Renekton Build Guide

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Competitive Renekton Guide (Tanky DPS)

written by Daeron

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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  • About Renekton

    Renekton is one of, if not the strongest tanky DPS in the game currently. He has a really strong laning phase and great potentials in team fights without no real hard-counters. This makes him a great addition and to practically any team out there.

    In opposite to Xin Zhao for example, he is much more of an area-of-effect oriented champion who deals great damage over longer periods of time instead of bursting down single targets.

    He has great damage and lane sustainability with Cull the Meek, is incredibly mobile with Slice and Dice, has a decent stun on a low cooldown and an area-of-effect damage/survivability steroid.

    With only a few damage items he is cabable to deal impressive damage while focusing mostly on survivability making him a really durable champion who excels in every situation.

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    There's not much to say about this passive. This is basically just a placeholder for the Fury bar. It promotes Renekton's extremely active playstyle as you gain great benefits by continuously attacking everything in sight with both spells and standard attacks.

    Cull the Meek
    Renekton's bread and butter ability, especially during the laning phase as it provides great sustainability, easy harassing and last hitting. It combines great damage, has a decent range and heals you at the same time, all of these on a really short cooldown.

    To get the most out of the heal component, try to hit as many targets as possible at once. If you catch an enemy champion inside range it provides you a huge increase of effective healing, encouraging you even more to use it to harass your opponent.

    Quite interesting fact that your ultimate has a hidden secondary effect, as Cull the Meek scales with it actually. After the transformation into your Tyrant form, the range of the ability increases by about 100 units compared to the standard stance.

    Ruthless Predator
    This is Renekton's set up skill. While the stun itself does not last that long, it is great tool to disable your target just enough until your teammates can wreck him. Considering Renekton's extreme mobility, you can pick off high valuable targets with ease.

    Lesser known fact that Renekton can instantly destroy just placed Wards on his own. All you need to do is dashing next to it, auto-attacking once and using this ability which is just enough to destroy it in time. As empowered the stun itself can instagib it as well.

    As the ability applies on-hit effects, it can be used to quickly place multiple stacks of Black Cleaver's armor reduction or Madred's Bloodrazor's bonus damage on your enemy. However the procs of Sheen or Trinity Force will be only applied once at any time.

    Slice and Dice
    Slice and Dice provides Renekton one of the best mobility in the game. In the laning phase it grants easy harassment, while in team fights you can go straight for the enemy carry and disable him / her giving your team the upper edge in team fights.

    You can bypass the terrain with it by dashing over thin objects, including the walls of the bases. You can use it to quickly escape from bad situations by using creeps or even your enemies as jumpers to get significant distance advantage over your opponents.

    The damage component equals with a much stronger version of Sunfire Cape. It synchronizes well with your role of sustained damage dealing as the longer you stand in front of your opponents, the more damage you deal to them in every second.

    The huge health gain provides easy towerdiving early and can save your life in ganks or give you the upper edge over your opponent at any time. It has exceptionally good synergy with Atma's Impaler, providing you even more damage while it is on.

  • Masteries

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    The additional 9% cooldown reduction helps to approach the hard cap quite well early and at late game with a Youmuu's Ghostblade you will be able to use your abilities as often as possible. The armor penetration is a great tool to boost your damage output, as your standard spells deal physical damage, while Dominus benefits greatly from the magic penetration. The death timer reduction is quite useful nowadays, as with the recent patches you will need to wait quite a lot time past middle game to get back into the fight again. You should have the Lizard buff whenever it is possible, so the neutral talents are really useful to utilize its maximum potential. The bonus movement speed is a really obvious choice. Personally I prefer this setup, but others can be just as viable such as 9/0/21. The reason behind picking this over the others is that it provides the majority of important bonuses in my opinion.

  • Possible Rune Choices

    Mark Runes
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    Pretty obvious choice, as you deal physical damage with both of your auto-attacks and abilities, with the exception of Dominus. The benefits are especially noticeable early, as most champions start with low amounts of armor, making the penetration more effective.

