Jax Build Guide

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Jax, The Poof Poof BOOM Master!

written by XUnholyWrathX

Jax Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello people looking for a Jax guide! XUnholyWrathX here (IG name as well) with my own personal guide for Jax! Ive personally played Jax since around my 2nd? week of starting league of legends and he by far is my most favorite character within the entire league!! After so many updates changes and plenty of time playing, I find that I may know something others might not know.

    This is my first champion guide, so PLEASE don't be to mean ;P and it is in fact a work in progress, so I will be updating later

    I also may not be the best Jax in the entire game, so if you do not agree with some of my build, or anything stated, post a comment and I'll be glad to reply! Also constructive criticism is fine as well!

    In all reality Jax can be called a super carry in 3s, super back door in 5s or simply a "noob" character thanks to his prowess.

    This guide will just tell you the basics of a semi-decent Jax and some of the wonderful things that happen to follow! Some of the things I do may be personal, but by all means you can always change around the build to see whatever fits your playing style more! By all means, the basics will be covered.

    Then its up to you on how to utilize! So get your Poof Poof BOOM! on >.>

  • Abilities

    [spell=Equipment Mastery]
    Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment:
    Jax gains 3 Health per point of Attack Damage received from items.
    Jax gains 2 Health per point of Ability Power received from items.
    Spell Summary

    Jax's prowess with weapons and armor increase his fortitude as he gains equipment. Each point of Bonus Attack Damage grants 3 Health and each point of Ability Power grants 2 Health.
    Bonus Health from Attack Damage: (3 per attack damage point)
    Bonus Health from Ability Power: (2 per ability power point)

    My Summary

    Jax's wonderful and noticeable passive as the game progresses on, it provides a wonderful boost to health whether or not you go AP, AD, Hybrid, or even off-tank! Hell you could possibly troll and still get that boost xD. The most noticeable thing about this passive is the fact that early game

    Leap Strike
    Jax leaps toward a target. If it's an enemy, he smacks it in the face with his weapon, dealing bonus damage.

    Spell Summary
    Jax leaps towards a target. If it's an enemy, he hits the enemy for (50/75/100/125/150) (+(1 per attack damage point)) (+(0.8 per ability power point)) magic damage.

    My Summary

    By far what your enemies fear you for if they are running away with no health as a Jax magically appears mid-jump out of the bushes to come in for the kill...

    All in all, Jax's main reasons to escape, chase, and primary damage output until level 6 and above, but still a very notable skill nonetheless...

    With this ability, Jax "Hops" over a great distance (700 Range) to the target you have selected and does damage, unless its an allied unit. This ability can be used to cover great distances if you have wards set up around the map, even escaping is possible with wards or a friendly champion, but that takes a lot of coordination.

    Jax's charges his weapon with energy, causing his next attack to deal massive additional magic damage.

    Spell Summary
    Jax charges his weapon with energy, causing his next attack to deal an additional (40/60/80/100/120) (+(0.2 per attack damage point)) (+(0.2 per ability power point)) magic damage.

    My Summary

    What makes your lamppost glow, or whatever weapon you have bestowed your Jax with!

    Your Farming/sudden damage burst that comes from the synergy of using it with or without leap strike, counter strike or the fatal third hit within your ultimate.

    If you are questioning synergy, I mean using empower before using Leap Strike on an opponent, which is considered "Heavy" burst damage. This also applies to using this before your relentless assault 3rd hit, making the hit do more than its intended damage (Melee hit + Empowered hit + the 3rd Relentless) all at once.

    This ability can reset, can reset your attack timer, so you pull off something like hitting your 3rd relentless assault hit twice in a matter of a second, or making sure you last hit a minion while farming early on in the game.

    Counter Strike
    Jax's prowess allows him to dodge enemy attacks frequently. After avoiding an attack Jax can quickly stun surrounding enemies.

    Spell Summary
    Passive: Increases Jax's Dodge chance by (10/12/14/16/18)%.
    Active: Jax stuns surrounding enemies for (1) second and deals (80/100/120/140/160) (+(0.6 per ability power point)) magic damage to them.
    Usable only within (7) seconds of dodging an attack.

