Evelynn Build Guide

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Evelynn, What just happened?

written by rokkout491

Evelynn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Evelynn is one of the best gankes in the game, and has lots of utility in teamfights. Having both a stun, and a fairly large heal (on Champion kills/assists) means she rarely has to return to the spawning pool for regen purposes, and she's very good at punishing enemy players who like overextending.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    50% reduced damage from Non-Neutral Minions. This means that enemy minions do 50% less damage to you (Jungle creeps still do full damage). Most Champions can't engage early game inside of an enemy minion wave, because Caster and Tank minions do quite a bit of damage. This isn't much of a problem for Evelynn because of this passive.

    Hate Spike
    Spammable, Does a decent amount of damage, but most useful for causing Sheen or Trinity Force to proc. Because you'll be spamming this whenever you're fighting another Champion, your Sheen or Trinity Force will proc within .5 seconds of it being available every time.

    Shadow Walk
    Your stealth, Initiate with it, run away with it, even walk around the jungle with it. It allows you to move around the map without the enemy being able to see you, unless they're using Vision Ward instead of Sight Ward, making you an excellent ward hunter. If the enemy is using Vision Ward, they're using twice as much gold per ward, meaning they either ward less, or build slower. Either outcome is a benefit to your team. Initiating with Shadow Walk stuns the target, and in this time you'll be able to kill most champions. This stun can also be used to disable someone chasing a team-mate, or stop a channel that could effect a fight elsewhere on the map (such as a Shen using Stand United or a Pantheon using Grand Skyfall)

    Your nuke. In addition to doing a large amount of damage, it reduces your targets Armor and Magic Resistance, allowing your Auto Attacks and [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] to do more damage. The MR/Armor Debuff lasts for less time than the cooldown, so you want to use this ability as much as possible to keep your enemies defenses low.

    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    This ability is very, very strong. It increases your Attack and Movement Speeds when activated, and Passively heals you on Champion Kills and Assists. The best part about this ability though, is that its Cooldown resets any time an enemy Champion dies, anywhere on the map, including being Executed (by turrets or minions). This makes it so you never have to worry about using Malice and Spite to get to a teamfight in progress, since odds are someone on their team is going to die by the time the duration is over. This ability does not break Shadow Walk, so if you're going to initiate make sure to activate this ability just before you attack, or if you're chasing someone you can cast it in stealth to catch up.

    A little known fact about this ability is that it's cooldown resets when an enemy Mordekaiser's pet (from Children of the Grave) dies. Use this to your advantage while you're backdooring if an enemy teams Mordekaiser has a ghost.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I go 21/0/9.

    Here's a link so you can see the mastery page.

    Quick explanation of each mastry point spent.

    Offense: 21

    [mastery=Deadliness] - 3 - While you're not focusing on critical strike chance, having an extra 2% on top of your Trinity Force can definately help kill things faster than you already do.

    [mastery=Cripple] - 1 - You'll be using exhaust, so the extra .5 second duration will come in handy. Also, negating 25 armor/magic resistance is huge.

    Sorcery - 4 - Cooldown Reduction is very useful for multiple reasons. It lets you restealth faster, allows you to ravage more often (high burst damage, along with Armor/MR reduction means you want to do this as much as possible), and makes your Hate Spike more spammable than it already is.

    [mastery=Alacrity] - 4 - You'll be focusing mainly on attack speed in this build, having an extra 4% will help a lot, not only early game, but late game as well.

    [mastery=Burning Embers] - 1 - Pretty much a filler mastery to get down to Havoc. You can put this point anywhere, but this is the most useful spot.

    [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] - 1 - 15% magic penetration is very nice, as a lot of damage comes from Hate Spike and Ravage, and you'll have a Madred's Bloodrazor as well.

    [mastery=Sunder] - 3 - 6 Armor Penetration doesn't sound like much, but when your opponent has 20 armor at level 1, and you have another 25 ArP from your Runepage, as well as Armor reduction from ravage, you'll be doing quite a bit of damage at low levels.

