Poppy Build Guide

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Poppy - Cracking Skulls Since 1999

written by schizzle55

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Valiant Fighter
    Awesome passive, it makes you more and more tanky the less health you have left. This is also what makes you able to escape a lot impossible situations, and often with very low health..making your enemys rage (which is always fun :D) this also removes the need for early tank items, tho late game you will need some form of defense

    Devastating Blow
    Your low cooldown nuke, your bread and butter ability. delivers a huge (insane as AP) nuke on your next attack, has a sec CD. this is what every poppy build will revolve around. this is the reason you'll never see a poppy build without a trinity force or a lich bane.

    Paragon of Demacia
    The reason we dont need ghost, this one grants you a low CD mini ghost, and its gonna be super helpfull for loads of things. chasing, escaping (this+passive+ult makes u pretty damn hard to chase down and kill), and positioning for heroic charge.
    also for each hit (or on activate) you get some bonus AD and armor, so thats a nice little bonus, tho the main purpose/use of this ability is the movespeed

    Heroic Charge
    Your stun, your only skill shot ability, basically you stun the target if it hits a wall, also deals alot more dmg if you hit a wall, so try to allways hit a wall (or a tower).
    but if its impossible to hit a wall try to use it towards your own team, kinda like alistars headbutt.

    Diplomatic Immunity
    Kinda like trynds ult, but better! with this one on you noone but your target can dmg/CC you, and it boosts your dmg vs your target.

    This one can be used for alot of things, it can be used to escape, just use it on someone without CC and pop your W and away you go.
    or you can use it to instantly kill whoever you please (not a main tank tho) use this+E+Q and your target should be dead...if not add one more Q and he's down..

    It can also used to make sure you dont get CC'ed in a team fight, if they have someone with alot of CC who is also the main problem, just pop your ult on someone without CC, and kill the guy with CC.. this gives you sec of "i can do whatever i damn well please"-time...which is always fun =)

    Most of the time tho, its just used to insta nuke someone

    This also makes you one of the hardest targets to tower dive.. i got dived by a malz+morde+ashe once (lvl 8), used it on morde (cuz he had no CC).. ended up with me killing morde+malz, and ashe escaping with 40% hp.. truely a powerfull ult

    The downside of this spell is that it'll also get you killed if you dont pay attention to its CD.. and charge into a 1v3 because you thaught you had your ult up - but you didnt..thats not fun xD

  • Introduction


    Hi there, im Schizzle and im here to make you a more succesful Poppy player.
    first of all, this is a guide for poppy played on summoners rift 5v5, and its not gonna be uber long.
    i've always loved poppy, played her since she got released.
    tho i took a long break from her because i couldnt rly get past that whole "if i dont get a buttload of kills ima be gold starved" thing she's got going on..
    recently i saw this build being used, and added something to it myself.. and i gotta say it has worked wonders for me.
    so in other words its not 100% my own build im just sharing it =)

    It might look odd, and weak, but srsly try it before you judge it! i have like an 80% win rate with this build so far (and only like 1 game with a negativ score)...havent used it for that long tho

    Also there are only so many ways you can build poppy, so alot of this will look alot like other guides.. the special part of this guide is in the early game, and the core build.

    About me: i've been playing since closed beta, have around 1200 games played (have more, but got reset when season 1 came) and i play just about everything, dont rly play ranked, but i would consider myself to be mid ELO.
    also i would like to say that english isnt my first language and therefore there might be some spelling/grammer misstakes in this guide..

    Also before you downvote i would appreciate if you asked me first (to see if there are any missunderstandings or something i did wrong), or at least tell me why =) (PM or leave a comment)

    And finally, i'll try my best to keep this guide updated..


    - Updated the build, instead of the second Phil stone we now get a Heart of Gold!

    - added a section about counter jungling and lane partners, in the "working as a team" section.

    - updated the item section to include Tenacity items, and added the Build order section for quick reference

    - added a little sumthing sumthing to skilling order

  • Masteries + Runes


    Marks: 9x Magic penetration because your Q does magic dmg...hell most your dmg is magic

    Seals: 9x Flat armor, this is what i use. you could go with dodge runes aswell, mana regen runes can also be used if you feel like you need more mana then what you get from 1 phil stone

    Glyphs: 9x Magic ressistence per lvl. again this is what i use, cooldown reduction could work aswell.

