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Ezona guide as requested

written by Win10cent

Sona Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Power Chord
    This is the reason i started playing Sona, her power chord is just amazing. It has a different effect depending on which aura you have active in addition to the extra damage which is 14 + 9 x lvl.

    Hymn of Valor: Double power chord damage.

    Aria of Perseverance: Lower an enemy's damage output by 20%

    Song of Celerity: Slows the enemy by 20%

    Hymn of Valor
    Damages up to 2 enemies with a ray of light and in my opinion it deals a lot of damage even without any ability power. It also increases surrounding ally's attack damage and ability power.

    Aria of Perseverance
    Heals yourself and the ally with the least hp surrounding Sona. While the heal is not the best in the game it's still rather good. It also increases surrounding ally's armor and magic resistance.

    Song of Celerity
    Increases your and every surrounding ally's movement speed.

    I love this ultimate, not just because it's an AoE stun it's also makes every enemy dance!

  • Introduction

    Hello i'm Win10cent and i've taken a different approach to Sona.

    I know a lot of you will most likely throw this guide into oblivion and curse every section in this guide but the only reason i'm creating this guide is because so many players has made a request for it.

    The idea to this strategy is based on my Ezreal guide found here:

    That is also the reason why i call her Ezona.

    We made an experiment in my LoL-team. We wanted to see what champions Sona could defeat in a 1v1 fight on the mid lane. The teammate participating has the role of AP carry so he picked his favourite ones to do battle against the mighty Ezona. First Brand fell, next Anivia and after that Annie. We made it through all the AP carries and so far none of them even came close to winning. This is how godlike Sona is if you play her as an AD.

    Using this strategy will draw aggro from your team mates, they will hate you and think you are really stupid if they see you playing as an AD but once you show them what you can do they will love you and never forget that INSANE Ezona they just played with. The enemy team will laugh their ass off when they notice you play as an AD and will think the game's gonna be an auto win for them, but as soon as you use one combo on them they will go WTF?!?! HOW CAN SONA DEAL SO MUCH DAMAGE?!?! AD SONA THREE SHOTS TRYNDAMERE??? If you do not care about comments like these and just want to deal great DPS and probably have more fun than ever in this game then this guide is for you!

    So i bought the Penta kill Sona skin and guess what happend? Yes i got a penta kill with Ezona

    External Image

  • Watch me play

    I live stream all my games and you can watch them here:

    I also upload most games i play on youtube:

    If you don't want to browse through all my videos on youtube then i'll give you a quick link to a few videos:

  • Changes made to Sona, how did it affect her ability to run as an AD?

    There has been quite a few changes to Sona that has affected her playstyle. However how did this affect her as an AD?
    To the better i would say. There previously was a bug that made her deal 20% less damage than was intended. So WOW a 20% increase in damage due to a fixed bug. When i read this i started to laugh so hard, Sona was already one of the most powerful champions in the game and now she would get an additional 20% damage? Just awesome.

    Her healing spell got hit pretty hard, but since i'm running as an AD it doesn't affect her much at all, it still grants me a trinity force proc and it still heals a little bit. It's all good.

    That is all for now.

  • Change log

    05-11-11 - Changed the build to what i am actually using today. Added another comment in the introduction section.

    05-11-11 - Added a new section called "Changes made to Sona, how did it affect her ability to run as an AD?"

  • My personal view of Sona

    In my opinion Sona is a tricky champion, most players see her as a supportive champion not really ment for heavy dps, and i do agree, if you're playing her as an AP get ready to just support because you're not gonna get nearly enough gold to be able to boost your AP enough for it to actually make a difference.

    That is why i've decided to play her as an AD champion. "WHAT?? WIN10CENT ARE YOU CRAZY?!". Yes maybe i am but i promise you that this works and i've never had this much fun playing a champion in forever. I've compared my stats after a couple of games with my Ezreal stats and i was chocked when i noticed that Sona out dpsed Ezreal.

    "BUT WIN10CENT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?". Good question but the answer is simple. I've set up Sona the same way i setup Ezreal and i play her the same way, i play like a beast charging in for the kill, i do NOT stay in the back waiting for things to happen, i am aggressive and i deal massive damage.

    With my rune and mastery setup i have 80 attack damage on level one with my Hymn of Valor active. I have 38 armor and 57 magic resistance on level 1 with Aria of Perseverance active. I have 16 armor penetration. Sona basically has the best stats in the whole game on level 1, she can kill players on a solo lane better than if not all, then the most other carries.

