Zilean Build Guide

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No BS Guide to an Epic Zilean

written by shadowspaz

Zilean Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Heightened Learning
    Increase all exp earned. Your jungler will love you for this, and the rest of the team will be slightly happier. If you have a TF, then you guys are some lucky bastards. Other than having you level faster not much of a passive.

    Time Bomb
    Now this is where it kicks off. People rage over this spell, people hate it. Its horrible to have 90 health and see a Bomb on your head. Its like if somebody just walked up to you and said.
    You have 4 seconds to live.

    Basic dmg combo for Zilean, place a bomb hit rewind. Your bomb is off cooldown, slap down another bomb on previous target, the first explodes and the second will have the 4 second timer.

    When you bomb a minion or champ near an enemy champ that has banshee's veil, it will still do dmg. Will not proc the sheild. Putting bombs directly on them will proc it.

    Where to begin... This is how you double bomb people, this is how you use your ulti twice in one team fight, or even how you can speed up you and two other mates to run from gank, or just gank.

    If your ult is on cd, then go ahead and use this whenever it is up, but only after you have your Archangel's staff or clarity is off/almost off cd.

    Time Warp
    Ok this is an escape/chase tool. Can either slow the enemy, or make rammus break the sound barrier

    Chrono Shift
    This is a pretty damn awesome spell. Save your carry, if they get focused, or save your tank if your carry is safe. Just remember to tell your team it is up, so they don't back off when you ult them, and make you go :( sadface

    Don't be selfish with this, but don't try to ult a squishy thats 1v5 and doesn't have flash. Using it on somebody who still dies, is just as bad, if not worse, then not using it

    When you use this in a team fight, Spam rewind whenever it is up. You want to be able to use it twice in one team fight like I keep mentioning. Just hit w over and over, and in about 30 sec it will be up again. Usually the first ult is what counts and the second is to save somebody who chased too far or had to run away and otherwise wouldn't of made it.

  • Introduction

    Shadowspaz, in-game and on site. This is my 3rd champion guide, and my longest playing champ. I have played Zilean since I started playing the game in beta. Although Zilean still has his bugs, he is a fun champ to play. Comments and votes, good or bad as they may be, will be helpful and constructive. Quick note, this is under construction. I am in the process of editing, revising, trying new things with my guides, and seeing if everything works. However, I can honestly call it a guide with pride now. Feel free to comment and vote.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Ok Zilean is my only champ that I go 9/0/21. Its simple really, Zilean needs the CDR.

    External Image


    Ever see two people on your team in one team fight fall down and get back up with out GA? You want to see it happen again?

    Thats right with enough CDR, mana, and spamming rewind you too can see your team not die.

    "Does this mean your going full out support?" NOPE!

    I get the masteries, some runes, and one cdr item. Boom max cdr. Thats all you need for support.

    As for your Marks and seals, thats really up to you. I find that some mana regen helps out early on. Along with some magic pen.

    , , 1 To tip your CDR to max

  • Summoner Abilities

    Early on you will be spamming time bomb to harass your enemies, meaning you want to have staying in lane abilities. Thats why I run and

    Other Spells of Note

    - This is for a more aggresive early game, to get you that firstblood.

    - Can also be for offence, use to place a timebomb on that low health champ at tower, or defensivly to escape ganks.

    - Defensive or Aggresive only difference between this and is their damage drop.

    - Used to escape or chase much like

    Understandable Spells

    - Map Awarness, lets you check dragon, baron, that bush you don't want to face check.

    - It has its uses...

    - You shouldn't be taking all the CC, but who can blame you for not wanting to be stunned or slowed for too long.

    [spell_icon=Fortify] - Eh, I say leave it to the tank, but if you like it go ahead. Just don't blame me if it doesn't work.


    - You don't need it to control your lane you got time bomb. You SHOULD NOT be jungling.

    [spell_icon=Rally] - Please don't tell me you use this spell on anyone.

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

    This is my generic go to build. To be honest I personally like to ignore my E till around lvl 7 or 8, but I will get it if our lane is getting kinda aggresive, so we can either chase or slow them. Same if we are getting pushed back.

  • Items

    Alright with your runes and masteries you should be at 23% cdr already. We want to have an even 40% cap. We also want some speed to get to a fight in time to save your team. Your main stat is ap, but you want some survivability because a squishy anyone isn't the way I like to play.

    Core Items

    , , , and

    To start off [item_icon=Meki Pendant] , , and ; ; or and a

    Personally I like gives all the stats you need early.

    First time back should have enough for and , or if you like the 5 gold per sec. [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick]

    You will get followed by upgrading boots to and before upgrading anything else

    Thanks to the new Tenacity items you can get away without Merc Treads, grap a

    Upgrade your into an and your into

    Last items are up to you really.

    Good Choices

    - Good item for some nice damge.

    - Also a good item for dmg, high magic resist teams.

    I recommend these as the last two items together, for those people who are getting fed all game. That way you can do some heavy nuking late game as well.

    - This has some good ap and armor, along side a great active to counter Karthus or other deaths.

    - Some ap, reduce magic resist of enemies, helps you and team, and gives you Magic resist.

    I recommend these items as last two for people who get targeted a little too much.

  • Build Example

    Ok I have no Idea how people make this look fancy and cool, if you know how please tell me. But it should be a link to my build

  • Laning

    Just harass people as much as possible with and Farm, Farm, Farm.

