Lux Build Guide

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Double Rainbow?! What does this mean?!

written by Ka1eb1

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I'm making this guide because I have beaten every Lux I've played against and she's my main, so why not? My play style is a little different than others but also very successful. I hope you like this guide and please comment with tips and suggestions at the end. Enjoy!

  • Abilities

    Once Lux uses a spell and hits an enemy, it puts a charge on them. When Lux attacks the charged opponent, it deals extra magic damage.

    This is a very neat and useful passive. It serves as a great harasser, and you will come to see that it will get you those kills at moments where you are furious because the opponent only had 20 health left! It also is a great farm tool, so you can get those extra kills because your normal attacks will do more damage.

    Light Binding
    Lux shoots a beam that damages and ensnares an opponent and passes through them doing half the effect to another enemy.

    My favorite... almost. This gives you great CC, for escaping, trapping, chasing, and sneaky attacks. You can stop them like any other stun, so you can chase or escape. And since it can hit two people, you can stand behind a creep, and hit the enemy champion without them expecting it. Not only from creeps, but even from silly people who think their safe behind some Garen, and go in with 100 health. That's happened more than twice!

    Prismatic Barrier
    Lux flings her staff like Sivir's boomerang and shields her and allies that pass through it forward and backward.

    Not only has it saved mine, but my Allie's lives as well! It works pretty simply, shields going forward and back. This is very useful in team fights and turret diving, or turret defense.

    Lucent Singularity
    Lux sends a circular void similar to Malzahars, and it slows and gives sight to where it was put. Once on the ground it then has to be activated to deal the damage.

    Very great CC ability and sight use. Use it to slow chasing or fleeing champions, as well as farming and hitting multiple enemies. It gives you a great chance to hit enemies with Light Binding when they're running away. It also helps prevent people from attacking you, or getting to you. I have been through many times when greedy champions come tower diving to me, and I use this ability in the right placement, easily getting a kill or two if done right!

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    A beam of light passes through Lux at an enormous but not global length. It deals damage to all enemies in it's path.

    My favorite... seriously this time! A long laser that usually will get those devastating kills to the other team. With the help of good Clairvoyances, you can get instant kills as well as some great combo kills. (Which will be explained later on). Use this at the right time in team fights, and it will change the outcome greatly with the help of other spells as well! Boy don't you love Lux already?

  • Summoner Spells

    I usually go with Clairvoyance and Clarity.

    Clarity - This play style is very aggressive, yet at a cautious level because of the range. So with so many spells being cast, Clarity helps a lot!

    Clairvoyance - This comes in handy in many ways. For kills, warnings, and those fun, surprising laser shots!

  • Runes

    Runes I feel are customizable by your own interest. For this build I generally feel no need for extra health and CD reduction, but then again that is my opinion. So I get magic pen and AP runes, however you can get what ever ones you like.

  • Masteries

    For masteries I feel the strong need for a 9-0-21 build. While gathering everything necessary but making sure u get the Clairvoyance and Clarity bonuses. The Clarity bonus boosts your support style even more when u give needful champions some mana. And with Clairvoyance it is very important because of how rapidly you can use it. This helps decrease the chance of any1 getting ganked, helping with your ulti, finding the other team's jungler, and much, much more.

  • Items

    The main items I get in order are; , then boots of speed. (If you have a good feel of Lux and/or are good with her go for next). Then go for as soon as possible, unless if you are able to get once you come back to buy. Then following comes . Once these are bought, depending on your situation and likings, go for and/or . And if it comes to this, u can sell Doran's Ring and go for .

  • Reasoning for Items

    Doran's Ring - Pretty simple, great casting starting item. Ability Power, health, and magic regeneration.

    Boots of Speed - You have to keep your feet warm!

    Mejai's Soulstealer - Lux is very good at getting assists, kills, and even unexpected ones! With Clairvoyance, you can easily snatch up a good quick kill with your ultimate, as well as your normal spells. All of her spells also have the ability to hit more than one (enemy or ally), gaining assists or kills for some stacks.

    Sorcerer's Shoes - Pretty basic, with the extra magic pen you'll find it useful in the battlefield as well as the speed bonus.

    Rod of Ages - This helps you have an all round good champ. Giving you health, ability power, and some mana so u don't run out!

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter - I personally like this ability for two (obvious) reasons. With the bonus health from the Rod of Ages, this gives you yet even more health, and Ability Power. Secondly, since Lux can hit more than one champion the slow from this item can affect many champions, and help your team or yourself escape, or chase enemy champions.

    Banshee's Veil/ Void Staff - For banshee's veil, you will almost be unstoppable with the even more extra health, and the ability stopper. The Void Staff (which in most cases you should get) will help you deal that extra damage to the magic resistance and get some kills!

    Rabadon's Deathcap - Just an item to boost your ability power greatly.

  • Ability Order

    This is where I am usually different than the other Lux players. I personally like R > Q > E > W, instead of R > E > W > Q. This is because of the range Q does, the damage it deals, the 2 person snare, and how constantly it's used. Even though it has a longer starting CD, it prevents you from over using your mana, and allows your opponents to become less cautious. Not only that, but it costs less mana than E as well!
    (Sorry for not putting the spell icons out, there was some technical difficulties >.

  • Spell Combo

    One of my favorite combos of all time. A quick Q, once it hits them throw down an E, don't activate it quite yet. Then ultimate and finish your E spell. If you have the right amount of ability power or a weak opponent, you can easily mow down half or more of their health in 2 seconds. And what's really fun, is when you do this combo over a wall using Clairvoyance. Boy will they be surprised.

  • Conclusion

    Overall Lux is one of the best all round champions. A great team player, helpful with kills, saving lives, and warning people. Shielding, snaring, slowing, farming/pushing, and killing! Not enough? Well that's all I got, so deal with it. :D

    With these tips and some games, you'll be loving Lux in no time. I hope this helps!

    P.S. (Game name Ka1eb1, add me for additional, personal questions and feedback)

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