and you shouldn't push enemies who are standing next to the thick wall, or else your push will be useless.

    - Stick with your team all the time, especially when you're building Janna as aura girl. I can't stress this enough. Support champions do their best when they're with their friends.

    - Be sacrificial and look at the total payback upon your consequences. Sometimes you might die to bring 2-3 enemies down for the team, and that is because you made situations favorable for advantage.

    - Your role is not to kill but to make things to be the way it should be to win fights. Remember this one always.

  • Support Janna: Game Phases


    - Use Clairvoyance 2 times before the creeps reach map corners to check Golem spot and/or top/bottom lane enemies.

    - You would want to lane with a physical DPS, either melee or ranged. This way, you can maximize the use for Eye Of The Storm. Ask for a lane switch to suit your favor. If you happen to lane with a mage or a tank, put emphasis in Zephyr first.

    - Support Janna should never solo a lane, especially middle one. People in your team definitely need gold more than you do.

    - Deny enemy's farming by harassing with your attack whenever possible. Meanwhile, this would give your laning partner easier farming.

    - DO NOT AUTO-ATTACK creeps. Only last-hit creep that your laning partner can't.

    - Pin at least 1 Sight Ward (or Vision Ward for stealthy enemy champions) in the brush beside the river and the brushes beside the top/bot lane. It can give you significant advantage.

    - Avoid stealing enemy champion kills from your laning partner, unless you know he can't make it to that deathblow.

    - Pay very close attention to mini-map and report enemy champions "MIA" (usually typed as "[name] mia"), so your friends can always play safe laning. Type "re" (abbr. of "return") right after your report when that champion makes it back to the lane as is.


    - Mid-game starts when everyone in the map has reached at least level 6 and levels up his or her ultimate.

    - Storm the shop! Grab all the wards you could afford after purchasing boots and other necessary stuffs.

    - You will have a choice to go back to the lane you previously were and go help your carry to get buffs. If none of the lanes are heavily suppressed, choose the latter. From now on, Babysit to your carry and support him with your shield, tornado, and slow nuke. Avoid direct contact with enemy when fighting with carry. As this goes on, your carry should be able to net 1 or 2 kills and this would later lead to...

    - Roaming, which means the teammates are moving together as a group to gank enemies. Let the tank initiate the fight with his skills (e.g. taunt, stun, knock-up, etc.), then you do your job with tornado, slow, and auto-attack, respectively. DO NOT initiate first, and always avoid direct contact with enemies. Use ultimate if thing goes wrong.

    - As you travel with your friends, pin down those valuable wards you have just purchased from the shop to important spots such as Golem, Dragon, Lizard, river, and brushes in jungle intersections.


    - Late-game starts when everyone in the map has purchased at least 2 high-tier core items and map roaming becomes normal practice.

    - The playstyle is pretty much the same as mid-game (as people claim that Janna only has 2 phases: laning and roaming). Avoid close contact with enemies. Ward all the places (especially Baron's) with your available gold. Do not initiate the fight first and avoid stealing kills from your friends if possible.

    - This would be the perfect time to purchase elixirs if you have any extra gold. All elixirs are advisable, except [item_text=elixir of agility] which has least benefit for you.

    - KEEP YOUR CARRY ALIVE! This sounds simple but extremely vital for victory. Give priority of your shield and disruption in favor of your carries. They end games.


    Archmage Janna (AP Build):
    This is another playable style; however she's got only 2 offensive spells in her hands, and one of these does not do strong burst damage like other mages. To build her to be a mage, you need very good CDR items to spam her spells more frequently and some AP to add up to her lack of burst damage.

    Archmage Janna's Definitions: Mage, Squishy, Harasser, Heal, Ranged, Disabler, Snare, Support, Shield


    Moderately high damage output
    Very high mobility
    High burst damage
    Useful to chase/escape ganks
    Great healer, pusher, and defender

    Very Squishy
    Hard to dominate late game
    Moderately long cooldown abilities
    Mana problem
    Hard to master due to skill shots and multi-use of spells

  • Archmage Janna: Rune Book

    These are the choices you can pick for her:

    For Marks, magic pen is the best choice, no other. Don't ask why, just use it.

