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Brand Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Blaze is actually a very unique passive for a Mage, this essentially deals 8% of a targets max hp, after a spellcast on the target.

    2% per second, for 4 seconds.

    Not true damage.

    Brand's skillshot, I tend to only get this for the stun, my other abilities provide me with a better burst, and they're just more useful.

    Pillar of Flame
    This is Brand's nuke.
    This is an AoE ability, and if used properly, deals 25% increased damage.
    The damage on this, combined with one more ability, can make a chasing enemy, a fleeing one.

    This is a cool ability, it's a targeted ability, so it can't miss, and if used on a target ablaze then it is an AoE ability, mostly used for farming.

    I tend to use this to get the 25% increased damage on Pillar.

    Brand's ultimate.
    This looks really, really, REALLY, cool in-game.

    It does some really astounding damage, and it does even more than labeled, if it bounces to the same target multiple times, best used when there is a few champions hugging eachother :]

  • I'm in a game, quick I need a summary!

    Ah, yes, the ever most popular summary section, did that make sense?



    Summoner Spells

    Skilling Order


    Must have both at this point.





    Get situational items at this point in the game, and remember to buy elixir's, wards, and potions if needed.

  • Masteries

    Masteries can change depending on your Summoner Spells, so make sure you swap out the points in the tree if you don't use Flash + Ghost.

    So, this is what I use:

    The 9 in offence is mandatory, 15% Spell Penetration is great!
    There's no point in wasting another 12 points, just for the +5% additional damage.

    The 21 in utility helps a lot, Mana Regen, more buff time, Summoner Spells more usable - the CD is reduced, and even plain CDR, but then don't forget about the EXP bonus ^_^.

  • Runes

    These are my current runes for Brand.


    Marks: Magic Penetration, that is a must, it will really skyrocket your damage.
    Seals: Mana Regeneration, that isn't crucial, but it will help you lane longer, and harass quite a bit better, you can go with Flat, or Per Level.
    Glyphs: For Glyphs, I go CDR, it also isn't necessary, but it does help at the earlier levels when your cooldowns seem to be the longest, and when teamfighting.
    Quints: Flat Health, HP is great to have early game, you can stay in your lane longer, thus out-leveling your opponents, you can let a few hits by, without worrying too much, and it's just fantastic!

  • Farming

    Farming is quite easy with Brand, try to farm whenever you can, the gold is so great to have!

    Your spell combo is going to be:

    Try to hit the ranged creeps with Pillar of Flame, maybe including some melee, then use Conflagration on one of the ablaze ones.

    If they didn't die, then they should only need one auto-attack each, you should be able to finish them off with 2-3 points in Pillar, and 1-2 points in Conflagration.

  • Team Fights

    In Team Fights, your job is to stay back, and deal the most damage to every champion on the other team, this is why you are an AoE Champ.

    I tend to use this combo.


    Now, here is the reasoning behind this combo.

    You initiate with this spell because, simply, it hits every enemy champion, or a lot of them, and it sets them ablaze.

    Your next spell is going to be Pillar, I use this next because when you hit the ablaze targets, it deals 25% increased damage, that's a lot! Most enemy's will be ablaze by Pyroclasm, They're scared as of this point.

    Next, I tend to use Conflagration onto somebody that you think deserves to be stunned.
    Once this hits, the champion it hit is about to be stunned, so make sure you choose this target wisely.

    I finally finish with this spell, as all of mine are on CD now, and when they're off, the fight is usually over.
    So, why do I save this for last? It's because with this combo, we've dealt as much damage as possible, and now, we've just stunned somebody who's now awaiting there demise.

    The other team should be dead right now - you definitely shouldn't.
    Your role is to stay back, and just have your fire flying around, don't initiate, ever.

  • Summoner Spells

    I'm going to explain which summoner spells should - and shouldn't be taken.

    - Flash is always a good choice, on most characters. This can be used to catch up to fleeing anyways, get away from those ever too sticky situations, and even save teamfights with this bad boy.

    - Ghost is another good choice. It basically serves the same purpose as Flash, just another way to accomplish it. YOU MOVE QUICK :D.

    - Exhaust isn't too bad, if you also take the upgraded exhaust in your Masteries, this thing is fantastic. Reducing their armor and magic resistence, yes please! This can allow you to land a few more shots, and even score some kills, also disable the enemy's AD Carry.


    Not Recommended

  • Items

    The items, if you came to this guide just for the items, I am dissapoint. >:[

    Anyways, here we go:

    or + 's.
    Doran's Ring is an all around great starting item, you will be at an advantage over most people who don't take a Doran's item, use this to score first blood. :]

    If you would rather build into your first item - Rod of Ages - then go ahead and take a Sapphire Crystal and some potions, be a bit more careful as you wont have as much health, AP, or even Mana Regen to harass.
    This does speed up RoA by 400-ish gold.

    Core Items - In order:

    These boot's are almost mandatory, every single game, the only time you shouldn't get these is if the opposing team is dispersing all their stuns onto you - remember, if you're dead, you don't deal damage, unless you're Karthus. :]
    These also add a recognizable amount of damage to your abilities, 20mpen isn't a joke.

    This item gives you the survivability you need, mana to dishout more damage, and ability power to hit even harder, this item is a must, also try to get it quite early, to complete the passive quicker.
    This should definitely be completed around 20 minutes - if not before.

    Rabadon's, this is the item that every mage will get, and it's very good to get, 155AP and then 30% of your total AP is converted into more AP, whuut! OP. XD
    Anyways, this will help you hit a lot harder, you might have 80AP before this, and then you'll have 300+ after it.

    This item is great if the other team is stacking Mres, or just have a high amount.
    I tend to get this every game as it also highers my damage output.
    This also gives a pretty nifty boost in AP.

    Other Viable Items

    This is good if the other team has some frightening AP Carry's, it gives AP, Mres, and an Aura that decreases Mres of nearby enemy champs, which basically Mpen.

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