LeBlanc Build Guide

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LeBlanc - who said the French sucked at war?

written by badbromance

LeBlanc Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    By many, LeBlanc is viewed as an inferior AP assassin. Akali has stealth, and Kassadin has an on-demand blink. LeBlanc, however, has completely ridiculous burst. You heard it here first.

    LeBlanc was introduced to the community as a completely overpowered character who could dominate any lane. Her early game burst was so strong that she could easily twoshot people with Q and R. So strong they hotfixed her. Suddenly nobody plays her.

    LeBlanc is a very effective low-ELO pubstomper because nobody likes derogating from their pewpew build to get some MRes. Therefore LeBlanc will be blowing stuff up all game long and get ridiculous killing sprees, getting ridiculously fed in the process and blowing even more people up. However when people get smarter and start getting an early Negatron Cloak to stuff you, playing her becomes a little more frustrating. Minus Q, her cooldowns are kind of long and you won't be blowing anybody up by spamming only Q. Don't get me wrong, she's still a good pick in higher ELO, you just won't be 100-0ing people anymore. Thus you'll have to actually rely on teammates.

    I'm a mid-ELO player, currently ranked 1417. My most played is AP Gragas (without locket, even!) because I'm cool like that, but this LeBlanc build has won me many games.

    Let me be clear : people will hate you. They'll call you unskilled. They will say you suck and that your champ is a noob cannon. Don't worry overmuch about it : they're just jealous.

  • Abilities

    Mirror Image
    You disappear for half a second then reappear with a clone of yourself that does no damage and will cast no spells, but will attack people with auto-attacks. If you want a laugh, try to only auto-attack while it's up and maybe stupid people will waste their ults on your clone (having Warwick ult your clone is always a hoot). However, people can tell them apart with the same technique they use to distinguish between Shaco and his clone (hint : inventory) so the clone is really only of a limited utility. The phasing out can save your life, however.

    [spell=Sigil of Silence]
    You send out a blob of crap for mediocre damage and you mark the target. If you cast a subsequent spell on the target, it becomes silenced and takes additional damage.

    For Q to reach any meaningful amount of damage, you MUST blow it up. It has a combined AP ratio of .9 and a base damage of 330. It is amongst the strongest spells in the game if blown up, but one of the weakest if not. It is also your main damaging spell and one of your two forms of control.

    Early game you can use this to harass, but at least make the effort to follow up with Distortion. It's worth it.

    CD : 6 secs
    Cost : 70/75/80/85/90 mana
    Main magic damage : 70/110/150/190/230 + 60% AP
    Additional magic damage : 20/40/60/80/100 + 30% AP

    Your blink. For 3 seconds after casting this, you can port back to your place of origin. It is also your only AoE attack and your farming tool late game.

    Uses include dashing through trees and sick tower dives. It will also usually be part of your damage, as this build advocates using Distortion to blow [spell=Sigil of Silence] up.

    CD : 20/18/16/14/12 secs
    Cost : 80/90/100/110/120 mana
    Magic damage : 85/125/165/205/245 + 60% AP

    Ethereal Chains
    Your skill shot. LeBlanc shoots a cage which slows the target for 25% over 2 seconds, then snares him for a few seconds more.

    Amusingly, LeBlanc's least useful spell. It looks very good on paper, and following certain conditions, it is. However, it is of very limited use during laning, because the projectile is SO DAMN FAT. If you shoot it at your lane opponent, you WILL hit a minion unless he is very far away from them.

    CD : 10 secs
    Cost : 80 mana
    Main magic damage : 40/65/90/115/140 + 50% AP
    Additional magic damage : 40/65/90/115/140 + 50% AP
    Snare : 1/1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2 secs

    The troll spell. LeBlanc shoots a second iteration of the spell she casted last for increased damage. Lazy design, right?

    This is what allows LeBlanc to either 1) burst people to hell, 2) escape from impossible odds or 3) CC someone so much their momma cries. The uses of this spell are legion. And they will be discussed later, no worries.

