Ezreal Build Guide

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AD Ezrael, ITS OVER 9000 [v1.1]

written by niskax

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    A static 75% attack speed as long as you're landing your skill shots. You can keep this up with just Q once you have a few points in it. You can cast W on your ally if you're dpsing a tower and there aren't any more enemy creeps to hit. A well placed ultimate will give you a full stack immediately, so its there is an advantage to using it as soon as your team commits.


    Mystic Shot
    Bread and butter ability. A cheap, ranged skillshot that benefits from your attack damage.

    Early game, use this primarily to get last hits on mobs. A good opponent will use creeps to block you harassing them with it, but if you dance you can still get some shots in.

    Late game its a 4 second CD, 3.09 seconds with golem buff. Perfect for Sheen/Tri-Force/Lichbane activation.

    Essence Flux
    Damage enemies (passes through creeps), heals allies. It's pretty mana inefficient, so use it only if your ally needs a heal, in teamfights, or in ganks. Harassing with this just doesn't work unless you have a stupid amount of mana regen.

    Arcane Shift
    Flash on a short cooldown that damages one nearby enemy unit. Useful for escaping and initiating ganks. When creeps are around, try to teleport on top of the enemy, as it can hit creeps instead.

    Trueshot Barrage
    Global ranged skillshot. Like Ashe's arrow, this can hit anybody, anywhere. Amazing for finishing champions b'ing at a tower. It will hit minions/jungle creeps, so keep that in mind as this will reduce its damage.

    If you have no stacks of your passive up at the start of a team battle, consider using it early to max them quickly.

    If gankging from the bushes, cast this first then Arcane Shift onto your target. Can be surprising if you ding 6 in the bushes.

  • Introduction

    Ezrael is a difficult hero to play properly. All his abilities are skillshots, so if you want to do any decent damage you'll have to take travel time and enemy movement into account. He's also incredibly squishy, but thankfully he has a good escape mechanism in his Arcane Shift. Sadly, he has no CC whatsoever, so hes best played in a lane with someone who does have CC. He can mid, but I'd only do it in a solo q pinch.

    I've played both AP and AD Ezrael and have settled on AD. Why?
    - Until Lichbane, your main attack Q doesn't benefit from your items.
    - W is always on a 10 second cooldown, and E maxed is only 9 seconds.
    - The main benefit of AP is maxing your ult, but its not worth gimping yourself over.

    Building AD buffs your main ability Q and your auto attack, which will be very fast because of your passive.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I prefer to run 9/0/21 for 15% magic pen, 9% cooldown reduction, and MP/5.
    21 in offense or defense is fine, but you'll probably need to rune some MP/5 or deviate from this build.

    Marks: Armor Penetration
    Glyphs: Dodge and MP/5
    Seals: Magic Resistance per Level
    Quints: Movement Speed

  • Items

    Start with a Regrowth Pendant. The MP/5 from utility will keep you flush in mana during the initial trip out. If you have no MP/5 from talents/runes, get Meki Pendant and a couple health pots. First trip back, get Philosopher's Stone and boots. This setup will allow you to lane forever and supplies you with much needed cash. At your next opportunity, upgrade your boots, get Sheen, then Phage. At this point, you should be able to gank pretty effectively.

    That's pretty much the core. Alchemist Stone generally covers my mana needs, but you can sell it for a Chalice if you'd like. The game can end with you built like this. If it goes on, get Trinity Force, then Last Whisper.

    For the last two items, consider in order of cheapness, Elixirs/Wards, Sword of the Occult, The Brutalizer, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Banshee's Veil, Phantom Dancer. If you are a true pro and can make use of it, get Sword of the Occult after Sheen.

    1. [item=Meki Pendant]
    2. Philosopher's Stone or Chalice of Harmony
    3. Boots of Speed
    3. Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
    4. Sheen and Phage
    6. Trinity Force
    7. Last Whisper

    Last two items. Possibilities:
    Sword of the Occult - The Brutalizer - Banshee's Veil - Phantom Dancer - Guinsoo's Rageblade

    Build Example: 8,000 Gold cost

  • Skilling Order

    Trueshot Barrage > Mystic Shot > Arcane Shift > Essence Flux

    Get one point in Essence Flux early for your gank combo and to heal your teammates.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Like Ashe, having a ranged global is huge. B to buy, let the enemy hero start hitting your tower, launch that at him and Teleport in for the gib. Also makes that first trip back to buy easy, as well as allowing TF like ganks by porting to wards/mushrooms.

    Because of Arcane Shift, Ezrael is one of the few champions that can get away with not using Flash. But really, double Flash is amazing.

    These are the two I typically use. Ignite/Exhaust are good for gibbing, Clarity if you have no mana regen, and Clairvoyance/Fortify if you're in a premade.

  • Summary

    During lane phase, use Q to harass and lasthit mobs. Mastering this is essential not only to you getting gold, but as practice with your skillshots against real players.

    To gib, teleport on top of them with E, then Q and W them. Autoattack and spam Q until your other abilities come up. If you're gibbing from the brush, you can use your ultimate on them just before you teleport. If not, save it to finish them as they run away.

    In team fights, try to hang back spamming Q until your tank/initiator commits. Consider ulting if you can hit a few, as this will give you max stacks of your passive. Saving it for cleanup probably won't get as many hits. E in and W-- trying to hit both teammates and enemies.

    Please comment to let me know your experience with this build and if you have any questions. Thanks!

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