    A 400 Range ability that makes Jax, Jax. He's known as the anti-melee specialist thanks to this skill's passive and active. The fear it instills in the old and new melee champions whenever someone sees the word "dodge" fly above a jax's head mid-fight .

    Whenever counterstrike is available (7 seconds after dodging an attack) Jax has the ability to activate this skill and do damage while giving a 1 second stun, which can change the tide of a battle really quickly. A really good example with this stun, since it's an "Every 5 seconds" stun, use it often and fast in a battle, and stop people such as say Nunu or Malzahar using their ultimates on a teammate if they infact start them.

    Relentless Assault
    Jax's greatest talent lies in his ability to grow stronger with every attack. Each successive attack increases his Attack Speed temporarily, and every third blow will devastate his target. Jax can activate this ability to gain temporary Magic Resist based on his Dodge chance.

    Spell Summary
    Passive: Jax's basic attacks increase his Attack Speed by (6/10/14)% for @[email protected] seconds (max 10 stacks). Every third consecutive attack deals (140/175/210) (+(0.7 per ability power point)) bonus magic damage.

    Active: Jax's speed allows him to reduce incoming magic damage. For (5/6.5/8) seconds his Magic Resist is increased by (20/35/50) plus his Dodge percent totaling (1 per dodge point) Magic Resist.

    My Summary

    Jax's Ultimate, aka Poof Poof BOOM!!!! Once a Jax picks up this, hell will usually ensue afterwards... and by hell I mean hell for your enemies!!

    Overall one of the best ultimate's for a beefy melee dps champ such as Jax. Has great synergy with all of his moves, makes his farming a hell of a lot easier, and of course it keeps champions at bay or think twice before coming towards you in a 1v1 fight.

    After the recent changes, with the ultimate's new active (More dodge = more MR for ~ seconds) helps some with his magic resistance problems, but its only an active and you must be cautious while using it.

  • Pros / Cons and Inbetweens with Jax

    I would like to state these first, I'll add more later (Inbetweens are a "I don't know where to put category"

    Very durable after level 6/Has an incredible mid-late game
    Easy to pick up
    Is considered the Best Carry in 3's
    One of the fastest Junglers in 5's
    Can be built in any way and still dish out damage that is due
    Excellent in 1v1 fights and focusing down weak/very squishy characters.
    Wards and other devices are your best friend...
    Can close or increase the distance between Ranged/Melee characters that have a knack at saying in the back and harassing.

    Late game jax's can become unstoppable with the right build(Exaggerating but it holds some truth)
    Must have a good team comp with him at all times (this is close to the 5s one but this is General, not specific)
    Minion dependence can vary between jungle creeds and regular minions
    If you have difficulty against certain champs, simply play the champ that you have trouble against to learn what they can do, so your better prepared as a Summoner and Jax player.
    Adapting takes time but it IS worth it.

    Very item dependent
    Does require a good team setup in order to do damage in 5s
    Kinda mana hungry early game (mainly due to cost of entire combo if you spam it)
    Can be zeroed out by A LOT of CC and instantly destroyed
    Smart players/teams will build against you at all times
    Can be minion dependent as well, for dodge early game, just like how a morde~ needs minions for his shield but that is a different story.
    Can also be very dependent on his ultimate, so His early game 1-5 is one of the worst in any situation

  • Summoner's Spells

    The basic rundown on Jax's Best and worst summoners spells in my opinion!

    Top 3 any Jax should have.

    -A slow/Damage reducer that every melee character needs to hold onto as they battle other melee characters, and with the recent changes, use it on someone that you are wanting to either finish off in a battle OR use while midfight to lower damage the other character(s) may be putting out.

    -The best escape spell ANY character can have as well, 2nd to none to flash. Use this to either escape from a battle or quickly regain your position on the map, such as on Summoners rift, going to the aid of a teammate in distress/tower in distress of an enemy attack.

    -I personally do not use ignite often, but usually its the best finisher to any big fight with escaping enemies, but there's no reason NOT to have it!

    I personally wouldn't pick up ignite because I would rather have another member have it on the team, but if your team doesn't have ignite at the start, I would pick up an Executioner's Calling

    Ok/Tolerable Spells

    -Only if your jungling.

