Amumu Build Guide

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Come here, let me give you a hug...

written by kirpi

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide will show you how to play Amumu as the ultimate assist machine, while also getting a fair amount of kills. As a tank, it is your job to pose enough of a threat that the enemy team can't ignore you and then survive the oncoming onslaught.

    You want to punish the enemy team for getting anywhere near you, and then run up and hug them when you get the chance. This will also give you the added benefit of being a terrible target to chase.

    I am terrible at jungling, so this guide is aimed at laning. Amumu can be a great jungler but it's just not my style.

    Amumu can also be played by stacking AP (Bandage Toss and his Ult get +1 damage/AP), but I have had some great success with simply outlasting opponents. I have stood face to face with Tryndamere, outhealing what little damage he was dealing and slowly wearing him down with damage over time and Thornmail.

  • Summary

    This is a tl;dr summary of this guide for those already in queue or who don't want to read:
    Core tank items:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]
    Only 9495 gold! You can get these easily.

    Extra items:

    Abyssal Scepter is good if you're facing a lot of mages or if they enemy team starts stacking magic resist.
    Thornmail is good against autoattack champs like Master Yi or Tryndamere.
    Guardian Angel is good if you need more defense, but not against autoattackers, and the revive will keep you in fights longer and help you escape.
    Banshee's Veil is good in general, especially vs champs with one huge nuke ability.
    Warmog's Armor is good if you really need the extra HP. You'll be killing minions so fast you'll have the max HP and health regen in no time.

    > & >

    Summoner Spells:

    Flash is great for helping you escape a tower or get a little extra distance to help land Bandage Toss.
    Ignite is useful because you don't deal a large amount of damage and may have trouble finishing champs. This will ensure anybody running away from you will still die.

  • Pros/Cons

    - Nigh impossible to kill without team focus
    - Cheap core items
    - Great farming ability
    - Dangerous by simply being present
    - Will get tons of assists and might KS by accident

    - Vulnerable to true damage (Olaf and Cho'Gath) without extra HP items
    - Poor mana regen means reliance on Golem Buff, runes, or mana conservation
    - Slow, difficult to run away
    - Damage is spread out over time, no flashy nuke kills

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    This is an alright passive, it is amazing when paired with an Abyssal Scepter, but otherwise it won't make a huge difference for you. However, it may help your teammates out a lot.

    Bandage Toss
    Great initiator, and can keep enemies from running. Remember, the enemy just has to come into contact with your bandage. This means that you can throw it in front of them and let them run into it. Don't try and hit them with it directly, try and predict their movements. It can also be used to help your teammates escape by stunning their chaser. If you're being chased and if you're fast enough, you could bandage toss your way back to the enemy chasing you then continue running (although this is USUALLY a bad idea, use it only when they have low health as well and you're willing to take a risk).

    This thing will cancel channeled spells, so use it on Katarina as she's spinning or on Fiddle when he's about to ult.

    You can bandage toss through the terrain, so look for opportunities to hide behind trees and cling to enemies when they're least expecting it. Good spots to hide are the bushes in the water by the outside lane towers, the spawn location of the neutral ghoul creeps near the outside mid tower, along the walls of the base, either defending or attacking, and along the side lanes near where the two neutral golem creeps spawn.

    A great use is to Bandage Toss your way to a weakened enemy near the tower, tantrum, ignite, and then flash away out of tower range. It is a great way to surprise an enemy who thinks he's safe by the tower.

    Terrible early game, but amazing late game, mainly due to the mana cost. But, with the Golem Buff/tons of mana regen items/runes, you can leave this on and kill things without even attacking them. This plus a Sunfire Cape makes you a great farmer and a terrible chase target. You just concentrate on running while whoever is chasing you keeps taking damage.

    This is your spam ability. This is great for last-hitting creeps in the beginning and also causing general damage later on. The cooldown shortens every time you are hit, so the more you are focused the more damage output you have.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    This is such a great ability. The most important use is during team fights. With this, you can paralyze the other team, leaving them completely vulnerable to your teammates which could very well lead to a pentakill. You can use it to trap enemies near your tower early game for a tower kill, or you can use it to help you or a teammate escape, just pop it and then run like hell.


    This ability will NOT stop spells like Katarina's Death Lotus or (possibly, haven't tried in a while) Nunu's Absolute Zero. If you want to save your team from certain death, use Bandage Toss

  • Items

    [bold]Build Order

    2., first if you're facing mages, first if you're facing physical champs
    By this point, you should be able to farm a single creep wave in about 5 seconds and getting money should be no problem
    4 and 5.[item_icon=Force of Nature] first if the enemy is focusing AP, first if they're focusing AD.

    Your next few items are situational, but is good all-around for Amumu. It has AP (you get +1/AP damage on Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy and it reduces enemy magic resist.

    Thornmail if you're facing autoattack champs or really, really need another 100 armor. This really shuts down Master Yi and Tryndamere. Remember, the damage returned by Thornmail is calculated based on the damage they put out before your damage reduction is taken into consideration. Therefore, if they have 1000 damage on their attack and you have 200 armor (you should have about 220 armor at lvl 18 with just the Sunfire Cape and Thornmail alone), you will take 333 damage and dish out 300 damage per hit. Combine that with the Sunfire Cape and Despair, you will probably be out-damaging them even when simply running away. If you stay and fight, you have your passive to help you as well as Bandage Toss and the health regen you should have from items, and you pretty much can't lose 1v1.

    Warmog's Armor is good if you can't focus either Armor or Magic Resist. Flat HP plus regen, plus the fact that you will reach the caps really quickly with your creep-killing skills means lots of extra survivability.
    Guardian Angel if you need more defense in general. 750 HP on you translates into a LOT of extra effective health due to your massive armor and magic resist.

    My reasoning:
    Get a Sunfire Cape as soon as possible, as this plus Despair will let you farm like mad and get the other items faster, and during team fights you can literally just run around like a chicken with its head cut off and still be doing damage.

    Mercury's Treads is invaluable for keeping you moving with it's CC reduction and it has tasty magic resist. I almost always get it over Boots of Swiftness.

    Force of Nature will give you HUGE magic resist and also good health regen

  • Skill Order

    1 and 2. Tantrum if you're playing it safe and want to farm early (or are in a solo lane), it is great to last hit minions to get some cash. Bandage Toss if you're paired with a damage dealer and are looking to get first blood
    3-5 alternate between Tantrum and Despair
    6. Curse of the Sad Mummy.
    Max out Tantrum first, then Despair, stopping to get Curse of the Sad Mummy when you can, and finally max Bandage Toss.

    You want one point in Bandage Toss so you can have the stun/move, but Despair and Tantrum are way more valuable, as these are your major farming/damaging tools.

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