    For Seal, I personally use MP/5 to get my mana regen high. Combine it with Chalice of Harmony to get 40+MP/5 during early-mid game. This way, you don't have to worry about mana or even forget Clarity and pick something else for Summoner's Spells. Scaled health and dodge runes aren't bad choices either, since they also add a lot of survivability.

    For Glyph, I strongly suggest using flat cooldown reduction, since it'll add up with your masteries to almost 15% CDR at the beginning of the match, or you can mix this with 3x to get only 10% CDR (including from mastery) and more mana regeration due to more choice of CDR items these days.

    For Quintessence, besides , you can exchange to OR for more offensive playstyle early game.

  • Archmage Janna: Masteries

    You have 2 viable choices:

    1.) 9/0/21 - Very typical masteries set. With this set, you gain precious 9% CDR, almost free [item_text=Meki Pendant], and 15% magic penetration.

    2.) 21/0/9 - Maximize offensive power. However, you merely get 4% more damage output which worth something for this build.

    Please take note that you can alter the points within the masteries a little bit to suit your own choices of Summoner's Spells.

  • Archmage Janna: Summoner's Spells

    Archmage Janna,
    Consider these spells:

    Most Useful:
    Flash is more or less terribly nerf lately, but still useful for escaping from fights and chasing someone down. It allows offensive Monsoon to be used easier too.

    Ignite allows you to win early team fight. It gives you nice last hit damage upon fleeing champions.

    Clairvoyance is one of the most useful spells of all. It has very short cooldown (about 40 seconds with all mastery synergies) and allow you to see people in the brush, jungle, etc. Basically anywhere in the map. It helps you to escape ganks and plan ganks effectively. Every team should have 1-2 of this spell.

    Clarity is also a good choice to pick. If you don't use mana regen runes and Chalice of Harmony combo, please consider picking this spell, since Janna will run out of mana very often early. You may have to use it on level 3-11 every time it's available. Don't forget to put a point in mastery for it too.

    Exhaust gives Janna another useful CC. When Zephyr is on cooldown and you really need to stop someone, this can come in handy. Please note that when you use Zephyr, you also lose passive movement speed bonus, so this can help you.

    Cleanse gives you a little bit more survivability and allows you to become a bait for your team. Since Janna's so squishy, CC dealers will usually aim you first. At this moment, you activate Cleanse and let your friends bring them down. It's still situational but handy.

    Teleport would ensure your farming is smoother and help you to clear creep waves during late game.

    Heal helps you to win early team fights, but it's just that. In late game, this spell seems almost negligible for healing.

    [spell=rally] boosts your offensive power, but no longer heals and has very long cooldown. Typically, it's extremely situational for the game.

    Ghost gives you an emergency speed boost after you've used Zephyr or getting ganked.

    Smite Even though Janna's not really a good farmer, but Smite isn't a way to solve it. Plus, you could've chosen something else to help the team better.

    [spell=fortify] doesn't give you much offensive power. AP Janna is supposed to be aggressive, not using Fortify. Extra 7 damage toward minions is nothing, since you already have your mighty Eye Of The Storm.

    Revive is not a viable choice at all. Never pick this up until it's buffed in the future.

  • Archmage Janna: Skill Orders

    Put 1 point in Howling Gale @ LV1 to prevent ganks or get first blood, then focus on getting Zephyr first as it'll be your primary damaging spell. Alternate between Zephyr and Eye Of The Storm until you get your ultimate Monsoon. You don't have to get it at LV6 though, as it's a very mana-consuming; however, if the opposing team has any strong self-AoE characters put down a point for your ultimate at LV6 to save your friends when they use their AoEs. Immediately put down another point in your ultimate when it's available for mass group heal. You're playing AP.


    Here's another alternative when you like to maximize your offensive capabilites. Put Howling Gale as second priority from Zephyr after 1 level in Eye Of The Storm. This skill build will help you to farm creeps better, but not "that" good.

  • Archmage Janna: Item Analysis

    Here are some lists of items you may consider to purchase:

    Most Useful:

    Deathfire Grasp
    Decent item that offers you everything you need as a mage--CDR, AP, Mana Regen, as well as an extra spell you can add up to your inventory, making Janna even more dangerous as a mage. This works best late game when your opponents are so tanky because the damage is calculated from their remaining health. When building this, grab Fiendish Codex first for its CDR.