    Seal Runes
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    Scaling armor runes give more benefits in the long run, while flat armor can help a lot in early game skirmishes. Beside negating the standard auto-attacks, these runes also grant you better survivability against champions with physical damage-based spells.

    Purchasing dodge chance runes is another viable option. It can completely negate even the strongest auto-attacks from your enemies, making it extremely effective in some situations. During the early phase of the game, dodging the minion aggro can be just as useful. On the other hand, it is really matter of luck, and it does not help you against physical damage-based spells.

    Our build includes only one item with magic resistance, which will be only purchased somewhere in the middle phase of the game. Taking magic resistance runes can be a great asset to provide yourself better survivability by rendering you tougher against mages.

    Glyph Runes
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    As mentioned above, magic resistance helps you to maintain a much more optimal health/mitigation ratio against champions with magical damage-based abilities. This is especially true, considering that the standard build contains mostly armor-heavy items.

    Another great choice are the flat cooldown reduction runes. Renekton uses his spells to deal the majority of his damage, thus these runes more or less equal with purchasing attack speed on auto-attackers, as they allow you to deal damage more frequently.

    Quintessence Runes
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    As mentioned above, Renekton benefits greatly from any additional armor penetration. With Marks, the Brutalizer (which eventually becomes a Youmuu's Ghostblade) you a get decent amount of penetration which serves you well throughout the game.

    Swiftness Quintessences are one of the most well-scaling runes throughout the game. They provide you virtually an additional level of Enhanced Movement, rendering you an even better chaser. As they are based on percentage, they also synchronize well with any additional speed bonus from other sources, such as using the summoner spell Ghost or purchasing the Force of Nature.

  • Summoner Spells

    Highly Recommended Summoner Spells
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    These spells are highly recommended for a reason. They all have great synergy with Renekton's playstyle, rendering them highly valuable picks.

    Ghost is an obvious choice on most melee DPS champions. As all of your spells are close-ranged, it helps to position yourself properly to deal damage and to not let your enemies kite you. It is also useful in both aggressive and defensive situations, rendering it a great overall and well-rounded pick.

    Exhaust is another common pick on melee champions. It helps to disable highly valuable targets and bypass kiting. Combined with your insane mobility and decent stun, you can go straight for the enemy carry and disable him/her to provide just enough time for you team to catch up and finish killing him/her.

    As Renekton is a mostly spell-based champion, Ignite can be really useful when all of your spells are on cooldown and the enemy is about to run away on extremely low health. A lot of people greatly underestimate the amounts of damage this spell provides early in the game. This often results in a first blood, which is enough to develop and maintain lane dominance in the rest of the game. Later it loses a lot from its effectiveness, but you can still use it to cripple healers and to pop Banshee's Veil if it's necessarily.

    Possible Alternations
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    These spells have not that good synergy with Renekton, however they can be useful in some specific situations, rendering them possible alternations.

    Teleport helps in split pushes (both as attacker and defender) to either save or destroy a turret. It is a great tool to quickly reinforce your team if there is any minions or wards close by. This is especially useful in the early fights near the Dragon, allowing you to continue farming safely in the top lane (and possibly score a tower as well), and jump into the fight whenever it is necessarily.

    Just like Ghost, Flash can be used to catch up enemies or flee away safely in bad situations. However I prefer the former over the latter in the majority of times, as you have a double-dash a relatively short cooldown, picking another, similar ability is looks like a bit overkill. But again, there are some situations when it's necessarily even if the Ghost provides more benefits in most games.

    Not Recommended/Bad Summoner Spells
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    These spells aren't useful enough / are way too situational to use them. Healing for example is covered by Cull of the Meek and Dominus as well. Cleanse, Clairvoyance and Fortify can be useful in some situations, but there is no real reason to pick them over the recommended ones.

    The reason behind not putting Cleanse above there is that if you suffer from many crowd control abilities, you are much better purchasing a Quicksilver Sash (which cleans many debuff effects as well and is the only direct-counter for suppression) early for the place of Force of Nature instead of wasting one of your summoner spell slots for that matter.