    -Honestly, even if it loses it's purpose late game, it's still a viable spell if you are new to the character or if you want to jungle at lower levels

    -Jax already has a "teleport" just buy wards and you are fine. The only good thing is that you can escape much easier with this spell

    If you really feel the need to have this, go right ahead! The mana is a welcomed addition, the only problem is that Jax doesn't rely solely on his mana while fighting. Nor does he have mana problems late game.

    -Only if you feel your going to have a nightmare while going into a 5's, the CC removing is nice but it still falls short of keeping you alive in 5s, now 3s it can be pushed to the top with the top 3.

    Not recommended Spells to use

    -Isn't as useful as you would think.

    -A caster should have this spell, not you.

    -Only if your trolling

    -Someone should have this other than u

    -A tank should have this, if not, someone brave enough to have it.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Quick mastery guide Most jax's follow or should follow. Some prefer the link, I preferred to do both just so those who want to just look through instead of loading another page. (Links are below the actual lists for each setup)

    21/9/0 Offensive tree (I personally do not use this often, but it's here for the knowledge some players may or may not need :P) This build is for if you want to dish out a lot of damage and get out quickly, making people think twice about fighting you without a teammate)

    3 in [Mastery=Archmage's Savvy]
    1 in [Mastery=Cripple]
    1 in [Mastery=Deadliness]
    4 in Sorcery
    1 in [Mastery=Archaic Knowledge]
    4 in [Mastery=Alacrity]
    3 in [Mastery=Sunder]
    3 in Brute Force
    1 in Havoc
    2 in Resistance
    2 in Hardiness
    4 in [Mastery=Evasion]
    1 in [Mastery=Nimbleness]


    9/21/0 (This is the usual mastery setup I use in nearly almost every game as Jax, but this is from personal preference)

    This is also my jungle Jax except switching [Mastery_Text=Cripple] to [Mastery_Text=Plentiful Bounty] because I still find [Mastery_Text=Archaic knowledge] to great of a steal especially with the buff to neutral creeps with magic resistance, although in all reality, this is not the best for jungling. The next set is the best for doing so.

    The reasons behind this setup, gives Jax the survivability that he needs to survive in lane and during crunch time (A huge team fight to decide the game maybe?) and allows him to take more than usual damage and come out alive (The difference isn't as large as most would think, but if you play Jax with 21/9/0 vs 9/21/0 you can tell)

    3 in [Mastery=Archmage's Savvy]
    1 in [Mastery=Cripple]
    4 in Sorcery
    1 in [Mastery=Archaic Knowledge]
    3 in Resistance
    3 in Hardiness
    4 in [Mastery=Evasion]
    1 in [Mastery=Nimbleness]
    1 in Strength of Spirit
    1 in [Mastery=Harden Skin]
    4 in [Mastery=Veteran's Scars]
    3 in [Mastery=Ardor]
    1 in [Mastery=Tenacity]


    1/21/8 Also another mastery setup I do not use often due to my love for [Mastery_text=Archaic knowledge], but nonetheless probably the best jungle setup masteries for Jax.
    1 in [Mastery=Plentiful Bounty]
    3 in Resistance
    3 in Hardiness
    4 in [Mastery=Evasion]
    1 in [Mastery=Nimbleness]
    1 in [Mastery=Harden Skin]
    1 in [Mastery=Defensive Mastery]
    4 in [Mastery=Veteran's Scars]
    3 in [Mastery=Ardor]
    1 in [Mastery=Tenacity]
    1 in [Mastery=Good Hands]
    3 in Perseverance
    4 in [Mastery=Awareness]



    There are a lot of controversial idea's with runes... Simply put I play Jax as a hybrid, so my runes ARE hybrid, some may think its crazy, but I love em just the way they are. (This is my rune setup again, so you don't have to take them to heart, though I do mitigate between setups)

    5x Greater Mark of Desolation
    4x Greater Mark of Insight

    You can change these to have 9x Greater Mark of Desolation or 9x Greater Mark of Insight to fit if you do not agree with this setup. which is fine if you don't have the selection or money to make these pages.

