Singed Build Guide

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Singed the deadly sub-tank, don't build a Bulwark!

written by Banana Jizz

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    HELLO & welcome to my guide and if you love Singed I linked a bad ass picture below
    External Image

    I'll start by saying i'm a very experienced Singed player, i've easily had around 1000 games with this guy and my success rate on ranked is around 60% and when normal games had a win ratio I was at 70-75% with around 500 games played.

    Singed is a BRUISER(AP) and NOT a tank as some people don't seem to get. Of course he can take damage coming at him but only in the right circumstances.

    Singed's greatest strength is throwing off the enemy team with his mega adhesive, the fact he just came sprinting in like Shaft with a wasp in his trousers and going directly to any enemy champion deemed killable!

    Squishy's beware! this is a "tank" that you will NEVER take lightly!

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    **** Right let me give you the lowdown on this, COMPLETELY WORTH IGNORING. Singed is a strong champion with an impressive skill set and this weak passive only proves this further. If you concentrate on buying ANY MP you are wasting Singed's potential in damage/utility and defense and on top of that Singed needs no extra MP to work, learn to conserve ****

    stats - 1000mp = 250 HP & 2000mp = 500hp...I'm over the moon with joy...

    Singed with no MP items lvl 18 - around 1000mp (bonus = 250hp)

    A Singed who bothers with MP at lvl 18 - around 2000-2500mp (bonus 500-625hp)

    SO at lvl 18 i am losing 250-375 max hp, nothing to cry about.

    Poison Trail
    Good damage and great utility with Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    -- Rushing Rylai's will benefit you more than you think! --

    Mega Adhesive
    An incredibly strong slow, positioning is vital to make most out of it

    Very good burst damage with AP, will suprise your opponents and obviously it flings them back

    Insanity Potion
    Simply brilliant, a boost of stats and recovery and with Ghost makes you dynamite, if you mean business make sure you have your summoner spells to hand ALWAYS!

    **** latest change to this skill removes attack power/speed which is a shame because this used to be a tower killer, the cc reduction is medicore at best! ****

  • Pros / Cons

    + In comparison to most sub tanks great AP damage
    + A naturally fast champ
    + One of the strongest slows in the game and has a short knock back skill(fling)
    + With correct positioning AoE damage is good

    - Difficult learning curve in terms of positioning which is incredibly important to maximise Singed's potential
    - Weak to champions who have flash based skills, if Singed cannot get near or catch his opponent he can hardly contribute to the damage input

  • Masteries + Runes

    *** Masteries ***


    Meditation + [mastery=presence of the master] + [mastery=blink of an eye] + [mastery=quickness]

    these are your main reasons for excelling in the Utility Tree. Having your summoner spells ready with your ultimate is of vital importance, Mana regen is necessary as my choice of building is to not increase MP!

    *** Runes ***

    2 choices:

    --1-- A rune page full of AP at lvl 18 (TOTAL AP at lvl 18 = 85)
    Greater Seal of Force
    Greater Mark of Force
    Greater Glyph of Force
    Greater Quintessence of Force
    I only recommend this for experienced players. Also if you have team with great damage output you might wanna take a step back and use the 2nd choice

    --2-- A rune page consisting of:

    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Vitality/ Greater Seal of Evasion/ Greater Seal of Clarity-(your choice)-
    Greater Glyph of Warding
    Greater Quintessence of Insight or Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (or if you prefer choose defense type quints)

  • Summoner Abilities


    A no brainer is picking Ghost but Flash gives an edge people fail to realise. Flash + Fling is a laning phase only tool and Flash is also an escaping tool but what most miss is using it for staying on top of whoever you need to stay on top of and for getting straight into a fight when your a few steps behind. POSITIONING is the key to maximising Singed's potential and flash gets you where you need to be instantly!

    ¦*Examples of Flash use for attacking purposes*¦

    - One of your sqishy's has decided to take a few steps forward than he should on the battle field, he gets caught but you are quite a distance away to make any sort of impact (distance of say Dragon to Mid). Ultimate and Ghost and catch up to the area, flash directly into the lot of them (preferable infront of them) and immediately cast Mega Adhesive right next to yourself or where needed. If allies are close there efforts to chase your fleeing ally have resulted in them taking damage from your poison and of course if you have planted your mega adhesive well enough you could of caught an enemy carry or non tank, fling back and hopefully allies are there to help.