    CD : 40/32/24 secs
    Cost : 100/50/0 mana
    Damage increase : 10/25/40%

  • Masteries + Runes


    Ignite is for securing early game kills and frustrating Nidalee and Vlad. Flash is for troll triple blinks and to initiate a blowup without using Distortion.


    There's actually nothing to say here. Standard caster masteries.

    RUNES :

    Here it becomes interesting. I propose to you, dear reader, to stack AP. "But why? LeBlanc is so squishy she needs Greater Quintessence of Fortitude and such!"

    To this I propose two counter-arguments :

    1) it's a feat of strength to get ganked with LeBlanc. You MUST last hit only. Luckily, she has a very good attack animation so getting CS is not a problem. Since you are closer to your tower (you have been last hitting only, right?), you're more tricky for junglers to gank. And it's not like you don't have a triple blink anyway.

    2) you will play mostly single player League until level 6. A passive playstyle encourages the other player to do the same. If he's not moved by your display of peacefulness, well, LeBlanc has good range on auto-attacks and the power you're packing will discourage attempts to zone you out.

    Besides, we all like big numbers, right?

    MARKS : Greater Mark of Insight

    No argument there. MPen marks are standard issue on casters.

    SEALS : Greater Seal of Potency or Greater Seal of Force or Greater Seal of Clarity

    Your choice here. Flat AP seals give only a grand total of 5 AP. Scaling AP gives 5 AP at level 6 and 16 AP at level 18. Personally, I like the regen runes because it allows me to blow up people more often and gives me more sustenance in lane - that's just me. I'd go for either scaling AP or regen.

    GLYPHS : Greater Glyph of Force

    I like scaling AP better because they overtake their flat counterparts after level 6. Incidentally, level 6 is where you become a killing machine.

    QUINTESSENCES : Greater Quintessence of Potency

    Scaling quints take a longer time to reach up to their flat counterparts, and you do need a little bit of oomph early game for the all-glorious Q harass, right?

  • Skilling Order

    There are three builds that I use.


    This keeps E for last because it is not very useful during laning. This allows you maximum troll damage on a target. And they die. QQ. Be sure to get them a nice funeral.


    This slows down your burst a little but allows you early access to E to either hold your prey in place or to slow down and snare a bad guy coming your way. Also allows early access to the EQRW combo, which is more damaging but not as bursty as our staple.


    The reasoning is simple. Q is gimp in a level 1 teamfight since you can't blow it up. W might save you, and maybe do some AoE damage, but that's it. However, in a level 1 teamfight with no creeps around to block your shot, E allows you to save yourself, save someone else, snare a dude for a first blood, and that sort of thing. E wins for utility here. And it does good damage with your beefed up AP too!

  • Items

    The main path is in red, and optional items are in green. Blue denotes game stage change (early, mid, late)

    Starting item :

    I like Doran's items : Doran's Ring

    Gives AP, mana sustenance and some health. My favorite starting item.

    I do not like Doran's items : Amplifying Tome Health Potion

    Gives more AP and technically more effective health than a Doran's item, and allows you to build it further into something else, but you skip on the mana regen. Possibly good, but I'm a mana whore, and I like seeing my blue bar refill faster.

    As soon as possible : Boots of Speed Needlessly Large Rod

    Cadet, your goal is to rush a Rod, because it allows you to blow up people faster. Seriously, 80 AP is ludicrous early in the game. It's sexalicious. Once level 6, you should endeavor to get a few kills in your pocket and build this for great justice. You are blowing up your solo lane. Imagine the lower leveled duo lanes. Yes, salivate.

    ALTERNATE PATH 1 : I am a snowballing whore : Mejai's Soulstealer

    Usually I'm not a fan of snowballs. They paint a bullseye on your sweet little caster assassin butt and any decent team will make sure that you do not snowball uncontrollably by relentlessly killing you. They also encourage passive play for fear of losing your precious stacks (instead of the freer troll tower diving madness that I like to pursue). But it is true that LeBlanc keeps her stacks better than most, so it is an option. Once you get comfortable with LeBlanc, I'd give it a try and see if you like it. I don't.