    Mejai's Soulstealer
    An extremely powerful AP item if maxed out for a very low cost. Mejai's is almost like the most popular item for any nuke mages in LoL, actually. Please make sure to add some survivability to Janna after you get this item or else Janna's squishy nature can haunt you and indirectly forces you to sell this for something else later. Nevertheless, it's useful in the right hands and right games.

    Rod of Ages
    Say no to squishiness from Janna when you've got this item in your hands. RoA eliminates a threat of dying early in the game, since it has a nice build-up. Catalyst the Protector can cherish your farming progress early quite well. RoA will shine most in late game as it gives Janna a total of 630 health, 725 mana, and 80 AP. If you just start playing Janna, I would recommend you to buy this item. Survivability comes first.

    Rabadon's Deathcap
    An ultimate AP boosters that none could match. You can start building Rabadon's Deathcap by grabbing Needlessly Large Rod somewhere in mid-late game. By the time you get Rabadon's Deathcap, it provides you with 155 AP and another 30% bonus of your total AP. However, make sure that you're doing quite well in the match, or else, you might find this very hard to afford for.

    [item=Morello's Evil Tome]
    Mana Regen, AP, and CDR item with cheap price and decent build tree. This one is a new item which I recommend you to grab for.


    Doran's Ring
    It's a very handy first item in the game which helps you to stay in the lane longer and have better survivability. Arguably best start item for Janna. You can stack 2 or even 3 of these. :)

    Chalice of Harmony
    Start building Janna with [item_text=Meki Pendant] then follow up by this item, you can almost ignore your mana for the entire game and start spamming your spells. Chalice of Harmony works best whenever you already have high base mana regen, so consider having some mana regen runes and/or buying Archangel's Staff for 100+MP/5. And, do not forget that you also get 30 Magic Resist out of this too.

    Archangel's Staff
    This item is build from Tear of the Goddess, which provides 4 extra mana every time you use a spell. At capped bonus and its original mana, you can gain up to 1350 mana (spell used around 250 times). I don't really recommend you to upgrade it to Archangel's Staff until you have at least 2000+ mana because the gold you spend on getting extra mana regen and AP doesn't really worth early. However, in late game, feel free to upgrade as it's invaluable to keep your mana pool filled and your AP boosted in team fights.

    Void Staff
    The one and only item that grants % magic penetration. Void Staff works best when your enemies stack Magic Resist (MR), as it ignores 40% of their MR after your flat magic penetration. If you find most of your foes having more than 100 MR, consider buying this item as it would boost your offensive power effectively. 70 AP from this item is also nice addition. If your foes do not have much MR, go for pure AP item like Mejai's Soulstealer and Rabadon's Deathcap instead.

    Glacial Shroud
    You build this item for its precious mana and 15% CDR with cheap cost. Armor is a nice touch on the overall picture. Don't upgrade this item into Frozen Heart unless you have nothing to spend for late game, since it's not really worth effect added for AP Janna.

    Nashor's Tooth
    The reason why it's here is because of its 25% CDR and 55 AP. Other than that, Nashor's Tooth doesn't offer you much capability for AP build. Increased attack speed can help you farm better, and small mana regen you get doesn't hurt anyway. Some people actually find this as their core item to synergize with their attack speed runes and become hybrid built Janna.

    Haunting Guise
    An early game item that boosts your offensive power--magic penetration plus AP. Other than that, you have extra 200 health which can fill in your survivability early just a little more.

    Lich Bane
    A late game item which will be useful whenever you have high AP. (At least about 200, in my opinion) Since Janna only has few offensive spells, once she releases all of her spells, she's basically useless for several seconds. Lich Bane grants her nuke-like attacks once you use her spells. It gives you much more damage than just relying on spells alone. Plus, one of its ingredients, Sheen can be like an early game Lich Bane. Oh, I don't forget about mana, AP, magic resistance, and most importantly move speed it gives.


    Situational Items:

    Will of the Ancients
    Since you're playing AP, this item could never hurt, especially if your teammates can benefit a lot from AP. For example, if you team up with Soraka, Jax, or other mages. Spell vampirism is a big plus too.