    Quints: 3x Flat hp

    now these runes might seem rly tanky for a dps char, espicially considering what her ult can do.
    but i like to get these because it will take a while before im able to buy defensive items.
    and it makes her early game easier.

    i use 9/21/0 again for the tankyness, also she doesnt rly need anything in the offense three since most her dmg is magic (even with an AD build)

    You could also run 9/0/21 if u prefer reduced cooldown on summoner abilities, which could help alot

    actually you can do pretty much whatever as poppy.. just remember that most of her dmg is magic.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust and Flash is in my opinion the best set of summoners for poppy, seeing as you allready have a mini ghost with your W you dont rly need another one, also these summoners+ult+w+passive makes you freaking unkillable, and able to escape from everything (almost) imo poppy is the best non-blink char when it comes to escaping

    Ghost and Ignite are also viable alternatives, you can use them both, or trade either one of Flash and Exhaust for one of these

    Other viable options:

    Personally i wouldnt use any of these, but they could definitely work.

  • Skilling Order

    Max Q first but take E at lvl 1 and W at lvl 3 or 4.
    after that its:

    note that you can also chose to max E over Q.. some ppl argue that E is a better early game dmg source then Q is, and that Q scales better to late game.. if you chose to do this (which isnt a bad idea at all) you'll have to keep in mind that E only does better early game dmg if you hit a wall.. so if you're bad at that stick with Q :D (also i pick Q first just cuz its a habbit of mine...and i kinda like it that way)

  • Items

    AD Build:

    Personally i start with Boots of Speed+ 2hp pots and 1 mana pot
    you can also start with Doran's Shield or even Doran's Ring
    tho personally i prefer the boots because it enables me to roam, and its easier to get in position for heroic charge stun.

    Stay in lane till you have 800g go B and buy Philosopher's Stone, get back to lane, gain another 825g and get a [item=Heart of Gold] (of if you're building AP you could get a [item=Kage's Lucky Pick] instead would be a good idea since it builds into Deathfire Grasp)
    well, as you might know poppy cant farm to save her life, and normally you would have to compensate by getting shitloads of kills.. with these items money wont be a problem, even with a poor score you'll have almost as much gold earned after the match as the good farmers, and also it enables you to stay in the lane forever, it enables you to roam and gank regaining all lost health and mana running between ganks.
    since they changed gold per 10 to be unique per item we're getting a heart of gold, this makes you more tanky aswell, and doesnt hurt your game that much.. roaming is abit weaker then before tho..

    After that go B and get a Sheen, like every other poppy build this is your core, because it makes your Q hit harder, and gives a better mana pool


    Now upgrade your boots to either Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes (with the new tenacity items Sorcerer's shoes will get picked up alot more then before)
    get a Phage and a Zeal and finish your Trinity Force

    After this you have a few choices either get a Infinity Edge or a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Madreds has pretty sweet syngergy with your Q, and adds some armor and attack speed, making your W reach ȁ10 stacks faster.
    infinity edge adds some extra burst on normal hits if you're lucky enough to get a crit (9 out of 10 times i get madreds i just prefer it)

    Every build needs defensive items, now these might need to be added BEFORE madreds/infinity this is totally up to you

    Banshee's Veil is a rly good defensive item on poppy, giving both hp/mana and MR and ofc the bubble. and with the bubble there is nothing to stop you from getting to your target when your ult is op
    Guardian Angel is also a really good defensive item for her giving both MR and armor and a revive.

    AP Build:

    SAME CORE! look under AD build for the core

    After you get either Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes (sorcerers are more justified with this build)
    get a Deathfire Grasp this+your ult=INSANE BURST! but make sure to use this as the first spell in your nuke (R+deathfire+E+auto attack+Q+W+auto attack=dead), since it deals dmg based on current hp
    then finish your Lich Bane
    then get a Rabadon's Deathcap

    And again you'll need some defensive items Banshee's Veil is good here aswell or Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Scepter

    Remember that you can add a Mejai's Soulstealer at any point during this build if you want to.

    at any point during any of these builds you can chose to upgrade one of your Philosopher's Stone into [item=Eleisa's Miracle] ofc you should only do this if you didnt get Mercury's Treads
    the two other tenacity items Cloak and Dagger and Moonflair Spellblade can also be justified for either build (note that Cloak and Dagger is a good idea if you've chosen the infinity edge build)
    but i'd just get a [item=Eleisa's Miracle] since i allready have the phil stones

  • Build Example + Build order

    AD Build:
    Sell the phil stone/heart of gold when you need the space for a new item, which could be guardian angel in this example, but most likely you wont make it to this point

    Build order
    Boots of Speed+ 2hp pots and 1 mana pot
    Philosopher's Stone
    [item=Heart of Gold]
    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads
    Trinity Force