    I personally do not recommend Greater Mark of Alacrity Because Jax gets enough attack speed from masteries and skills alone. But they are still a viable Rune for the reds, if you have an attack speed based page.

    All of the other reds are pointless Other than these 3 above.

    9x Greater Seal of Evasion (These are standard and core on any Jax, So buy them whenever you can).

    I say any other Yellows are wasted on Jax, because his dodge IS his survivability, including his magic resistance (Ultimate's active)

    4x Greater Glyph of Force
    5x Greater Glyph of Shielding

    Same with Reds, you can change these to have 9x Greater Glyph of Force or Greater Glyph of Shielding if you prefer having more AP per level or more Magic resist per level at the end of the game.

    Now blues I only recommend Greater Glyph of Force and Greater Glyph of Shielding because they benefit Jax the most other than their flat counterparts, because Jax is still a late game champion!

    1x-3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    1x-3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    1x-3x Greater Quintessence of Evasion
    1x-3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    1x-3x Greater Quintessence of Insight

    Now these Quints, In total are the top 5 and possibly the best Quints to have on Jax, all others are practically useless. A combination of 3 of them benefit Jax the most, rather than having all 3 of each (which can still work) take all 3 quint spots.

    This exact setup, promotes Jax's utility with both his melee attacks AND spells that he casts as the game progresses on, It makes sure that no matter what you have, you shall always hurt the enemy alot easier early in the game, before characters starting building defense against you or your teammates.

    Runes and Quints are all options for you to decide, hell u could put mana regen in there as long as you felt like it! Its all up to you but Ive basically listed most of the good ones I believe are good for him :p

  • Skill Builds Via Level's

    The ways you can follow Jax's leveling up sequence varies on the games you play, the champions you fight against, and/or whether the games looking good or bad.

    I find there's 3 Routes to Jax's skill ups, Empower, Counter, or Hybrid(Balance in some cases).

    Personally I feel Leap Strike should ALWAYS be Maxed out first, regardless of ANY type of game you are playing as Jax; after that, you figure out which skill tree route you should take.

    Empower Jax, This route benefits out harassing and/or destroying Squishes/Tanks with ALOT of health, this route takes a mean of harassing to a new level.

    Counter Jax, This route benefits fighting melee Dps teams with or without a SOTD (Just use minions), Also very useful in making easier and quicker escapes if played right.

    Hybrid Jax, This is for those balanced teams that both have every aspect to fight and not focusing a specific portion, like 2 melee Dps, 2 Mages and a ridiculously OP tank (Just an example don't worry, nothing is OP unless fed )

    If you wish, there are also 3 other builds that I personally dislike, but I'll put them in because maybe some people do not like to max Leap Strike

    Empower Jax (Leap strike maxed last)

    Counter Jax (Leap strike maxed last)

    Pure Hybrid Jax (Leap strike is Mitigated throughout the Build, instead of maxed last)

  • Items

    Alot of items can be used by Jax, Hell he's probably the most versatile out of all hybrid champs. But here I will list possibly the BEST item's any Jax player should invest into within ANY game, winning or losing you will see a noticeable difference before and after these item's are obtained.

    Doran's Ring vs Doran's Blade vs Doran's Shield This is a LONG debate Jax players go over usually as a startup Item, But since the "Nerf" to the items making their price 475, you have to play really smart if you purchase any of the 3.

    I will not discourage you NOT to purchase these 3 items (One of them early game) but be forewarned, look at your opposing team comp, and choose wisely...

    I personally prefer the Doran's Ring over all 3 of these wonderful Items, due to the mana regen and quick boost of Health, allowing me to get that sudden 65 mana for that wonderful Leap Strike away or to an enemy faster!

    Doran's Blade I would only purchase if you wish to have a little bit of life steal and extra damage w/ health to make you a little more durable within the beginning of the match.

    Doran's Shield Same with this, I would only purchase this for more staying power within a lane, and rely more on the health regeneration/armor for endurance that most champions LACK with or without masteries early game.

    Health Potion

    Yes, I said it... Health potions... They can be the best damage negating items early game and healing at that! They are especially useful to have when someone pops an Ignite, Poison from Teemo/Singed/Twitch or Mordekaisers Ultimate Children of the Grave and so on, (Basically whatever has an overtime effect), later their usefulness runs out but its always good to carry one just in case something bad happens!

