Ezreal Build Guide

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Ezreal,Shot In You Face (AP Build)

written by derikito

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    Nice Passive...Can Stack 5 Times (15% Atk Speed Per Stack)...Be Usefull in Early Game.

    Mystic Shot
    Great Skill,Dealling Damage Plus You Atk Damage,Not Much Usefull In This Build.

    Essence Flux
    YOU SKILL !!!! Give a Lot of Damage...If U Use This AP Build...Can Heal All Aly,Give Atk Speed For Aly and Give Slow To Enemy's...Enjoy This Skill.

    Arcane Shift
    Simillar To Kassadin Ult...Give a Decent Damage...and Can Save You Life...Use For Chase or To Run.

    Trueshot Barrage
    Great Damage,Great AP Scale...Use All Times If U See All Enemy's Together...

  • Introduction

    Hi !! this is my first guide with this hero...sry for my bad english...because im brazilian...sooo...im play with this hero and my impressions look a .... hero based in AP... nice AP scale and usefull skills... ezreal can be strong in late game if u play safe in early/mid...because him is a squishy...so lets go... :)

  • Pros / Cons

    Great Damage If You Use AP Itens
    Nice Range Skill's
    Help Much If u Not Noob QQ

    Bad In Bad Hands
    Weak In Early
    Peoples Hate You

  • Summoner Abilities


    Teleport Help You To Stay In You Lane Fast and Clarity Help You In Mana (Him Need Much Mana)

  • Masteries + Runes

    Work In This Progress (But I Use ALL AP At Lvl 18 Runes)

  • Skilling Order


    W >> Q >> R >> E

  • Items

    Start with and ....stay in defensive... farm and farm in early... u got 1150 gold ? back and buy and ,now is time to make you ,stay in lane pick 1150 and buy a and ... now farm gold and back to buy you ... now is time to make you ... buy a to give a portion of AP... and if you have 980 gold,buy a .... farm 1000 gold and buy you ... [usually the game ends here] but if not done, keep up the ,to help you in ap,atk speed and cd... upgrade you to a and now buy you [item_icon=Zhonya's Ring] to rapekillsmashand****** you enemy's....


    [item_icon=Zhonya's Ring]

  • Build Example


  • Creep Jungling

    Ezreal Is a Bad In Jungle...Dont Try >

  • Summary

    Ezreal AP Build 1.0 By Derikito... ;)... Enjoy...comment and rate xD

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