    Banshee's Veil
    Health, mana, MR, and debuff shield is like a whole set of survivability for Janna. Get this item ASAP when the other team has gotten a lot of CC, especially stun and snare. It CAN save your life numerous times.

    Guardian Angel
    An extra life wouldn't hurt. Guardian Angel is like the last ace card you have in hand. It can turn the tide of the fight in late game. Only buy this if you already have high health and reliable friends who can deal a lot of damage while you're reviving, or else you'll end up dead in a few seconds later anyway.

  • Archmage Janna: Item Build Samples

    Glass Cannon AP Build - Emphasize on AP. Very fragile but has a lot of firepower.

    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Deathfire Grasp
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Banshee's Veil
    Void Staff

    You will surely need Golem Buff to keep your CDR and mana pool high all the time.


    AP/Survivability Build - Balance AP and survivability. Decent mana regeneration.

    Sorcerer's Shoes OR Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Chalice of Harmony
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Zhonya's Hourglass
    Deathfire Grasp OR [item=morello's evil tome]
    Banshee's Veil


    Experimental AP Support - Has decent attack power and AP.

    Mercury's Treads OR Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Rod of Ages
    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    Glacial Shroud
    Banshee's Veil
    [ANY / Slot for wards]

    Feel free to throw in more AP items as you wish, but this item build mainly experiments with the cost-effective Guinsoo's Rageblade. Lich Bane might be an interesting add.


    Experimental AP Support II - Aura Type
    Mercury's Treads OR Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    [item=soul shroud]
    Will of the Ancients
    Abyssal Scepter
    [ANY / Slot for wards]


    These are not the only ways you can build your champion. Try experiments with different combinations. Read item analysis part for help.

  • Archmage Janna: Playing as a Team

    Things to remember:

    - Your role is to disrupt enemies and damage enemies as they're engaging in the heat of battle and upon fleeing. DO NOT go close to enemies unless extremely necessary (like using offensive Monsoon).

    - You are (extremely) squishy no matter how much you try to add health. Never solo against anyone, unless you have full health and he's fleeing with less than half health (exception to tanks).

    - You are hit-and-run character. Harass enemies with tornado from long range and shoot Zephyr whenever it's possible.

    - Janna is an excellent chaser. She can chase almost anyone in a game who doesn't have Ghost or any movement speed buffs. However, don't persist to chase down enemies too far. Every step you are away from your team, you risk dying more than any other champions.

    - Janna works best when fighting small skirmishes. That's the reason why she shines most in early game. 2vs2 and 2vs1 is her most favorable situation in fights. Throw in a tornado to disrupt enemies, slow them down with Zephyr, then finally try to attack them as much as you could. Repeat the process if possible.

    - Try to dominate the lane you're in early game. You have to. You don't have to force yourself to get first blood; defending your turret, harassing and preventing enemies to farm are enough to be called good. In case you can net out some kills, be aware of ganking. You're extremely squishy. (Yeah, I stress that a lot.)

    - Pick your abilities according to your teammates. If 2-3 of your allies are DPS and one of them is your lane mate, pick Eye Of The Storm to boost his damage and survivability. If your lane mate has slow or any hard CC, pick Zephyr to make that slow lasts forever and get easy first blood. If your team is balanced, just follow the typical skill order, starting from Howling Gale to prevent being ganked and chase down enemies early game.

    - Note that unless you have a heavy load of AP in late game (200 AP minimum), you will be considered very squishy and ineffective doing damage toward enemies. Try to avoid this situation by: 1.) Prevent dying early game. This is a must. If you die, you're giving enemies the opportunity to kill you easier and easier; 2.) Stick with your teammates. AP build Janna is another kind of support build, so you shine most when you're with friends. Janna alone can only do one role really good--fleeing. So, spend your precious time with your friend and start building domination instead; 3.) Learn how to farm. Last hit is essential when you live as Janna. She has abysmal farming ability. Of course, you can shield yourself and gain additional damage to farm better, but using shield solely for this purpose will reduce your friends' offensive capabilities. Shielding your friends for damage is way better choice. Oh, and don't expect Howling Gale to clear creeps for you. You can do that when you've got 100+ AP (and at least level 3 of it).

