Cassiopeia Build Guide

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Cassie, Micromanagement's Finest

written by DizzyEevee

Cassiopeia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    External Image

    Welcome to DizzyEevee's first attempt at a guide (i did write another one on mobafire, so first on LC).
    Cassiopeia is quite an underrated champion. She drops a lot of damage and quite fast. She has the sustained output that most burst lacks.
    I played this snake lady extensively when she was on freeweek after she came out, and i played her just as much over the last week when she was free. I managed to save up my IP and grab her so i can continue the fun.
    I see many Cass' try and pick up this high skill cap character and fumble with her. I want to try and help with my point of view.
    I shall be consistently updating this guide, since I won't stop learning. Hopefully neither will you. Keep checking back.
    :]This guide was originally for Summoners Rift, but it worked out fine on The Crystal Scar as well.

  • Base Stats

    External Image
    Damage 47 ɉ(+3.2 / per level) [email protected]
    Health 380 ɉ(+75 / per level) [email protected]
    Mana 250 ɉ(+50 / per level) [email protected]
    Move Speed 310 ɉ
    Armor 11.5 ɉ(+4 / per level) [email protected]
    Spell Block 30 ɉ(+0 / per level)
    Health Regen 0.97 ɉ(+0.1 / per level) [email protected]
    Mana Regen 1.42 ɉ(+0.15 / per level) [email protected]

  • Abilities

    [spell=Deadly Cadence]
    Your Passive, this allows you to do the Micromanaging that you will need to do to keep up your damage in prolonged fights.
    -There have been many occasions that i would have ran out of mana in a quick duel, if it were not for this passive.

    Noxious Blast
    This is your harassment spell. You as the summoner need to learn how to lead this ability. There is a small delay between you cast this spell and it hitting the targets. Learn to cast this where someone is going to be, not where they are.

    Here is the farming tool that will roll in the massive CS at the end of the game. I like to drop it on-top of the ranged minions and they melt in like 4 seconds. Make sure to make use of this in large team-fights by putting it in places people need to be, to either force them to take damage, or shove them out of place.

    Twin Fang
    Twin Fang is where most of your damage comes into play. It resets the cooldown if the target hit is poisoned. Teemo, Singed, Twitch will be your friends for this. Remember that it checks for poison On hit, not on cast, so you can precast it, if they are about to step on a shroom, or miasma or something.

    Petrifying Gaze
    A cone AoE Stun. What is not to love. One thing to remember is that whilst stunned by this, your Twin Fang will reset CD when hitting them. The one problem with this spell is that it does have a .5 second channel time, and during this, if your enemy is smart and or skilled, will be able to turn around and only get hit for the damage, and slow. It is really nice to try and use a teammate's crowd-control to ensure you hitting this stun.

  • To Do List:

    To Add to the guide:
    -Add a section with middle enemies and how to counter/not be countered.
    -Add more item builds for separate play styles. (in progress)

  • Pros / Cons

    -Great Farmer
    -Sustained Damage
    -Incredible Burst
    -Large Range
    -Synergy with other poison champs
    -Semi-safe farm

    -Requires full combo or useless
    -Buggy spells
    -High skill cap, with a slow/hard learning curve

  • Summoner Abilities

    I highly recommend the use of ignite. Cassie already does significant damage over time, and ignite Adds to the fun of that. Literally 50% of your kills will be off screen as they run. Might as well keep that on a lock down with true damage too.
    Cassie does lack an escape. I prefer ghost, but lately every team has at least 3 and usually 4-5 flashes, and i need to be able to counter those flashes with my own.
    Plus I will admit that using flash offensively to land an Ult-n-spam combo, feels pretty tricky. And tricky is all over Cassie.

    Other decent options:

    If no one on your team brings this along, and you NEED it, go for it, but you will be losing out on damage output, and or mobility.

    I do not feel like clarity is needed. You should be smart about mana consumption. But hey if you want it, then be my guest.

  • Masteries + Runes

    There are two different ways you could run your Masteries. One down the offence tree for full damage, and one down the utility tree for more mana and movement speed and such things. The First Tree is the offence one.External ImageThe second one is the utility one.External ImageObviously change the summoner spell mastering depending on whichever you chose to run. 
    my rune set up is as followed
    Marks: Spell Penetration
    Seals: Health per Level
    Glyphs: AP per Level
    Quints: Flat AP

    To be honest i think i should change the flat AP quints:
    I think some other good choices would be
    Seals: Mana Regen per Level
    Quints: Flat Health, Mana Regen per Level

  • Skilling Order

    I personally Max out Miasma first for hard farming, followed by Twin Fang for hard damage output.
    I prefer to skill this way because: Rushing my early Rod of Ages makes boots a slower priority. This means that your laning opponent will have the movement speed hard counter on you, and you will only be landing Q's when they choose to trade hits. This will allow you to shove creeps away from you, and you can hold middle almost indefinitely. Even against 2-3 people in mid, your tower will thank you. People won't just stand in Miasma in laning, but during skirmishes, and big cluster-*@#! teamfights, Miasma will be sitting there as a silent killer, and they will regret not running. If they do learn to move out of it, that gives a strong advantage in the fight as your team punishes them for needing to reposition.
    Another thing to point out, is that Miasma has a large range to drop it, thus you can toss it and basically insure the enemy will not be there, thus limiting their area of movement, and giving you a easier opportunity to zone them out of exp. Also most people expect you to level your Q, thus making your Miasma not be such a big worry. If they think that, they go in it not worried about the out put of damage. Then they die and you cackle. Do not overestimate your opponents intelligence. It is generally low.