    Brute Force - 3 - 3 attack damage doesn't sound like much, but as your early game (until you finish your Madred's) is reliant on your attack damage, it comes in handy. Also lets you last hit a bit more often as well.

    Havoc - 1 - Self explanatory. 5% damage is a lot.

    Utility: 9

    [mastery=Good Hands] - 3 - 10% less on your death timer means you're back in action faster.

    Perseverance - 1 - You need another talent point to get down to Awareness, and you aren't using Teleport or Ghost, so guess what...

    [mastery=Awareness] - 4 - You level faster, allowing you to leave lane and gank sooner.

    Greed - 1 - 1 gold every 10 seconds doesn't sound like much on the surface, but if you aren't getting kills/assists or are being zoned by a ranged lane, it's very nice to have. Even if you are able to farm and get kills, your build is relatively expensive, so the extra gold will help.


    Quintessences - Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Reds - Greater Mark of Desolation
    Blues - Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Yellows - Greater Seal of Alacrity

    Armor Penetration will help the most early game, between your ArP from runepage and ArP from masteries, most champs will have no armor in the laning phase. Ravage will put them even farther in the negatives.

    I played around with Attack Speed vs Attack Damage (both flat and per-level) and found attack speed helped the most out of all 3.

  • Items

    Ah, your item build.

    Eveleynn's recommended build is well... bad. It has 2 good items on it, Boots of Mobility, and Trinity Force.

    What you SHOULD use is:

    Trinity Force; Boots of Mobility; Hextech Gunblade; [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]; [item=Malady]; The Black Cleaver

    You want to start laning with a Sapphire Crystal. You have quite a bit of base HP, but not so much mana. Sapphire Crystal will build into your Sheen, so you can get it faster, and start ganking sooner.

    From here, get Boots of Speed (Tier 1 boots), and follow them up with a Sheen as soon as possible. After that, Build your boots into Boots of Mobility, and finish your Trinity Force, by getting a Phage, Zeal, then ultimately completing the Trinity Force. If you're doing a lot of ganking, health won't be an issue due to your ultimates passive, but if you find yourself needing HP, get a Vampiric Scepter somewhere along the way (I normally get one right after a Phage. This allows me to jungle a little bit between ganks.)

    Next, build your Vampiric Scepter into a Bilgewater Cutlass, get a Hextech Revolver, then finish your Hextech Gunblade. The extra AP will increase Ravage's burst damage by a fair amount (it has 1:1 scaling) and let hate spike do more damage as well. Not to mention your auto attacks will hit harder, and you'll heal off of Hate Spike spam, Ravage nuke, and auto attacks, and Trinity Force Procs heal you for quite a bit. Also useful for a little extra burst damage if needed, or to slow down an enemy champion.

    Next is a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. This gives you a little bit of attack damage, a good chunk of Attack Speed, but most importantly, you do a whopping 4% of their HP as damage per hit. This works well with Evelynn's Ultimate, which grants attack speed, and with ravage, which reduces magic resist. While squishier Champions (such as Teemo or Ashe) won't require this item to kill them before they realize you're there, some more durable Champions (like Sion or Vladimir) will actually become killable due to this item.

    After your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor], build a [item=Malady]. This item increases your Attack Speed, while reducing your targets Magic Resistance every hit, allowing your Hate Spike to do more damage, as well as Ravage, and [item=madred's Bloodrazor]. With full Malady stacks and a Ravage on your target, with [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] applying before both, your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] may end up doing 5-6% of their HP per hit, instead of just 4%, due to negative magic resistance.

    Last but not least, your The Black Cleaver. Again, this gives you a good amount of Attack Speed while reducing your target's defenses. The Black Cleaver, with 6 reduced armor from [mastery=Sunder], 25 reduced armor from runes, and reduced armor from Ravage, your auto attacks (But mainly Trinity Force procs) will hit extremely hard. With all of this armor reduction, Thornmail really doesn't do a lot, as your target has negative armor, and you'll be able to Lifesteal/Spell Vamp right through the damage (not to mention you'll get a nice heal after the kill)

  • Skilling Order

    Here's a spreadsheet showing skilling order

    You want Shadow Walk at level 1. This allows you to face check your lanes bush without fear of getting killed for first blood, also gives you a stun, allowing first blood to be easier for your lane to obtain.