    - AP is important, but AP is not everything. Please keep this in mind. Janna does her task as a mage well whenever she offers a lot of disruptions as well as damage. This means CDR is also a core status for Janna. It's always fine to max CDR before reaching 100 AP. As long as you can disrupt enemies, your team has more chance to net kills and you have more time to cast your spells.


    This section will be dedicated to Dominion mode.  Janna can be a very good champion for defending, disrupting, and turning the tide of skirmishes in Dominion.
    I play Janna as an AP aggressive support in Dominion because:

    1.) You receive huge amount of passive gold = no need to compete farming with other members
    2.) You receive magic penetration aura from Crystal Scar, making your damage much, much more significant, compared to Summoner's Rift
    3.) Your crowd control spells are put to use much more often due to smaller map, quicker battle pace.  And most importantly, your juking ability is beyond words.
    Some people play her as a ninja capturer by buying multiple Phantom Dancer OR Zeal, AND Priscilla's Blessing, which sometimes is viable to win games.  However, I dislike that playstyle because the only contribution you give to your team is capturing points but not in any of the essential teamfights at all.  Janna has a very good skill set for chasing, escaping, and disrupting the opposing team which is too valuable to waste.  And if the other team stands guarding a capture point, it'd be hard for you to capture alone because you're built for movement speed and not survivability at all.

  • Dominion Game Mode: Quick Reference

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Force x9
    Greater Glyph of Force x9
    Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

    (Choose 15% Magic Pen, improved Flash)


    Start off: Q,W,W 
    After that:Alternating W, E > Q > R
    or focus E or W, depending on your playstyle

    Take R @ level 6, and leave it LV1 throughout the entire game.

    + s
    (Start off with  and 2-3s)

    For choice of boots, see below.
    Defensive Items:
    Against AD/CC heavy team:


    Against AP/CC heavy team:


    [item_icon=force of nature] (Extremely conditional for long games)
    Against balanced team:
    OR  OR
    AND/OR stackings
    Offensive Items:

  • Dominion Game Mode: Strategy

    You'd want to take either mid or top.
    From Zephyr, you should have around 411 MS with Boots 1, go capture Refinery/Drill, then go through the speed boost stop to help top (Windmill).  Level up your E (Eye Of The Storm) while on your way up.
    Upon contesting for first Windmill, you should help your team disable as many enemies possible by using your tornado, shield your AD carry or a person who's near death, and harass constantly with Zephyr.  Avoid chasing someone on your own too far from the uncaptured Windmill.
    Similar to going mid, but you will straight toward windmill.  Before reaching the capture point, place a tornado on the intersection below the windmill, running across the route leading up to the capture to delay the other team's advance.
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*--*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Your duty is to make your carries or tanky DPS get their kills easier, and this is achieved by using your CC, items, and sticking with them all the time.
    Capturing:- Upon engaging, shield your main DPS and help them gain advantage by throwing a tornado into enemies.  You'd rather want your friend to engage as far as possible from the capture cannon, but if it's not possible, using Garrison to lower the tower damage is never a bad choice.
    In case of large teamfight in enemy capture point, you should be the one who seize capture cannon from firing your friends by capturing while they're fighting in capture point.  Your damage output is only mediocre even played as AP.
    - Upon defending multiple enemies,
    ==> If you're alone in the capture point, you'd have a very high chance of dying, especially against gap-closer champions with strong CC and burst damage such as Akali, Jax, and Xin Zhao.  Defending your capture alone will be a very difficult task.  The few things that you should do are:- 1.) Avoid close contact with the melee DPS champions who will jump on you by running around the capture and throwing tornado in their face; 2.) Pop Garrison to buy time for your friends to come to aid, while punishing the melee fighters who jump on you in your own capture point.  With some CDR, you should be able to buy a lot of time with tornado, slow, shield, and.....Flash.  I once triple kill'd a team with this strategy before; 3.) If you're really low on health, pop Garrison and run away or simply run to get health nodes before disrupting the enemies from afar with your tornado, buying some time for your friends to arrive.
    ==> If you're with a friend or two in the capture point, try to save your tornado and Zephyr before they start engaging your capture.  Feel free to throw a shield on DPS while they're killing minions from capturing to absorb enemy harass.  Once you're flanked by enemy team (or dived by enemy team), try to stay at the edge of the capture ring and throw the tornado across the capture, so it hits more than one target.  Pop Garrison to increase damage output drastically for your team.  The enemy should back off or die in your capture point.