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling Order Before Level Six
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    In fact, you can actually start with any of your spells. Ruthless Predator can net easy first bloods with the help of a second disable ability and Ignite or Exhaust. Slice and Dice can be really useful in level one team fights, where you can deal quite good damage with it and catch up low health targets who will most likely flash away. In the majority of times Cull the Meek is the common choice though as it is the easiest way to harass and farm at level one. At level two, Slice and Dice are available to grant you superior mobility. Ruthless predator can be picked optionally at level three instead of four depending on the situation.

    Skilling Priority After Level Six
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    Dominus is obviously the highest priority, so be sure to put one point in it whenever you can. The second is Cull the Meek, as it is your primary tool to harass, maintain health and possibly last hit when multiple creeps are on low health and you can't pick them up one by one via auto-attacks. I do not recommend to put more points early in Ruthless Predator as the stun's duration remains the same and the other two spells scales better with levels, and they aren't single-targeted (so you can farm more effectively and possibly harass multiple enemies at once). Slice and Dice provides insane mobility which is ideal to set up harassment-combos and escape whenever it is necessarily. Be sure though to hit the enemy with both dashes, to deal twice as much damage and to be able to get out of their range to negate any attempt to counter-attack.

  • Item Progression

    Main Objectives
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    As a Tanky DPS champion, Renekton must exploit two characteristics simultaneously: survivability and sustained damage output. Itemizing for the first one is really general. You need to achieve a balanced health / mitigation ratio, considering that your ultimate provides health boost for the duration of the team fight. The second is not that common, as unlike other bruisers, Renekton uses his spells to deal damage rather than auto-attacking. Since all of these abilities deal physical damage with the exception of Dominus, the following stats will help you to maximize your damage output: attack damage, armor penetration and cooldown reduction.

    Starting Items
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    The common start items are either Doran's Shield or Boots of Speed. I do not recommend Doran's Blade as unlike the ranged champions, you will suffer from constant harassment all the time. Doran's Shield is a great choice since it provides bulkiness early, while Cull the Meek helps to maintain your health, rendering your lane sustainability and presence really strong.

    If you feel you are good without it, you can also start with Boots of Speed, gaining great regeneration via Health Potions and optionally a Ward if you are up against a really aggressive jungler or you want to set up an easy counter-jungling opportunity for you team. Cloth Armor and Null-Magic Mantle can be useful if you are completely sure who will you fight against, and if he only deals one type of damage.

    From this point at any time of the game if you decide to recall home be sure to not leave the fountain without purchasing at least one Ward (unless you have no more item slots available), and during the early game, even some Health Potions if necessarily. They provide great advantages for you for a really cheap price, rendering them extremely cost effective. This obviously assumes that you don't stop farming until you get enough gold to purchase both of your core items and the consumables at the same time.

    Early Game
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    The main items which we will purchase at this times are the Ionian Boots of Lucidity (in special cases Mercury's Treads), the Brutalizer and the Giant's Belt or Phage. The first two item helps you to outlast your opponent mostly through cooldown reduction as you are extremely spell dependent, but also with attack damage and armor penetration to hit harder, making your harassment more effective. Giant's Belt helps with your squishiness as you aren't that hard to take down early and makes turret diving much safer. Phage grants additional damage in exchange for health, rendering your attack significantly stronger, but also leaving you more vulnerable.

    As soon as you have these items (or even earlier if possible) you can constantly look for ganking opportunities. With your dash on a short cooldown and your enhanced movement speed you can roam between lanes with blazing speed and set up easy kills for your teammates with your abilities. You can even tank the tower for a while with your ultimate on if it is necessarily and worth of risking your life. Be sure though to focus primarily on farming rather than wasting your time looking for impossible ganks.