    The greatest thing is that everyone you face on a solo lane is not gonna expect you to have any kind of power at all, which means you can sometimes get a suprise attack on them and really scare the crap out of your enemy.

    If you just charge your enemy on level 1, deal one auto attack 75-80 damage, one Hymn of Valor 40 damage and one power chord auto attack 126 damage, that is a total of about 245 damage in a like 2 seconds.

    If you are scepticle which i assume you are then keep on reading!

  • In the head of Win10cent

    This section is about psychology and manipulation.

    Manipulating peoples emotions has always been like a hobby to me, getting what you want without asking for it or trigger a feeling inside another human being is a very fascinating thing. I've read and practised the mystery method for about 6 years now and it's a very good example of how you can trigger other peoples emotions. For those of you not familiar with the mystery method, it's a working method of how to manipulate a girl who usually would be out of your league (of legends) into liking you, and if it's possible to push a girl's buttons into liking you, trigger feelings inside another player's head should be a lot more simple.

    This game can trigger feelings which we cannot control and i've already talked about fear in another section but for those who missed it i'd just do a quick recap.


    Have you ever bullied someone in real life? Well, most of the time a bully only shows his dominance to weaker people, this is pure logic because if there would be a stronger guy around he'd get punched back if he'd try to push him around. Just like in real life, even if it's not really the same thing as dying in League of legends, the emotions are still there. If you show a more dominant side than your opponent, he will have to back off. This is important for a lot of reasons, for example if you are not the dominant one in the mid lane then your enemy will be. You are a squishy champion of 530hp at level one (including Doran's blade), if you are up against a beefy guy in the mid lane, like mordekaiser, he will think and act as if he is the dominant one against you UNTIL you show him that in fact you are the dominant one. So start thinking right now, i am the dominant one and i am not afraid of any champion. That is step one, if you are not convinced yourself that you are the dominant one then you will have a hard time to convey such dominance. Step two is to show your mid enemy and the other team that you are the dominant one, getting a first blood within the 2-5 minute mark is a great way to achieve this. Another way to convey dominance is to be overly aggressive, suddenly walking past the enemy creeps is a great way to check who is the dominant one, if he back off you are in command, if he fights back he's still not afraid of you and does not respect you enough to retreat. If this happens, you have to prove to him that you are in fact the dominant one of this lane, to do this you simply try to kill him or reduce his HP by a lot. This is why i practise a good early game rather than mid and late game. Let me explain, people who see you kill your enemy in mid 2-3 times will now be afraid of you, because they know by now you have far greater power than they do, this will make your enemy very nervous when you're out in the fog of war, or when they see you rushing towards them. This is basic psychology, everything we do even in a game is based on our feelings, we may not want to run away, but deep inside we know if i stay here we will die. Having a lot of kills gives you respect and power, so instead of farming gold and then get fed, it's more effective to get the power and respect early. Some people are not convinced that you are more powerful even if you get fed, this is most likely because so far all the Sona players they've seen has not been aggressive or had power (or atleast not shown their dominance enough), these guys has to be put in place, if people are not afraid of you, make them, show them that you are not running away, show them that you are fearless and charge in alone. It might seem like a stupid plan to just charge in, but as long as you have more power than they do, the outcome will still be better for you. This concept could of course be applied on any champion, not just Sona.

    This game can also trigger a feeling of anger. When a game doesn't go as smoothly as usual, someone might be feeding on a lane or some enemy jungler stole your junglebuffs, there are a lot of things that can happen in a game which will trigger a feeling of anger. Now, we can exploit this and there are a lot of ways to cause the enemy team to feel angry. But first, why do we want to make them angry? I've always felt like there's a very thin line between anger and stupidity, for example how many times have you heard someone say, i know what i did was stupid but i was just so angry! You make mistakes when you're angry and this is what we're after. I once played against a Cho'gath and in every teamfight he always ate someone at the end of the fight following that by immediately saying Mhmaumhmaum (some sort of eating sound) and the first time he did it it wasn't that bad but after 3-4 times it started to become annoying and eventually it turned to anger. We ended up losing the game. That is why after i kill someone i use a punchline, some clever words, that are not insulting but just annoying, for example if you constantly say to your enemy "Aww, you just had bad luck" and the following times you kill them you say "Aww, you had bad luck again, oh man" this will do the trick. You will get the same effect by saying something completely random like "Oh banana, oh oh, banana nana, oh banana, i love banana nana". Try your best not to anger your team mates, this might be hard sometimes but concider the following scenario. I dominate the mid champion in almost every game and usually he dies 2-3 times, the enemy team will not concider me to be a good player but rather concider their ally as a noob, and i'd think there has been a lot of trashtalking going on against that player. If people start to trashtalk their allies they are only making it worse and it just triggers a feeling of anger which leads to mistakes. Instead of trashtalking that feeder just tell them what to do, switch lanes, send back up, buy a certain item, be more defensive, say whatever but don't insult them.

