Blitzcrank Build Guide

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A Short, and Effective Blitz Build ft. DoubleLift

written by Wisko

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    When Blitzcrank reaches below 20% of his maximum life, his mana barrier activates. This creates a shield that lasts 10 seconds and absorbs damage (accounts for Armor/MR) equal to 50% of his current mana. Cooldown: 60 seconds (unaffected by CDR)

    Mana Barrier should be activated every team fight, and also allows for some nice kiting/surprise factors, as the other team won’t expect you to suddenly gain a large chunk of ehp (~500 early game to >1500 late game) after they spent their resources taking you down. This makes you deceptively tanky, you can use it to bait any champs who are stupid enough to think they can kill you, and it acts as a super powered Hexdrinker for all damage for plain survivability. I try to abuse this as much as possible.

    Rocket Grab
    Blitzcrank fires his right fist, which grabs the first enemy unit it encounters, doing magic damage and pulling it towards you. Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16. 9 second cooldown at max level with 40% CDR.

    This is the one ability that makes blitzcrank unique to other champions, as no other champion has a move like it. This is your displacement ability and should be made with extreme accuracy. A huge mistake that first time Blitzcranks make is that they are too hasty with their grabs. You should aim to land 4 out of 5 of your grips. When blind gripping into the fog or through walls, make sure to do it with precision. Also a notable feature is that his grip doesn't actually come out of his chest but actually it comes out of his right fist. This is why I prefer turning that big fat arrow jauwn off and aim with the circle and cross-hairs. Keep this in mind when grabbing around tanks and creeps. Grabbing from the right side is easier than the left due to the need of over extension.

    Blitzcrank goes into Overdrive, gaining increased movement and attack speed for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds at all levels. 9 second cooldown with 40% CDR.

    This is your Boots of Mobility, it eliminates your need for both teleport and the boots thus said. It helps your pull off grabs, move lanes, travel, excel in chasing(when needed), escape, and demolish towers. with a 9 second cooldown at 40% cooldown reduction and an 8 second duration feel free to use it to travel with mana discretion advised. Don’t blow Overdrive to get to a lane if it means you’re waiting 3-4 seconds in a bush twiddling your thumbs; save the Overdrive for when you need it.
    The attack speed buff increases your auto attacks between power fists which is nice but not important unless you are building a pure dps build.

    Power Fist
    Blitzcrank powers up his fist, causing his next successful attack to deal double damage (physical damage) and pop his target into the air. Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5. 3 second cooldown at max level with 40% CDR.

    Powerfist is his bread and butter ability. It CCs, deals damage, and synergizes with Sheen rush. Remember that power fist resets auto attack cooldown and to maximize dps, you auto attack then Pop. Power fist cannot be dodged and it goes through banshees veil and other spell shields but it can miss.(the buff isn't consumed until you hear that audible "Pop!" noise though)

    Static Field
    Lightning bolts strike random (visible) enemy units for magic damage near Blitzcrank every 2.5 seconds. Blitzcrank can activate this ability to deal magic damage to all enemy units near him (including invisible units) and silence them for 0.5 seconds, but loses the passive during cooldown. Cooldown: 30 seconds at all levels. 18 second cooldown with 40% CDR.

    First things first, this is not to be used as an initiator, Blitz is a tanky DPS with an insane amount of CC and carry-protecting power. Use this mindset to make sure that you're not ulting to dish out damage, but rather cancel Warwick, Galio, Nunu, Malz, etc ultimates on your teammates. The passive of your ulti actually deals almost as much damage every 2.5 seconds to one target as the activation does, but after the activation the passive is disabled. Only use this for damage if it will kill a champ, not for the kill steal as thats for your carries, or if your going to die anyway, as the passive doesnt help you there anyway. as for the silence, i'd like to refer it to more of an interruption than a silence, as half a second silence is more of, oh, an interruption!

  • Introduction

    I've played basically every champ in the game, and hundreds of games with Blitz, and I've decided the game is different when playing him, hes really fun, and he makes the other team QQ, thats quite possibly the reason why hes so fun. This particular build was one i came up with inspired by the best Blitzcrank in the world, DoubleLift :D. You'll see alot of DoubleLift's tactics posted in this guide, i tried capturing what he sees in Blitzcrank so you guys can see what a true crank player is capable of.