    ALTERNATE PATH 2 : Better safe than sorry : Sorcerer's Shoes Catalyst the Protector Rod of Ages

    Once you have your Rod, you can build a Rod of Ages instead of going directly for the Deathcap, but it tends to slow down your burst a little. However, you gain Health and Mana. A choice to consider if you find yourself dying.

    Next up : Sorcerer's Shoes Rabadon's Deathcap

    Good lord! A bunch of AP to make everything hurt! And more MPen!

    MIDGAME BRANCHING PATH : how smart are my foes?

    They like their pewpew too much to build MRes : Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Time to give you a little more health and a 30% slow on your Q. As a bonus, makes it easier to land your E with a slow target, then makes it harder for the enemy to escape the tether because they're silenced.

    They hate me so much they actively build MRes : Void Staff OR Haunting Guise

    Haunting Guise is better built early game or not at all, but if they build only a little MRes, then a Void Staff won't really be all that useful. However, if by this point, even carries are rushing [item=Force of Nature] and/or Banshee's Veil, a Void Staff is much better than the Guise.


    Stage 1 - Oh no! They enjoy CCing my sweet little French magician butt : Banshee's Veil

    LeBlanc can triple blink, unless she's CCed. This will give you health, mana, MRes and a chance to cancel one CC effect so you have more chances to escape safe and sound after blowing up Teemo.

    Stage 2 - OMFG THE CC AHHHHHHH : Quicksilver Sash Banshee's Veil

    QSS is very underappreciated, but it works wonders on LeBlanc. Cleanse everything then BLINK BLINK FLASH you're gone.

    LATEGAME : more pewpew but more defence to pewpew

    Their pewpew is mostly magical : Abyssal Scepter

    Enough said. If you've followed the anti-CC path you already have a lot of MRes. That's just icing on the cake.

    Their pewpew is mostly physical : Zhonya's Hourglass Thornmail OR Frozen Heart OR Randuin's Omen

    There's a lack of AP items with armor, but at least there's one. Thornmail and Frozen Heart both troll auto-attack AD carries (I'd argue FH is better for LeBlanc). If they're of the "AD caster" variety, consider Randuin's Omen.

    THIS GAME WON'T END : LeBlanc x2

    Hahahaha TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL : Guardian Angel

    Or a random AP item of your choice. It's so late, what else can we do?

  • Build Example

    Barebones Core : [builder=LeBlanc/5c5534984b94aad7765ab0ad80e48074]

    Core w/ snowball : [builder=LeBlanc/24547f6e6bd1cd15502c477e8c4dc8a2]

    Core w/ RoA : [builder=LeBlanc/a098b8adbfbadf5b5d79425ced6c016e]

    Light survivability : [builder=LeBlanc/2a887d69e72ca0fe0a45fc6b4cb9fd3a]

    Light CC/MRes : [builder=LeBlanc/e7543b84903b7d2b09c47ab5919c178c]

    HEAVY DUTY : [builder=LeBlanc/9da7a6dd1dac2a548c9242f09d7c4822]

    Late-game typical : [builder=LeBlanc/78931bdbcf0f99b6eba3e43e7c5dd3a1]

    The possibilities are endless. Just mix and match.

  • LeBlanc combos

    By order of complexity :

    QW : standard harass combo. Q first then when it's in midair, W to your foe. Done right, you get there at the same time your Q does, allowing maximum ultra burst harass damage.

    QRW : your bread and butter troll combo. If you've followed the runes, masteries and build this is enough to troll people all the way to the death screen. No, really. If you want, you can delay W to allow for more silence time.

    QRE : an alternate version that does a little more damage but is less bursty and much less safe, since E is much harder to land than W. Worth considering if you forecast having to use W to GTFO.

    EQRW : in case you need to blow up a spell shield. Since E is your least bursty spell, we will use it to blow the bubble, then use the standard troll combo. Alternatively, it also does more damage then our 3-hit combo, and controls more.

