Alistar Build Guide

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Yeah I'm a Minotaur...what of it!

written by Youshallburn

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Colossal Strength]
    When it gets to 60% you'll notice you do more dmg to turrets than anything else, before then not so much.

    I like it :P. With this build you'll have 40% CDR making you able to use this skill every 9ish seconds which when combined with headbutt, and the slow from Omen's can keep someone there for quite a while as it cools down

    I like this one too :P. Its a double edge sword b/c if you're not careful with it you can end up hitting an enemy to safety, or you could throw them into the mouths of you're hungry carries. I prefer the latter as will your team.

    Triumphant Roar
    This is my bread and butter and what I upgrade first. It helps me stay in my lane early game w/o having to go back all the time to heal, and if you have somewhat of a competant dps with you helps yall push like crazy as it keeps everyone in the area's health up as well.

    Unbreakable Will
    One of if not the best ult in the game :P. I think its the best Tank Ult at least. It doesn't matter if you have no armor or magic resist at all, as long as this ult is on, you are really freakin hard to kill, and it combines great with tower diving as well as tearing through them.

  • Introduction

    I read once that "Overkill is the best kind of kill" and I really liked that philosophy. I try to emulate that advice in this build with the addition of my Summoner Spell Cleanse, and gold over time items.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I do a 0/21/9 mastery page making sure to get masteries in my spells: Fortify, and Cleanse. I also make sure to get the mastery for Greed, for the Overkill concept. Its over kill b/c I also get 3 Aravice Quints. This alone gives me an extra 24gold a minute which isn't alot but in an avg 30 min gold that adds up to be an extra 720 gold. You are not relying on this by any means...that would be stupid. No but it does help especially when the items we initially buy are the ones that increase that gold over time.

    3/3 > Hardiness
    3/3 > Resistance
    3/3 > Strength of Spirit
    3/3 > [mastery=Harden Skin]
    3/4 > [mastery=Veteran's Scars]
    3/3 > [mastery=Ardor]
    1/1 > [mastery=Willpower]
    1/1 > [mastery=Reinforce]
    1/1 > [mastery=Tenacity]

    3/3 > Perseverance
    1/3 > [mastery=Good Hands]
    4/4 > [mastery=Awareness]
    1/1 > Greed

    To finish up my runes though i get 9 Greater Glyph of Focus (important), 9 Greater Seal of Vitality (do whatever u want), and 9 Greater Mark of Desolation (i like this b/c it works well with Ghostblade, but attack speed is good too). Most Importantly! I take 9 Greater Quintessence of Avarice, this when combined with greed gives me 24 extra gold a min, not much but when combined with the intermediate gold over time items used in this build, you'll be suprised how much bonus gold you'll get inbetween your final items.

  • Items

    Core build
    Randuin's Omen
    Shurelya's Reverie
    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    Boots of Mobility

    Preferred Final two items

    [item=Force of Nature]
    Warmog's Armor
    *I'm a big fan of Health regen, if you want something other than these two items by all means go for it, but with these two items i find my staying power is greatly increased. After you initiate a team fight you'll probably get the brunt of the damage before you're team catches up to you. These items allow you to drop back for a few seconds if you get too low and heal quite quickly allowing you to run back in and do it again.

    I get Cloth Armor, wait five seconds then buy a Faerie Charm before leaving to go to my lane, some ppl may get frustrated w/ this, but its worth it. It gives you a start into two of you're next items which are Philosopher's Stone, and [item=Heart of Gold]. You should be able to lane long enough to get the Stone plus your initial boots once you go back. The Philosopher's Stone is the first item you'll want to get, it gives good health regen and mana regen to help you lane longer. Plus with its added gold 5 gold every 10 seconds you Will notice a certain ease to getting enough gold for you're next intermediate items, those items being [item=Heart of Gold], Avarice Blade, and completing your Boots of Mobility. After getting these items you will be set for a while, you can finish them or use their passive gold over time to help you get your final two items with I picked to be [item=Force of Nature] and Warmog's Armor, although Thornmail is another alternative I use for either or because its cheaper and bad ass. But as long as you are getting assists and last hitting gold isn't a problem at all w/ this build. Its definetly an expensive build but taking advantage of your intermediate items passives durring mid game really helps, and their other bonuses work well mid game. Late game however you will definetly have to upgrade them to their respective items. Slow the enemy, speed yourself up with the Crown and Blade and its crazy. You probably wont be getting the kills but you'll sure as hell help your team get them. It works really well when escaping also, not just for you but for your allies fortunate enough to be in range of the Crown's active.