    - is a very good item to counter against Akali, Shaco, Evelynn, Twitch, Teemo, Talon and even Vayne.  Using your abilities will reveal them and prevent them from juking the brush completely.  The active ability is also very useful for checking Jack in the Box, shrooms, and brushes that pose threat near the capture points.  Even facing enemies without stealth, I think Hextech Sweeper is the best item for Janna because it gives every stats she need.

  • Mastering Janna Techniques

    This section will explore on Janna's special capabilities in the game. It includes how to utilize each Janna's abilities well, how to start the game strong, and how to counter against some champions. These information will be valuable to you, trust me. It's like having a veteran to guide you on how to aim the gun more precisely, instead of doing self-taught.

    Please read down below to continue.

  • Mastering Janna Techniques: Abilities

    Tailwind is her passive, and there's nothing you can change that, so I'll just start from her Q ability first.


    Q - Howling Gale
    AP Ratio = 0.75
    Cooldown: 14 seconds
    Mana Cost: 90/105/120/135/150 Mana
    Range: Global (Up to about 1 full screen across if fully charged), and about 1/3 screen long when instantly released

    Howling Gale (aka tornado) is a handy spell that can be cast in any directions. Once you click on the ground, a tornado will be building up to 3 seconds for additional damage and range before running as straight line in direction you clicked, or you can press Q again to manually release the tornado for reduced damage and range. This spell is handy in all occasions. Despite its expensive mana cost, you can use it for harassing, farming, escaping, or even chasing. Most people who play Janna usually use it for the last two usages; therefore, they often do a quick release version for fast knock up.

    Please note that:
    - Howling Gale can go through all obstacles, including walls, trees.
    - Howling Gale has excellent range, even when quickly released. (much farther than Sivir's Boomerang Blade when fully charged.)
    - Howling Gale can be channeled up to 3 seconds before automatically released.
    - Howling Gale has a moderately long cooldown and cannot be spammed.
    - Howling Gale's cooldown will trigger AFTER release, not when you start casting it.
    - Howling Gale can no longer toss up Heimerdinger's turrets now.
    - Knockup time for Howling Gale has been reduced by 33% since v. patch.
    - Howling Gale has less effective width than projectile indication (Try pressing Q and see).

    Quick Releases are usually used for:
    - Escaping one or multiple enemies who are chasing you and your friends, often in a straight line manner.
    - Chasing one or multiple enemies who are running away and is not too far from you (less than 500 range).
    - Stop or stun enemies' abilities, especially self-AoE abilities.
    - Fully charged version doesn't perform its task anymore such as enemies step away from Howling Gale's range.
    - Buy the time for enemies who're attacking your friends in team fights or those who're attacking your turrets.

    Charged ones are usually used for:
    - Farming. Aim in the way that Howling Gale can hit entire creep waves. Best used when most of them are dying.
    - Pressuring enemies from farming, defending at turrets. It can be cast in a slanted line (running across the usual walking route) to maximize the pressure.
    - Kill/disrupt teleporting units who hide behind safe objects such as turrets, brushes, or stealth units.
    - Initiation. Setting up a trap, predicted area where enemies are likely to pass through before a team fight.
    - Damage-dealing for AP build, but not really effective until high level and damages multiple enemies.

    Here're some more tips on Howling Gale:
    - Tornado Ward: In the beginning of the match, set yourself some distance from the brush, then cast Howling Gale to run along the brush lines. It can chase enemies away or damage them. If the tornado is fully charged, it can deal roughly 1 whole health bar on hit. Repeat this process to chase enemies away. Avoid being too close to the brush. Your tornado range is extremely long anyway.
    - Randomized Tornado: While farming or defending, set a tornado in random directions and randomly charged time. Enemies would have tough time guessing where and when your tornado would go. This can be used to prevent them from farming as well as harassing. However, if your team is going to have a team fight soon, consider when to use it wisely.
    - Reverse Tornado: Many enemies believe when you use Howling Gale, you usually aim at them, so turn this thought around. When you're running for life, set Howling Gale IN FRONT OF YOU to let it charge up a little bit. Once you see that enemies have crossed the point you set tornado, press Q again to flip them up in the air when they think they're safe from knock up. This works well when you're the last to run away and when they're more than one enemy following at close range, since your tornado will run farther when not instantly released.