    - One of your allies has caught an enemy, the enemy champ has taken damage which has left him with between 1/4-1/2 health. He has ghosted and is getting closer to his mid turret. you are either on the left or right side of mid and want to catch him, close the gap by using your Ultimate and Ghost. Once you are within decent range immediately flash right infront of his desired destination, if he starts swaying to avoid poison plant Adhesive, finish off the sucker with fling.

    - Its a stalemate, both teams are ready to engage and one false slip up from someone is going to start it. Once started there are 2 options, you flash directly in for the main target OR you flash behind everyone, your sudden positioning will throw 1 or more of the enemy off there desired plan and this is the effect you want to achieve. Run for a weak HP remembering to stay somewhat close to your team in case they need you

    --- Simplest of all if you've laid a mega adhesive to catch someone and they are going to get away for reasons like ghost or they are pretty fast just flash infront! The Rylai's will do its job and keep your enemy somewhat suppressed and definetly damaged!

  • Skilling Order

    Priority is:

    Poison Trail=joint 1st
    Mega Adhesive=joint 2nd
    Fling=joint 2nd
    Insanity Potion=joint 1st

    * gets you the money and helps your team do damage, a no brainer priority

    * is a skill you do not want to keep at 1, at the very least you want it at level 3 mid game, its potential is too good to ignore

    * is good damage but if your doing well it can be GREAT damage, if your socking it to them you might wanna get this a little bit higher than Mega Adhesive

    * is a priority, there is no question

  • Items

    ¦****Essential Gear****¦

    *Start items*
    Boots of Speed
    2x Health Potion
    1x Mana Potion

    Blasting Wand (Essential for farming)

    Giant's Belt (and Amplifying Tome if you can afford)

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    ¦**** Item build options therafter ****¦

    Negatron Cloak or Chain Vest or Needlessly Large Rod (if your doin well!)

    ¦**** Complete item build choices after ****¦
    //[item_icon=Force of Nature]////

    * IS enough in most instances, you should have a speed of around 381 which is respectable. Once you cast Ultimate and Ghost however you'll completely ignore the fact you haven't bought greater than boots 1. compensates for the slight drop in speed perfectly and even though some enemies will be able to catch up with you they'll probably wish they hadn't.

    ** Advance to if needed or if your REALLY struggling with an enemy carry get

    *** Remember that people are gonna try and stop you, is a good choice

    **** gives a great active, you instantly appearing into enemies startles them and they might want to concentrate on unleashing everything on you! activate the Zhon!

  • Laning Phase

    Singed's laning phase is boring and PATIENT, you must hold yourself back and conserve your mana and hp as your poison is not strong enough to be any sort of threat.

    Buying at the start gives you a significant speed advantage and if you pick your moment correctly you should come out on top.

    *If your soloing your item of choice is a but you shouldnt be in the first place, if your new to Singed a regrowth pendant to get to grips is a good choice*

    **External Image** Ashe is one of your top laning partners, her slowing an opponent enables you to keep on top of your oppoent unleashing max damage. Point to note aswell is that against you she can possibly be THE worst to go up against, unless shes made a mistake and is on the run which you must certainly hope for!

    **External Image** **External Image** **External Image**

    more great lane partners for early killing

    Let your ranged partner feast on the minions, if minions get close to you when low give it a whiff of and last hit it, for now this should be your only method of making gold as you should conserve the hp and mp you have.

    Your chance to shine is when they are in your end, look at their movements, if one of them attempts to keep poking you and your team mate and is close to your tower a + is on the cards. If you can certainly let the tower have 1 or 2 hits on your opponent in the laning phase you should be at an advantage.

    Remember aswell the technique, if you havent used it for a + and one of your opponents is low flash directly behind them ghosted and unleash poison damage till the end of the line if the opportunity presents itself.

    Once you get a things start looking up and you are able to farm without thinking about it, get yourself some gold and rush that Rylai's Crystal Scepter!

  • Working in the team

    Apart from what i've covered in Flash examples just a few things to remember

    * is strong, save allies and corner enemies
    * Driving in their and making yourself a nuisance is great but remember that you are a great squishy killer so lay in when you can!
    * can also be used to save allies, especially in the cases of cancelling some champions moves (like for example Warwick or Katrina's ultimates)

    ** In large team fights try and get yourself in good positions FAST, if you can prove a big enough distraction AND cause damage you have done your job brilliantly.

    *** and remember if you think your a nightmare you WILL be a nightmare, just dont over do it...know your limits and you will have fun!

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