    Middle Game
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    This is the time when Renekton shines the most. Team fights happens more frequently, when the potentials of your area-of-damage based abilities become much more noticeable. From this point itemization gets a little messy as you have multiple choices available to pick your next item properly depending on the actual situation. You should buy all of them eventually, but the order can differ each game.

    Due his playstyle, Renekton works better with a survivability-heavy build rather than focusing on pure attack damage. There comes however an item called Atma's Impaler which will help you to take advantages of building tanky. It not only provides a great secondary effect for your ultimate, but will scale well into the late game as you will stack a lot of health with this build.

    I do not recommend upgrading the Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade until the very late game. You deal most of your damage through abilities and you only auto-attack a few times between cooldowns, rendering the active ability not that effective on him. The majority of the other stats are already provided by the Brutalizer so there is no real reason to upgrade yet.

    With the Brutalizer and Atma's Impaler supplying you with enough damage, you can focus on your survivability as you are still relatively squishy at this time. In most cases you will want to reach a decent amount of effective health versus both types of damage. This means in an ideal situation you want to reach the 2000 health mark with 80/80 mitigations, and for every 1000 additional hitpoints you also want boost your armor/magic resistance by 80/80.

    In the majority of times this means purchasing the second recipe of Frozen Mallet, depending on which one did you buy first. Keep in my mind that at this point you are quite repellent against physical damage, however your magic resistance is significantly lower, especially if you have no magic resistance runes. If you receive a lot of magic damage during team fights, consider purchasing a Negatron Cloak before finishing the Frozen Mallet to achieve an optimal effective health ratio versus both types of damage.

    Late Game
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    At late game team fights become significantly longer, as even the squishies get decent amounts of survivability, while the bruisers also become extremely hard to take down without proper damage output. This means kiting plays an even greater role than before. If that fails and the carries get assimilated you also need to face a similarly strong bruiser to decide ending of the battle.

    At this time you already have a Frozen Mallet in your inventory to either set-up easy kills for your team, or to protect your squishier teammates by slowing down the incoming enemies, giving your teammates enough time to back up. As this also means that you will need to tank the majority of the incoming damage instead of your teammates, you definitely want to work on your effective health.

    You have two choices remain for it. You most likely have a Negatron Cloak already, which can be upgraded into a Force of Nature. The additional magic resistance helps versus magic damage-based abilities, while the health regeneration can help you to heal back quite a lot during the long team fights as smart teams won't focus you too much until your carry is alive. Once you become the primary target, you should have still decent amounts of hitpoints available thanks for the constant regeneration.

    The other item beside boosting your survivability also increases your DPS greatly. The Sunfire Cape's passive aura equals with a constant, level one version of your Dominus. It synchronizes well with your role (sustained damage dealing) as the longer you stand next to your opponent, the more damage you deal to him. Considering that you will face other bruisers who will take quite a lot time to defeat, this ability is a great addition to your arsenal. The additional health also provides free attack damage via the Atma's.

    The very last item at this time will be the Youmuu's Ghostblade in the majority of times. It has not that obvious synergy with Renekton as the previous items, but it is still a great addition for your inventory. The additional CDR helps to use your abilities as often as possible, the armor penetration, attack damage and critical chance grant additional DPS, while the active ability further enhances your chasing capabilities.

  • Item Justification

    Highly Recommended Items
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    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    These items are highly recommended for a reason. They synchronize exceptionally well with Renekton's playstyle and provide great scaling throughout the game. This renders them part of the standard build as well, assuming you are up against a balanced team.

    Doran's Shield is probably the most effective starting item currently available in the game. As you are really squishy early, this item supplies you with enough bulkiness to dominate the lane. The regeneration combined with your Cull the Meek grants you great lane sustainability and negates incoming harassment. I do not recommend purchasing Doran's Blade as you are not an auto-attacker.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity and the Brutalizer are mostly used to fill your cooldown reduction requirements as Renekton deals the most damage through his abilities. Purchasing these items is more or less equivalent with getting attack speed on auto-attackers as it helps you to deal damage more frequently. The Brutalizer also provides great bonuses in form of attack damage and armor penetration, two extremely important stats which greatly enhances the overall damage output of your abilities.

