Lee Sin Build Guide

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Aggressive Power Jungling with Lee Sin, the Blind Monk.

written by Arcolyte

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Innate attack speed boost and allows to spam your abilities. Yes please!

    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    Gap closer, and potentially an enormous AD nuke. Think Xin's charge and Ultimate with inverse scaling, kills dieing things faster!

    Safeguard / Iron Will
    Defensive steroid/dash and huge boost to survivability in jungle and attrition fights. Never return to the pool to heal, find something squishy and let their tears sustain you. Like Shen's but, you know good.

    Tempest / Cripple
    AoE nuke, best slow in the game. Nasus is jealous. Reveals stealth making Akali, Eve, Twitch and Shaco cry. There is Teemo too, but it's illegal to talk about what happens to Teemo.

    Dragon's Rage
    Potentially one of the most damaging ultimates, if you manage to hit enough people. But controlling another champion is incredibly powerful.

  • Preface

    Now, for starters I am an aggressive jungler. I like to gank and invade as often as possible to keep my opponents off balance. Speed clearing is key to this, so you can mop up all the free experience and gold and then jump out of a bush and ideally kill your enemies.

    This guide is just for jungling. After that I will tell you creative uses of his abilities and some of the more subtle things aspects that make him exceedingly useful. Even though right now he is balanced for good players, he is very good in the right hands (almost OP). His skill ceiling is quite high.

  • Masteries

    THIS is the mastery build I go with, Havoc and [mastery=lethality] are not terribly useful for Lee Sin. This is because positioning is ideal, and a majority of damage comes from using his abilities at even spacing.

  • Runes

    I have a interesting setup for his runes. I find that it works very well because of his built in Armor and Life steal/spell vamp.

    5x Greater Mark of Desolation
    4x Greater Mark of Alacrity

    5x Greater Seal of Resilience
    4x Greater Seal of Alacrity

    1x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    That leaves 2 Quints and 9 glyphs to add additional customization. For the glyphs I would recommend in this order, ArP, AD, AS, MR, Ones that aren't mana. For quints, XP or Move Speed would be strong choices but play and see what works for you.

    Now the reason for the smattering of armor pen and attack speed is because these runes give 11.5 Armor Penetration and the mastery gives 6 more for 17.5 total.

    Armor on Creeps
    Baron Nashor - 120= 103= 51% reduction
    Blue Wraith - 35 = 18 = 15% reduction
    Lesser wraith - 30 = 13 = 11% reduction
    Golem and Lizard - 24 = 7 = 7 % reduction
    Dragon - 21 = 4 = 4 % reduction
    Other vermin - Less than this armor pen so 100% damage at this point

    So, are you off tank bruiser disrupting the other team with your shenanigans? probably run for survivability, MR health.
    Or, are you jungling DPS, ready to Bruce Lee Sin someone in the face, funny bone, and shin, all at the same time? Armor Pen, AD if you anticipate getting Last Whisper.

    Armor penetration is what you get the most out of overall. Armor pen will give you the most bang for your buck as it were. Attack Speed is very helpful early on but it is better to pick what will give you the best results and hardest to get through items, namely Armor Pen.

  • Typical Skill order

    This is how I skill him. the early 2nd point in Safeguard / Iron Will really helps his sustainability throughout the early jungle when he is semi squishy. 15 armor is almost as much as a Cloth Armor. Also 10% life steal and spell vamp almost as much as a Vampiric Scepter and Hextech Revolver for FREE. On top of that you can nearly keep this buff up indefinitely.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite You are jungling, so please take smite. excluding the fact that it has excellent synergy with Safeguard / Iron Will allowing you to heal for 10-30% of the damage done, or that it makes your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike hit for an additional 10% of the damage done by smite. You are jungling, please take smite, it is so wonderful.

    Ghost My personal favorite, chase or run, long duration, allows for positioning which is the most important thing for Lee Sin, with 2 innate abilities to help, a 3rd is simply wonderful. It is a down right Sin, to kick dieing people to safety.

    Other Options
    Teleport I could see it being useful in the right circumstances, not for me though.
    Ignite Useful for countering any type of healing ability, ensuring kills. I just prefer mobility.
    Heal There are worse options.
    Clairvoyance Slightly worse option
    Revive Worse option.
    Clarity Contemplate self termination here. Don't do it, but think about it.

  • Jungling Route

    External Image Is not exactly accurate but close enough.

    As I said, I am aggressive, so I start with their(enemy) wraiths. Now there is 2 methods to this. First method being, KILL THEM ALL!!!! I like this method because more gold and experience is great. The second method being to leave a little wraith. This will prevent the re-spawn of the camp until 1:30 after they kill that last wraith.If you are against another competent jungler, like Warwick, who isn't effected as negatively by the slight loss in experience it may just be worth it to clear the camp it is unlikely they would be able to steal blue or red in the short time you are outside of your jungle with the deficit in experience and money.

    Don't over commit to stealing their wraiths. Even just snagging Blue wraith will have an impact.

