Kayle Build Guide

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written by GR40

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I keep my guides small cause people don't like reading but I always say this at the start. This is how I play, its not the best guide ever, its just an option to be explored and see if you can use it, better it, alter it and learn from it, so no douche or troll comments. If you don't like the guide, pass on it, if you do... thanks. But VOTE ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED IT.

    Ok so to Kayle now! Kayle is great cause she is cheap. So everyone can buy and try her out, she is great cause she can be built in more than one ways and still be decent. She can go DPS, AP, Support or even tank (maybe the female tank you are all looking for), mainly cause riot kinda screwed up, in a good way, when creating her. I like to built her as a tank when no one else has picked one but I mainly like the following guide cause she has proven to be able to rape even fed enemies.

    The biggest, most important trick you absolutely, most definitely, can't play without this, you need to get used to, is using Alt+W and Alt+R. If you don't know what this does, it automatically uses your W and R on you. If you take a moment to click on your champion for that heal or that shield, you are dead. Also the biggest tip is the synergy between Q and E that gives you extra damage when used on the same target, even tanks will cry when hit by this combo!

  • Masteries + Runes

    9/0/21 Kayle benefits mostly out of cooldown to be able to spam her abilities and a nice cooldown on her summoner spells is always welcomed. On the offensive tree go for that magic penetration from [mastery_icon=Archaic knowledge]

    For runes I use:

    I do this cause Kayle is quite soft early game and has mana issues. But anything you prefer will work I am sure. Magic penetration, mana regen, AP, CD are all good on her.

  • Items

    Now comes the basic part!

    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome][item_icon=Malady]

    Kayle needs a lot of farming but she can't get it easy enough, so cheap items work miracles on her. I either start with ,simply cause its one of the most effective items early game, or most of the times [item_icon=Meki Pendant], second is and then I build and upgrade to .
    Keep in mind that you will not be strong enough until you buy your first but when you upgrade it to [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] the fun begins! The next item will add some most wanting survivability and some nice boost to your burst and its really cheap so go for your first and built your [item_icon=Malady] next. At this point your damage output and your heal will be powerfull enough to make the difference between life and death of yourself or an ally. Next buy followed by a and upgrade it to when you have the money. Lastly gather enough gp to buy and upgrade it to . This will make you number one target to kill cause now your Q will be able to devastate the hp of your enemies and followed by your E can be a 2 to 3 hits kill for many enemies!

  • Skilling Order

    First point at Righteous Fury, second at Divine Blessing and third at Reckoning

    Your main damage will come from Reckoning so this is what you need to mostly level, but be careful and not spam it cause the mana cost will starve you! No need to say that you need to lvl Intervention whenever possible.

    So after the first 3 points the main priority order is Intervention Reckoning Divine Blessing Righteous Fury

  • Summoner Abilities

    I use Clarity and Teleport to solve any mana issues and cause you need to be there, to save allies or you ll need a quick trip to base and back when you are out of mana or hp, or both.

  • The way to play Kayle

    As said before. YOU NEED TO LEARN TO USE YOUR ALT BUTTON. This is the most important tip ever. You also need to learn how to use your W and R cause it can change a team fight outcome. Put your Ulti on an Ultying Katarina to prevent her from dying if focused, time your ulti right to prevent an ally from dying out of Karthus ulti. Heal the tank if focused by enemies to give everyone else the chance to kill the enemy carries. Protect your carry if focused. You have enormous range for your spells anyways. Remember that your W also gives movement speed and your Q slows enemies if you need to chase, escape, save someone. Stay BACK, I mean this. Your E will give you the range you need and even though you have some defences they are not enough to save you even with your ulti on. They will focus you for more than 3 seconds. Use your ulti to even tank a turret if it means you can take it down. Half way through this built I have more than once killed fed enemies like Nocturne, Xin or teemo on 1vs1 fights so be carefull but don't chicken out if challenged. You have invulnerability, heal, and a bursting combo that can bring even tanks down, just learn to use them properly. Last but not least BUY WARDS, in a game against a premade team I used about 15 wards in total and we got to stomp over them cause we had the biggest weapon on our side... MAP AWARENESS.

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    this is what makes Kayle so special. You get 15% AD out of your AP and 30% AP out of your AD. This only applies once, so no loop applies.

    This is your most powerful spell, it can do loads of damage to soft targets, it can make tanks cry and that is cause except from the initial blast, it will give up to 16% more damage to every next attack you do for 4 seconds. Combine that with your Righteous Fury and see their hp disappear. It also slows them for 4 seconds so use it properly.

    Divine Blessing
    Heals and adds movement speed. Spam it to chase or escape or to help someone chase or escape.

    Righteous Fury
    Gives you range, magic damage and splash ability. Great to farm and harrash and turrets get extra damage from it. Since we built mostly AP spam it to damage anything.

    Up to 3 seconds of invulnerability. If on an 1vs1 fight, use it early to stop they first couple of burst. That is when they do most of their damage.

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