Warwick Build Guide

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It's REALLY fun when they run...

written by BACHO TI

Warwick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    Pretty nice passive. The built-in lifesteal makes Warwick one of the best (if not the best) junglers in the game. You will have no problems jungling and it helps early-mid game a lot!

    Hungering Strike
    What a spell! At lvl 5 you take 20% of the target's maximum health, which is just insane. Running away with 200 hp from a fed mundo or garen? Q him and watch as your health significantly increases. I cannot tell you how many times this spell has saved my ass. We will max this spell first when leveling up, you want that 20% up as fast as you can.

    Hunters Call
    Another very good ability. It increases your attack speed significantly, but also buffs every creature in your team for the same amount (yes, creeps also). You will push those towers like crazy, i guarantee you!

    Blood Scent
    Enemies with low health will be so afraid of you! Toggle this on when chasing and you will move very very fast, my friend! This spell also is used for defensive needs- if you are being chases by 2-3 players, if 1 of them is below 50% HP you will be buffed and they probably won't catch you. You can get buffed out of stealthed low-hp enemies too!

    Infinite Duress
    What an ultimate! It makes Warwick Warwick. The surpress is really really nice, as it cannot be cleansed (only with Quicksilver sash). Striking 5 times the enemy while having your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] means you drop his HP to 80% (if you have 0 attack damage). Combine this with your Q spell after ulting and you have a tank sitting @ 60% HP (again, not counting your attack damage). Late game you can use it to initiate, stop their carry from doing anything, and is the perfect spell for ganks early-mid game. Using this ability in the right time separates a good WW from a great one.

  • Introduction

    Hello guys! This is yet another guide by BACHO TI himself, this time about my somewhat favorite champion Warwick. This guy is awesome and the way I build him- he just cannot die. No, really. You can just rush in their whole team and start pounding like a boss. Wanna know the secret? Of course I'll give it to ya, stop with that panic.

    Sooo I have been playing with this guy for about what- 100 games or something. Funny thing is, I have only lost 4 or 5 out of all my games with WW (all of them were ranked >_< ). WW just fits my style completely- I needed a guy with a strong ult with which he can gank with ease (my main is Kassadin so I was reffering to his ult when trying to pick up my second main champion), can 1v1 practically any1 (I just wanted to have a champion with which I can just ram into some1 and smack his head to the ground repeatedly), and WW gave it all to me- major ganking capabilities, some insane AS and MS buffs and an ultimate-masterpiece. High ELO is not my middle name, but an experienced player IS. I can't teach you all the metagame of how to be a pro, but I can give you some helpful tips and a good start on how to become a successful WW player. You may ask yourself a question "But how the fuck do I know when I'm good with WW???" I have the perfect answer for you my friend:

    You are a good Warwick when you help your team always and have Boots of Mobility + [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] before the 16-17 minute mark!

    So without anymore smalltalk, let's go jungling! (Yes, you WILL jungle, or imma kill you)

  • Masteries + Runes

    Now for the masteries I go 21/0/9. Why that? WW is an offensive champion and by so he needs to do even some more dmg. My masteries are not the standart ones for an attack damage champion, so you can look them up in here: 21/0/9. The reason behind this? WW does magic damage both from madred's and his Q, so he needs the magic pen in [mastery=Archaic Knowledge]. We also need the [mastery=Alacrity] for some nice AS buff. The other ones are self-explanatory. I get improved Exhaust and Smite, because I use those two spells when playing WW.

    Now for runes, it is pretty simple:

    9x Greater Mark of Alacrity
    9x Greater Seal of Alacrity
    9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    3x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

    Full AS runes is I think the way to go with WW. More speed when attacking= faster jungling, faster lifestealing and faster throwing down your 4% of max HP hits (madred's). I have tried some other rune pages, but I find those most viable than any other.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Now for summoner abilities you must ALWAYS use Smite for jungling. You can clear the whole jungle (when starting from blue buff) without any health pots or smite, but it is stupid. You may say "but WTF must I waste a spell slot on a spell without which i can do just fine?". It's called SPEED and STEALING. You wanna steal a buff? Without smite you can't. You wanna make sure baron or dragon doesnt get stolen? You need smite. I cant tell you how many times I have been jungling with smite against another WW with no smite. You know what happens? I buy a ward from the start, put it in his blue buff, and then just steal it AND get FB (cause WW is pretty low HP with no smite when going for blue buff). And you know what happens next? He just rage-quits. Don't be that WW who rage-quits, so just take that freakin Smite!!!!

    For my 2nd spell i run with Exhaust. You wanna know why? You can 1v1 anyone in the entire game, + when in early-mid game, you are practically 99% getting a kill if you gank. Late game it can be used to completely disable an AD carry who can just wreck your team into shreds. Overall- a pretty nice spell to have.