    I might add some more emotions later, if you have something clever to contribute or want me to discuss an emotion some more just give me a comment.


    Confidence is key to owning the mid lane, i often get questions like "What to do if my enemy is more aggressive?" or i get comments like "You faced a noob". What these people fail to see in these videos is what is actually going on inside my and my enemy's brain. Players who goes mid are usually quite passive, they focus mostly on last hitting with the occasional move of harassment, some champions are better at harassing and they will be more aggressive because of this, but what almost no other player expects is an overly aggressive player, almost no other player expects you to charge them at level 1 and the result of doing this causes the enemy to panic. Players who panics does stupid things that they normally don't do and they will most likely make mistakes that will cause them to get killed.

    Players play their best when they have confidence, this happens mostly when they sense that they have a feeling of power, for example when they are fed. At level 1 though, they only have confidence when they get the feeling they are stronger than their enemy. My pantheon video is a perfect example of this, that guy is most likely used to playing against "normal" Sonas who generally has about 50 attack damage and next to no defense. With that in mind he charged me and was overly aggressive to me without realizing my power and because i have the same confidence he has instead of running i returned fire and killed him instead. Now while people may argue that his aggressive move was foolish and stupid, in reality it's not really that bad of a move, concidering most players would start to run. So to answer all those questions i get about players i face being noobs or not aggressive enough, the answer is i have more confidence than they do. If you fail against your enemy in mid your opponent had more confidence than you.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries i go 21/9/0, with improved ignite. And in the defense tree i go for armor, magic resistance and hp regen. Since i copied the picture from my Ezreal guide, you ofcourse shouldn't pick improved Exhaust unless you're using it.

    External Image

    I feel like this is the way to go it's just so much easier to get first blood with this setup. I've tried to switch it around going deep in both the utility tree and defense tree but everytime i do i always feel like i'm swapping out damage for things i don't need as much such as mana regen or cooldown reduction. However if you feel like you don't like damage that much or just can't stand not having utility stuff then by all means go grab it. I suggest that if you want to follow my guide and become quite good while laning in mid then atleast try these masteries.

    3 x Greater Quintessence of Strength
    3 x Greater Mark of Strength
    6 x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9 x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9 x Greater Glyph of Warding

    This rune setup is a setup of pure ownage, you've got everything you need and could ever want for an early game. Let me go into a bit more detail why i chose the runes i did.

    The damage runes, they are just there to boost your damage above 80, they could be the difference between you getting a kill or the enemy surviving, for my game they are a must.

    The armor penetration, the average armor of champions at level 1 is 15.5, so the ideal ammount of armor penetration is 16 which is exactly what you'll get from those runes and masteries.

    The flat armor runes, if you choose the flat armor runes and the armor on masteries you'll take 13% less damage from incoming physical damage at level 1. Could it be better? You are both stronger and more sturdy than your opponent!

    The magic resistance runes, a lot of times you'll encounter AP champions in mid and their harass spells can be very painful, these runes will keep you alive and prove to your enemy that you're strong enough and won't run away.

  • Damage runes vs Armor penetration runes

    It has been said for a long time that armor penetration runes are a must for any AD champion, it has been said that without them they will lack damage and will suck. Some people claimed (myself included) that some armor penetration + atk damage runes were better but what is actually true?

    Thanks to some great research from Ryther, i do now have the answer, Ryther you are the man, i'd like it a lot of everyone who reads this and find this section useful to credit him in a comment!

    Most players who argue that armor penetration is better is because it's better late game, and yes that is completely true, it is better in every aspect, but by how much? I have a very detailed calculation of all the different rune setups imaginable + a detalied calculation of every base armor stat for each champion.

    To make this easier for me to explain, let's say we are using the same masteries i'm using, 21/9/0. If i were to go with armor penetration marks and quints and buy a doran's blade as my starting item, my damage on level 1 would then be 62 against an average champion if i were to go with 3 damage quints and 6 arm pen + 3 dmg marks i would end up with 72 damage against the same enemy champion.

    Okay, i don't think anyone doubted that damage runes early game was better than armor penetration, but now that we got that settled, let's see when armor penetration get's better than damage and by how much.