    Invisa Bombing

    Its a fun technique that I love to do.

    When you lane with a stealth, wait till they go invisable place a bomb on them and they go stand next to the enemy. Simple as that.

  • Farming

    Farming is as easy as 1,2,3

    , , and same target for both bombs. The horde should be dead.

    There really isn't that much more to it. :)

  • Working in the team

    Save people whenever they are about to die, even if it means running cross map to do it.

    Know when to ult. Don't ult a full health Mundo runing in v.s Taric and Soraka. He won't take any dmg, and if he does he has his ulti for that. The only time you should ult anyone at full health, is when its a squishy champ getting focused by 3 or more people. That means save your ult for somebody who is low health. Remember just because your ult wasn't proced, doesn't mean you didn't save them with it. A lot of people will see zil ult and just ignore them till its off. Why? Cause its like nuking an ulting tryn, why bother?

    Team Fights

    Just make sure when the team fight finally starts you have your ult up and enough mana to use it. Try to use it on your carries, but if your carries are safe and the tank is targeted go ahead and save him. Just slap down as many bombs as possible during the fight, and use your speed up/slow down when appropriate. Remeber that little side note about using two ults in one team fight? After you use your ult just hit rewind whenever it is up, and keep slapping bombs on their carry.

    Well I recently Discovered Zilean's Ult was changed a bit. It is only on you for 7 secs before it wears off. Not sure when it was changed, and I should of checked that before writing this. Its not a huge problem tho. Anyway, Zilean ult is 108 second cd with max cdr. Your rewind is 3.6 cd, and it reduces cd by 10 seconds of all other spells when used. After 20 sec of spamming W whenever up, (lets just say it takes you 4 seconds to use rewind) you will have reduced the cd by 50 sec, and the actually time was 20 sec. That puts you at 38 seconds left. Another 8 seconds and your at 10 second cd. Thats just about 32 seconds give or take.

    Jarvan has a longer dieing animation than a lot of people, he falls on his knees lets out a little moan then falls to the ground the weird lines of your ult then spin around above him and into him. Xin Zhao, however, just face plants. That means Jarvan has a longer delay for you ult to take affect. Think of your ult as a Zhonya's Hourglass that heals people. The longer the dieing animation the longer the invulnerability. Not really a significant amount of time, but enough to make a difference in close call situations.

  • Unique Skills

    is our first topic of discussion, here today.

    Zilean's Time Bomb does aoe dmg around the target after 4 seconds, dealing full dmg to everyone hit. When a 2nd Bomb is placed the first explodes and the 2nd one begins its timer. If target dies the bomb will automatically explode. If you place a bomb on a champion and they die before the bomb explodes, but they have GA or another Zilean, the bomb will not explode.

    Now that we have that covered. Lets take this information and use it to our advantage, shall we?
    That means Zilean's main dmg combo is Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb on a champion.

    But wait, there's something else to this, if the target dies the bomb will explode. Also, the aoe does full dmg to all enemies in range.

    If you see a minion with low enough health to kill it with one Timebomb, then wait for the rival laners to get close to it, place both your Time bombs on the low health minion. Watch as they take full dmg from both the Time Bombs at the same time.

    Time Bomb does dmg while on a target, total of 4 dmg. Not a good amount of dmg, the only reason behind it is to keep a zilean from bombing somebody under tower. If you place a bomb it will draw aggro from a tower.

    Again, Time Bomb will no longer proc ally banshee's veil. Directly placing Time Bomb on enemy banshee's veil will proc, but putting it on a target near and making it explode will not proc the shield

    Last note I forgot to mention. Placing a Bomb on an enemy Zilean's will cause it to explode.

    Time Bomb, The tryn counter?
    So you see that Time Bomb has a delay till it activates, you also know that tryn's ult lasts 5 seconds of health not being able to reach 0. If you place the Time Bomb on him during his ulti, it will explode when he is vulnerable again. I keep having tryns dive me at tower to find I use my ult and place a Bomb on them. Now they are going to take at least one tower hit and a Time Bomb as soon as they can die again.

    Just time it right, and tryn should be butt hurt after every ult he does near you. Remember he has a heal, so this wont always work.

    Now for

    Ok there are no special points that aren't stated in the spell description already. So I don't need to explain anything vital about this spell.

    Just know that you can use it to decrease the cooldown on your ulti, speed up/slow down multiple people by using after Time Warp, and your dmg combo with two bombs.

    When used on your mates, speeds them up, when used on enemies, slows them down.

    Pretty self explanatory. Get to a lane quicker, run away, chase, slow them down to run away or chase them, and save your team mates with it. Also, help your team mates chase with it.

    When used with rewind you can slow down/speed up multiple people. Use that to your advantage

    I have already said a lot about this through out the guide, but why not touch up on it again.

    An SoS ult, When somebody's health drops to 0 they get back up again, simple as that.

    Not hard to pull off just use it on somebody thats about to die. Only hard thing about it, is using it at the right time, which only takes 5 min to learn with in-game experience.

  • Pros / Cons

    You are a good Support
    You do a good amount of dmg
    You have low cd, so keep doing dmg
    Good escape/chase
    Decent survivability late game
    Not hard to learn

    You are squishy early
    I feel arrogant since thats my only con :p

  • Summary

    Ok this is still a working progress, but I can look at it and honestly call it a guide now. If you have any helpful information to improve this guide, let me know.

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