    Other options:

    Cleanse Actually I used to run with this so many times, and it is good if you are facing some hard CC team. When playing ranked, when I see a Sion, Ashe, fiddlesticks or whatever, I just substitute Exhaust for Cleanse. It really depends on your style of play.

    Ghost Have seen many WW go with ghost. I dont need it, because I have enough movespeed for mobility, and I'm just not that stupid to run into dangerous situations. When you need some extra movespeed to catch some1, toggle your E skill.

    Heal Dude, you already have a built-in major lifestealing, why the fuck do you need Heal??? Haven't used this spell since I was like lvl 15, so I expect you dont take it either. Late game its bullshit.

    Clarity You have the blue buff, so clarity is NOT needed. In the times when you do not have it, just dont spam your abilities like hell and you will be alright. You ain't a caster, remember? Its like having Ashe with a clarity... Pathetic lol.

    Flash Again a useless spell. If you want to get closer to an enemy- ult him. This spell might be applicable to those idiot warwicks who constantly get into sticky situations because of they have no brains.

    All other spells are "give me a break" ones, so to make a long story short, either go with Smite + Exhaust OR Smite + Cleanse.

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling order is pretty straight forward. You want to max out your Q first, while putting a point in your E the second you reach Lvl 4 (for better ganking capabilities). The list goes like this:

  • Items

    Ok so this is what you all have been waiting for- the build! I will tell you in what order do you get these items and WHY are we getting those items.

    So for starters, get Cloth Armor + 2x Health Potion + Sight Ward (will be explained in the jungling section).

    Now after completing the jungle and maybe scoring a kill or two, just hang around till you have exactly 1050G. When you do, return to base to upgrade your Cloth Armor into a Madred's Razors and buy Boots of Speed. Having the razors in the sack means faster jungling and the boots give you some needed movement speed in order to succeed in those ganks.

    Now from here on it depends how good you are with WW, because you need to finish up your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] ASAP!!! I generally like buying the Recurve Bow first and then finish the item, as I like the AS better then the AD. You can upgrade your boots somewhere in between into Boots of Mobility. Those boots are so great on you- they provide you with more map presence and when you need to go from point A to point B, you will do so in an extremely low time.

    You might want to consider Sorcerer's Shoes for the nice Mpen you can get, but I personally do not want to waste my map presence for a little bit more dmg.

    Now here is where my build get different and more effective. Some people start building him some AD items, some go with AS, but i say go TANK! You have enough AS with runes + W spell, and you will hit like a truck thanx to your bloodrazor.

    Scenario 1: You wreck asses and you feel like you are a freakin god. You do not want to start going defensive right from here, so I really recommend you build Wit's End. This item is so nice on WW its freakin hilarious. The mana dmg in your favor stacks with your ult, so feel free to shred anyone into shreds. 42 dmg per hit ain't low, my friend! And considering you will get your Mres buffed by A LOT only by using your ultimate, its just too good to pass out and I think this is the best offesive item for WW in the game (after the bloodrazor ofc). From there on you can build yourself a Spirit Visage or Guardian Angel. If you think you can manage without the GA, build Visage. If you think you will die and you just need more survivability instead of increased healing effects, go for the guardian angel.

    When you finished the item after Wit's End (for example GA) build the other item mentioned above (in this case Spirit Visage). This way of build is that you are comfortable mid-game with your survivability and you just need more dmg provided by wit's, and going late game you end up with a somewhat balanced tank build (magic resist= armor). I leave the last slot up to you, as it is really hard to try to find a 6th item that can do good in almost every game. This is for balanced comps.

    Scenario 2 (and my personal favorite): Your team does not have such a good tank, so you decide to go off-tank right from the second you get your razor + boots. Go buy yourself either GA or spirit visage (as mentioned above) or start stacking either armor or mres items (if the other team is either AP or AD heavy). Complete your item build with an attack speed item of your choice (as you already know I like Wit's End.

    Well basically those 2 scenarios are what you will encounter. Just basically get some movement speed + your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] and then begin countering the enemy team. WW is better suited for a tank, because you need the sustainability in order to make the most out of your attack speed + madred's passive. Remember- you are useless when you hit 0 HP, no matter how much damage you deal. Try this build and you will see how EPIC the off-tank warwick is! You just basically cannot die, even if you are targeted by 2-3 opponents at once.

  • Build Example

    Here is what you will be expecting to get:

    Scenario 1 (balanced comp, wrecking faces early-mid game):


    Scenario 2 (AD heavy team):


    Scenario 3 (AP heavy team):


  • Creep Jungling

    I will just briefly tell you that LANEWICK = NOOBWICK!!! Warwick is made for the jungle, therefore he MUST jungle. Freeing up a second solo lane gives your team a big advantage + having the opportunity to be MiA all the time with a magnificent ganking ultimate is just to good to be passed out. Basically just go jungling dude, its the way to be!

