Nasus Build Guide

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The Immovable Curator of the Sands

written by frenche6

Nasus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I think that it would be a good idea to start writing the guide by saying that Nasus is a monster...plain and simple. People often times underestimate him because he is not usually viewed as an overpowered character, but actually quite balanced. This is my second guide on LeagueCraft, and I hope you enjoy the read.

    Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if I am missing something that needs to be added, and I will do my best to check it out.

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Passive life steal is nice. It is not extremely noticeable, but it really does make a difference. This allows you to lane longer, especially when combined with Siphoning Strike. When your strike is farmed well enough (around 200 minions), you get a nice chunk of health back every 3 seconds you use it.

    Siphoning Strike
    An amazing skill. Nasus has the ability to one-hit any caster in the game, if he has the ability to farm well. You receive +3 permanent damage each time that you receive a killing blow, with Siphoning Strike active. So, farm minions with last hits and enjoy the rewards. This works quite well when combined with Spirit Fire because of its ability to lower the minions down to one-hit range in a matter of seconds.

    With any sort of cooldown reduction Siphoning Strike will go to about a two second cooldown time, which allows for even more massive spamming. And as said before, when you have enough minions farmed, it has the ability to one-hit casters.

    Keep in mind that this skill can also be used to hit towers for big damage. Nasus can take down a tower very fast when a nicely farmed Siphoning Strike.

    Not a damage skill, but personally one of my favorite slows in the game. Wither lasts for five seconds, constantly slowing its target more and more each second. If I am not mistaken, they have no fixed the merc treads bug so Wither does not work for its full potential..but please correct me if I am wrong. Wither has many purposes though, and the most important are:

    1) To beat the hell out of someone.
    ->Drop a Spirit Fire, then Wither someone so they are stuck in it, finishing up with a Siphoning Strike. It hurts and will sometimes kill.

    2) For ganks.
    ->Ganks work perfectly when your opponent can't run away. Combined with step 1, people die faster.

    3) For teamfights.
    ->Wither slows both movement speed and attack speed for 5 seconds. It is a instant 35% slower speed, and at level 5 it increases by 15% per second. That adds up to:
    35+15+15+15+15+15=110. So, at 5 seconds the target attacks 110% slower. Of course you will only receive the full benefit for 1 second, but even the 50% and 65% are extremely useful. Your main targets in teamfights for Wither are DPS characters (such as Xin Zhao). Keep in mind that it is extremely useless to put this on Master Yi if he has Highlander up.

    4) For Annoyance.
    ->If someone is trying to last hit minions over and over, just throw a Wither on them. For 5 seconds they hit nice and slow, so often times their minions will kill your minions, thus leaving the opponent with no extra gold.

    Spirit Fire
    An AoE skill. Does average chunks of damage to people with 76 damage per second, but that is not the main focus of this skill. In teamfights, this will be a great tool against anyone that is stuck in it. Each opponent that is inside of the circle will receive -40 armor. Now -40 is not super impressive by any means, but when combined with your Siphoning Strike it can really add some extra damage, especially for casters that build full AP items with no defense.

    This skill also allows Nasus to be one of the best farmers in the game. One Spirit Fire that is level 4 will kill all of the caster minions, leaving the melee ones at low health, whereas at level 5, all of the minions will die by the end of the effect. Keep in mind that if you wish to leave as many minions alive as possible, so that you may farm with your Siphoning Strike, then only take this to level 3. At level 3, the caster minions are left with about 5 health left, which is easy points for Siphoning.

    If you know that you need to change lanes, but it seems as if there is a stalemate minion battle currently in your lane, then drop a Spirit Fire before you leave. This will still give you the gold for the kills that you get, and will clear the lane allowing your minions to push ahead.

    Fury of the Sands
    Personally my favorite skill in the game, hands down.

    Nasus transforms himself into a monster that no one wants to fight. He deals a constant 3%/4%/5% of your opponent's life, with a max of 240 damage per second. Now 240 dps is not bad, but the best part is that any damage done by the sandstorm is then converted into bonus attack damage. This allows you to beat people down with pure auto attacks. But why do that when you can Siphon Strike people into the ground with that extra damage?

    The fury also gives Nasus a nice boost of health that is always welcomed.

  • Masteries

    For masteries I always take 0/21/9.

    I usually take both teleport and cleanse, so I get the masteries for both of those. If you decide to use something else, then obviously your masteries will be different.

    I like the 21 defense points due to Nasus' tanking ability. The longer Nasus lives, the more damage he does, which is quite obvious for most characters. The extra health, armor, and damage reduction gives him an even stronger laning phase.

  • Runes

    For marks, I think that there are two choices:
    x9--> Allows to do more damage due to armor pen.
    x9--> Allows for more health late game, to take more hits.

    I think that the armor pen runes are better because the more damage on Siphoning Strike the better, and also I usually run health per level seals.

    For seals, I think that there are three choices:
    x9-->I am currently running these due to the extra 200 health that it gives you late game
    x9-->Dodge is always nice, especially with the mastery, but I just prefer the health instead.
    x9-->I used to run these until Riot was so kind to give everyone extra mana regen. Without these on you have to be careful about spamming your skills early level until you get the Chalice of Harmony.

    For glyphs, I usually only run one set:
    x9--> It gives an extra 30 magic resist at level 18, nothing special.

    For quintessences, I would say that there are a few options:
    x3-->Gives a nice +78 extra health at level one.
    x3-->Gives +146 extra health at level 18. At level 10, you receive +27 health, which is more then the Fortitude Quints.
    -->Mix and match with some health quints for extra damage.
    -->These are for more early game health regen. However, I think that the straight health will probably still be better.

