Amumu Build Guide

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Dildamon, The mummish condom

written by Just Verner

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    Amumu's attacks reduce the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35 for 4 seconds.

    Bandage Toss
    Amumu tosses a sticky bandage at a target, stunning and damaging the target while he pulls himself to them.

    Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum health each second.

    Permamently reduces the physical damage Amumu would take. Amumu can unleash his rage, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on tantrum is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, damaging them and rendering them unable to attack or move.

  • Reales notes

    Items for amumu:
    Heart of Gold
    Recipe Changed: Ruby Crystal + 350 Gold
    Now gives: +250 Health +5 Gold per 5.


  • Introduction

    This is my first guide on leaguecraft, ive been doing some work lately and been working on this guide for quite some time. Would be pleased if some people could give me some feedback and constructive cristism.

    What is Amumu?
    Amumu is a tank/mage/support champion, he is one of the best tanks in the game with his good initate. And his ultimate who snares multiple targets. He is great for turning a team fight.

    Where do Amumu belong?
    Amumu is one of the worst champions on the laning phase and should always be in the jungle early game. He is a really fast jungler, and got a great ganking potential.

  • Runes

    Marks: A great rune for Amumu is Greater Mark of Insight. The extra magic penetration is really helping out. Since Amumu is a mage tank, all his abilitys is doing magic damage. Nothing really anything to say about it, really a must.

    Seals: Some great seals for Amumu is Greater Seal of Evasion. The dodge is overall a great tank rune and is a great rune for Amumu to. But the chance you get physical hits is rarer, and that means less tantrum.
    Another great seal is Greater Seal of Resilience. This rune gives you just a little bit more early game survivability, ecspicially in the jungle. A great choice for jungling Amumu.

    Glyphs: Theres a few differnt runes you could use as glyphs. The first one is Greater Glyph of Celerity.It gives you a fairly high cd reduction in high level. A shorter cd on your ultimate can result in more kills for your team, and more wins for you.
    Another great glyph is Greater Glyph of Warding. Fairly simple tank rune. gives more mr = more survivability.

    Quintessences: A okay quintessence is Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. Gives a few hits survivability through the game. Gives a fairly big survivability in the jungle, but is not needed for a complete rute as Amumu. and after a while its get totally useless.
    Quintessence of Swiftness gives you a slicely faster movement speed. it is helping you overall throug out the whole game. Speeds up your jungling(Takes shorter time to run to each camp). And is good for chasing and initiating.

  • Masteries

    External Image
    Hardiness: A great mastery for jungling and not atleast tanking. The eksra armor give you a advantage against physical carrys and the jungle minions.
    Resistance: It gives you a boost of mr early game, the ekstra mr reduces the damage taken and is a must of all tanks.
    [mastery=Strenght of spirit]: Health regen that depends on your maximum mana, this mastery is usefull if you get items like Banshees veil and Frozen hearth.
    [mastery=Evasion]: A very usefull mastery. If you is running with dodge runes its getting about 9%.
    [mastery=Nimbleness]: 9% chance to get some movement speed? never a bad thing, especially not if you got ninja tabi against high physical team.
    [mastery=Defensive mastery]: Helps your jungling a bit, not such an important mastery but helps abit.
    [mastery=Harden skin]: Use 3 mastery points to get 2 damage blocked? the points can be spend better.
    [mastery=Veteran's scars]: A little bit more hp, and some early survivability in the jungle.
    [mastery=Ardor]: Not usefull for Amumu. Since amumu is a mage/tank he dosent benifit from the attack speed, and the ability power you get dosent benifit much, since you really got no ap.
    [mastery=Tenacity]: What to say? Damage reduction is always good for a tank.
    Perseverance: Life regen is always good for a tank, and the mana regen isnt bad tho.
    [mastery=Good hands]: What else to put 1 point in?
    [mastery=Awareness]: Extra experience will help you leveling faster in the jungle. Instead of being level 3 after one tour in the jungle, you would be 4.
    [mastery=Utility mastery]: Gives ur buff duration a longer life time. Not bad when your a jungler.
    Greed: Would be good for a laning mumu, but its not so important as utility mastery when ur jungling.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Amumus summoner spells should been picked after how and where he should be placed in a team fight.

