Brand Build Guide

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I'm the god of Hellfire and I bring you ... BRAND !

written by Betrayer

Brand Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    In the following Guide I will over you my insights on the Burning Vengeance.
    I'm going to start off with a handy Alt Tab Guide for an fast overview,
    before plunging into greater detail of this flaming Warrior.

    I hope you're going to enjoy the guide and will comment and rate accordingly.

    Sincerly Yours,


    PS: For those of you who didn't get the pun in the title:

  • Alt + Tab Mini Guide

  • Abbreviations

  • Abilities

    is a nice passiv and enables you to kill those people who manage to escape your fiery wrath with very low health.

    Basically it's 8% max health over 4 seconds, it is affected by Magic Resistance and therefore it profits from magic penetration.

    Spell Details:
    DPS: 2.0% / sec
    AP-R: doesn't scale

    fires out a relativly fast moving skill shot, which is able to stun your foe if his clothes area already set ablaze.
    With a 0,65 AP ratio it's the best scaling skill of Brand, except if you hit Pillar of Flame on a burning victim.

    If you get used to the range and speed of the skill shot I recommend usage of the shift modifier for instant cast at the direction of your mouse pointer via "Smart Cast".

    The stun duration isn't affected by the level of the skill and with max CDR you can use it twice during the Blaze timer to stun on the second hit.

    Spell Details: (based on lvl 5 ability)
    CD: 6.0 sec -> 3.6 sec
    MC: 50.0 mana
    DPM: 4.8 dmg / mana
    DPS: 40.0 dps -> 66.6 dps
    AP-R: 0.65 dmg / ap
    Range: ~950 (note: range on the official page is wrong, so this is a guess)

    Leveling this spell:
    *reduces Cooldown (-0.5 sec / level),
    *adds Damage (+40.0 dmg / level).

    Pillar of Flame
    after a short duration you create a relativly large sized AoE on the ground, which will burn your foes to ashes if they were set ablaze already.

    This is one of your main sources of damage and applying AoE Blaze Debuffs to the enemy team.

    Try to predict your enemies movement and place the Pillar of Flame accordingly.

    Spell Details: (based on lvl 5 ability)
    CD: 10.0 sec -> 6.0 sec
    MC: 110.0 mana
    DPM: 2.36 dmg / mana
    DPS: 26.0 dps -> 43.33 dps
    AP-R: 0.6 dmg / ap
    Range: 900

    Leveling this spell:
    *adds Manacost (+10.0 mana / level),
    *adds Damage (+45.0 dmg / level).

    instantly hits the target and consumes the environment in an inferno if the target was set ablaze.

    Since this spell isn't based on any skill shots it is your most reliable source of damage and Blaze debuff.

    The problem with this spell is that it has generally lower range compared to your other spells so it's kind of hard to apply that to an already running enemy

    Spell Details: (based on lvl 5 ability)
    CD: 8.0 sec -> 4.8 sec
    MC: 80.0 mana
    DPM: 2.625 dmg / mana
    DPS: 26.25 dps -> 43.75 dps
    AP-R: 0.55 dmg / ap
    Range: 675

    Leveling this spell:
    *adds Manacost (+5 mana / level),
    *reduces Cooldown (-1.0 sec / level),
    *adds Damage (+35.0 dmg / level).

    is your ultimate which bounces up to 5 times between your victim and his surroundings the projectile travels very slowly and speeds up if it hits a burning target.

    This ultimate is usually used to finish off people otherwise using it to its full potential is very situational.

    You can quicky turn the tides of a two man gank squad coming your way with this spell.

    This ability shines later on in 5v5 team fights if two or more carries stand next to each other they are going to be toast !

    If used with maximum bounces the 0,5 ability power scaling isn't that bad afterall.

    Spell Details: (based on lvl 3 ability)
    CD: 75.0 sec -> 45.0 sec
    MC: 200.0 mana
    DPM: 1.75 dmg / mana
    DPS: 4.667 dps -> 7.778 dps
    AP-R: 0.5 dmg / ap
    Range: 750

    Leveling this spell:
    *adds Manacost (+50.0 mana / level),
    *reduces Cooldown (-15 sec / level),
    *adds Damage (+100.0 dmg / level).

  • Skilling Order

    I prefer to get the full combo ready for level three even if it doesnt do a lot of damage you can get used to the spells and see how the enemy reacts.

    1. AoE:

    If you take a look at the indepth skills at the top you can see that Pillar of Flame and Conflagration are giving the most DPS so it depends if you prefer the longer range and better AoE that Pillar of Flame offers or you like the risky but reliable Conflagration.