    WQRE : alternatively use W to blow up the bubble then use the troll combo #2. This does have the benefit of making it easier to land the skill shot since you're closer.

    QE...QRW : this is a little delayed (you must wait for Q's cooldown) but offers good damage and control. E blows up your Q, silencing them and keeping them in range of your tether. While they're snared, tickle them with your staff, then troll combo them. Works well with a Rylai since Q already slows the target, making E easier to land.

    QERQW : an alternate version of the above, replacing the Q mimic by an E mimic for extended control (but perhaps less burst damage). Mimic E while the foe is already snared for 4 seconds of snaredness.

    There are many more, but I consider these more or less staples. Mastering LeBlanc combos is key to mastering LeBlanc (and being a douche).

  • Playstyle

    Early game :

    Take a solo lane. No, really, TAKE A SOLO LANE. LeBlanc is serviceable in a duo lane but really shines in a solo. If you can get a 1v2 it's even funnier.

    If you see a 4 bars of health Teemo as your lane opponent, giggle with glee. You are going to have a lot of fun.

    You will play single player League of Legends for the first few minutes. Focus on last hitting with LeBlanc's excellent auto-attack. If somebody annoys you you can use QW to voice your displeasure, but don't go out of your way, because you must farm mobs. Your focus is to make your foe think he's safe - keep him around 60-70% health. Usually this is a single QW. Most foes will not blue pill at 60% health, some will not even pot up.

    Level 6 :

    Flash QRW Ignite. You're done. Get out of there. No, really. That's all. Congo rats on your first kill.

    This will annihilate 95% of opponents at 60% health or less with AP runes and a single starting AP item. It is possible to get a kill before then, but at level 6 your odds are much greater because of Mimic.

    Repeat the same circus with your lane opponent. If they become very wary of you (AND THEY WILL), just push your lane then visit one of the side lanes and gank there. Alternatively you can tower dive them. LeBlanc is an excellent tower diver as long as she's not CC'd right underneath it while it's shooting her butt into kingdom come, because of W's secondary effect.

    Good ganking spots : (props to Eagleshadow of the EU servers for his original map version, you can find it here : http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=50306)

    External Image

    Midgame :

    By now people aren't so easy to burst down. You'd do well to use a longer, more controlling combo and help your mates rack kills. By now, your W probably kills all the caster minions in a wave, so feel free to use that to farm.

    Teamfights are starting, or about to. Your sole role is to pick a squishy, do him in, then get the hell out. Only when every squishy is dead are you to start engaging the tanks. Alternatively LeBlanc is very good at playing clean-up but that won't make you many friends. Better to jump in with your mates and try to turn the teamfight in a quick 5v4. After all you don't have Mejai stacks to worry about...or do you?

    Obviously you are not the initiator of a teamfight. Stay on the sides and wait until most are committed to the fight, then jump in and blow up their Teemo. Give yourself 1 point if you are waiting behind the tank until he engages. Give yourself 2 points if you come barreling from an unexpected angle. The more unpredictable you are, the better. The sky is the limit.

    LeBlanc can flash through any trees on Summoner's Rift. Just food for thought in case you are pursued, or want to come in from the wilderness onto some unsuspecting poor little squishy.

    Lategame :

    You've turned in a caster assassin with some good defenses to boot. Squishies are not so squishy anymore (unless they're dumb, in which case, laugh) and your role shifted to more of a CC machine with good burst. Longer combos are key to being successful, especially your neglected spell E.

  • Summary

    I play LeBlanc as a caster with many roles. I will first blow up their squishies, and when I can't do that easily anymore, I CC then so much that they cry. Versatility and unpredictability is the name of the game.

    Feel free to toss me a comment if you've tried this build. It's nothing revolutionary (after all, stacking AP on a caster isn't really rocket science), but it's proven much more fun to me than going for a more defensive rune build, because it allows you to get so easily fed early on.


    v1 : first iteration

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