    Exhaust: Dmg reduction and movement speed reduction aint bad, helps you go in to catch an enemy and reducing his damage. Exhaust should only be picked on amumu if your laning.
    Ghost: Ghost is a great summoner spell for Amumu, the extra movement speed does it easyer for Amumu to place himself in a teamfight for a great ultimate.
    Heal: Heal is just a bad summoner spell, even tho Amumu is a tank he shouldnt play with heal
    Revive: Never use revive.
    Smite: Smite should be one of the two summoner spells. It makes jungle way easyer, and give you some free last hits.
    Teleport: Teleport isnt the spell for you since you shouldnt be laning.
    Cleanse: What cleanse do quicksilver sash does better.
    [spell=Fortify]: Only pick fortify if your team lacks it. fortifys passive making jungling a little bit easyer. But shouldnt be used if you can avoid it.
    Clarity: You are not lacking mana as Amumu so dont pick this.
    Ignite: Let the carrys take ignite, and do your job as tank.
    [spell=Rally]: Rally got to long cd and you are not beniffiting enough to it.
    Clairvoyance: Your support should take this.
    Flash: This is just the spell, the flash bandage combo can travel you a long distance, and give you a great initiate.

    For jungle Amumu should you take Flash and Smite

    For laning Amumu is Flash and Ghost some of the most usefull summoner spells.

    For example can you use the bandage toss ability into the fight and flash out. Or total suprise your enemys by bandage tossing a creep and flashing further on.

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling as jungle Amumu.

    So skill ultimate each time you can, and then skill up Tantrum then Despair and bandage toss last.
    Skilling order summary R > E > W > Q

  • Pros / Cons


    1 - He can be playes as Main Tank, off-tank support or Off-Tank Mage.
    2 - His ulti can disable many enemies at once.
    3 - Great aoe damage.
    4 - Great farming abilitys.
    5 - One of the best jungle tanks.
    6 - He gives kills, dosent take them.
    7 - Not just one stun but two.

    1 - Useless on laning
    2 - He is first getting really good at level 6
    3 - If enemys dosent attack you, you cant use tantrum so often.
    4 - High cooldowns

  • Early game

    As jungle you should start by buying Cloth Armorand 5x Health Potion
    Then you should go to the blue buff, and remember to ask the top and bot lane to cover you. I will go around the different kind of placements of this later on.
    The mid lane should pull the buff for you for less damage taken, you can do it without the pull, but you can even spare a whole Health Potion on it.

    You should always when your taking blue buff first ask for coverage. this is the places your teammates should stand to cover you.
    External Image

    Example of pull by mid lane where he pulls the blue buff over the wall.
    External Image

    After the blue buff you should proceed to the wolf camp, easely doable without taken to much damage, just remember to spam tantrum and have despair up.
    Go to the wraiths after that and proceed to the lizard after that. Your third potion should be used against the lizard. when done go over and finish the small golems. Head back and buy Boots of Speed and some more Health Potion
    External Image]

    You should start ganking after the first route is done. But sometimes people is pushing like hell, and you have to gank even faster.
    So if you see ur chance to a gank, then skill up bandage toss before the second time in tantrum.

    Your going to finish your [item=Mercury's Threads] becouse you need the resistance and movement speed. you should always make merc shoes. or Ninja Tabi if the other team is a pure ad team with only minor cc.(this normally wont happen, espicially not in ranked matches)

    Build Sunfire Cape or Aegis of the Legion(use your cloth armor for this one, and only make it if the support dosent) right after the [item=Mercury's Threads].

    You should nearly always build a Sunfire Cape. It will make it way easier in the jungle, the 40 damage each second and the armor and health makes you get about zero damage while jungling. (This item depends on the enemy team but it is a great item for amumu and should be maked if they just got a little ad. Make banshees veil first if they got much ap)

    But normally at this time the team fights has begun and you have to be mid/semi jungle.

    here is a example of jungling Amumu

  • Farming

    Farming is easy with Amumu, you got two aoe farming spells. Spamming your Tantrum is an option to farm. But if you farm with tantrum you better get the blue buff or you will burn your mana.

  • Items

    Essential items

    Mercury's Treads: Just overall a great item, gives great mr and the crowd control reduction is really important too. Really essential for Amumu.

    Sunfire Cape: Sunfire cape is a great item, not just becouse of its passive that do damage, but also becouse of the armor and hp. It gives a great survivability and it speeds up your jungling really much

    [item=Heart of gold]: Its really great early game, the health and armor makes a great start item and the gold regen is kinda good too.

    Aegis of the Legion: its a really great item for Amumu, the aura makes your team better. This item should only be made if the support arrent making it.

    Banshee's Veil: Great against magic damage dealers, the effekt on banshees, the magic resist and the hp is just a good counter for everyone with a stun. Like sion, ashes or warwicks stun

    Situational items

    Frozen Heart: Great vs a fed physical carry or a high physical team.

    [item=Force of nature]: life regen and magic resiest, buy this after banshees veil if you need more magic resiest.

    Guardian Angel: Buy this item when you got enough survivability, it makes people shit themself when they see a really tough mummy with angel. They can focus him but they can kill him.

    Quicksilver Sash: Against a team with high crowd control. But ONLY buy this item if you remember to use it. Really bad item if you dont remember to use it, but really good if you remember it.

