Gragas Build Guide

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SUPERMAN GRAGAS: The Definitive Tank

written by MistaFly

Gragas Build

Table of Contents

  • Version Info

    1.0.1 (4/29/10)
    - Creation of this guide

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling Build for [Laning] Gragas

    Skilling Build for [Jungling] Gragas

  • Summoner Spells

    To put it straight and simple, Gragas is weak against heavy cc stuns. Cleanse is a definite must always take spell. Other than that the rest is up to you, depends on your playstyle.

    Heal Oh look, Gragas got low hp (hehe what they don't know is i got damage reduction so when they get close i pop this baby and beat the **** out of them with my body slam.
    Clarity will help you spam bombs but is useless due to catalyst protector.
    Teleport aside from catalyst, u wont really need this. backdoor towers maybe late game? no gragas is a tank, thats the dps job.
    Ghost Great for escapeing or catching up to that 1 hp jax running from you.
    Exhaust Viable second slow and blind.

  • Masteries

    Utilitied Defense 0/21/9
    External Image

    Offensive Defense 9/21/0
    External Image

    * You absolutely must go defensive Tree, how you build it can differ up to you.

  • Superman Gragas [Bwhahaha]

    Removed: [item=Soul Shroud] cool downs is too low (Replaced with Frozen Heart)
    Removed: Rod of Ages takes forever, dont need so much mana. (Replaced with [item_text=Innervating Locket])

    The best freaking build.

    Sapphire Crystal + 2 HP Potions
    Complete: Catalyst the Protector - this will keep u in lane long enough to take down your lane's first turret
    Boots of Swiftness Gragas is slow. This will help u escape or chase enough to throw a Exploding Cask to knock em back to you.
    Sheen Gragas attacks turn in to burst damage with this. watch their hp drop
    Complete: [item=Innervating Locket] Gragas skills are spammable now giving u a shit load of hp/mana regen.
    Complete: Lich Bane This will make you hit hard as hell.
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] Adds CC to ur Barrel Roll and Exploding Cask. Also giving you hp for a better passive and AP for your attacks.
    Frozen Heart Giving you armor and cooldowns to beat the piss out of enemy dps.
    Abyssal Scepter Giving you Magic resist reduction, AP, and Magic resist.

  • Jack of Trades [Tips and Tricks]

    If you are laning Barrel Roll is one of the priorities in spell leveling. this allows you to weaken or even clear out minion waves only problem here is mana.

    Levels 1-6:
    - You must play defensively, Gragas does not become a tank until he gets his Drunken Rage up.
    - Use Barrel Roll sparingly, if you are against ranged ask for a lane switch or stay behind creeps using ur barrel to last hit AND damage other players.
    - Spam Drunken Rage as a means to get a little mana back, get some mana regen, and heal alittle from passive.
    - Grab Catalyst and boots soon as you are able to.

    Levels 6-12
    - By level 10 you should be able to push more halfway of your lane, remember to watch mini-map for incoming ganks.
    - By level 12 if your lane hasn't been taken help mid push farther if they have not pushed there yet.

    Levels 12-18
    - Once you have your [item_text=Innervating Locket] and Lich Bane you should be hitting pretty hard. Physical Damage increases the damage of all your attacks so Drunken Rage influences Barrel Roll.

  • Body Slam Damage Calculations

    Spell: Body Slam @ LVL 18

    240 + 66% of physical damage
    260 +(.66 x 116= 76.56) = 336

    If you have had Lich Bane "proc'd" with drunken rage.

    336 + Drunken rage Bonus + Lich Bane(ability power which will be roughly around 160)

    336 + 70 + ~160
    Average Total 566

    *Note this is damage without applying armor reduction or total armor opposing champ has.

  • Gragas: Aftermath

    External Image
    Hey my IGN is MistaFly, if you have any suggestions please comment. I notice that this may be the only time for my guide to be recognized do to the version update. If you have any questions or wanna 1v1 me sometime to see my Gragas in action feel free to message me in game.

    If you have read my guide and benefited from it please give my guide a positive rating.

    - Gragas is able to separate the opposing team during a team fight allowing soloing of champions.
    - Gragas has 30% damage reduction (with defensive mastery)
    - Deals tons of burst damage with Sheen/Lichbane proc'd and can easily 1 v 1 anyone with drunken rage buff.
    - He's drunken superman.

    - He's Fat (Slow)
    - Gets hurt by CC hard when you do not pick up cleanse.

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