    From there getting Ravage at level 2 for the extra burst will make harassing and landing kills easier as well.

    Level 3 you want Hate Spike, it does decent damage, it's spammable, allowing you to last hit a little bit more often, and its range is farther than melee range, so if someone is just out of range to kick in the back you can still do damage.

    At this point you want to max out Ravage first, followed by Shadow Walk, then Hate Spike last, picking up [spell=Malice and Spite] (your ultimate) whenever you can. However, pick up a second rank of Shadow Walk at level 5, since 10 seconds (rank 1) is not very long.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ignite and Exhaust

    Ignite will help out quite a bit early game when you can't kill champions in less than 2 seconds. Also, since it's True Damage (Un-Mitigable) it'll help you kill tanks late game. It also Gimps many champions, such as Dr. Mundo and Tryndamere, since Ignite will almost always kill Tryndamere if you cast it more than 1 second after he activates his Ultimate, and it cuts the effectiveness of Dr. Mundo's ultimate in half. Also, when Vladimir Sanguine Pools and runs away, you can catch him with ignite to land the kill (as Damage over Time effects remain on him when he uses this ability). There are many other champions this helps with as well, so it's just all around a good option.

    Exhaust makes Evelynn even more of an annoyance than she already is. It slows the Champion by 40% so they can't run away, reduces their attack damage done by 70% so physical carries don't hurt much, and reduces magic damage dealt by 35% so even those pesky mages with disable won't nuke you down while you can't fight back. Not to mention the 25 Magic Resist and Armor it takes off because of [mastery=Cripple]. If you find a tank alone, anywhere, and you decide it wants to die, using Exhaust will make that happen, since your Ravage, The Black Cleaver, [item=Malady], Runes and Masteries with Exhaust on top of all of that will 9 times out of 10 put the champions armor and magic resistance below 0.

  • Pros / Cons

    Evelynn is a very good ganker, as she does a lot of burst damage, and disables her target. This means that working with team-mates will almost always end up with a kill for someone on your team. She's a stealth Champion, so when someone on the other team thinks they have the advantage in a 2v1 situation, you pop out and even the odds. Stealth is also useful for running away from lost teamfights, or just checking bushes so team-mates don't have to. The biggest downside to Evelynn is that [item=Oracle's Elixir] makes her usefullness drop by a large margain. She can no longer run through the enemy team to the ranged carry in back without the other team noticing, so work with your team to focus the Champions with [item=Oracle's elixir] down first. Also, most teams will focus an Evelynn down as soon as she appears, no matter how far into the teamfight you are. This can be both good and bad, usually bad. This may take the focus off of other champions that are about to die, saving their lives, but most of the time you just end up being squished under 5 Champions.

  • Working in the team

    Always focus the Squishy Champions in the back of the enemy team. Ranged Carries that are relatively squishy (such as Ashe and Caitlyn) will make their homes behind the enemy team. This is where you want to be when the teamfight starts. By the time they realize you're there, at least one of them should be dead, and the other will have a dent in their HP. The enemy team will also switch targets, and have to move to get to you, allowing your teams DPS to continue attacking while taking minimal damage.

  • Unique Skills

    Evelynn's stealth ability is limited to 2 Champions in the game. Her and Twitch. While other Champions have stealth abilities (such as Shaco and Akali), Evelynn and Twitch's last the longest. Evelynn can kill a Champion farming a lane alone, and get away without needing to worry about the enemy team finding her in their jungle, or avoid being ganked by the enemy team while she's farming. Her ultimate is unique as well, and possibly one of the best in the game. You almost never have to worry about its cooldown, since its on a relatively short cooldown (as Ultimate CD's go) to begin with, and its reset by the enemy team dying.

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