    I prefer the Pillar of Flame.

    2. Reliability:

    Alternativly you can max Conflagration first for reliability,
    but you loose a lot of range, so I don't recommend that.

    Sear is always maxed last, because it is a unreliable skill shot and
    has strong enough ap scaling, also the stun duration isn't increased with additional levels.

    I have to mention though that if you always have Golem Buff and/or a Elixir of Brilliance you could profit from double Sear during one duration of the Blaze debuff.

  • Combos

    Wait ? What ? This isn't Streetfighter !

    Hold on, I can explain !
    All of Brand's spells have additional effects if his prey is affected by Blaze,
    but you have to figure out what spell to use first to set your targets on fire,
    which leads to the following combinations.

    Also note that most spells on Brand have a delay,
    except Conflagration which enables you to land all spells
    on your target at the same time for massive burst in a split second.

    1. Combos without Ultimate:
    a) AoE Combo:
    Blaze with Sear, while Sear is in the Air target the ground with Pillar of Flame and finish off with Conflagration.
    Make sure you hit with Sear first or you will do 25% less Pillar of Flame damage and stun for two seconds instead.

    For maximum Area damage you can switch the spell order for Pillar of Flame
    with Conflagration to ensure 25% extra damage on all enemies, but it's very hard to pull off successfully (Credit to QrOp).

    I++ !
    Pros: Massive area damage
    Cons: Unreliable
    II++ !
    Pros: Maximum area damage
    Cons: Highly unreliable

    b) Single Target Nuke:

    EDIT: I found out that starting the combo with Conflagration yields better results:
    Start with Conflagration, to set your enemy aBlaze instantly,
    follow up with Sear and during the stun finish him off with Pillar of Flame
    Modification of this would be swapping out the order of Conflagration with Pillar of Flame granting you less nuke but more AoE damage.

    I: ++ !
    II: ++ !

    I is reliable nuke on rather close range.
    II is not as reliable as I, but uses maximum range.


    I've left out the ultimate in the combo section,
    because it's really situational.
    In a 1v1 fight it's mostly used as finisher,
    but be aware that you can use some leftover creeps or even neutrals
    (picture a melee hero fighting against the blue buff) to maximize its potential.

    In team fights you fling your mighty Fireball at any squishy that
    is stupid enough to stay next to another person.

  • Brand's Base Stats & Playing Style

    Damage 51.66 (+3 / per level)
    Health 380 (+76 / per level)
    Mana 250 (+45 / per level)
    Move Speed 315
    Armor 12 (+3.5 / per level)
    Magic Resist 30 (+0 / per level)
    Health Regen 0.9 (+0.11 / per level)
    Mana Regen 1.4 (+0.12 / per level)
    Range 550
    Attack Speed 0.76

    With 526 base health he is not that squishy for a caster, but with only 295 base mana he has quite a small mana pool.

    Also his base armor sucks, but scales well and his magic resistance isn't increasing at all,
    which makes him very squishy against casters, that's why I prefer to get a Banshee's Veil.

    He has a decent movementspeed, a good range with a relativly fast projectile,
    decent attack speed and decent enough damage to ensure good last hitting and harassing.

    With his "long" range abilities, farming potential and usefull auto attack
    you should focus on last hitting as much as possible to prevent your lane from being pushed,
    while at the same time use any opportunity to harass your opponents.

    If your opponent has significantly lower health than you and you are sure no enemy heroes are missing, you can position yourself aggressivly next to the enemy ranged creeps and
    keep the enemy hero zoned out.
    Which leads to gold and experience loss on his behalf.
    During the zoning keep last hitting the creeps to prevent pushing and
    harass the enemy hero every time he wants to get near his creeps.

    Brand has the potential to use this tactic successfully against a huge variety of opponents,
    but it can be risky, so judge wisely when to use it.

    Getting ganked:
    A good offense is the best defense, if you manage to successfully harass your lane and
    stop pushing your chances of getting ganked successfully are quite reduced.
    But if it happens try to use your Flash to escape,
    at the same time bring down all your fiery magic down on them to lower their health.

    Important after your Flash is on Cooldown you should be aware that you are significantly weakend !
    You shouldn't play aggressive now since the ganker can
    either gank for Summoner spells OR for a Kill and
    without Summoner spells you have a very hard time to survive.

    If you managed to nuke your gankers low while surviving yourself
    you may not need to return to the base,
    because they fear a fiery death if they try to gank you again with low health.

    During Team fights your AoE potential shines,
    but you should be aware that you have no escape mechanisms or defensive tools
    except one 2 second stun and that isn't going to save your ass.

