Brand Build Guide

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Brand, Let's Just Burn Them... Shall We?

written by Moondremir

Brand Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This passive is just awesome, ever hated all those champions that got away with 50hp? well do not look any further for a counter, this is it! This passive is a DoT and therefore it might not always gets its full duration, but! instead of not getting full duration... it refreshes with each spell! keeping your blaze up is very important for harassing. you will only need to hit the enemy champion once every 4 seconds, and they will just burn to their base and grant you a lvl advantadge.

    This low mana cost spell is ur main 1v1 spell, since it stuns an enemy for 2 whole seconds at rank 1 (if target is ablaze). It is a skillshot so some of you might find it hard to hit this spell, but just try to practice it alot.

    Pillar of Flame
    This is your biggest non-ulti AoE dmg, try to hit as many enemys with it and try to ablaze targets first. It will also allow you to farm efficiently.

    This spell is also a nice AoE dmg when used correctly. It also helps u get a blaze on the enemy for ur bigger spell combo's. Also helps in farming.

    This ulti reminds me of ryze his spell flux, but this ulti has much greater potential since it also activates your passive and bounces up to 5 times! always use in team fights when they are pretty close to each other.
    Note: if it hits a it will not bounce any further.

  • Changes

    Here are some things I changed:

    -Item build changes. 16th April 2011

  • Introduction

    Hello everybody,
    This here is my first guide here. And before you all rage on me, I'm not from the UK or US so my English can sometimes be a little off. Brand is already my favorite champion. I long awaited this kind of champion, he's a nuker with good range and excellent farming abilities. Not only does he own in 1v1 fights but he can really dominate with all of his AoE abilities. We will discuss all of those aspect later in this guide.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I take my masteries pretty standard caster:
    This is a pretty standard caster build, i take the magic penetration from offense and in the utility tree i like to take the improved ghost and mana regen. I you are wondering why I did not take the increased buff duration, that is because Brand is no jungler and hardly has any mana problems later in the game.

    For runes I go as followed:
    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Replenishment x9
    Greater Glyph of Potency x9
    Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

    You may want to use other runes, but I really think this is the best setup for Brand. Many guides say that you have to take Mana regen per lvl. but I have noticed that I only have mana problems on low lvl.
    Also the flat AP will help you alot for the early kills.

  • Items

    My items are almost a 100% copy from phreak. I didn't see any reason to change the way he build Brand. Since brand has such high base dmg because of AoE he doesn't need that much AP. Still every bit of AP is nice so be sure to take deathcap every game.

    This is my item build sequence:
    1. start off with a
    this gives you plenty of mana to harass and farm.
    2. next item is up to you, you can either take:
    or it really depends on what you need most.
    3. The next item is the item you didn't take at step 2.
    4a. NEW IDEA!! --> you can go This item does require you to have a good game. But I experimented with it after i had 3/1/0 or something. The end score of the game was 13/2/10, so in my opinion this item can be a valuable item in your build. ( you cannot build Zhonya's Hourglass if you go soulstealer. But: soulstealer gives more AP if you get your stacks up high and it works wonders with deathcap early game.)
    Note: If the game takes really long you could sell your and buy a
    4b. At this point you want to rush a or if you really need survivability take
    5. If you took go for your now.
    6. Now the next item is something you should take, UNLESS NOBODY gets any magic resist, This item really works wonders with your passive, since your passive does not scale with AP you need magic penetration to do the job.
    Short to middle games end by now (depends if your fed)
    If the game takes any longer here is what I build next:
    7. for more survival and a slow, I take
    8. By now the game is really getting long and your dmg becomes quite low vs. tanks, this means you need even more AP. Since we already got a deathcap we go for This wonderfull item is very usefull to brand. Not only does it give tons of AP, it also gives ALOT of survivability: 50 armor helps a bit vs the AD carries this late in the game and the activate might just save you from getting focused at the start of the fight. This baits the enemy closer together... that's jsut perfect for our massive AoE dmg output.

    Now you have a full build wich should give you around 600 AP (including elixers)
    most of the time you will not get a full build and you will be ending at mid game with around 300-350 AP.

    Note: This is the build that works for ME, if you have another build wich works better for you. just use that, or maybe even better: use some of my ideas to help improve your own build. Just take what you like and learn to play with it.

  • Skilling Order

    I mostly go skilling like this:

    the lvl 3 stun helps you alot, and the reason I max first is because this spell always hits, so its much easier too harass, its also your opening move most of the time. I max my last because the stun is already 2 sec at rank 1, and you will mainly use it for the stun.

    If you like more AoE dmg and are a professional at hitting AoE skillshots you can try this:

    This build focuses on since it has the best AoE dmg of his regular spells.

  • Summoner Abilities

    for summoner abilities i go for my favorite escape and my favorite dmg:
    ghost is in my opinion the best chasing/running away abilitie and it will keep you alive in fights, cause you can run back and re-join the fight right after they stopped focusing you.
    Ignite has multiple uses: it can reduce healing and it can Kill. It is a massive dmg combo with your Blaze passive.

    Note: If you play better with flash or teleport or something just use that. This is just my opinion about the best combo for me. (and it could be wrong for you, just try it out.)

  • Build Example

    As I said in the item department this will be your build when you followed my build:

    Zhonya's build:

    Soulstealer build:

    Both builds work, and you could combine them to 1 build. If the game goes o nway too long you might consider to sell your (especially if you don't have the 20 stacks) and get your . Since this item is more trustworthy and makes you less squishy.

  • Pros / Cons

    Here are the Pros and Cons of Brand:

    - He Deals Large AoE damage.
    - He got a stun.
    - He can be a carry.
    - He is good early,mid and late game.
    - He is not very item dependant.

    - He will probably gets focused.
    - Ge can be squishy if you don't have yet.
    - You need to hit your skillshots in order to do your nuke.

  • Creep Jungling

    The only creep jungling you will do is mid/late game, you can farm on the Wraith camps with your , also you could get the blue buff for a bit cooldown reduction. Just don't take it if one of your team mates needs it more.

  • Working in the team

    Working in a team is not taht hard with Brand. all you have to do is try to stay alive and nuke your whole enemy team. Even if you can just kill 1 its good, cause 5v4 is easier than 5v5. You basic combo will be --> before activates use on the carry real fast. then use your to deal more aoe dmg, and go for to stun the carry. at this time your might be off CD again and you can continue your nuke.

  • Unique Skills

    The unique skills abour brands are the following:
    - You can nuke your opponents team and still leave a DoT on team with % dmg. This will not only BURN their hp but also their courage to fight!
    - You can farm very easy with the farming order (see farming section)
    - Good in early, mid and late game 1v1 and team fights.

  • Farming

    Farming is pretty easy with Brand...
    jsut use this on low level on caster creeps:
    wait for it to burn them, then use for the AoE kill.
    Later in the game you can use to kill the caster creeps or the whole wave when they stand really close.

    note: Farming is one of the best things in LoL, it will help you get your items alot faster. Remember 10 minion kills is worth about 1 normal champion kill. So if you farm hard, they will not be able to stop you.

  • Conclusion

    These are the last words I will put in this guide, and I will try to keep it short.
    I will try to keep the guide up-to-date and will inform you will important tips&tricks.
    All I can say for now is: Good luck, and burn some enemies!

    "Something is burning, oh wait that me..."

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