    I will display the difference in damage from level 1-18 with each setup of runes.

    Armor penetration Quints and Marks:

    Lv1=62, Lv2=65, Lv3=68, Lv4=71, Lv5=75, Lv6=76, Lv7=76, Lv8=77, Lv9=77, Lv10=77, Lv11=78, Lv12=78, Lv13=78, Lv14=79, Lv15=79, Lv16=79, Lv17=79, Lv18=80

    Armor Penetration Marks and Damage Quints:

    Lv1=72, Lv2=72, Lv3=73, Lv4=74, Lv5=75, Lv6=75, Lv7=75, Lv8=76, Lv9=76, Lv10=77, Lv11=77, Lv12=77, Lv13=78, Lv14=78, Lv15=78, Lv16=78, Lv17=79, Lv18=79.

    As you can see, going with armor penetration quints and marks gives you better damage at level 6 but it's not even by 1 damage, and even at level 18 the difference is also less than 1 damage. And if you look at the damage early game you get much more damage early game with the damage quints.

    I've received A LOT of questions regarding this matter, and A LOT of players are not convinced at all that damage runes could be even slightly viable on any champion, i think what most players are forgetting is that first of all armor penetration runes were nerfed and that they really have no idea how much the extra armor penetration will help you mid/late game. So therefor let me give you an example of how "good" the armor penetration runes are mid/late game.

    Because of the fact that the more damage you get the more damage you will deal with your armor penetration runes, and this is what confuses a lot of players. So for this example let's say it is mid game and i'm level 13 i'm using full armor penetration from runes and masteries that would give me 31 armor penetration. For this example i have 250 atk damage.

    Now let's say i am attacking an enemy with 100 armor.

    Target armor: 100 - 31 arm pen = 69

    Damage reduction = 69 / 169 = 40.8%

    My actual damage to the target = 59.2% of my total atk damage.

    250 x 0.592 = 148 damage

    Now using my setup i would have 16 armor penetration from runes and masteries and because i have 10 atk damage from runes i would then have 260 total attack damage with the same items at that point and time in the game.

    Target armor: 100 - 16 arm pen = 84

    Damage reduction = 84 / 184 = 45.6

    My actual damage to the target = 54.4% of my total atk damage.

    260 x 0.544 = 142 damage

    Now it is up to you to decide, would you rather pick 10 more attack damage by the time your enemy has about 500hp or would you rather pick 6 more damage by the time your enemy has about 2k hp? I think the answer is very simple.

    There you have it folks, now please don't ever ask me again why i pick damage runes instead of armor penetration

  • Skilling Order

    This is my personal setup, i like to max out the damage on hymn of valor first followed by Aria of Perseverance. Optimizrd

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ignite - One of my favourite spells in the game, really brings destruction and terror into your game, i use this combined with flash.

    Flash - I'd say you will need atleast 1 defensive summoner spell and in my opinion Flash is the way to go, saves you as many times as it gives you a kill.

    Ghost - This spell is great overall, i just prefer flash over ghost, but if you like it feel free to take it.

    Exhaust - I like Exhaust a lot, but i feel ignite works in my favour more than Exhaust does, but if you want you can switch it with ignite.

    Clarity - Ah, more mana, sounds great right? Yeah it is, but not for Ezona, you should learn to live without mana regen and focus on taking the golem buff instead!

    Cleanse - Wouldn't work for Ezona at all, even if you get out of the CC you still have nothing more to do than just run and if they want to kill you then, they will.

    Teleport - It's a great spell, i like it a lot, mostly when i just recalled and a team fight is coming up, but i don't use it for Ezona, she has a freakin heal and shouldn't need to recall enough for teleport to matter early game and you have a speed boost aura so you can get back to a lane faster than most players anyway

    Clairvoyance - Really good spell, it gives you a lot of map control, however i do not use it because if you just pay attention to the side lane enemies you won't get ganked, and even if you get ganked when you have sheen and lizard buff they won't succeed with the gank anyway, unless they are like 3 people ganking you and you have low hp. And if you've followed my guide and put wards around the river you will have enough map control anyway.

    Heal - You already heal enough without it.

    [spell=Rally] - Not even gonna discuss this one, just don't take it.

    Revive - Same thing no discussion, just don't take it.

    Smite - Well if you think Ezona is a great jungler then sure take it.

    I'd highly recommend ignite + flash, or atleast pick one of them.

  • Items

    Ezona is a beast with Sheen, power chord auto attack deals a large ammount of damage, so this is my core build in every game.