    In general try to stay as far behind as possible and
    wait for your tank to engage the enemy team,
    after that try to catch any squishy hero that is out of position
    or any clustered enemies and rain sulfur and brimstone upon them.

    Look out for enemy stealthers and assassins with flash like abilities
    (for example: Nocturne, Evelyn, Xin Zhao)
    since they will destroy you in seconds.

  • Masteries & Runes


    Classic 9 / 0 / 21 Masteries

    You pick up all you need from the Offensive tree with only 9 points,
    while going deep into Utility to ensure maximum use of neutral Buffs,
    Mana regeneration, Cooldownreduction, Movementspeed and Improved Summoner Spells.

    [mastery_text=Burning Embers] is never worth it !


    1. Standard Caster:
    3x 9x 9x 9x

    => +78 hp , 8.5 mpen, +11 mp/5 at lvl 18, +5.89% cdr

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude to boost your start squishyness,
    Greater Mark of Insight since they give the most bang for your buck,
    Greater Seal of Clarity they ensure your mana is "always" full,
    I prefer scaling runes, because they are stronger than flats after level 6,
    which is easily reached fast if you are middle lane,

    Greater Glyph of Focus with masteries and these you are at 14,89% cdr from the start, which sets you near 40% with Golem buff and guarantees 40% with Golem and Elixir.

    2. Magic Penetrator:
    3x 9x 9x 9x

    => 14.17 mpen, +48.15 hp, 5.89% cdr

    Since Brand's abilities have rather low scaling they profit alot from added magic penetration.

  • Items

    I'm not a fan of those guides who just post 6 items you should get by the end of the game for several reasons:

    *not all games progress the same, sometimes you are midlane and can afford stuff faster sometimes you aren't, sometimes you make a mistake and get ganked, so your gold gain varies a lot.

    *at the same time you will most likely never play against the same team all the time and
    even if you do their team will not always get the same carries geared up.

    That's why my Item build starts out step by step starting with the most reliable components
    and finishing off to the most crucial and cost efficient ways to get a good AP going.

    At the end there is a list of recommended items depending on the enemy team,
    you have to check the enemies gear via TAB key to get a good idea of who is going for what gear,
    and react accordingle, people who fail to do that will never advance in this game.

    1x + 2x = 470 gold

    You want to Rush Catalyst the Protector to ensure maximum lane staying power and survivability.

    1. Return:
    => + = 1275 gold

    With Catalyst the Protector and Boots of Speed you have all you need to stay in your lane forever.

    2. Return:
    = 1600 gold

    I prefer to rush Rabadon's Deathcap because it gives the most bang for your buck,
    if you own the enemy team badly you should buy a Mejai's Soulstealer
    before start building the Rabadon's Deathcap.

    Finalizing Items:
    => = 2000 gold
    => = 750 gold
    => = 1390 gold

    Your magic resist starts off with 30 but doesn't scale with level gained so I prefer a Banshee's Veil over a Rod of Ages.

    If the enemy team has zero casters a Banshee's Veil still can block some nasty spells.

    After your core items it's time to hit TAB and
    look out for the strengths of the enemy team and react accordingly:

    - Survivability:
    *vs AP:
    this item offers all you need: Mana, Health and Magic Resist
    and on top of that a free spell blocked every 45 seconds.

    *vs AD: , starting with
    tired of getting jumped or focus fired, get this wonderfull item and
    grin at the enemy team while you sit there as a golden Buddha statue
    waiting for your cooldowns to refresh

    *for Kiting: , starting with
    need some Health and the ability to hit and run, here you go !

    - more AP:
    *vs MR:
    if the enemy team stacks Magic Resist this is your best friend.

    *for Support:
    After the patch it's quite viable, but it's still a supporter item,
    so maybe your supporter should get one,
    also remember Spell Vamp is only 1/3 as powerfull on AoE Spells.

    *for Nuke:
    The 15% cooldown reduction is almost wasted,
    unless you never have a blue ring around your feet and the range of the activation is quite low,
    but with decent AP and Magic Penetration you can blast your opponents in half.

    (*for CDR: [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome], only if you never get Golem.)
    Could be usefull if you share the Golem Buff with another AP Carry,
    or have no Runes or Masteries yet.

    *on killingspree
    If you are literally melting faces this is your best guess,
    coupled with a Rabadon's Deathcap you sit at over 500 AP with two items alone !

    - low on gold:
    this item is magnificent for only 1485 gold you get 200 HP 25 AP and 20 MPEN, which is all wonderful.

    if you are desperate and get ganked a lot the 100 extra hp and
    mana reg can improve your staying power, but I'd recommend Haunting Guise

    for 765 gold this is a fast and usefull item if you are low on gold.
    Upgrading to a Will of the Ancients might not be worth it,
    depending on your teams composition.