    So after buying Cloth Armor + Sight Ward + 2x Health Potion, you must plant that ward either on the blue buff (if you know they are starting there) or on the red one. You must see when their jungler goes to the buff, so you can attempt to steal it from them and even score some blood. If the enemy does NOT have a jungler, plant the ward just outside the blue buff camp, by the river. That way you can have more map control and can actually see if someone is coming. After planting the ward, go to wolves. Yes, wolves. You can kill the golem with no problem, but it is risky (even more risky if you do not have good teammates who can cover you up). So anyway, just for the sake of sparing everyone a good headache, start at wolves. As soon as you start hitting them, pop your first health potion and start whacking the big wolf. DO NOT SMITE THEM AND DO NOT SPAM YOUR Q SPELL!!! After killing the wolf camp, you will proceed with getting the blue golem (you will be around 100% HP). Pop the second health pot, and then when he gets on low HP, just Smite him.

    Go and get the wraiths next. Get the big one, then kill the small ones. Level up as mentioned above in the skilling order. Proceed with the lizard buff. Just to mention, somewhere in between you might get lucky and that jungler (if they have him) might be stupid enough to let you steal his buff. When you see the enemy jungler start hitting the buff you put a ward on, quickly go there and attempt to steal it using Smite and if you are lucky- kill the champion himself.

    So after you kill the lizard buff (you will have NO worries in killing him), kill the 2 small golems next to the lizard. Look at the lanes- can u gank? if you try to gank do you have a good chance of getting a kill or an assist? are there overextended champions? if the answer is yes, go to that lane and GANK it! you have the red buff, you have exhaust, so basically you WILL score blood.

    If you cannot gank a lane, continue jungling until you do. 1050G= back to base. After that it's all about your skills as a warwick to score kills and assists. Be helpful- when some1 needs your help, be there! At some point, consider taking dragon on (with the help of a teammate ofc) to have some slight gold advantage. Just be careful, as smart opponents will have it warded, so prepare either to fight or to run.

    This is basically the jungling thing. I dont think I should get into more in-depth talk as I believe you are not retards and have at least played once with a jungling champion.

  • Working in the team

    Ah, working in the team is a blast with Warwick. Early-mid game, initiate with your ult. Your ult is the green light to your teammates to attack. Your ult makes ganks happen, so use it as often as you can! Work with your team to tear down your opponents early game, so you can get the upper hand in the game, thus win.

    Late game, it becomes a little more complicated. Usually your tank should initiate a teamfight. If you do not have a good initiator, guess what, you will be the one. Quickly strike a squishy opponent with your ult, but before doing that, make sure your team is right behind your ass. You do not want to die before even the surpression of your ult is over. With your nice armor and mres, you can initiate and be somewhat a tank like a boss. Do not be afraid to rush in! You are more bulky and do more damage than you think. Go to warwick's limits, that is the true way you will succeed in any fight.

    Just make sure you do not jump on the tank, but jump on a more dangerous figure, as you want that fucker decimated as fast as possible. Worst case scenario is, you will not kill the carry, but after your ult + Q combo, he will be in less than 50%, thus retreat from the fight.

    Actually there is nothing more I can tell you with tanky warwick. Your job is to go with your main tank and do as many dmg as you can on the dangerous champions on the opponent team.

  • Farming

    Warwick is a good good farmer. Once you get Madred's Razors, farming will be a breeze. Just when in a lane, last hit using your Q spell.

    Farming is not Warwick's middle name, he is more of something like Eve. You both rely more on ganks than farming, so as a Warwick you WILL get most of your gold through early-mid kills, not early-mid farmathons. Leave farming as your second or third priority, focus on ganking and helping your team!

  • Pros / Cons

    -The best 1v1 champion
    -Ganking with WW is child's play
    -A masterpiece ultimate
    -Some unexpected survivability
    -Does not sacrifice damage for the sake of survivability
    -Great initiator
    -Late game you CAN solo Baron

    -In some miraculous events, you will get your jungling route screwed (buff-wise). When that happens, it's game over.
    -Not a hard AD carry like Ashe or MF, but still does considerable amounts of damage
    -Lacks some damage before getting your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

  • Summary

    I hope this turned out to be a good Warwick guide. I am open to any suggestions and I will be really glad if you rate and comment. I think tanky Warwick is the way to go, but if you disagree, I will be glad to hear you out.

    Constructive criticism is appreciated, and so is positive rating (lol)

    Cya on the battlefields! :)

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