    Then do whatever you damn well please

    AP Build:
    Again just sell the phil stone/heart of gold when you need room for more items, but most likely you wont even get to the point where you have to sell one of them

    Build order
    Boots of Speed+ 2hp pots and 1 mana pot
    Philosopher's Stone
    [item=Heart of Gold] or [item=Kage's Lucky Pick]
    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads
    Deathfire Grasp
    Lich Bane
    Rabadon's Deathcap

    Then build whatever you damn well please but upgrading your Philosopher's Stone to a[item=Eleisa's Miracle] isnt a bad idea, if you didnt get Mercury's Treads

    Mejai's Soulstealer at any point if you're doing good

  • Pros / Cons

    - Insane burst
    - Really good survivability even without tank items
    - High speed
    - Pretty good escape ability
    - You can do retarded shit and still come out alive
    - Is able to get "wtf just happened"-kills quite often
    - Is able to escape with 0.1%-5% hp OFTEN!
    - Really hard to towerdive, and towerdives like a boss (after lvl 6)
    - Short cooldowns

    - One of the worst farmers ingame (not a problem with this build tho)
    - Use your ult wrong and you get serious problems
    - When your ult is down you have to play carefull
    - More of a melee caster then a real dps'er

  • AP vs AD

    AP is all about you being able to burst down pretty much anyone (not tanks tho) in little more then a second with your ult+deathfire+E+Q combo..
    after that you're left pretty squishy, seeing as you dont have much survivability, and you're left running around wacking ppl with your Q every 3rd sec

    AD also offers you a large amount of burst but dmg less then AP ofc. but it also offers you some survivability, and it makes you more dangerous after you've delivered your initial burst..

    Personally i run AD 95% of the times, but its rly a matter of what you prefer.. one isnt better then the other, also it comes down to how you prefer to play.

  • Working in a team

    As poppy you can choose to roam around from lvl 1 (or whenever) and gank all the time, or you can choose to lane a bit and then roam...personally i feel its importent to roam at some point.. doesnt have to be alot of roaming tho, just a bit, i tend to start roaming after i get my first phil stone, because the regen will keep me going forever. also she is quite good at lvl 1 ganks, so you might wanna try that, ganking their scout (the guy who guards their jungler) often gives an easy first blood, makes sure to get some help from your team tho.
    note that poppy can solo lane, she isnt the best at it, and should always do it, only if its against someone you know you can beat.. cant help you much here, since i've rarely done it. so thats for you to find out

    But your job is pretty much to just use ult on someone (doesnt have to be the guy you wanna kill) and then nuke the living shit out of the other teams carry (you should always be able to kill their carry, or at least try, your Q+E combo will send him running to his fauntain if you arent able to kill him).

    As a roamer try to:
    - gank or harras their jungler (you can hurry to their jungle and kill their scout with your team early for a easy first blood)
    - get a few hits on their mid (maybe even kill him) but just a few hits will help your own mid a lot
    - help where ever you're needed.. you might be needed to lane for a bit even.
    - place some wards!!!!!!
    - if you fall behind start laning, to catch up again.

    Counter jungling
    As far as counter junglings goes poppy can do a few things (granted alot more with smite, but most ppl wont be taking that) first of all (as allrdy mentioned) you can run to their jungle for an early gank, either on their scout or jungler.. you can also just go bot, stay there till their jungler has started blue and is unprotected.. then go for him, this either results in a kill, or you interrupt his golem, setting his jungling path back a min or two which is always good (in some rare cases u'll be able to steal blue) as far as buff stealing goes you'll have to wait untill you are lvl 6 with that, but thanks to her Q poppy is able to kill golem or lizard quite quickly (remember this as she is also quite dangerous with the buffs) but that is as far as it goes for poppy counter jungling.. ofc you can keep ganking the jungler all you wont and it'll damage his game greatly (so feel free to do so)

    Lane partners
    As poppy you'll most likely be laning on bot lane with a partner.
    good partners for poppy consists of pretty much anyone with a stun/knockup or snare or even a good slow sometimes help (basically anything that helps you land your heroic charge), healers are pretty good aswell, seeing as it will provide endless laning from the start, but it wont rly provide any kills.. champs with a good burst are also pretty good, because 2x burst early game = win
    champs like:
    Annie, Anivia, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Lux, Sion, Alistar, Brand, Cho'gath, Jarvan, Maokai, Renekton, Ryze, Taric, Shen, Veigar, Xin Zhao, Zilean, Nasus.

    Also.. People might say that Mundo goes where he pleases.. but remember that Poppy can go beyond that.

    Thx for reading my guide, and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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