Corki Build Guide

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Short AP Corki Guide

written by rayvne23

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    Rather useless for AP Corki, you should never really auto attack after around level 6.

    Phosphorus Bomb
    Your opener and scouter, use it to start a fight as well as to scout the brush for the enemy team's players.

    Your chasing and running away tool, use this wisely... it has many uses (a little extra damage, run away, chase, distract to let team mates get away).

    Gatling Gun
    You should never really have to use this being too far away from them for this to matter really.

    Missile Barrage
    Your bread and butter, spam this until you are out of stacks (every 4th will be a Big Missile doing more damage and having a larger splash radius - keep this in mind for fights/last hitting a champion who is running).

  • Items

    Start off with a [item=Meki Pendant] and one Health Potion and go to your lane (preferably middle lane).
    Your first time back to the shop you should build your Pendant into a Tear of the Goddess and if you have enough buy Boots of Speed.
    The next time you go back you should probably have enough for your upgraded boots (either Sorcerer's Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity) and a Blasting Wand.
    Finally buy the Archangel's Staff.
    -We're at two items now-

    Next item we work on is the Void Staff, buying the Blasting Wand and then fully upgrading it the next trip to the pool to the Void Staff (this gives 40% magic pen and 70 AP)
    -Three items now-

    The fourth item of ours would be Rabadon's Deathcap, buy the two pieces depending on your money when your next going back to the pool.
    -Four items now-

    One more Archangel's Staff is next, buy the Blasting Wand first since you should have no mana issues by now.
    -Five items now-

    Finally at our last item (game should have probably ended at around the fourth item) we're going to get a Zhonya's Hourglass now, incase you somehow do get caught off-guard by their carry or stealther (since Corki can no longer reveal them with his Phosphorus Bomb) nice AP, some durability and a nice active that may save you many many times from death.
    -Last item for AP Corki-

  • Skilling Order

    1 - Phosphorus Bomb
    2 - Valkyrie
    3 - Phosphorus Bomb
    4 - Valkyrie
    5 - Phosphorus Bomb
    6 - Missile Barrage
    7 - Phosphorus Bomb
    8 - Valkyrie
    9 - Phosphorus Bomb
    10 - Valkyrie
    11 - Missile Barrage
    12 - Valkyrie
    13 - Gatling Gun
    14 - Gatling Gun
    15 - Gatling Gun
    16 - Missile Barrage
    17 - Gatling Gun
    18 - Gatling Gun

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash and Ghost are the best two for him in my opinion, Teleport is the only other one I can see as viable the entire game... Flash and Ghost have great synergy with Valkyrie but if you prefer/no one else on your team has it, Teleport is nice for pushing multiple lanes or getting into ganks via Mushrooms, Wards, or Jack in the Boxes.

    I cannot see any other summoner spells being viable to him throughout the game like these three are.

  • How to start a fight and actually fight them without getting wrecked (solo first then team fights)

    Start off harassing them with Phosphorus Bombs and the occasional blank missile (once you get the big missile STOP SHOOTING BLANKS AND ACTUALLY HIT THE ENEMY). If you get too close to them and they start hitting back, back off a little, find your comfort zone and make sure you have no chance to be ganked before going in. Valkyrie behind them when you know its safe and Phosphorus Bomb as you land, after that just spam your Missiles at them until they die... after the initial burst they will probably try to run anyway (getting them out of exp. range is just as good as killing them... just without the extra gold for the Corki).

    For team fights let your tank go in first and stay out of line of sight, spam your missiles until you run out of them... after that just run in, Valkyrie across their team for the Area damage and Phosphorus Bomb, by that time the fight is either over and you guys won or lost the fight, your dead (should NOT happen like ever), or you have another missile stored up, you should NEVER have to auto attack someone - ignore tanks.. they are not your target - the opposing team's carry is your main target, followed by any support/casters.

  • Farming

    Farming is rather easy for AP or AD Corki (AP Guide for him therefore this will be how to farm as an AP Corki)

    Farming Minions - round as many of them in a circle as you can and Phosphorus Bomb them, they should all die, if not, burn one low-cooldown missile on them.

    Farming in the Jungle - Start with a Missile on them and then Phosphorus Bomb... if they're still alive start your Gatling Gun while spamming your Missiles and Phosphorus Bombs.

  • Conclusion

    In all I've found that every time I play this build of Corki I not only have a great time but get excellent gold from farming and several kills due to most everyone underestimating Corki because of the old perception of him being underpowered in damage relative to the other carries. After trying many times to see if being in or out of the team fight is better for AP Corki, I found being out of the fight to be better due to most people automatically targeting the thing that creates 'shiny' abilities that do a lot each hit.

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