    So the ideal scenario only found in games without an enemy jungler or Co-Op games. at 1:34 you run from the single bush in the middle of river to wraiths, smite the blue wraith, and cycle through all the small camps. After you kill the Big wolf you will get level 2, so be ready to grab you W (ctrl+W by default to select it) self cast (alt+W) and cycle through that then E.

    From here on when clearing a camp, the typical amount of time, the skill cycle would be W's E's W's Q's make sure you allow time for your 2 hits in between, with out it you can run out of energy on dragon, and then later in ganks and team fights, practice now so you can dominate later.

    Now, level 2, run in to the wraiths, kill blue wraith and on the 2nd cycle of W's, smite should come back up, smite 1 and kill the last. Then clear the mini golems and you should finish by 4:00 or sooner. Now mosey back over to the wolves, you should only have to wait about 5-7 seconds for respawn. Clear wraiths using smite while your spell vamp is up. Kill mini golems and then head back to base to buy (see below).

    When you get to about 90% health from the pool head immediately to blue golem you will regenerate the 70 health or so on the way there. Now the cycle to kill blue, while SLIGHTLY risky, will try to keep you well healed.

    Charge in with W precast, and ensure that you can hit blue with your Q those little guys can mess with that. Listed above except this W's E's W's E's Q Smite Final Q to finish. There is a slim chance they could manage to sneak in a smite there, its unlikely, but knowing is half the battle, the other half is never letting it happen.

    So now that you are armed with blue buff, start steam face-rolling the camps following the orange line. Golem skill cycle will work for lizard. Kill wolves one last time and go back to spend your monies. If you are so unfortunate as to be playing against people who are scaredy pants, just take wraiths for level 6 (unless you left 1 small wraith at the beginning) then do dragon finishing by 7:50 and at this point you need to start making people die if they aren't offering themselves up to you.

  • Item discussion - Core build.

    First Items
    Vampiric Scepter - Sustainability and no need to spend money on health potions.
    Cloth Armor and 3-5 Health Potion - Survivability, if you think you will be invaded hard by those meddling kids.
    B. F. Sword - Well you are Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. I know there isn't a spoon, but what fun is this game if you just steamroll your opponents from the start?

    First back
    Long Sword - Makes clearing much faster, keeps you higher in health from life-steal, spell vamp, and just making things die faster. Typically go with this.
    Boots of Speed - Makes running through the jungle faster and ganking easier.

    Second Back
    Wriggle's Lantern - This is the first core item. And what makes his jungling so powerful. Survivability, sustainability, map awareness, and with proper usage it can bake cookies.
    Sight Ward - If there is an enemy jungler.
    Vision Ward - If there is any stealthing characters and/or the enemy jungler warded dragon.

    Third Back
    Figure out if you will be getting Randuin's Omen getting that early [item_text=heart of gold] will make an enormous difference(not sure if it is worth it now, its still a great item). Survivability and free farm all in one. Also will you be getting Youmuu's Ghostblade? Which you probably should be, try to get an early Avarice Blade. Both Gold per 5 items will pay for a Negatron Cloak in just under 12 and a half minutes, excluding the trickle gold and farm.
    Mercury's Treads - 3+ hard CC, 2 Hard AoE CCs.
    Berserker's Greaves - If they have no real CC, more AAs are great.
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Has potential but I typically get one of the other 2 boots from above.
    Boots of Swiftness - If Teemo, Yi, and the like are giving you a really hard time hard time. But consider the other options. This build gets around 23% bonus move speed, so its 25 more moves speed with these than movement 2.
    Sorcerer's Shoes - If you are trolling like a boss.

    At some point later - These are just core items, items you should really have. Rushing what is up to you, but I find Zeal and Phage very useful early on. Also getting a Negatron Cloak to get up to about 100 MR

  • Item Discussion - Situational Items

    Survivability Items - In order of usefulness

    [item=Force of Nature] - An enormous amount of magic resist, typically almost enough to tell casters to leave you alone, not that they will have a choice when you start tap dancing their face. Health regeneration out the arse. Finally, glorious glorious move speed. Obviously if there isn't 1 mage on the enemy team don't get it, but that rarely happens.

    Frozen Mallet - a pretty large chunk of HP which makes [item_text=force of nature] heal a larger ammount, permaslow to keep your tartget from getting away. Some damage.

    Sunfire Cape - Good for sustained annoyance of the enemies, and farming. A bit of armor if you need more than Randuin's Omen or much less. Health to make [item_text=Force of Nature] work harder for you. Down a slot if they dont have an AD champ doing any real damage.

    Randuin's Omen - If they have anyone that deals mostly attack damage OR attack speed damage, this is priceless. CDR, Armor, Health Regen, wicked awesome passive against anyone that requires attacking to kill, and the most epic active ever. Down a slot if they dont have more than 1 AD/AS champion doing much damage.

    Warmog's Armor - 1370 HP once filled. Bunch of regeneration. Makes [item_text=Force of Nature] 3 additional flavors of win. EXPENSIVE, not really that great.