    Atma's Impaler is the main source of your power during middle and late game. It has great synergy with your ultimate, the Sunfire Cape and the Frozen Mallet. It allows you to focus on your survivability while still be able to deal great amounts of sustained damage. Between your cooldowns the critical chance can give you some additional burst when your are forced to auto-attack.

    Sunfire Cape combines survivability with additional damage. It not only generates free attack damage with the Atma's Impaler, but supplies you with an area-of-effect damage aura which equals with a constant, level one version of your ultimate. This synchronizes well with your role of sustained damage dealer. The longer you stand next to your enemy, the more damage you do. The magic damage dealt renders itemizing harder as your enemies need to stack both armor and magic resistance to properly counter you.

    Frozen Mallet forms a great combination with the Atma's Impaler, providing you great survivability and damage at the same time. The passive ability grants you a really strong slowing effect on your auto-attacks. Considering Renekton's extreme mobility and his reliable stun, not many enemies will be able to kite you, rendering you an even better chaser and kill set-upper than before.

    Force of Nature is your main source of magic resistance, as all of the other items provide either armor or health. The additional movement speed further enhances your chasing capabilities. The health regeneration is not that impressive, however it still synchronizes well with your role of sustained damage dealing as it helps you to last even longer in team fights.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade is only a luxury item than anything else in the majority of time which you will purchase only at the very late game if that lasts long enough. The early Brutalizer provides the most important stats already, making the upgrade a lower priority than the other items are. The active ability basically grants a free Ghost and helps to take down buildings faster.

    Possible Alternations / Situational Items
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    Mercury's Treads is a really hard decision. Though it synchronizes with your role perfectly, you are also extremely dependent on abilities to deal damage or provide utility, meaning you need that cooldown reduction from the Ionian Boots of Lucidity really badly. Renekton is one of those few champions who I actually recommend the CDR boots over the Mercury's one in most situations.

    Quicksilver Sash is an awesome, although a highly situational item. As Renekton you will play like some kind of crowd control soaker due of your hitbox size in Dominus form and because of your gameplay mechanics. If you suffer from exceptionally many disable effects (including suppression), you may want to alternate your standard build and get this item instead of Force of Nature.

    Last Whisper is quite decent item now on Renekton, as since the recent patches it provides attack damage instead of attack speed. The percent attack penetration is highly situational though as it requires multiple enemies with enormous amount of armor stacked to make the purchase worthwile and you have already a decent amount of reduction with the empowered version of Slice and Dice.

    The Black Cleaver provides good amounts of attack damage, some attack speed and a decent passive which synchronizes well with your Ruthless Predator ability, allowing Renekton to quickly apply multiple stacks of flat armor reduction on the enemy. This is the most effective if your carry can also attack your target during the debuff, rendering his / her attacks much more powerful this way.

    The Bloodthirster provides the highest amount of attack damage reachable with one item. The lifesteal can also be applied with your Ruthless Predator spell. The bonus damage is lost upon death, however with Renekton's farming capabilities you can refill it fast. Be sure though that only purchase it if you have no problems with your survivability. As a Tanky DPS champion, you are meant to survive as longest as possible and deal sustained damage during that. Glass-cannon builds are barely viable on him unless fed.

    Guardian Angel and Aegis of the Legion are both provide mostly mitigations combined with their own unique bonuses. The former makes you even more painfully hard to take down by giving you a second chance to live and fight back, while the latter provides a great aura for your team which is especially useful in solo queueing by rendering them a bit tougher versus both type of damage.

    Randuin's Omen grants you some really strong movement and attack slowing effect in both passive and active forms. As you will be often focus, these two abilities combined with your own stun can seriously cripple the damage output of enemy auto-attackers.

    Thornmail is another obvious answer to counter auto-attack based champions, as it makes them hurt themselves with every hit. Keep in my though that since the reflection deals magic damage, it loses from its effectiveness if the enemy stacks some resistance.