    Abyssal Scepter: If ya team isnt doing enough damage and you have to make some ap, then abyssal is a great choice. its a damage item with a bit of survivability.

    Thornmail: Against high physical team.

    Randuin's Omen: Make this item against physical enemy champions. you already got the heart of gold for this item, but dont be afraid to sell the heart of gold to buy mr if needed.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Giving abit survivability, and slow with all of your spells. This is a great item if you cant catch the enemy or if your team is lacking a little bit damage.

    Leviathan: Dont ever count with snowball items, only make this item if your 100% to get many ASSIST. But dont ever grab it if you arent 100% And i mean 100% or else its a waste of money!

    [item=soul shroud]: This is clearly a support item, and you shouldnt grab this item unless you got another main tank, this will give you a support side of life and the cdr is great for the ultimate.

    items you shouldnt get

    Frozen Mallet: it gives much hp, BUT you shouldnt be auto hitting the hell of them. If you want slow, then feel free to grab rylais.

    Spirit Visage: dont benifit to much from the healing.

    Warmog's Armor:be carefull with this item. Dont buy it, becouse its making your a big meat shield. and noone want to be a meat shield as tank. Armor and mr is so much more important.

  • Build Example

    I am building all of them with six items all but the core build.
    Core build/early game items
    Main tank build
    Off-tank mage build
    Off-tank support build

  • Great allies champions.

    Every champion with Aoe spells is just in love with Amumu and his ultimate. I will explain some of those champions and what makes them the one and only for Amumu.
    Amumus ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy makes every champion with aoe ultimate a champ.

    External Image
    miss fortune is a ad carry thats god a aoe ultimate, where she shoots bullets in front of her in a cone.
    The ultimate Bullet Time works really well with amumus ultimate.

    External Image
    Fiddesticks is just one of the best champion with Amumu.
    Curse of the Sad Mummy+ Crowstorm= many triple kills and quadras.
    They cant move from fiddle and they all take a ton of damage.

    External Image
    Gangplanks Cannon Barrage can do a hell of damage if the enemys dont move, thats why we got amumu.

    External Image
    Nunu flashin in when Amumu pop ultimate, and begin channeling his Absolute Zero so they cant get away.

    External Image
    Ryze's ultimate Desperate Power makes him give alot of damage if the targets is close to eachothers.

    External Image
    A really great choice for a set up. Twitch is Ambush on the other side of the enemy.(look a eye out for oracles tho.) Amumu jump in and use ulti at the time when twitch go out of stealth and use[spell=Spray and Pray] and getting some kills.

    External Image
    Nothing much to say, just great. This is just a really great combo. Katarina just popping her's Death Lotus when she have used Shunpo in.

    External Image
    Great aoe spells. Aoe ultimate Summon: Tibbers and her's Incinerate makes her a strong combo with amumu, she also got aoe stun when she got Pyromania up.

    External Image
    Great aoe nuke ultimate Slicing Maelstrom works really well with amumus ultimate.

  • Working in the team

    Your the tank and to play a tank succesful follow a few tips.
    -You need to stand furthest in front.
    -Your the one who need to initiate.
    -You shouldnt kill steal you ONLY need assist.
    -Use your bandage toss wisely, it can save a ally or even grant you a kill easiely.
    -Make sure to hit as many people by your ulti as possible.
    -Defend your carries. Do NOT jump in and go direktly to their carries. You will leave your carries open for the rest of the enemy team. Your job is to tank, not to kill.
    -Play as a team

    And like always be positive and play like so. That will make the games way better and funnier :)

    This is a great example for what a tank should do.

    What he is doeing great
    - He is standing furthest in front so they focus him.
    - He is giving his team a ace, and gives his carrys a few kills.
    - He is taking all the damage

    He is doing something wrong
    - Do not care enough, missing map awareness.
    - Standing to far in the front
    - He is to greedy for creep kills

  • Summary

    A few things to remember.
    - Amumu is a high crowd control based champion and takes time to master.
    - He should always be played as jungle
    - He can be played as tank/support, main tank and tank/mage.
    - He should newer try to killsteal at any points[sometimes you cant do anything about it, but always try to let the carry get it]
    - He got a great ganking potential. so gank at atleast level 4, or earlier if needed.
    - Do not stack hp. Stack resistance and armor.
    - Always have mana to ultimate and stun when the teamfight starts.

    And dont forget to have fun with Amumu, a great champion, and one of my favorites.
    Hope you enjoyed the guide and i hope to get some responses and constructive critism to make this guide better ;)

    Feel free to ask question and if you for example want another topic explained. (late game, Anoying champions to play against, good players to play with. WIll add this topics anyways but its gonna take some time.).

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