    First pick, Doran's Blade

    Next recall at 1400 gold

    2 Health Potion
    and 2 Mana Potion.

    What this does is Sheen increases your damage on mystic shot by your BASE attack damage which should be about 69 at this point, it also boosts your AP a bit and the hp and mana pots are just for killing the lizard and still be at full hp and mana when it's dead, you do now have a lot of damage early game. So this is your core build and you should get this every game, side laning or mid laning doesn't matter, this is the way to go.

    Note that if you feel like you die too much early/mid game i advice you to buy either a Chain Vest or a Negatron cloak, this will make you a little less fragile and hopefully give you that extra second of survival to kill an enemy. It takes some time getting used to but for example if you notice the enemy team has 4 AP champs, definately grab a Negatron cloak quite early in the game, or if you die by Master Yi a lot get a chain mail to counter his melee attacks.


    My favorite AD build i use right now. Difficulty - ****

    Finish your core, Sheen and Boots of Speed

    Upgrade your sheen into a Trinity Force

    Trinity force will grant you some much needed stats along with the great on hit effect.

    Next i upgrate my boots to,

    Berserker's Greaves

    You could upgrade your boots before finishing trinity force, that is up to you and how much you need the movement speed.

    Next i go with,

    Phantom Dancer

    This item is so good on Sona it's ridiculous, your movement speed after finishing this item is fast enough to outrun most if not all of your opponents. The attack speed helps you a lot and the crit chance will make your power chords deadlier than ever.

    Infinity Edge

    If you manage to get this item along with the previous items you will be freakin unstoppable. You deal so much damage now it's INSANE. Grab an elixir of agility and just melt faces.

    Next grab another

    Phantom Dancer

    Your movement speed after this item will make you able to outrun enemy players even if they use ghost, you can run in and out of fights with ease. Your attack speed is insanely fast and you crit like crazy. Hymn of valor + power chord + crit will bring your enemy down to below 50% hp in like a second.

    Finally grab something defensive,

    We really don't need more attack speed, damage, crit or movement speed after this, what we might need is something that would make us survive longer.

    [item= banshee's veil] or Frozen Mallet will do the trick. Not that you are likely to get this far into the build becuase you will have carried your team to victory before this :)

  • How i play Ezona

    As you probably know by now i do not play Sona like most players does, i play her aggressively and i find that the damage she can pull off is insane. At the start of the game, i check what summoners spells my enemies has. I buy my Doran's blade and put a skill point in my Hymn of Valor spell. I use it twice to get 2 stacks on my passive so that after i use my HoV next time my following auto attack will be a power chord.

    I now head to my lane, i try to get a solo lane in every game because Ezona is a freakin beast there. When i get to my lane i last hit a few creeps with auto attacks and i am at the same time trying to find an opening to get my combo on the enemy, auto attack, HoV and another auto attack. This will show them dominance and they will heavily avoid you after this, and this gives you a great chance to zone out the enemy and get 2 stacks back on your passive.

    Eventually your enemy will try to get close to you to get some last hits, you can now finish your enemy off, if you can run to your enemy to pull off another combo then do it, if he's too far away then you can use flash to get your full combo in + ignite, this should kill the enemy or atleast cripple him enough to force a recall.

    As the game goes on you will eventually have 1400+ gold and now i suggest that you recall, buy sheen, 2 hp pots and 2 mana pots and head for the lizard, kill it and head back to your lane, now you should be able to kill your enemy even easier than the last time. You should be level 6 by now and you can stun him with your ultimate if you need to, your auto attacks will slow the enemy due to the lizard buff and you can also catch up to the enemy with Song of Celerity if he uses ghost or flash.

    Now the beauty with Ezona is that your Sheen has a 2 second cooldown and guess what? Your spells has a 2 second global cooldown, which means you can use HoV, auto attack + sheen proc, Aria of perseveranse, auto attack + sheen proc, Song of Celerity, auto attack + sheen proc. This means that you can get a sheen proc on more or less every auto attack. In order to do this for a long time you will need the golem buff and i suggest that you guard that golem with your life and take it whenever possible.

    After taking the golem buff you are now free to gank side lanes, counter jungle or just simply farm at mid, but i suggest ganking. Ezona is an amazing ganker, she can move swiftly and deal suprisingly much damage, she can finish of two sidelaners in a matter of seconds. Try it for yourself

  • Final Notes

    There you have it, as requested. I will add more information to this guide some other time, i've been writing for quite some time now and i wanna play a game with Ezona :)

    Ask me about anything, but please try to be constructive and not just flame away without any facts to back you up.

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