    Ninja Tabi

    When a Jax doesn't have this item, I shake my head in disbelief. This is the SOLE core item a Jax must ALWAYS HAVE. There is only one instance where a Jax should not have these wonderful boots... and I'll explain later.

    Jax's main defense mechanism is dodge, which this boot gives 12% of, with or without counterstrike and runes, which makes the ability Counter Strike alot more useful and easier to pull off the active

    Mercury's Treads

    This is the ONLY exception for boots that Jax should have and seriously, these are for Summoners Rift only, because Jax will and or rather 100% of the time WILL be focused by all sorts of CC during a match in Summoners.

    An example when to get these are in 5s your Jax and you find yourself against say a Fiddle, Annie, Amumu, nocturne, and a Kassadin. (This is just a team to basically say your never getting away nor will we let you as a huge example lol)

    Bilgewater Cutlass

    The preliminary towards the Hextech Gunblade, This item gives jax another well needed version of CC (a slow with damage), which early game can help a Jax turn the favor and/or catch the opposition if they are running away. The active (as you can see) does 150 damage and does a 3 slow, which means in order to USE this active, you must either Click on the item and select a target or click the number key a choose the target.

    Hextech Gunblade

    This is possibly the BEST Damage item to have on Jax EVER. It's utility purposes and survivability let alone all that sweet sweet damage...

    This is the same as a Bilgewater Cutlass, except upgraded and ALOT better than you would think. This time the active does double the damage but the slow stays the same. Also it's range is the same as your Leap Strike, so keep that in mind if you want to finish a champion without leaving the fight that you CAN jump on, (I would rather use this). Also this Item is quite possibly the best Item for flat lifesteal and Spell Vamp. 20% Lifesteal AND Spell Vamp = Amazing on Jax because everything he does heals him then!

    Guinsoo's Rageblade

    This is the best item that synergies with Jax's Ult, Enough said. It has been called the "Best Hybrid Item" but I believe the gunblade is the best.

    Trinity Force

    This item is AMAZING on Jax and it provides good synergy with his sudden burst and all of the stats it adds in = AMAZING especially the movement speed with the needed health, mana, slow, or rather just about everything it gives helps Jax :P But as I said, this is from my view, so others might not agree with a trinity force!

    Sword of the Divine WARNING This Item also is Jax's Number one nemesis on another Melee Dps champ, WATCH OUT when you can.

    This item, seldom to other peoples opinions, is a very quick and easy rageblade more or less, and its active just makes it even more of a early killer. I only recommend this against another Jax though.

    Lich Bane

    Seldom to say, this Item is just a trinity force minus all of the melee dps and more for the bursty caster Jax (Aka Ap Jax) I would recommend this only if you are going towards that route, but only after you obtain some Ap first!

    Banshee's Veil

    This item is what i would recommend on Jax as a 2nd to last item, unless your having a horrible horrible time against casters or just plainly a lot of CC. Even with the current patches update where its now 45 seconds to recharge, it is still a VERY viable item in ANY situation, this also goes for a Guardian's Angel, but that's another thing you shall find out later.

    Executioner's Calling

    This item is a blessing if your team does not have ignite and if your fighting a team of champions(or composed with a few of them) like Mundo, Ap Yi, Vlad, Warwick and some others that have ways of healing rapidly over a couple seconds. I would only recommend getting this item if fighting those champions.

  • Builds

    I will state this now, I only use these links to show specific items, Not the entire "Build" per say. But the item order will signify how and where you should or shouldn't get said item. Also, feel free to change up the item build whenever you feel like to accommodate to your current game setting (As I said earlier, feel free to comment and give constructive criticism)

    This build is more or less a late game build if your the only one who can put out damage and live to tell the tale. This build is also takes advantage of much needed lifesteal/extra damage from the bloodthirster to even help finish the game quickly if you have a need to BD.


    Against a tank heavy team, This build specializes in Jax "Beating Down" opposing tanks that he would usually have problem fighting late game, with straight tank items.


