Lee Sin Build Guide

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Lee Sin The Tanky Monk

written by flipit3

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    All good Lee Sin players make good use of his passive, he can unleash so much more damage faster and keep his energy pool up if you time your skills right.

    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    Great Harassing skill, and the blink distance is pretty far so you can take them off their guard when you fly kick from a good distance away. It can hit invisible heros, so its great to expose them and catch up to them.

    Safeguard / Iron Will
    This is the skill once mastered will keep you in lane indefinite. You can use it to blink back and forth and shield then use it to regain hp with the lifesteal and spellvamp.

    Tempest / Cripple
    My favorite skill! This is the Weapon to make twitch, teemo, akali, eve, shaco and wards QQ. You can hit this skill near a bush you suspect a ward or shroom and it will reveal it so you can kill it.

    Also great for clear minion waves.

    And get to slow down enemies chasing you or running away.

    Dragon's Rage
    You cant just go around roundhouse kicking every1 anytime you want.

    Only use this skill when:
    -your sure you can 1 shot them
    -kick them away from you when in danger
    -kick them into teammates or towers

    dont just kick them away and let them go.

  • Introduction

    Will continue to update...

    First guide so it's taking me sometime to learn all this fancy stuff. My apologies if it isnt pretty but it is by FAR the most Effective build for me.

    Learn how to use all his skills and make sure you practice getting used to his passive. It will save you a lot of energy and it will allow you to burst faster.

    Lee Sin is squishy, so building pure dps just falls off late game. This build is to give Lee Sin more durability and he will still be able to hit pretty hard IF you know how to properly use his skills.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries I go 13/17/0

    So I can get some attack penetration and cdr with some hp and ar/mr.

    Runes I currently run standard melee dps:
    arpen reds
    dodge yellows
    magic resist blues
    ar pen quints

    Summoner Spells:
    Now you NEED to take FLASH. Necessary to set up your ult and get you out of sticky situations. Flash behind someone and kick them into a tower.

    Now you can either use Ignite or Exhaust, but I prefer to get ignite to make sure my enemies die because lee sin requires his core as fast as possible.

  • Items

    Starting Item:
    Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion

    Wriggle's Lantern
    Mercury's Treads

    Then choose tanky item depending on enemies:
    AP: Banshee's Veil
    AD: Sunfire Cape

    Then for some more dmg:

    Then another Tanky item:
    depending on enemies.

    You can now finish off your Trinity Force

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