    This is still my personal preference. Most people prefer to leave this at level 1, but there are sometimes more than one right.
    If you prefer a hard harass output, than i would skill Q>W>Q>E>Q>R, prioritizing R>Q>E>W.

    I understand E is still your hardest damage output, and Q is a stronger harass, but most opponents beat me to t1 boots, and then to t2 boots which gives them the movement speed advantage, thus nullifying my Q, and out ranging me before i have time to get a second E off.
    When I use my Miasma to kill the entire minion pack, its not like i go hang out at their tower begging for a gank up my snake butt. I retreat to my tower, and talk to the team to set up a gank or ask for help killing blue buff.
    If i didnt push as hard, junglers could gank the enemy easier, yes true, but i am a firm believer that top NEEDS a gank, or cover long before mid and bottom do, especially if top is 1v2. An generally bot has a better chance of walking away with a kill from 3v2 and the disables.

    If you do wish to level your Noxious Blast first, then this is the skiller order i would recommend.
    I prefer to use this build if i am in a duo lane and not soloing.

    If you prefer Twin Fang to be your priority, then i would level your spells in this order.

    Out of the two other skill orders, i feel like prioritizing your Noxious Blast is more effective.
    You can drop a level 1 Miasma and a level 2 Noxious Blast to drop all of the ranged minions.

  • Items


    I personally like to start off with the Ring. I don't bring health quintessences, nor do i bring [mastery_text=veteran's scars], so i feel safe with health this gives. The mp/5 is also incredibly handy, since you wont want to go back to base until rack in some decent gold.
    Other options could be either an Amplifying Tome, or a Sapphire Crystal, but if you get an early kill or 2, you can still rush a 12-14 minute Rod of Ages even if you started with a Doran's Ring.
    1350+ Gold:

    At this point, the Catalyst the Protector is a must. If you only have enough for that: fine. If you have enough for the Boots of Speed or Blasting Wand then awesome.
    Checkpoint ROA:

    This is where you start to sit pretty. You finally bought boots, or tier 2 boots, you can move a bit. Your ROA is stacking up. Now we just save up another 2.1k gold, finish up the core build, and start to build accordingly.
    Finished Core:

    I feel like Will of the Ancients is a very solid item to finish off your core. You should have a pretty health pool with your stacked up ROA, and with the constant healing from each of your DoT's, you should be about immune to harass. If you do happen to be the ONLY champ with AP scaling on your team, and the aura from Will of the Ancients will be gone to waste, then skip it and continue with further late game builds. Otherwise give it a try.

    From here on out it depends on how you are feeling and what you need.

    If they have a generally balanced team of AD and AP, then what you are probably looking for is a little health.

    If the enemy team is magic heavy, and or crowd control dependent, swap that Rylai's with a Banshee's veil.

    Now you have finished your defenses, that lets you live through a rough teamfight. I personally think that a Hat is a good top (get it?) to any build where you are stacking AP.


    Your final item time. It depends. Did every enemy build some magic resistance? Get yourself a void staff! If not, i like to finish the build off with a hourglass.



    Glass Cannon Type:
    In Fountain: +
    Farmed 1150g: Upgrade ->, pick up
    Finish Core:
    Eventual Endgame: (Or)

    Getting Controlled
    Moonflair Spellblade/[item=Eleisa's Miracle]
    Both of these new items added in the patch seem quite nice. If i was facing a team with way too many CC, then picking up either of these items could benefit you greatly. I haven't had a chance to try out either of them in game, but the numbers are pretty sweet. They knock off .5 a second on 2 second stuns.
    I would recommend [item_icon=Eleisa's Miracle] if you are having mana problems in lane, or problems from harassment and your lane opponents.
    The seems like a lackluster item. The AP is alright, but I would definitively think about this if I was getting rocked by CC.

    About Archangel's


    This is a great item, but it delays your build quite a bit. I do not feel like this should be needed. Watch your mana, and pull back a bit to regen if you start to dip low, but between the regen off the ring, and the mana bonus from Catalyst, should let you lane almost indefinitely.

  • Farming

    Farming on Cassie is quite easy. Level 3-7, you drop your Miasma on top of the ranged minions, and they will die in a few seconds. Once you finish your Rod of Ages, and start to build some AP, you can drop it between the melee and ranged minions, and the expand should cover and kill both packs of creeps.
    If you are going to go defend a huge creep wave, toss Miasma where it will expand and kill the most creeps, and toss some Noxious Blast on either sides to pick up the stragglers.
    You can farm so well with this champion, it is not even funny. It even allows you to defend against a few enemies at once. Especially since the range to toss Miasma is quite large.
    If you do push the creeps to their side of the lane, than just fall back and hang at your tower till they push back to you. No reason to over extend and be venerable. You don't want to have to waste flash to escape.

