Lee Sin Build Guide

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Lee Sin, AKA Daredevil MK 2

written by slaveoflord

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    A fantastic passive in the jungle, and a brawl. Take maximum advantage of this by spacing out your casts.

    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    Xin's dash with bonus AD scaling, unit reveal, and the power to hit and dash to units in fog. As a trade off, it has no AOE and requires skill to actually hit a champ with. Good for harrassment, escaping and chasing. Fairly average damage.

    Safeguard / Iron Will
    A bit like Shen's feint, except you can target allies and dash right to them. Works wonders to block last hits, dodge skillshots, escape, chase and line up your Q. It's secondary cast gives you the lifesteal to stay in lane and jungle effectively. Can be cast on wards to escape.

    Tempest / Cripple
    Initial cast deals AOE damage, revealing all invisible units hit (DOES NOT INCLUDE WARDS). It can be cast again to slow the attack and movement speed of all enemies hit, making it another effective defensive and offensive ability. Scales with bonus AD very moderately.

    NOTE: There is currently a bug where if you double tap E, you will deal double damage with Tempest. Not that I approve of bug abuse.

    Dragon's Rage
    CHUCK NORRIS' ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Very difficult ability to completely master. Simple and effective tactics include kicking opponents into your team for an easy kill, kicking them at their own team for 4 stuns and a knockback, or just last hitting champs with it. Excellent also for saving lives of teammates and yourself.

    NOTE: This has a decent cooldown, and NO ENERGY COST. ABUSE THIS! ABUSE ABUSE ABUSE!

  • Introduction

    Hey all, I'm currently writing a guide to Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. He has an interesting playstyle, with 7 effective abilities. I build him around his steroid of a passive and his incredibly low cd utility in order to be a useful Support/DPS

  • Masteries + Runes


    Important things to take are: smite mastery, cooldown reduction, armour pen and the 3 damage. For defense, get 3 armour and 1 magic res. For utility, make sure you get the experience and neutral buff time extension.


    Allows you to lane aggressively, and yet still survive for long enough to farm.


    3x Greater Mark of Strength OR ALACRITY
    6x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Strength OR ALACRITY

    This is my personal rune build, which may not be the most optimal for Lee Sin. I personally find the 13 bonus attack damage from both masteries and my runes benefit me greatly in jungle and lane more than attack speed runes would - my passive already supplies more than enough attack speed for the early game, and I tend to finish my jungle on around 500hp anyway.

    Feel free to suggest alternatives which you have tested, or which you think would be more effective.

  • Build Example

    [builder=Lee Sin/c15fddce662607213999e25eeb5e7fba]

    [builder=Lee Sin/dd115fbec1f13425820625cbec6da89b]

  • Items

    Ah, everybody's favourite topic: WHAT THE HELL DO I BUY? I'll endeavour to answer some of the questions in this section.


    Why? because it is the most expensive part of Wriggle's Lantern, the first item we will be building. It also assists in having a safe jungle, ending up with over 400hp.

    If you need an explanation for these two, stop smoking and learn to jungle. Upgrade to ASAP, because Lee Sin gets utterly destroyed when under CC.

    You are now able to jungle very quickly, and should gank any overextended lanes. Utilise your Q to close the distance, and double tap your E to deal aoe damage and slow.

    Your next item depends on team comp.

    IF you need magic damage get
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    IF you need physical damage and/or they have a Jax get

    This should be enough dps for most of the game.

    You now need to tank up, because Lee Sin is quite frankly, squishy as fuck. I suggest and as very useful items here.

    For your final item, it is as always, purely situational.

    Pooning hard?
    Need more deeps?
    Not sure?

    As you can see, most of my offensive items rely on attack speed to utilise fully. This is to synergize with Lee Sin's surprisingly powerful passive.

  • Skilling Order

    Let's be honest, as fantastic as your Q is as an ability, its scaling sucks quite hard. This here is your standard supersafe jungle skilling order:

    If you're laning - I strongly suggest laning with a partner, your role is slightly different:

    Note that in both builds, I prefer to leave Q till last, also getting at least 2 levels of W early.

  • Wombo Combos

    Lee Sin has a few useful combos in combat.

    The KSer
    One is to Q an opponent without dashing to him, and then dragon's raging him, following up with another Q to close the distance and maximising the "10% of missing health" damage. I suggest you only use this combo when the target is on extremely low health, because if it does not kill, your team will be too far behind.

    Very useful in lane. Simply Q and enemy and dash to him, dealing damage. Immediately follow up with W on an allied unit to escape. Can also be used to lasthit safely and bait abilities such as Blitzcrank's pull.

    The Escape Artist
    Pack a ward in your inventory, and leave it there. As you get chased through the jungle, pop the ward on the other side of the wall and immediately W over to it, leaping to safety. Also works for baron/dragon steals.

  • Summoner Abilities


    At least Ghost or Flash Whilst some believe flash is the only way to go in order to position your ultimate, I personally believe it is just as effective to kick an opponent into his own team for the aoe stun. Just sayin'.


    Smite No shit Sherlock.


    Exhaust Fantastic offensive/defensive summoner in general, and doesn't lose its effectiveness lategame.

    Ignite I suggest you only take this if your team doesn't have it. While useful for grabbing last second kills, it just doesn't have the impact that exhaust does in a teamfight.

    Cleanse Despite being nerfed to the earth, cleanse is somewhat viable on Lee Sin, not just for removing CC but reducing it after. A stunned Lee Sin is a useless Lee Sin.

    NO GO:

    Teleport A decent spell on champs that can single handedly defend a tower, either through massive aoe creep farming or sheer ridiculous power. Lee Sin is none of these.

    [spell=Clairvoiyance] Good spell on supports, or champs that can tank advantage of brush vision such as Poppy or Blitz. Lee Sin only has 1 targeted ability, and thats his ult which will be used to kick at a team anyway, not the wall beside the brush.

    Clarity ...

    I realise that I've left a few spells out, but they're very situational. For example, a fortify based team comp.

  • Creep Jungling

    Ah, the jungle! Lee Sin is an exceptionally fun jungler, who stays above 50% hp the entire path. Getting W at lvl 1, he takes small golems using smite, levels his E, takes wraiths, Slays wolves, upgrading W, then big golem using smite. From there, kill lizard to end up at more hp than when he killed golem, and gank with the Q that you just leveled.

    There is actually a technique to jungling Lee Sin to maximise efficiency. Whenever you cast a spell, hit a minion twice before casting another spell. This is to maximise damage and regenerate energy through your passive. Once you have wriggle's, this method of combat makes it a cakewalk to take dragon.

  • Working in the team

    Lee Sin is utility. He fulfils every role and yet none at all. He supports with use of his shield and his AOE knockback/stun, bursts with his Q+E combo, and deals consistent DPS with his passive. As most of you will probably know, Lee Sin is most effective when he times his abilities to get a hit or two between each cast, maximising the amount of energy at your disposal. By building an attack speed item, you decrease the time you need to wait between each cast.

    What is Lee Sin's role in a teamfight? Good question ser. When that enemy Alistar runs in to initate, you get the hell back out of range. You don't want to get caught, because Lee Sin simply cant handle CC. You shield the carry as the enemy descends upon him, and you kick the crap out of the guy your team is NOT FOCUSING. This is so you don't inadvertantly save their squishies. From there, simply spam your E and W, using your Q to chase. If you don't get focused, chances are you've kept your carry alive and won the teamfight, pushing to victory!

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