    W - Zephyr
    AP Ratio = 0.80
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
    Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 Mana
    Range: 600

    Zephyr offers beneficial effects depending on its status. As passive (ready to cast), it gives you boosted movement speed and can pass through units; upon active (cast), it acts as a slow nuke. When playing AP build, this will be your main source of damage. Once again, Janna's got a spell that you must choose when to use to be effective. In this case, you must choose when retain passive effect (for movement speed) and when to cast (for nuke).

    Zephyr should NOT be cast when:
    - No enemy champions are around, in other words, don't use it mainly for last hitting creeps.
    - You are chasing multiple enemies at close/very close range.
    - You are fleeing multiple enemies at close/very close range.
    - You have Phage, Trinity Force, or Frozen Mallet to get slow effect.

    Zephyr should be cast when:
    - Harassing enemies in laning phase.
    - Fleeing enemies are far away.
    - Last hitting dying enemy champion.
    - GANKING someone!
    - Combined with Howling Gale

    Please take note that I only said "should" and "should not" above, so don't strictly follow them. Just take them into consideration upon use.

    Now listen up, AP build people, I know that you really need to use this spell as much as possible to maximize your damage; however, you must judge quickly whether you would be able to kill enemy or not. If not, use it to "harass" only, meaning you hit and run. You can't just rely on Zephyr as a continuous nuke. Make sure that there's only one (or at most 2) enemy nearby, so you can make sure that you don't get outrun and ganked so easily after cast. Janna's always a harasser as AP, not a nuke.

    Now here are some more tips combining this with other skills:
    - Delayed Force: Howling Gale + Zephyr combo. Best used against fleeing enemies at close range in team fight, distant enemy in laning phase, or slowed enemy. Aim Howling Gale to hit your target, then release it whenever you feel that it would hit. (Usually instantly released for team fight, and charged for laning enemy.) Once target is hit and blown into the air, approach and cast Zephyr once they set their foot onto the ground. If you can't time it correctly, just hit him or her in mid-air to delaying their moves and damage.
    - Air Chaser: Zephyr + Howling Gale combo. Best used against fleeing enemies who's out of your instantly released Howling Gale. Now, here's how to use: you should be able to outrun running enemy with Zephyr's passive, then cast Zephyr to slow them down. Once he or she is slowed, walk a little bit closer then do a quick release of Howling Gale to buy some more time. After that, attack as much as possible. Usually, your teammates will do this task for you anyway.


    E - Eye Of The Storm
    AP Ratio = 0.90
    Cooldown: 10.5 seconds
    Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
    Range: 800

    Eye Of The Storm is arguably one of the strongest skills in early game. It provides a strong shield that protects all incoming damage (including damage over time) while giving attack damage buff called Cyclone Strike until the duration is over (even the shield is destroyed). A level in this ability can really make your lane pushing strong as well as gives more harassing moments. Works best when used on DPSers (or yourself if you're built as DPS). By the way, note that its mana cost gets much higher in higher levels, so don't spam it too much.

    Some useful utilities of Eye Of The Storm
    - Give strong damage capabilities to DPS champions
    - Protect allies from burst damage in team fights
    - Buy the time to escape or juke someone who thinks you're low at health
    - Protect allies from inevitable damages such as Karthus' Requiem, Gankplank's Cannon Barrage, etc.
    - Farming. Boost your own or friend's attack damage to last hit minions easier
    - Shield allied turrets from early/mid game lane push

    Some tips on how to use Eye Of The Storm:
    - In laning phase, you will be tempted to put shield on yourself for last hitting. You can do so but only when you, your friends are not badly injured or your turret is not under attacked.
    - DPS almost always benefits this ability more than you do in team fight, unless there's someone else who's dying.
    - Save this skill in the match which have Karthus, Gankplank (or even Twisted Fate) fighting against you. After the big team fight, they can always use their ultimates to make your team suffer. Use Eye Of The Storm on dying teammate when they execute such abilities.
    - After using Howling Gale and/or Zephyr, you can always shield yourself/friend to deal more damage. The bonus damage gained from this ability can often win you early game fight.
    - Eye Of The Storm can protect target from ALL incoming damages, including physical damage, magic damage, or even damage over time, but does not block CC like Morgana's Black Shield
    - You can no longer have 2 shields active even with 40% CDR because shield duration is now reduced.