    Never forget Consumables:
    , , ,

    Consumables are your friend always try to fit in some Sight Wards and
    Health Potions on your way back to the lane.

    I don't recommend Mana Potion, because 40 gold for 100 mana isn't enough.

  • Summoner Abilities & General Gameplay Tips

    Summoner Spells:
    + or or

    Flash is an absolute must have for any Carry to get out of tight situations
    or to close the gap for a kill.
    Ghost is similiar to Flash, but has it's weaknesses against a CC heavy team.
    Ignite is golden coupled together with your Blaze to finish off people and prevent healing.
    Exhaust can be usefull if you get jumped alot, change masteries accordingly.

    Every other summoner spell isn't worth it in my humble opinion.
    If you play in a team you might want to pick up Teleport
    to quickly swap lanes and protect towers or teammates,
    but all the other spells aren't worth it and getting them hurts your survivability.

    General Gameplay:

    - always improve your awareness of whats happening all over the map.

    - watch the minimap as often as possible,
    without affecting your last hitting or general gameplay too much.

    - watch the enemies ITEMS via TAB, also check for Creepstats and
    kills to predict which of their Carries is going to get the most gear.

    - watch for missing persons, if the other lanes are focusing
    a lot on their lane they might not have time to write "miss"
    don't blame a death by a gank on them, because it was actually your fault:
    * you didn't watch the minimap
    * you pushed your lane too far to the enemy side

    - try to report misses at all time.

    - if there is a jungler try to imagine what route he will go and predict
    at which time he is about to gank, for example:
    *A 'good' and 'risk-loving' Shaco starts dual Golems and
    follows up with Red Buff working his way to blue buff,
    he is going to gank right after that (as soon as Shaco hits level 4).
    *A Warwick on the other hand will pose no real threat until level 6.

    - try to predict the movement and playstyle of your opponent(s) in the lane,
    try to figure out if they are more passive or aggressive and if they are good or newer players.

    - recognize situations correctly and punish enemies mistakes, for example:
    *Nidalea (Tiger Form) uses Pounce to get to your ranged creeps,
    you now have exactly 3 seconds to punish her for that overextending.

    - watch mana and health bars on as many enemies as you can,
    if top lane is missing in action and has next to no mana
    he most likely poses no threat to the other lanes.

    - know the summoner spells of your allies and your foes and try to remember their cooldowns.

    - play aggressive if your Flash is up, play defensiv if your Flash is down.

    - try to harass enemies with global abilities like Twisted Fate,
    Pantheon and Shen so it's less likely they can just port over
    to another lane and start ganking, your allies will thank you.

    - buy wards and oracles if needed, don't get pissed off,
    because your team won't do it for you, wards pay themselves almost always.

    - know the crucial ward spots and when to place wards there (I hope there is a guide for that)

    - if you play in solo, say "hello" during the champion selection and
    tell them what you are going to play. Don't instantly 'log in',
    because you might have to change your Champion.

    - try to ask for a balanced team (1 tank 2 AD 2 AP for example)
    if they refuse don't be angry and try to change your Champion instead.

    - try to give advice in a friendly tone, most people don't like to be told what to do,
    for example:

    *don't say: "Lol AD Kog Maw is shit, play AP instead noob !"
    *try to say: "Hey you might want to check out AP Kog'Maw,
    stack some Magic Penetration and you'll be fine !"

    Okay that's about it for now, the last few ones really matter a lot in solo queue.
    I tend to be a stupid rage kid (at the age of 24) and it really has an impact on the game,
    if you start raging at your team they will loose interest,
    focus and fun which all leads to an overall weaker performance of the team.
    You don't need to say that you are carrying them, because if you really do,
    most likely the enemy team will point that out after you won :)

  • Guide Changelog & Brand Patchnotes & Credits

    Guide Changelog:
    #17.04.2011: Started working on the Guide.
    #18.04.2011: Guide almost complete, going to bed now :)
    #18.04.2011: Updated
    #19.04.2011: Added General Gameplay and changed some formatting
    #20.04.2011: Changed Skill Order and integrated Skill Builder for better looks.

    Brand Patchnotes:
    #ca. 14.04.2011: Brand has been released.

    -to Riot for League of Legends
    -to Leaguecraft for this awesome site
    -to QrOp for first constructive criticism in the comments :)
    -to bodanger for showing me the trick with the Skill builder !
    -to all upvoters
    -to all constructive critics

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