    Blitzcrank disrupts the other team and, contrary to popular belief, a good blitz does not miss often, even on high ELO players! His repeatable disables and disturbances can be a huge annoyance and will make you a big steaming target, which is why you are an off tank. To succeed as Blitz you need to practice, and have good instincts and reactions. Blitz isn't just a grabbing knock up machine, he actually pumps out a lot of damage, but he excels mostly in bursty damage due to the trinity force and double ad punch. Heres an example of a few games I had.
    External Image
    On the defeat game, we had two feeders and no one that was positive on our team so the loss was inevitable.

    Editor Comments:
    First guide :)
    More work to be done, but figured i'd publish it since its mostly done.
    -Edited build slightly

  • Quick Guide

    In Case you're too lazy to read through this guide or your in a fight right now, heres a quick guide:
    Greater Mark of Desolationx9
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Greater Glyph of Celerityx9
    Skill order:

    Masteries 0/9/21:
    Summoner Spells:
    Quick item guide:
    Start off with a Doran's Shield or if you prefer a Sapphire Crystal + potions.
    Mercury's Treads
    Trinity Force
    The Brutalizer
    Randuin's Omen
    Build last item depending on team
    Bruiser Blitz: [item=Blood Thirster]
    Tank Blitz:
    High phys: Frozen Heart
    High magic: Banshee's Veil
    Upgrade your Brutalizer last, if it even comes down to that.

  • Skilling order

    Start with a level of Rocket Grab for your carry or if they roam too close to your turret, but you wont be doing much until lvl 2 when you grab a rank of Power Fist next get 1 rank of Overdrive then just max follow the priority of R>E>W>Q

  • Runes and Masteries

    Marks- Greater Mark of Desolationx9
    Seals- Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Glyphs- Greater Glyph of Celerityx9 If you can afford the expensive flat Cooldown reduction runes then go for those.
    Quintessences- Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3
    9/0/21 is also good for the cooldown reduction, but i feel the health regen and at least some devotion into tanky roots is quite essential. Notice how i only put 1 point in both dodge and crit, thats because these stats round up meaning .5% turns to 1% and .75% turns to 1% as well.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Hands down the best skills for Blitz are:

    Flash Blitz needs to be in the correct place at the correct time, and flash lets you do just that. It will let you pull off surprise grabs, flash over terrain and grab, or sometimes even running in popping a carry flashing away and grabbing them on their way back down. oh and did i mention the obvious? Yeah you can pretty much avoid anything that would love to kill you

    Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is a great summoner spell on any team. If you havent used Clairvoyance before, its not that hard to master, just play a few games to practice it. It works perfectly in conjunction with grab, if they try to bush dodge you, you can clairvoyance and they will be pinned against a wall for you. With [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master] and [mastery_icon=Mystical Vision] the cooldown is reduced to 41 seconds, which will be up for every gank and every team fight. a Master at clairvoyance will give their team complete map control.

  • Item Build

    -Start the game off with a Doran's Shield. You need to build your tanky roots early, because at a certain point you're going to be on the squishy side of melee champs.
    -on your next time back, grab Sheen then Boots of Speed, if you cant afford it get boots and Sapphire Crystal
    -Finish up your Mercury's Treads
    -Make a [item=Heart of Gold] next.
    -Afterwards make a Tear of the Goddess
    -Finish up your Trinity Force next, making your next part being a Phage.
    -Make a cheap The Brutalizer
    -Then finish up your Manamune
    -Finish Your Randuin's Omen

    1. Bruiser
    Blitz is a Tanky dps not a tank, he actually goes down with relative ease if focused.
    -Build an [item=Blood Thirster]
    2. Tank
    If your team is suffering without a tank and you need to fill the spot.

    For high physical
    -Build Frozen Heart (replace brutalizer with another item)

    For high magic
    -Build Banshee's Veil

    for any of these cases, if your team needs it, grab an Aegis of the Legion.

