Dr. Mundo Build Guide

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So Much Burning

written by wchiuy

Dr. Mundo Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi. This is my very first guide. I am an average player and this is more to share my thought on Dr. Mundo than a step by step guide. Take away anything that will better your game and leave everything else behind. I am testing this as I write this, so expect changes.

    This guide focuses on tanky stats(HP, Armor, Magic Resistance) as well as MR reduction and attack speed.
    This increases Mundo's overall teamfight effectiveness. I don't focus on CDR as there are better stats to impove on Mundo.(IMHO)

    I am Whitewail on the US server.

  • Abilities

    Adrenaline Rush
    A great passive. I don't spec Mundo based on his passive so we will move on.

    Infected Cleaver
    Mundo can slow people, but he can't fear, stun, root....However, at rank 5 it shaves 25% of target's current health(since everyone will have over 1120HP(280*4), so it is great on tanky opponents if you can get through their MR as it is magic damage.

    Burning Agony
    Sunfire Cape + Mercury's Treads= awesome. 0.2 AP ratio only looks bad on paper as it deal 1/1 AP ratio if you surround yourself with 5 opponents. I maximize its potential with MR reduction(again)

    Free attack damage=awesome. You need Attack Speed to use maximize its use.

    pretty self explanatory and quite spammable for an ultimate.

  • Masteries + Runes


    I have a 9/21/0 build for my masteries and it is general purpose for all my champions as I don't really spend the time to respec during champ selection. I will respec ahead of time if I just unlocked and learning a new champ, but that is about it. I will highlight the masteries that directly apply to this guide.

    [mastery=Veteran's Scars] defensive: gives 48 bonus hp which will boost Mundo's passive a bit

    [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] offensive: more on this with items


    Same with masteries. I have generalist runes.(I don't have time to farm IP all day) I will share what I got and how it applies to Mundo. (9each, 3 Quints)

    Greater Mark of Insight :gives you 9 spell penetration, Important for this guide. Note spell pen can't penetrate MR below 0.

    Greater Seal of Evasion :6.75% dodge. Great for everyone.

    Greater Glyph of Focus :5.85% CDR. 6 second off Mundo's ult.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude :78HP for Mundo's passive.

    This guide is for everyone, so I don't recommend that you spec runes and masteries for one specific champ until you are at least lvl 20. I know these are tier 3 runes, alas you should experiment when you are at tier 1 anyways and skip tier 2 altogether(lvl 10-19).

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust it make up for Mundo's lack of CCs. I also take...

    Ghost to chase as you can't always rely on your ult to do that...

    Take Ignite for more damage if you want. I am a defensive player and I don't use it much.(personal preference)

  • Items

    Before Items. It is good to know the base health for you champion at lvl 18 to figure out how much HP to spec for your champion(especially for tanks) because armor and MR give you a percentage increase in durability while HP only gives you a flat increase This guide focuses on tankiness and team fight effectiveness. It does not focus on 1v1 situations. So let's get started.

    All tank builds are based off you lane opponents, so there is not a fixed build progression. Tanks also suffers from low damage output(no BF Sword, no Deathcap...) .so we start with...
    Health Potionx2. You start with 405 gold in the lane. Therefore you can rush...

    Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak very quickly without a kill.(Can't count on your lanemate all the time). I will go into the items that I think is worthy to note and you can take your picks.(some exceptions apply as one or two are build specific)


    Berserker's Greaves Get this if you have the 9 spell penetration from the runes. if not get...
    Sorcerer's Shoes keep reading...

    Important Items

    Abyssal Scepter The MR reduction is HUGE and great for Mundo. Most champs have 30 base MR, so this reduces their MR to 10 and the 9 spell pen from the runes brings it down to 1.(not counting 15% spell pen from [mastery=Archaic Knowledge]) Your Q and W is close to true damage in this case.

    Let's say a champion with 100MR comes to you. You attack with your Q and W as if he has 60.35MR (100-20-9)*.85. So let Archaic Knowledge do its thing against tanks.

    I don't suggest Sorcerer's Shoes if you have spell penetration runes because it does nothing when you have Abyssal Scepter and spell pen runes(20 and 9)on 30MR champs and buying it just for the enemy tank is not a good investment. Berserker's Greaves is cheaper and Mundo welcomes the attack speed for his E.

    Furthermore, the MR reduction is an aura effect, so it affects everyone in the range of Burning Agony and benefits your AP caster friends. You improve team DPS just by being around. And you get MR and AP,too. Offensive and Defensive.

    Sunfire Cape adds 40 damage to your W. With Abyssal Scepter it's close to 160DPS AOE while you throw cleavers and pound people with your E. HP and armor is self explanatory.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] Another Great aura item for Mundo. Armor reduction is awesome for an AD heavy team. 30 HP regen per 5, attack speed, life steal, armor reduction. Mundo likes.

    Tank Items

    [item=Force of Nature] All the HP regen you will ever need. It's the highest MR item in the game and it stacks Mundo's passive and gives you movement speed. Crazy.

    Spirit Visage Health, CDR, MR. Get this if you want more health on top of Sunfire Cape.(Not necessary in that order)

    Warmog's Armor This the heap of icing on the cake. It's fluffy. Awesome if you can rush it, just note it will reduce your damage output early/mid game and you don't want the other team to ignore you in a team fight.

    Quicksilver Sash Not really a tank item, but gives MR. There are Champions and Executioner's Calling that can reduce your health regen, so this might come in handy. Hard to work into a build tho.

    Attack Speed

    Nashor's Tooth Attack Speed, AP(makes W burn more), CDR. All great for Mundo. No direct damage and you don't really need the mana regen tho. If you don't have the gold...

    [item=Malady] is not bad. 20 damage is not much, but it does MR reduction, so with Abyssal Scepter you can give your target negative MR.

    I am not going into other armor items besides Sunfire as I don't find them synergize with Mundo more than any of the other champions.

    A note on Spellvamp.

    Not really a Mundo thing. It does not work with Burning Agony(darn), but 15% Hextech Revolver usually returns around 80-90% of your cleaver's HP cost(if you hit) and all three items have AP built in. Get some if your team is stomping and you wanna mix it up a bit.

  • Skilling Order

    Start with Infected Cleaver, so you can check bushes and harass. I would skill them up evenly after that as they all have a role to fill. You can last hit with Q and W(double tap Burning Agony) and down towers with E. Just don't rush Burning Agony too soon as you will just burn your HP away.

    It is all very situational. Level up Infected Cleaver against range champs/tanks(%HP damage) and Masochism against melee champs.(pretty self explanatory)

  • Teamfight

    It is hard to initiate with just your cleaver, but sometimes you have to do it. Your job is to get in the middle of their team and burn and create chaos. Exhaust will add to the chaos as I have already mentioned that Mundo has no CC. Use your cleaver to keep the enemy close.

    Something that I needed to adjust to when I started Mundo from Amumu. Mundo's skills come off cooldown really fast for a tanky champion so I had to watch the cooldown timers on his skills at the same time as the screen to be effective. Burning Agony does not do enough damage on its own(albeit a lot). Personal experience.

  • End of Thought

    As I said, just some thoughts on Dr. Mundo. I don't have much experience in TT and I don't jungle much(noob..I know...working on it). I will probably think some more and theorycraft some more and I will add to this if I discover more. I am not a mathcraft; I leave that to the diehards and geniuses.

    Please leave a comment or suggestions if you wish do so. Please point out typos so I can correct them.

    GL and HF

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