Ryze Build Guide

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A Simple Guide To Ryze

written by Malajukii

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    Amazing passive. Use this to hit as many overloads as you can in a combo.

    This will do massive damage throughout the game. Early game because you will have it maxed out, and it scales fairly well with level, and late game because you will have massive amounts of mana. And because of 40% cdr and your passive you will be using this pretty much every second.

    Rune Prison
    This is gonna do a lot of damage. Not only like... it'll do a lot of damage because it does damage... but because it allows you and your team to massacre the target.

    Spell Flux
    This isn't gonna be your main source of damage, but it will let you get off more overloads, and it will reduce their MR and do a bit of damage.

    Desperate Power
    Good passive, more mana. The active will allow you to farm, do damage to all enemies in team fights, and string your combos.

  • Introduction

    I have played Ryze since his remake, which isn't very long, I admit, but I have been doing good with him, and there is a lack of good guides on leaguecraft for him. I feel obliged to write a guide for it. I'd like to make a mention to this guide, which is what started me, and really affected my item choices. I admit that this guide is extremely close to that guide. This is my first guide, but I will try my best. So, let's see how I play Ryze, The Rogue Mage.

    I got my second pentakill as Ryze today :)
    Here is the link
    The other one I got I didn't know how to take screenshots at the time. Sorry T.T

  • Masteries + Runes

    This is my average build, and I use this as Ryze. I really like the increase magic pen, cd reduction, and improved summoner spells. The extra mana and experiance are also very nice, and the alternitive, 9/7/14 is very nice too, for the extra lane stayability and also late game huge hp regen. I do prefer 9/0/21 though, because.....
    1.I use my summoner spells ALL THE TIME. More on that later.
    2.I dont like to stay in lane and farm lots as Ryze. You should dominate your lane, and if you can't get kills in your lane go out looking for ganks. Also more on this later.

    My runes are :
    Greater Mark of Insight pretty much non-negotiable... so much extra damage early and late game.
    Greater Seal of Clarity, Greater Seal of Vitality, Greater Seal of Evasion Dodge seals would be your best choice, seeing as you will have mana oozing out your ears throughout the game, and lots of hp too. Mana regen per lever or hp per level would just be if you didn't have enough for dodge seals, or you had mana problems early game. (You won't late game, and it shouldn't be too bad early game)
    Greater Glyph of Focus because they are awesome on Ryze. Greater Glyph of Celerity if you don't have much money.
    EDIT : Thanks to user maniacalpenny, I am changing my mind on this. CD glyphs are pointless past a certain level. They are still viable, but would preferably be replaced by MR glyphs, and you should just get a Glacial Shroud early on in the game. I will modify items section soon.
    Greater Quintessence of Insight or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude are your best choices.

  • Items

    Down to business. I agree heavily with the item choices of the guide linked in the introduction. I follow them pretty much 100%

    I like to start with Sapphire Crystal and 2 potions. (1 Hp 1 Mana is my normal)
    Then I'll recall and rush Tear of the Goddess. If I got a kill early I'll get my Boots of Speed as well.
    Our next items will be Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages. Depending on how well I'm doing the order will change.
    If I've gotten a few kills in mid, or with ganks, then I'll get my Sorcerer's Shoes first, otherwise I'll keep em at lvl 1 boots till Ive got my RoA. (Note : Get Catalyst the Protector first when building RoA)

    EDIT : Now getting a Glacial Shroud very early, pretty much every game. Right after my RoA normally.

    Now you decide on what items to get... You will need 40% cd reduction, as a reminder. Here are a few suggestions :
    Frozen Heart Cd reduction, armor, mana.... perfect. And don't overlook the passive. Ill get this pretty much every game.
    Banshee's Veil I almost always get this item. Another wonderfull item on Ryze.
    Void Staff MR stacking enemies can really ruin your day. This can help.
    Rod of Ages a second rod of ages can be a solid choice as Ryze.
    Thornmail,[item=Force of Nature], Guardian Angel, Zhonya's Hourglass all good choices if your having trouble surviving.

  • Skilling Order

    I'm pretty set on this.

    Let me explain why. Some people like to do this : W>Q>E>R This makes no sense to me. Why would you not get Spell Flux and Desperate Power? It seems so silly why you wouldn't.

    EDIT : User maniacalpenny has gave a few arguments on why people would go with this build. He says that it will provide more harassment without much mana necessary, at only the cost of more sustained dps. I suppose this might be viable, but since you are getting ToG more spells = more procs. Also I do prefer leveling Overload over Rune prison just because your damage output is increased so much. (In one combo you will cast 4 or 5 overloads, and only 1 rune prison) So I will still stick by my own skill build, but I now admit that the other build isn't totally worthless.