    EDIT: I've been experimenting with Manamune and I really am enjoying it. Just stick a Tear of the Goddess in between mercs and heart of gold.

  • Reasoning behind the build

    There are alot of different ways to build Blitz but my personal build is a tanky dps. Some people say different things work better but here is my reasoning behind the build.

    Randuin's Omen vs. Frozen Heart

    What FH people say- Frozen heart has mana which synergises which blitz's passive and manamune. It also gives cdr which allows more grabs and knock-ups. Its better than randuins because the atk speed aura is always on.

    What I say- Omen's is definitely one of my favorite items, and is definitely a better item than frozen heart for blitz. Blitz's passive shield is great and all but having manamune and tri force will bring you already up to 3k+ mana which means a 1.5k e shield. the problem is if you have too much mana, alot of your shield wont be used. Randuin's allows you to have more natural health so you dont rely on the 10 second shield too much. It also has a good mass of health regen so while running around getting into position you maintain a good amount of health. Randuins use effect I dont typically use for the atk speed slow, i use it to disrupt the enemy team by grabbing popping up then randuining a carry to take it out of a team fight for a while. While it doesn't have as much cdr as frozen heart youre going to have 10% from brutalizer 5% from randuin's 15% from runes and masteries which brings you up to 30%, and if you manage to get youmuu's it becomes 35%. The [item=heart of gold] also pays for itself in the time that you have it, which makes it a cost effective item as well.

    WINNER--------> Randuin's Omen

    Some people say the 5% mana mastery is essential. but if you consider that 5% of 3000 mana is 150 mana its very minuscule and thats at full build. at lvl 1 it helps you even less 300 mana starting equates to 15 mana :O wow thats a helpful talent... not. Its not good on any champ.

    Adding more later...

  • Build examples

    Bruiser Blitzcrank build:
    For your last item I usually get either a banshee's or a blood thirster depending on the situation. With runes, masteries and blue potion you will reach 40% cooldown reduction, upgrade into Youmuu's last,
    Tank Blitz:

    From here build situational to the enemy team.

    Ap Blitz:
    I dont really like AP blitz because he only has 2 moves that scale off AP and if your using grab for damage, your using it wrong, not to mention this it is somewhat unreliable. However i guess he is viable due to some AP burst, but if you want to go this route just go Sion, because hes just AP Blitz 2.0.

  • Tips

    If you want to maximize DPS in a combo, you want to Grab -> Autoattack (Sheen) -> Powerfist -> Wait a moment -> Overdrive -> Autoattack (Sheen) -> Proceed to chase and hit R to kill.

    To maximize DPS, make sure to save your ulti for when they are low, because the passive continues to tick as you chase them. At rank 3 it ticks for 300 damage every 2.5 seconds.

    If one of your carries is being beat on beat the fed enemy xin zhao, or pantheon whos already charged in, you should grab them and knock them up. Even better if you can flash over a ledge, grip, and cc.

    Punching a carry and using Randuin's Omen on their way down will disable their DPS for a long time.

    Blitz's grab goes further than the circle display shows, about a fists length. Abuse it.

    If 1v1 against a hard enemy, its better to kite them with power fists. Just power fist and run, repeat. when they start running and you think you can kill them, you can grab, power fist, and ulti.

  • Pros / Cons

    Can seriously disrupt the other team
    Power Fist 1 second knock up (better than a stun) at a 3 second cooldown max level and 40% cooldown reduction
    Rocket Grab... :)
    Overdrive one of the fastest champs in the game
    Static Field aoe silence
    great ganking potential
    Self reliant, blitz has very little item dependency
    Dependent on team, if team is being crushed you wont be able to do much, its very rare for a blitz to carry.
    while a great tanky dps, blitz is not a 1v1 champ verses other carries

  • Farming

    Fffffshiinnk! at lvl 11 rank 2 Static Field will take out a whole minion wave, especially useful when clearing out unattended lanes. Other than that, you wont be seeing much minion kills. In the laning phase just use your power fist for easy last hitting.

    EDIT: Static field may not clear waves as well anymore, but it still makes waves easy to clear.

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