    Initially i was playing around with Deathfire Grasp b/c of the Kage stick's passive, and although Alistar has the 1:1 ratios on his Q, and W, i found its just not worth it. The thing is the same price as FoN and I personally like FoN alot more so I went with that. Warmogs is just a suggestion b/c its awesome, you may not have enough money befor you dominate the other teams o feel free to buy something else or cheaper

  • Skilling Order

    I start with Pummel, usually get Triumphant Roar next unless they are terrible harrassers at which point i'll get Headbutt second. If they harrass at all i usually get headbutt third then level up Roar as much as possible everytime.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I take [spell=Fortify] and Cleanse. Fortify give you a nice dmg boost to minions early game and makes it easier ti last hit, it also make it realllly easy to kill someone once they are in tower range. I dont ge tmany kills as Alistar, but most of them are usually early game and its usually by using a headbutt into tower then fortify to finish them off. Getting it allows you to be the solo lane pretty easily if you have a jungler and someone more suited to it isn't comfortable with it. Cleanse is just overkill as your ult helps you out of CC effects. However, I find it a huge waste to use my ult in order to get out of something when it coudl be better used to tower dive or initiate a team fight. Cleanse allows me to not have to resort to using my ult every time, if however cleanse is down and you get put in a bad situation that you cant get out off, by all means...use your ult, I'm not that stubborn :P.

    Alot of people suggest Flash with Alistar, and its a great skill, however its NOT the "MUST HAVE" skill that everyone says it is. I am constantly complimented on my Alistar playing every week with people saying "You're the best Alistar I've ever seen" and have made quite a few friend invites from the opposing team who think the same....and you know what, I dont use Flash! Its definetly good but its not a must have.

  • Farming

    Its actually really easy to last hit w/ Alistar, especially early game. He is a horrible farmer compared to other heros b/c of his high cooldowns and lack of room for attack speed, but it doesn't have to be a big deal. Honestly Alistar doesn't require a great deal of money to be awesome at what he does, and he's more than capable of farming enough for what he needs.

  • Tactics

    Ok so although I initially created this build as just a fun way to test the "Overkill is the best kill" philosophy in relation to gold over time items, it ended up working out really well. The reason being that by doing so Alistar is able to get several third tier items relativly quickly, alot quicker than if not using the gold over time items and runes.

    Early game our goal is to get our intermediate items as quickly as possible. I find that most of my substantial amounts of money comes from assists when playing with Alistar. Its not that you can't get a kill, its actually very easy to get a kill with Alistar in early game because of his high base dmg; yet the team is usually better served by allowing our laning partner to get the majority of the kills (if its a dps or carry, if its just another support..go ahead, kill away.) Once you have 1295 you will have enough for both Heart of Gold and Philospher's stone, and at 1645 you will have enough for the first level of boots. If you have to go back earlier than that fine, just remember the more gold over time items you can get early the better. Focus on last hitting and getting assists.

    Now some people will complain and say: "Let me last hit Alistar!" My answer to them is "I'm not stopping you, you're just not doing it" We need gold too, you can save the kills for them but creeps are fair game. It doesn't matter who it is, dont let them weasle into your creep kills, we need them too especially early game, mid and late game not so much. The only way a tank can effectivly Tank is by getting tanky items, sooo if we're doing our job by being tanky they'll live long enough to get whatever gold they weren't good enough to get earlier.

    Alistar is awesome tank but he's not invincible, make sure to use your creep lines to body block for you. I myself have a bad habit of relying too much on my Roar, so much in fact that I play too aggressivly with other characters who dont have a heal and end up dying...alot with them. On the other hand if you do level up the heal first like I suggest, you do have alot more room to be aggressive early game.

    Ideally this is how my I transition from Laning phase to mid game. I dont like leaving my lane until I've taken down my tower, however once thats done I am all over the map with my Boots of Mobility. I usually go straight to Mid and if the mid carry has been able to do even a bit of dmg to the turret, together we can usually take it down fast with my Ult activated. I prefer taking turns in lanes pushing turrets, once one is down I go for the other one instead of pushing on. This keeps me from getting ganked from behind if I can do it fast enough. Once the enemy team realizes what you're doing they usually see you as the Turret Busting threat that you are and will come attempt to stop you. Sooo in a way by doing this you not only initiate in team fights, You initiate the WHOLE TEAM FIGHTING PHASE.

    When they come to stop you, you will be outnumbered so drop back to a turret and hold it down, if you need to [spell=Fortify] will keep them off you're back. From now on, dont go off on you're own. Although initially you are the best Turret pusher, most of the time you are also the best tank and your team will need you more.

    That being said, Turrets are more important than kills! I've unfortunetly lost games in which my team was 20 plus kills ahead of the other team, however they had pushed like crazy. I personally will die in exchange for a turret. Some people dont think thats an even trade but i've proven time and time again that it is. If its 1v5 against a turret, and you think you can finish it off, Ult up and go for it! We are probably fed off assists anyway, and dont have a crazy huge LEGENDARY or even a killing spree to feed the other team. If anyone is going to die taking out that vital turret, its better if its us.

    However, sometimes we dont have to die! Belive it or not I have gotten out of a 1v5 fight alive before by using omens to slow them, Reviere and Ghostblade to speed myself away to safety. Once the passive on Boots of Mobility kick in, I'm usually to fast to be caught anyway.

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