    External Image
    [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir]

    Map awareness and control are the key points to win games. For an extremely cheap price, Wards serve your whole team exceptionally well. Knowing your enemies' exact position and being able track down their movements is an extremely powerful tool in your arsenal. Exploiting this potential will greatly increase your overall gameplay and your chances of winning the game.

    Wards help you to not get ganked early (especially as you will spend most of your time in the top solo lane, which is the most vulnerable among all others) by granting you vision on the incoming enemy jungler, giving you enough time to safely retreat. Warding important spots and high-traffic crossroads provides your whole team superior map control, allowing them to safely push, organize or avoid ganks, which in the long run gives you the upper edge over your opponents, eventually resulting in a win.

    The most basic rule of warding is that if you leave the fountain with free item slots, while you have more than 75 gold and no wards, you are doing it horribly wrong. It does not matter what role does your champion fill, you should always purchase at least one. You do not necessarily need to place it right away, but keeping it in your inventory and using it whenever you can gain great advantages by covering yourself with it or to acquire vision over an important territory is essential to become a better player.

    Vision Wards and the Oracle's Elixir are used to detect stealthed units and champions. While the latter is a great tool to clean up one important spot, the latter can be used indefinitely during your champion's lifetime. It is important to mention that Oracle should not be used only versus stealthers, as if you have decent enemies, you will need to clean up their wards as well somehow.

    This means, assuming you can keep it, Oracle's Elixir becomes really cost effective after a while, as you not only get gold back from each enemy ward destroyed, but you are also constantly reducing the enemy team's map control, providing your team great benefits in the long run and opportunities to act hidden from enemy sight. Luckily Renekton is a great carrier as he can travel quickly to seek out enemy wards, can facecheck brushes, and he has a great chance to survive getting focused in team fights.

    Purchasing Health Potions is another important pillar during the laning phase. These consumable items are the cheapest in the game, but still provide you one of the most useful advantage over your enemy early. With only a few potions you can easily outlast your opponent, forcing him / her to miss out of gold and experience, or resulting in an easy kill if he decides to stay in your lane.

    Elixir of Furtitude is a great tool to boost your health and damage even further, though it is not that cost-effective as it used to be before its nerf. Assuming you have your Atma's Impaler already in your inventory, it also generates some additional attack damage as well. With the combination of your ultimate, the instant, massive health gain can also be quite deceptive for your enemies.

    Not Recommended / Bad Items
    External Image
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    The Banshee's Veil is a great item on ranged carries, assassins, nukers and other squishy champions for whom the shield often makes the difference between life and death. However it has really bad synergy with Renekton's playstyle. Due the working mechanism of your abilities, you are forced to stay inside the heat of the battle, constantly suffering from multiple, usually area-of-effect based spells which instantly break your shield with no crucial effect negated, rendering the shield not that effective on him.

    Again, Spirit Visage is not a bad item in overall. However I see no particular reason to actually use it and I have room for it in my build. Considering the recent nerfs to the item and Cull the Meek, the small increase in the lane sustainability is simply not worth it. Your cooldown reduction requirements are mostly covered by the Ionian Boots of Lucidity and the Brutalizer, the health gain isn't that impressive and if you are up against strong casters, you are much better purchasing an early Negatron Cloak.

    Warmog's Armor can be an acceptable choice as the very last item if the game lasts extremely long, however this happens very rarely. This means in the majority of times it is not worth to get, as there are items which provide you significant secondary bonuses rather than giving a mass amount of health. Remember that as a Tanky DPS champion you mean't to be rough to kill with decent amount of effective hitpoints, but Warmog is just an overkill in health, especially if you consider what your ultimate is.

    Madred's Bloodrazor and Trinity Force are great items on those who are suited for it. Though Ruthless Predator has a tempting synergy with the passive effects, I do not feel that it is worth enough to pay 4000 gold for each item. Keep in mind that you are going to waste some or gain not that useful stats with both of them, what the additional burst probably will not be able to balance out. It is also important to mention that the Trinity Force's passive only procs once, no matter if you are empowered or not.