    Damage Items - In order of usefulness

    Youmuu's Ghostblade - Great Item, armor pen, CDR and a wicked active. The crit is nice as it adds to your trinity force's but that's not why we get it. If you get Avarice Blade early it will also pay for a portion of your build.

    Infinity Edge - after its recent buff it has become quite useful. with Youmuu's Ghostblade and Trinity Force you will be at 32% crit, adding 25% will make it immensely viable. Along with it being the single largest AD item in the game without any outside help.

    Trinity Force - This has nearly everything you need. Added burst from the proc (up to 172 damage per), which you will get often because of your ability spam. Move speed for positioning and clingy-ness. Attack speed to cycle through your abilities in a more convenient manner without wasting procs from passive or from Trinity Force. A slow that allows you to keep more time on target. Ability power to make your shield a bit better. Health to live. Attack damage to poke peoples eyes out. Mana, so you can be like the other cool kids.

    The Bloodthirster - Life steal for more sustainability and potentionally the 2nd largest AD item in game giving you a total 480 damage across a single use of all of your abilities, plus what ever your auto attacks do.

    Wit's End - attack speed to cycle through abilities without loss of flurry procs, magic resist, a free 'B. F. Sword' worth of damage on hit. All in all a solid item. Also not terribly expensive.

    Phantom Dancer - Attack speed, check, move speed, check. A good chunk of crit, meh not terribly useful. I like the move speed and attack speed but its fairly expensive, Wit's End is better, unless you are steam-face-rolling. IF you get Infinity Edge this jumps up in viability 2-3 slots

  • Still finishing guide

    I will keep working on this guide over the next few days and probably weeks, and change it as applicable with their impending buffs. Fleshing out the other subtleties of his abilities for team fights and such.

  • Basic Energy Theory

    Excluding energy regeneration, shield breaking, cool-down length

    200 - Start
    150 - Safeguard
    180 - 2 Hits
    150 - Iron Will
    180 - 2 Hits
    130 - Tempest
    160 - 2 Hits
    140 - Cripple
    170 - 2 Hits
    120 - Sonic Wave
    150 - 2 Hits
    120 - Resonating Strike
    150 - 2 Hits
    100 - Safeguard
    130 - 2 Hits
    100 - Iron Will
    130 - 2 Hits
    130 - Dragon's Rage(its free!)
    160 - 2 Hits
    120 - Tempest
    150 - 2 Hits
    120 - Cripple
    150 - 2 Hits

    So based on above, running out of energy means you weren't prepared for the fight, or you spammed your abilities too fast to make full use of your fists of fury. Even without the numerous methods of energy regeneration, the fight should be winding down. Hopefully, with you Kung Fu Fighting on top of your fallen foes.

    I don't think further theory is necessary at this point. But you can only run out of energy if you don't utilize his passive correctly. Commonly I will "Double Tap" safeguard. I lose out on the 30 energy, but I get Iron Will up, which is where most of his survivability comes from. Also energy regeneration will handle the rest.

  • Change log and patch notes

    Change Log:
    2April2011 : Wrote Jungling Guide
    3-5April2011 : Added Item discussion section, expanded on rune choices, and basic theory craft.
    6April2011 : Adjusted guide with hotfix and the wriggles changes in mind, jungling wise.
    9April2011 : Added basic energy theory, expanded on items and theory behind them, rune choices for left over slots
    11Apricl2011 : Updated patch notes log
    16-19April2011 : Minor changes to item discussion sections. Expanded on priorities.
    14-15May2011 : Updated patch notes log, updated energy theory

    Patch Notes:
    115 : Lee Sin is unleashed from the wilderness of legend and fables. To run around and flail his arms like a crazy man. Smiting your enemies with a single bound.
    115.1 : Hot Fix
    #Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike AD ratio increase to 1.0 from 0.8
    #Tempest/Cripple AD ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.6
    #Dragon's Rage AD ratio increased to 2.0 from 1.5
    #Flurry's Energy restoration increased to 15 from 10.
    116 : Minor tweaks
    # Sonic Wave
    * Base damage reduced to 50/80/110/140/170 from 60/90/120/150/180
    * Improved the general missile usability
    # Resonating Strike base damage reduced to 50/80/110/140/170 from 60/90/120/150/180
    # Safeguard range increased by 50
    # Iron Will life steal and spell vamp percent reduced to 5/10/15/20/25 from 10/15/20/25/30
    118 : Minor to moderate buff
    * Energy costs on all spells reduced to 50/30 from 60/40.
    * Safeguard Safeguard: shield no longer restores energy when the shield is destroyed.
    * Tempest Tempest: range increased to 450 from 400.
    *Sonic Wave
          Cooldown increased to 11/10/9/8/7 from 10/9/8/7/6
          Attack damage ratio reduced to .9 from 1
    *Safe Guard range reduced to 700 from 750
    *Wriggles Lantern Life Steal reduced to 15% from 18%

    Known Future Changes:
    None at this time

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