    3 reasons why I get Spell Flux at level 4 :
    1. Trigger's my passive. Using this to get another Overload off could mean the difference between a kill and an escape.
    2. Reduces magic resist. Increases damage you will do.
    3. Does damage. Nuff said.

    I see no reason why you would get spell flux at level 11 and not before. If you don't get it there will be a big hole in your combo anyways. I get my ultimate at level 6 for exactly the same reasons. I suppose if you wanted you could not max it out until a higher level, but hey, I like the extra mana and things that it gives.

    (Note : Don't learn your first skill right away. You might be able to bind that stupid Ezreal trying to hit u with mystic shot before the creeps come into the tower and get first blood :))

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost Flash
    Another thing I'm pretty set on. I'll explain the uses for these in the laning tutorial below.

  • Spell Combo

    Level 1 :
    (Note : I know, I'm hilarious)

    Level 2 :
    (Note : Getting your overload off before you rune prison is very necessary)

    Level 4 :
    (Note : If you can, change the positions of rune prison and spell flux. It will do more damage, but I put it like this because normally you have to bind them first.)

    Level 6 :
    (Note : It would be better to go Desperate Power, Spell Flux, Rune Prison, but again I find I have to bind them first, and can only do this when they are not likely to run, IE, in the middle of team fight.)

    When you get 40% CD Reduction you can do this (Mainly in team fights though, because otherwise they will already be running.)

  • Laning Tutorial

    Ryze is an excellent laner, both in mid and side lanes. My preference though, is to go mid lane. The reason for this is that he can really put the hurt on a lot of other mid laners, and hopefully deny them last hits and maybe experience. Also he will often score a few kills on them, further denying them gold and experience, and not allowing him to gank side lanes. So I will be doing a mid guide, but not a side lane guide. Very sorry all of you who like using Ryze as a sidelaner!

    General Strategy :
    Don't lose. What do I mean by that? Here's what I mean.

    Vladmir starts moving towards you attempting to drain you. You run back. He drains you anyways, and gets off scot free because you moved out of range of your abilities.

    That is a loss. If that keeps happening, you will be sitting by your tower afraid to go out and do anything because you will get drained by Vladmir. You don't want to go b because hes pushed up to your tower already and could probably seriously damage it. You don't want to leave to gank other lanes for same reason. Eventually Vladmir tower dives you and kill you. This is another loss. Why did the big loss happen? Because of all the little losses before hand. So. If you can't win, switch lanes. No point in having an underfarmed, underleveled mid.

    How to win :
    Winning is as simple as being more aggressive then your enemy. Let's take that old example.

    Vladmir starts moving towards you attempting to drain you. You run forwards. He drains you, but then you use your overload and right afterwards bind him. That in itself put him at 85% hp. But while he is binded the minions start attacking him and over the course of him being snared, your use your overload again and that, along with the minions, have reduced him to 75% hp. He then uses his pool to get out, reducing him to 60%.

    That is a win. As the lane continues, he tries to drain back up to full hp. You manage to get off another full combo because of this, and this time you have spell flux. He is now tower hugging with 20% hp. You kill him with a flash combo and immediately recal to buy. You are now ahead of him and quickly establish dominance over him. You cannot kill him anymore, because he is tower hugging, but he is being denied last hits, and you gank the other lanes.

    Now you know what winning is. Here are some tips :
    1. Be more aggressive. Don't let them harras you and get off scott free.
    2. Switch if you need to.
    3. Lead with overload. Your damage is greatly increased that way.
    4. If you are low on mana stay back and last hit, or recall.
    5. Don't be afraid to recall. Just do it before they are all pushed up against your tower.
    6. Snowball. Don't stay in your lane and farm lots. When you kill someone, spend your money right away. Get an item advantage over your enemy so that you can get more kills and get a bigger item advantage and so on.
    7. Be more aggressive.
    8. Don't lose more than 50% small conflicts. If you lose them you lose the lane.
    9. Aggressive.
    10. If your other lanes are pushed, put on tons of pressure on the enemy tower. If you push the tower, then not only can the opposing mid not gank, but if your other lanes are pushed then the enemies can't gank you.

    That's about it.

    I will be slowly adding champion specific vs. guides.

    A hard champion to fight, his Lay Waste can really put the hurt on you if you don't pay attention. The trick is to always be moving, and move un-predictively. When you run towards a minion with low health, ready to last hit it, you are an easy target for Karthus. I like to quickly turn and run the other way, and then run in to make my last hit. Harrasing him can be just as difficult, since if you try to run at him in a strait line, he is going to make your life miserable. Just hit him with as many overloads as you can, and maybe use your Ghost or Flash to get off a combo. I find that as long as you run unpredictably he is bearable.

    Flash/Ghost for combo