    R - Monsoon
    AP Ratio = 0.175
    Cooldown: 120 seconds
    Mana Cost: 200/275/350 Mana
    Range: 725

    This is the spell that can be considered the most situational in the game. Once you activate the ultimate, Janna will pause for a split second, then start channeling her healing. At the initiation, she will perform a knock back effect AROUND herself. It can push all enemies out of her green healing circle for some range. After the push back, she will continue channeling for healing for 4 seconds, but the area within the circle no longer slows enemies. So, it's up to you whether you like to stand there and heal or get out and run as fast as you could.

    Monsoon has multiple usage, and it's up to you what to do with it. Monsoon can be a group heal, escape tool, initiation, and team fight deformation; however, there will be only rare occasions where you can utilize all of those functions it has because it requires a lot of skills to use effectively. That's why this ability becomes unique, compared to most other champions' ultimate.

    Some situational utilities of Monsoon
    - Large radius healing. Useful for pushing lane and healing teammates in late game push, especially for AP build.
    - Far radial knock back effect. Useful for saving allies from self-AoE spells such as Nunu's, Morgana's, Fiddlesticks' ultimates, or Karthus' Defile, etc.
    - Disengage one or more strong enemies from fights, giving allies some room to escape or to focus specific target.
    - Knock fleeing enemies back to allies for some kills.
    - Slow AoE when enemies are fleeing from fights. Use not to knockback but as huge slow AoE. (like reviving from Zilean's Chrono Shift, Kayle's Intervention, or Tryndamere's Undying Rage.)

    Now you know situational usefulness of it. Next, I'll tell you how to use each function.

    Tutorial on using , ranging from easiest to hardest uses:
    - MonsoonCircle of Life:
    Focus on healing allies. Activate this ability when none of enemy champions are close by or at the rear in pushing process. This way, you can make sure that channeling can be completed for full healing potential. Useful for lane pushing as it also heals all allied minions around yourself.

    - +Repulsion:
    Focus on escaping. Often in a team fight, you will find yourself and/or your friends struggling to escape from gank. To use Monsoon as escaping tool, wait until they're very close to catching you (or use Zephyr to outrun him/her), then pop it! Works best if you can push across walls. This can be applied to stealing baron buff too!

    - +Airborne Repulsion:
    Focus on escaping/disrupting. In chaotic team fight where most enemies are clustered to focus on your friend, execute quick (or charged if situation allows) Howling Gale to knock some of them up in the air. While they are up in the air, approach closer and use Monsoon to knock them back while they're in mid-air. This works best in jungle because they'll be knocked through walls often.

    - +Separated Unity:
    You can initiate the fight by going in the middle of enemy team by using Flash or simple find a spot where things are getting stirred up, and pop Monsoon to push their carry/squishies back to your team, then quickly draw back and disable them with Howling Gale and/or Zephyr. Extremely risky, and often costs your life but pays off well if used correctly. Be sure not to push too many enemies into your team, or else, you're doing initiation for the enemy instead. This works well near your turrets, base, even in laning phase.

    This marks the end of "Mastering Janna Techniques: Abilities" section.

  • Final Notes

    This is my first guide on Janna. Please do give me some feedback. I'll be happy to reply to all of them. I'm also open to all suggestions. Constructive criticisms are appreciated.

    Janna is a very underused champion. Many people underestimate her a lot, yet I think there're a lot of things she can offer to the team at once. That's the reason why I start to play the underpowered ones and prove that she can be useful and she can shine among champions.

    I'm not saying that I'm excellent playing Janna. I'm still in the learning process, and I just merely want to share my view on how I have experienced her so far.

    This guide is yet to be added more sections. I'll try to get as much details as I could, so all of you readers can enjoy reading my guide. (It's freaking long, I know.) Please give me some suggestions and feedback. They're all appreciated.

    If you have any questions or want to talk with me, you can chat with me in game.
    IGN: Xyirx

    or simply e-mail me at [email protected].

    Thank you very much for reading my guide. Please visit again.

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