    A REALLY long game with heavy casters on Opposing side, Note: Force of nature can be switched for a Guardians Angel.


    This build only if there's so many enemies that can CC you to hell literally. (Considering mostly casters and/or Magic users is where I built this).


    This build, even if Jax is the Anti-Melee specialist, he can only do so much against ACTUAL physical damage from people who usually either stack life steal or just have a super amount of attack speed/damage. So this is the true Anti-Melee Jax build Ive used a few times (This can be considered a off-tank Jax with good Damage regardless)


    Now for a fun build that is something risky but also puts yourself and others on edge AP Jax. This build itself is for a jax that has been having a very good game in general, it works very well against almost any squishy considering the burst is enough to half? their health after one complete combo.


    Now for those who like jungling, A jungle Jax build just for you, I am Going to state the core build, and leave it at that Because jungling itself, then the rest of the game can vary. So the order within the item selection is how to get the items, Note that the health potion = 5x


    After this is completed, build against the team you are fighting and go from there.

  • Farming

    Simple enough, Last hit minions with your auto attack and Empower and take the jungle in both Twisted Tree Line and Summoners Rift whenever you can unless there's a jungler, It gives a huge level bonus if your opponents allow it to happen far to many times(Its easier to pull off in Twisted, but a lot safer in Summoners early game)

    If you are having a really bad time farming, by all means like being outlaned, or to much CC/Range damage... just take it very defensively and turrent hug/last hit minions that are weakened by the turrents.

  • Working in the team

    I would like to make 2 Valid points of advice about Jax in total (Continuing/Editing Later)

    1. In Twisted Treeline, Jax CAN be an initiator due to the smaller team compositions, but you must play smart on your feet,
    While in Summoners Rift, you are NOT, PLEASE DON'T TRY, unless it's a 1v1 and you feel confident enough to fight someone.

    2. In Twisted Treeline Jax is in fact the "Super Carry", Farm and always take top if you can.
    While in Summoners Rift, your main goal is to farm and assist in kills (Usually by "KSING" or finishing the job). Jax is considered an assassin, even though they removed the tag, so play him as one in 5s.

    These main points I strongly suggest you keep in mind, no matter how beefy your Jax is, one false move and that can be game over (especially in TT).

    Twisted Treeline

    -In progress-

    Summoners Rift

    -In progress-

  • Jungle Jax (Specificially for Summoners Rift ONLY)

    If you have never jungled before, I recommend that you take a few practice matches to find what you like and dislike about the jungle, and get a pretty good idea of what you have to face later.

    WARNING The one thing that can happen with Jungle Jax is that you might not dodge an attack at all... so be prepared to run away and try again or just go lane until your able to go jungle. So please be at least prepared with dodge runes/masteries if you plan on doing so.

    You either take 9/21/0 or 1/21/8 and go start at blue buff. If you have teammates there ask nicely for them to hit the blue golem a few times before leaving so you can obtain all of the experience and continue on your way quicker, especially if the other team has another jungler!

    A typical order would be blue golem , wolves, wraiths, small golems, blue-pill take red then either go take their blue after the red then gank (usually you must have above half health to accomplish this, if not DON'T DO IT unless completely needed by the teammate(s) in distress.

    Personally you still must find your own way to jungle efficiently, so that's all up to you summoners out there!

    There are times where you must leave your jungle, I would prefer leaving when say.. low health and/or mana or just to shop. DO IT. it takes time for stuff to respawn.

  • Zoning

    Just the most basic tutorial on this subject, since most guides touch on it, I felt it's needed as well.

    An example of jax's zone is the length of his Leap Strike (That is your TOTAL range) while sub to that Counter Strike range within that, it takes time to figure out when or when you cannot pull something off but hey, it'll happen!

    An additional effect with zoning is that Both the Bilgewater Cutlass (400) and Hextech Gunblade (700) both contain the zones of Counter Strike (400) and Leap Strike (700) repectively.

  • Conclusion

    Well thats it, I'm finished for right now, but to sum it up in a few words....

    Jax is a very fun champion to play, easy to pick up, and has all the quirks in the world to make us know why he's the grandmaster in arms.

    I hope you enjoyed the read!

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