Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle - more than just a supporter!

written by ashiirmaan

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Most people think Kayle is only one of those supporters who have to slow, heal and give ulti...
    But Kayle is more than just a typical supporter!
    She is one of the best hybrids in game if you ask me.
    With the right runes, masteries and itembuild she can carry the game if got lucky in early game.

    In this guide I show you how I used to play Kayle after I tried out lots of different builds.
    But you have to know that you have to be the rational kind of person, because too much greed and deaths will make this build fail!
    At least if you planning NOT to be called the stupid supporter.

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    Lovely passive, after it got changed long time ago.
    Make good use of it and don't go for AP only!

    This is your main harassment and opening attack.
    Your first attack should look like this:
    Get in range, cast Ignite followed with Reckoning and your enemies will already fear your damage.
    But be careful, Ignite got a little less range than Reckoning.

    Divine Blessing
    Poor Kayle, everyone thinks she is a healer but this skill got so low heals that you have to build up some AP before you can call this heals.
    But at least it also gives the healed target a slight movement bonus that you can make use of even if not need the heal effect.

    Righteous Fury
    In early game Kayle lacks lot of attack speed and mana pool.
    That's why I wait a bit till i skill Righteous Fury.
    If you need some splash damage or just some ranged attacks to kill some minions, than you can skill it earlier than planned to.
    But please don't get this at level 1 already.
    You will not make good use of your mana compared to the damage you do...

    I'm still missing the old 5 seconds ulti...
    Also I miss to use this ulti while stunned, caged or snared.
    I think it's just not fair, because it's duration is a bit to short to come away when focused well.

    Anyhow we have to deal with it, so choose your target wisely.
    Sometimes it's smarter to give the ulti your carry instead of the first dying champion.
    But use on yourself when getting focused, because you got valuable Mejai's Soulstealer stacks to loose.
    You will learn to love [ALT] + R (or W for heals)

  • Masteries + Runes

    In the past I always thought supporting masteries would be the right choice, because of all the mana I need to heal and do damage...
    My experience teached me I was wrong so I'm now convinced that offensive masteries is the best choice you can make.
    Sure a little bit on supportive masteries isn't that wrong, so my masteries build looks like this:

    | 9x | | 9x | | 9x | | 3x |

    So we get +15 Ability Power, +8.5 Magic Pen. and +19 Mana Regen / 5 at level 18.

  • Summoner Abilities

    My favorite picks are and .

    Exhaust is good to blind melee targets or just slow your enemies down to catch em better.
    With [mastery_text=Cripple] mastery you also lower their magic resist down so you do even more damage.

    Ignite I need to power up my ability power in early game so Kayle does even more damage on harassment.
    In mid and late game it's perfect as finisher or just to lower heal effects like Mundos ulti.

  • Skilling Order

    This setup is my usual skilling order.
    Works pretty fine as long as your lane partner can kill the minions fast enough.

    If you get forced to do some early splash damage but are ok with level 1 heals you can alternatively use the second version.

    If you get forced to get a stronger heals you can try the slightly different and last version.

    But no matter how you skill, at early game you will have way to less mana to keep spamming your skills, so keep an eye on your mana and don't waste it!

  • Items

    I might be the rational minded player on the battlefield but my itembuild isn't somehow...
    It's dangerous, if you fail in early game it's hard to get into the match, but if you act smart and have a bit luck this item build will do the rest!

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]

    If enemies got lot of crowd controls you should buy instead of

  • Farming

    If you follow this guide you will get pretty less minion kills in early game.
    But after you hit level 7 you will start to farm some money for better equip.
    At the latest after you got your & LvL2

  • Working in the team

    Kayle is one of the worst healers in early game and in late game your heals are nothing compared to the heals of other champions.
    But still you have to support your team, but make sure, especially at early game to your lane partner, that you don't want to waste your mana to keep healing your ally only!
    You need that mana to keep harassing your enemies and only heal your ally and yourself if all goes wrong.

    In mid and late game it depends how good your early game was or how well equiped you are already.
    Especially at late game you will have enough mana and less cooldown to spam your skills.
    Try to not stay in front, because you have a lot to loose - your Mejai's Soulstealer stacks!
    If your enemies are smart they will try to focus you to take you down fast so you loose your stacks and your allies have to fight without any heals and your lifesaver ulti.

    It's kinda hard to survive as Kayle when you got focused in melee.
    That's why Banshee's Veil is essential to have at least some survivability.
    But you can't afford much more defensive items, or you will lack other essential offensive and supportive items.

  • Pros / Cons of this build

    + very flexible with fair damage and supporting abilities
    + high harassment damage
    + Intervention can be matchwinner
    + good farmer mid and late game

    - less mana pool at early game
    - less survivability when focused
    - sucks at melee range
    - your team mostly thinks you are full supporter

  • Summary

    At level 1 your stats will look like this (without doran's ring & used ignite!):
    External Image

    Remember to use your Ignite as fast as possible in early game so your damage and heals are more effective.
    Some people will say "Kayle, WTF, Ignite?!?!?!", but don't mind those people, they don't know Kayle.
    Because for Kayle this 10 extra AP also means some extra AD.
    Sure it's not that much, but every single AP and AD counts in early game.

    With some luck and practice your stats at the end of a match can look like this:
    External Image

    Of course my stats don't always looks like that, but that picture shows how Kayle can become a carry and supporter in the same time, when things go VERY well ;)

    I hope you liked this guide.
    Do me a favor and rate it please.

    Thank you, good luck and have fun!

    And here is a videocapture on YouTube i've made before Kayle got patched.
    Not a perfect run (with screenfreeze and crash ^^), but still nice i think.
    sry you have to copy&paste it, linking it somehow adds wrong adress...

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