  • Skilling Order

    Your ultimate comes before anything else, because it is just the best.
    Each time that I get the chance I level up , so that it does its maximum damage to clear minion waves.
    After that leveling , to do extra damage to both minions, champions, and towers.
    Finally getting for the nice slow.

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are a few choices on Nasus, but I think there are a few that stand out over others.

    I personally run and .

    -->I like to tank with Nasus, and cleanse allows him to both escape away from enemies, but also allows him to get into the combat ignoring any stuns for 3 seconds.
    -->Nasus is great at protecting turrets, and taking them down, so map control is very nice. Also gives you the ability to teleport back up to the frontline.
    -->Helps you shutdown someone for 3 seconds, and can be used as a slow while your Wither is on recharge.
    -->Gives you the ability to run into or away from people.

    -->More of an offensive ability, which I think you have enough of.
    -->I feel as if cleanse or ghost will get you out of more situations then flash will.

    -->Nasus already has a lot of health, if you are dying, heal will not save you.
    -->Does anyone use this anymore? There are just far better.
    -->You are not jungling, so just do not take it.
    [spell_icon=Fortify]-->There are just much better choices.
    -->Nasus' mana problems are never bad enough to need this.
    [spell_icon=Rally]-->Adds damage, but is it really worth it? Plus easy to kill.
    -->You are not a support, and can make better use of other spells.

  • Items

    Everyone will scroll through the entire article to just get to this section, so I will just attempt to clarify all of my reasons and I am open to suggestions.

    I prefer to start with a . It gives you an additional 120 health, with armor, and health regen. This allows you to hold down your lane for even longer. Especially useful if you are solo laning.

    Usually my final build in a game(Which I will explain later):

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    When I get roughly 960 gold, I base back. I pick up a and a . I really like the Chalice of Harmony because this allows Nasus to spam all of his skills without fear of running out of mana. The magic resistance also helps against AP, which is always nice. And the Sight Ward is pretty important to help reduce the chances of you getting ganked.

    cost 1200 gold, so if you can stay in your lane until you get enough, then great. If you have to go back before you get enough to fully buy it, then buy the first, finishing the boots as soon as possible. If the opposing team has little to no CC, then I would also suggest for the extra armor and dodge chance.

    Afterwards, I do my best to buy the , which will not only give you a larger mana pool, but will give your Siphoning Strike even more damage. Keep in mind that Sheen cost 1260, so if you need just a minion kill or two, try to get it before you go back.

    I then think about how the game is going. If I am doing average or better, then I will go for a . This allows you to take down towers faster, chase people down, and overall do more damage. If however you are struggling to keep alive, then I suggest building a defense item. If they are stacked with AP, then I strongly suggest [item_icon=Force of Nature]. If they are heavy on bulky AD characters such as Urgot or Jarvan, then I suggest a . If you are quickly getting focused by people such as Master Yi, then a may also be useful instead of the Randuin's Omen. Keep in mind that the omen has a active ability that allows you to slow the enemies' attack speed, which is quite useful in a teamfight.

    Another good item that I enjoy using on Nasus is the . This is especially useful if your team is full of squishy characters since it gives bonus armor and magic resist to everyone around you.

    If you needed to rush a defensive item before your zeal, then now is the time to not only get a zeal, but to fully finish off a . This will allow you to do big damage to just about everyone, and it improves your Siphoning Strike.

    At this point you should be doing fairly well, especially with your fancy Trinity Force doing quite a bit of damage. But you should also keep in mind that you are still the tank, or at least an off-tank. Because of this you should give your live to save your carry EVERY TIME!!

    If I find myself doing extremely well, I will often times get a , but only if I find myself for some reason being the team carry.

    There are many other items that work quite well on Nasus, but I think that building him bulky first while beefing up Siphoning Strike, then go for your damage late game. This way allows for you to see how the game is going and decide if you need different items later on.

  • Solo Laning

    Laning is extremely easy with Nasus, mainly due to his ability to farm minions with Spirit Fire, but I think that everyone that plays Nasus should learn how to control a 1v2 lane.

    Nasus' Spirit Fire makes it so enemy champions have a lot of trouble reaching your tower. This is used best when the enemy minions are grouped up underneath your tower.

    You should obviously never over-extend, especially while solo laning, but Nasus does have the power to break a turret even though he is by himself. To be able to do this though you must be able to farm Siphoning Strike, and get many minions kills. Attempt to keep them close to your turret early game until you start hitting double digit levels and they are still in single digits.

  • Pros/Cons

    ->Easy to farm minions.
    ->A well farmed Siphoning Strike will do very well.
    ->Can hold a 1v2 lane better then most.
    ->His ultimate can win team fights due to its high damage combined with Siphoning Strike.
    ->Has the ability to give the entire enemy team -40 armor in a team fight.
    ->Can make one opponent's attack and movement speeds close to nothing for 5 second.
    ->Can be a full tank if necessary.
    ->Can destroy turrets very easily with Siphoning Strike.
    ->Can take most opponents out in a 1v1, due to Ultimate and lifesteal.

    ->First off...lame skins..seriously. EDIT: Nasus finally got a nice skin!! WOOHOO!!!
    ->You may find yourself over-extending to last hit a minion sometimes.
    ->After Spirit Fire and Wither are used up, he can only hit with Siphoning Strike.
    ->An Underfarmed Nasus is a useless Nasus.

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