  • Working in the team

    Cassie likes a nice team. She plays well with others. She has some nice synergy with Sona and Amumu and Kennen. Also other poison users. You should sit in the back and drop your DoT's everywhere. Eat the squishies. Eat them.
    You should be pretty able to hold middle, or solo top. You can help your team and scout bushes with your Q spell. If you get the movement speed buff, than you hit someone.
    Your team will love you for your sustained damage, and that you can pick up kills on the runners afflicted with your poison.
    And an AOE Stun is always a loved thing for anyone.

  • Poison Fun

    +=External Image

    Cassie's Twinfang checks for a poison application onhit. If they are poisoned from any source, the spell goes to a .5 second cooldown. This allows Cassie to really prefer to hang out with Teemo, and Singed.
    Teemo brings a poison whenever he auto attacks, so if you spam up the target he is shooting, your going to drop someone in a matter of seconds. This also works if you are running or kiting, and lead them into a Teemo Shroom. Free twinfang spam. Make sure to communicate about who the teemo is going to focus with his autos and you will make people cry.
    Singed brings more of a spray and pray tactic to the battlefield. He will be spewing the poison everywhere so just kinda go to town on people who like to hang out in the cloud.
    Twitch also has a "poison" on hit. People state that it doesn't count as a poison, thus not helping Cassie, but within the last week or so, i had a friend AA a creep, and i spammed twinfang on it, without poisoning it my self. That says to me that it works. I am going to believe that until i get hard evidence that it doesn't and I'm just crazy.

  • Micromanagement and You

    First: we need to define Micromanagement (micro from here on out).
    Wikipedia defines Micro in gaming as:

    Quoted Text:
    In gaming, micromanagement describes minor, detailed gameplay elements that must be manually addressed by the player. It appears in a wide range of games including strategy video games, construction and management simulations and pet-raising simulations. Micromanagement has been perceived in different ways by game designers and players for many years: some players and designers perceive it as a useful addition to games that adds options and technique to the gameplay, and one that is necessary if the game is to support top-level competitions; and some enjoy opportunities to use tactical skill in combat games; other gamers regard it as an unwelcome distraction from higher levels of strategic thinking, dislike having to do a lot of detailed work, and some games try to minimize micromanagement in the game interfaces.

    That's You Summoner! Detailed game play elements like keeping your poison up, and spamming twin fang.
    Part of your Micro that you will need to learn, is to lead your poisons. Leading is when you aim where your enemy is going to be, not where they are.

    This is obviously a different genre of game, but the concept of how to aim in front, still applies. Shooting games is where i learned how to lead.

    Here is a small video of a top Warcraft player, known for his amazing micro/macro. Here he is playing some dota, which is like LoL. This is kind of irrelivant, but cool and about my point none the less.

    This is closer to how i do things. Or at least how i feel like it looks.
    Where this applies to you playing Cassie, is that you will need to keep your poison up at all times, and drop as many Twin fang applications as possible, without letting your poison fall off. Ulting at crucial moments to cancel out other ults. With practice comes perfection.

  • Smartcasting and You

    A lot of Cassie players use the method of smart casting to cast their spells. Or at least Noxious Blast and Twin Fang.
    What this allows you to do, is if you smart cast a spell, it automatically casts the spell to where your mouse/cursor is. Key example, like flash: but with your other spells.
    You do this by opening your menu, either by hitting escape, or hitting the little gear button by your minimap. Then going to key bindings. Then scrolling down to find smart cast ability 1-4, and rebinding 1 and 3 to just Q and E instead of shift Q and E.
    This allows you to take out the second click after aiming the spell, and this allows you to micro a little faster.
    Be warned though, that when you do this, it saves the keybindings for every character, so if you don't change it, for example: You are playing Renekton, you go to Slice and Dice, and aim it behind you, but your mouse is still by the enemy tower, and now you are in the tower, and Taric had his Dazzle ready. FIRST BLOOD. GEM, GEM IS EXCITEMENT

  • Replays

    A Quick Sight Warden game, i try leveling R>Q>E>W
    More Sight Warden Fun, 20min cleanup

  • Summary

    All in all i hope i aided you in becoming better with the League's own snake-lady. Please check back for changes, buffs and nerfs. I will try to keep you informed.
    If you vote, please leave a comment. Feedback is appreciated.

  • Change-Log

    4/12/11-Started creation, added poison fun & micromanagement section. Added color and detail. Added counter argument to back up my skilling order choice.
    4/13/11- Added other skilling orders for preferences in spells. Added a section for smart casting.
    4-26-11- Added a section about patch changes and my thoughts on them, changed into splash art to that of Desperada skin, since i got it, added a section with replays of my Cassie playing.
    Sometime in between- Added new tenacity items and such.
    5-13-11- Added an area for base stats

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