  • Laning

    Main Objectives
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    This is a critical phase of the game, even if the death timers are really short since the adjustments in the recent patches at this time, missing out even one or two waves of creep can still cause serious consequences later. Reaching level six is critical for most champions, as they gain access to a much more powerful spell, often resulting in an easy kill.

    It is a popular misbelief that you need to actually kill someone to lane properly. In fact, your main objective is to rack up as much gold as possible, while you are trying to cripple your enemies by zoning them out or killing them (as a consequence of constant harassment, in which Renekton excels really well), without taking unnecessarily risks without a reason.

    The Start
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    While Renekton is a really good side laner as well, he only shows his real power in the solo lanes. Since middle is usually reserved for your carry, in the majority of times you will take the top solo lane. Here is important to mention that you do not get any less gold as some people think, because you always get each time the same amount of minions incoming, but with a small delay as they need to travel further.

    Middle lane is probably a bit worse for Renekton, as the enemies can tower hug versus him much more easily. On the other side, those enemies are usually much more vulnerable as the teams tend to put their most perseverant champion in the top solo lane where they are in the most vulnerable position to provide their squishy champions an easy time in mid. They are usually ranged as well, which isn't the best matchup as Renekton, as it makes harder again to maintain zoning advantages.

    After you left the spawning pool, be sure to cover your jungler's starting point, especially if he starts at a predictable position, such as the Ancient Golem or the Lizard. When you are walking back towards your lane, keep your jungler's position hidden by not choosing an obvious (shortest) route to get back, as smart teams can still take advantage of the situation. Causing him to get interrupted or even killed can generate serious consequences for your whole team.

    Last Hitting
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    If possible, only last hit creeps with standard auto-attacks to not push the lane without a reason, except if you are wounded and you need some health back. Farming without spells also helps to constantly charge up and maintain your Fury bar. If the enemy tries to come closer to last hit, be sure to initiate on him with your empowered spells, further increasing your lane dominance.

    If you are up against someone who constantly pushes the lane, you can use your own spells much more frequently to maintain an advantageous position for yourself. This means you want the two waves to collide just barely outside of your tower's range (even if you can last hit just as well under of it anyway). This puts your enemy into a really vulnerable position, as he needs to travel much further to be in safety, opening easy opportunities for your jungler (or just yourself) to kill him easily.

    While later in the game your combo can clean up a whole minion wave in matter of seconds, Renekton can't farm that well early. This means in some matchups you will may be forced to last hit under the tower. Thus is it a good idea to learn how to maintain the creep's health correctly to not lose gold in these situations. Luckily it is a really consistent and predictable method. Without any additional attack damage, you need to attack the minions once, allow the tower to hit, and auto-attack again to get the gold.

    Overall Behavior
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    As Renekton you should be really aggressive (again, without overextending and taking unnecessarily risks), and take advantages of your insane early game power. You are able to wreck most sololaners, even those who are generally considered as 'immovable' in lane, such as Cho'Gath for example. This is especially true versus mana-based enemies, as they are hard-capped by their mana pools and can't sustain using their spells whenever they come off of cooldown (or if they do, they run out of mana really fast).

    If the enemies (especially melee-based champions) are trying to counter-attack you, you can bait them near your creeps, allow them you hit you once which generates aggro, and use your standard combo on him. The surrounding creeps will deal a really significant damage early, this combined with your own spells will take out half of the enemy's health easily. After that, they will think twice to attack you.

    Lane Matchups
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  • Tips & Tricks

    Smart Casting
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  • Changelog

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    External Image

    External Image
    April, 2011
    - Laning section added
    - Items section slightly reworked

    April, 2011
    - Updates in multiple sections
    - Abilities section expanded
    - Item justification started
    - Item progression added
    - Skilling order added
    - Summoner spells added
    - Runes section added
    - Abilities section added
    - Quick roundup added
    - Introduction added
    - Changelog added
    - Development started

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