Corki Build Guide

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Superior Corki Build - Update for game changes

written by fel1x

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    No explanation needed. Quite useful throughout the complete game.

    Phosphorus Bomb
    For some wierd reason Riot removed all utilities from this while they release other AD carries who have good steroids and a toolbox worth a solo champion. Consider this a spell for harass, farm and trinity proccs only.

    One-Point-Wonder for positioning :)

    Gatling Gun
    This one is some where between steroid and AoE. Since the buff it has become good again and should be your priority.

    Missile Barrage
    Harass, farm, procc Trinity...

  • Introduction

    There were a lot of changes on Corki and the game in general. So I am going to rework this a bit and delete some of the old walls of text that have been made outdated anyway. Corki is a hardcarry. His main trademarks are a lot of AoE damage compared to other carries and a very good farming kit. In bad hands a Corki will probably mean autoloss, but in good hands he is a weapon of mass destruction.

    I was playing some HoN and Dota for the last months. These games are much harder than LoL and you don't have that pathetic kind of typical LoL player there. However a lack of time forced me back into easy games and there I am. At the moment I am still figuring out the new stuff that was changed (jungle, runes, masteries). Learning all the new stuff and having 20 runes pages turned some attention back to lol too. It's quite nice to have some more pages to build a few pure counter rune pages :)

    One important thing to know about these ranged AD carries is that they depend on their team mates like no other role. With a bunch of idiots who ignore enemy bruisers flash-blinking on you after they fed them you are not going to make a difference.

    Changelist (lacking some changes before entry #1):
    -13.07.2011 new masteries and example build
    -18.07.2011 Start Item section added
    -12.08.2011 A big rework for updating purposes and to get rid of redundancy
    -15.08.2011 Fixed a few typos, added an valuation, added something for Jax
    -26.08.2011 FAQ added
    -04.10.2011 A few tweeks influenced by playing him after his nerfs
    -26.12.2011 Rework for game changes since autumn

  • Masteries + Runes


    Corki needs a lot of mana and with that he will be constantly farming and harassing upon reaching lvl6 anyway. The magic penetration stuff is used, because Corki does a lot of magic damage too. A squishy champ will feel Corki's rockets all game long will the can sum up to nice damage against relatively tanky champions too.

    For runes you have a couple of options...

    Red + Quint: Hybrid
    Yellow: Armor
    Blue: MP5/lvl

    This works nicely on bot lanes and gives you some nice lane killing power while reducing damage and keeping your mana up. With a supporter who has decent CC you have good chances on midgame kills with that.

    Quint: AD
    Red: ArPen
    Yellow: Armor
    Blue: MP5/lvl

    Default AD Carry runes and they work on Corki too.

    Red + Quint: AD
    Yellow: Armor
    Blue: MP5/lvl

    With Corki's passive this one makes farming insanely easy and you feel like having a lantern. With the new masteries you have fair chances on a quick trinity. After that a last whisper and you will be surprised what you can do. Other pages may be stronger, but this one plays pretty comfortable.

    Quint: MP5/lvl
    Red: ArPen
    Yellow: Armor
    Blue: MR

    This page rarely gets useful, but it is nice to have against some very aggressive setups.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash for escaping or getting kills, double escape with W gets you out of a lot

    Ghost or Exhaust or Cleanse or Ignite (Only to counter some annoying heals)

  • Skilling Order

    You have some liberties on the first levels and should wait with the skilling until you need one of the spells. I strictly recommend to get W on lvl1 or lvl2, because it often saves you ass or the flash.

    On the first 3 levels you should unlock all abilities in most games.

  • Example Itemization

    Start: Doran's blade (optionally a second blade)

    Next: Boots and Sheen

    Next: BF Sword (if the money income is well or you have a lot of laning tim remaining) and Trinity and Merc's

    Next: Blood Thirster

    Next: Banshee and Last Whisper in order of need

    Next: Situational items such as...

    Infinity edge or guardian angel...

    The merc's are chosen as boots, because a lot of your damage doesn't depend on attack speed and the trinity proccs that do most of your auto attack damage are neither influenced by this... Merc's however can be quite helpful in a lot of situations and the early MR increase works fantastic against a lot of things.

    The bloodthirster is recommended, because Trinity + IE is way to expensive to consider it core. Addionally the blood thirster gives you nice sustain and you scale nicely on the AD.

    Note: I am still experimenting with some IE builds on ranged AD carries with new masteries and runes

  • Start Item

    Doran's Blade
    Default starting item and solid all around

    Doran's Shield
    This item used to be pretty underrated when you are forced to play defensive. It can be nice, if you lane without healer. The stupidity behind the healing pot nerfs helped this item a lot. (Ofcourse the pots were strong, but everyone could conter them easily by saverficing gold worth 2 caster minion lasthits...)

    Boots + pots... rather bad on duo lanes with a champion who is very squishy...

  • Pros / Cons

    +mobility ability
    +high damage potencial (E, passive, trinity synergism)
    +ability to use Trinity efficient
    +high AoE compared to most ranged AD carries

    -needs practice unlike Caitlyns and stuff like this
    -highly mana dependand early on
    -has a rough start into the game (often it can be hard to reach lvl6)

  • FAQ

    Which lanes?
    Most viable on duo bot with a supporter, but he can 1on1 a lot of champions on the solos too

    Viable 1v2 laner?
    NO!!! (Doesn't mean it won't work against typical solo queue idiots)

    Early game strength?
    Medium... He still can own some people hard, because his gattling reduces armor insanely much which can give him the edge over a lot of his typical opponents... Addionally he has an escape and the best passive for ranged AD in the game

    Mid game strength?
    Medium-High... Rockets, Sheen and some addional AD... He will start to hurt a lot

    End game strength?
    High... He can use Trinity effectively, has his passive, a lot of AoE and the armor reduction probably giving him the highest damage output of the ranged ADs on paper

    Mana efficieny?
    Low-Medium... Confused to be different due to l2p issues

    Beginner champion?
    Hell no! Squishy, relatively tricky, may run oom easily, needs solid XP and gold income...

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