Corki Build Guide

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Simple Guide for AD-Corki - LIMA OSCA LIMA!

written by TOVEZ

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Summary

    Shit! You just locked Corki and totally forgot what to get and use with him; here you go :P

    / /

    Summoner Spells

    21-0-9 OR 16-0-14

    Spell Priority

    Item Start

    Item Core

    Late Game Items

    Against AP-heavy teams:

    (usually BV is enougth)

    Against AD-Heavy teams:

    More DPS

  • Introduction

    Hey guys,
    first of all english is not my native language and I apologize for mistakes (you may blame my english teacher if you want to) :P
    This is my first Guide on Leaguecraft so dont expect to much :D
    I dont think I'm the best or a perfect Corki player but I have played a lot of matches pretty succesful with him and would like to share my thoughts with you. (Of course LoL is a team-based Game and no guide can promise you to win every game!)
    In my opinion Corki is one of the best ranged AD-carries in LoL besides Ashe, MF or Tristana.
    Very often people tell me not to play Corki cause hes "UP", "useless", "just gay" or whatever - and probably that is because they never saw a good Corki or just can't play him themselves! =)

    So with this comprehensive Guide I will try to show you one (!) possible way to play a competitive Corki.

    Of course I would like to get some feedback and tipps for upcoming Guides or whatever ;)

    Thank you and hf reading,

    If you dont like my guide for some reason thats ok but please dont rate it negative without giving me some feedback on how to improve my guide :) thank you.

  • Skilling Order

  • Runes

    This is the rune set-up I am using but of course I dont expect you to buy those.

    Greater Mark of Strength Better early-Game.
    Greater Mark of Desolation Better late-Game.
    It's your choice but take one of those 2. I prefer but both work fine.

    Greater Seal of Vitality Helps with your survivability.

    Greater Glyph of Clarity Obviously to increase your mana-reg. since we dont buy Manamune.

    Greater Quintessence of Strength
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation Same as reds.

    NOTE: Some people use 1 x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness because Corki is pretty slow but as soon as you finis it should be ok anyway.
    NOTE: Of course Greater Quintessence of Fortitude works fine especially in lower-level matches.

  • Masteries

    Masteries should always be used to "fine-tune" your build and can vary based on your personal playstyle. They don't have a big impact but can make the "little difference".
    You just should try to boost your summoner-spells if possible.

    I usually go with 21-0-9 to increase my overall dmg and get improved Ghost aswell as more EXP and buff-durations.

  • Summoner Spells

    I always use and which in my opinion are by far the best Summoner Spells because they can be used offensively and defensively.
    + can get you out of almost every situation.

    Other viable options:
    For slow and additional miss-chanche.
    Against very CC-heavy teams.
    Nice for early kills and to reduce Heal if you face a Mundo for example.
    () Only in lower-level matches since it is only usefull early-game.

  • Items

    Finally. Here we go.
    Since this is a comprehensive Guide I wont explain Gameplay and every itmes' pros and cons - a) you give it a shot and buy them or b) you dont. It's up to you but for me those items work.
    You need to understand that you have to analyze your and especially the oponents' Team-setup to create an effective item-build.

    Starting Items:
    Doran's Blade Combined with and it gives you a lot of extra DMG early-Game which helps with last-hitting and harassing.
    Also the 100 HP are very nice to have since we dont use .
    Lifesteal helps to stay in lane.
    IMO the best starting item for almost every ranged AD.

    NOTE: If you have realy huge problems early-game feel free to grab another Dorans Blade but I recommend to do not stack more then 2.

    So now you have to observe how the game is going.
    If you can farm nicely and dont have any problems you should get
    Mercury's Treads(Against teams with CC and AP - which 99% of teams have) or Berserker's Greaves(Only if you don't have to fear CC)
    Catalyst the Protector(Best item for lane-staying-power and can be build into which you should get against every Team with decent AP and CC)
    ASAP !

    NOTE: If you dont have enougth money, get Catalyst the Protector and Boots of Speed first.

    Important: If you can't farm very well and have huge problems on your lane you should do the following:

    Against AD (for example Caitlyn) get Madred's Razors to increase Armor + DMG + easier farm.
    Don't feel stupid because your teammates flame you or because you feel like wasting 1000G -> A sucessful early-mid-game is important to get a good late-game!! better "waste" 1000g than dieing 2 times and having 30 cs in mid after 15 min.
    You can sell it later on or if it's viable build [item=Madred's Bloodrazor].

    Against heavy AP (for example Malzahar) get Negatron Cloak as your first item. His spells shouldnt be a threat anymore. (use it for BV later)

    If everything went nice you should have Mercury's Treads and Catalyst the Protector now.
    Now you will get Trinity Force as soon as possible.

    You should start with Sheen and Phage.

    If you have problems against CC or AP get Banshee's Veil first and rush TF after that otherwise build after .

    NOTE: If there is absolutly no CC and no AP you may sell and buy

    Now you have

    which is enougth to do some realy nasty stuff.

    Now decide:

    a) You don't get killed often and want more dmg. Simply get The Bloodthirster and/or
    The Black Cleaver. Rape faces. Profit.

    b) You need more magic resistance. (which is pretty unusual after getting Mercurys and BV) Get Hexdrinker or maybe even [item=Force of Nature]. I couldn't remember when I needed them the last time. :D

    c) You need more armor. Get Thornmail if you haven't yet. If you have that should be enougth. If you still need more get Guardian Angel or Frozen Heart.

  • Build Examples

    Core [builder=Corki/0cf914fa15f327a692c730d5feb80b95]
    Early [builder=Corki/74157f7143e7168830195cfcab5cd6e1]
    Mid [builder=Corki/c6c9ed132740be1df4e66489ee8e6e6e]
    Late [builder=Corki/6ee7a17b03677504f547a74dc1f57eda]

    Caster-Heavy [builder=Corki/655be461cd879fb463eb555d2672ac10]
    AD-Heavy [builder=Corki/92c012de1859cc215df008bea4dffa78]

  • Conclusion

    Thx for taking the time to read my guide and I hope you got some nice tipps or ideas from it!
    Im open to all kind of feedback and questions.
    I hope it wasn't to longish and boring and wish you good luck :)


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