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Ultimate Hybrid Poppy Guide

written by SwarsII

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Summary

    This is my Poppy build which I have found to be the most useful, strongest, and just plain most awesome build for Poppy. Playing tactics are included along with a full summary of items, masteries, runes, etc.
    This build is meant for Carry/Hybrid Poppy and for aggressive players. This is not a tanky Poppy build whatsoever. But it is guaranteed to succeed in any fight if executed properly.

  • Masteries + Runes

    My masteries are as follows...
    External Image

    Total of 9 points in Defense.
    3 in [mastery_icon=Resistance]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Hardiness]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Strength of Spirit]
    These masteries will allow you to fare better early game in lane while supplementing the harassment with better health regen.

    Total of 21 point in Utility.

    1 in [mastery_icon=Spatial Accuracy]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Good Hands]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Perseverance]
    1 in [mastery_icon=Haste]
    1 in [mastery_icon=Greed]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Meditation]
    2 in [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Quickness]
    3 in [mastery_icon=Intelligence]
    1 in [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master]

    This particular setup will help a lot all throughout the game. While providing a good bonus to mana and mana regen, which will add to Strength of Spirit, it will also provide more MS and CDR. You'll only be dead for 90% of the time it normally would be, and with the teleportation/ghost buffs, you'll be able to gank much faster and more effectively. The Greed point is just an extra thing.

    Runes are....
    3 Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (4.5% bonus MS total)
    9 Greater Mark of Malice (8.37% crit chance total)
    9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity (5.76% bonus AS total)
    9 Greater Seal of Regeneration (+.11 health regen per 5 seconds per lvl = roughly 18 health regen per 5 at lvl 18)

    These runes provide lots of health regen, dmg, and MS. With the playing style of this build, it is essential to have good chasing ability and high damage output early game. It's always nice to get that crit in while harassing enemies :)

  • Starting Items

    My starting item really depends on whether or not I'm soloing a lane. If soloing I suggest taking a , so that you have the armor/life/health regen needed to stay in lane. If you're in a 2v2 lane, I usually take + 2 + 1 . This lets you run away from fights, heal yourself if you get harassed too much, and give you the mana back so you can continue to harass them or last hit creeps with a spell.

    For my laning build early game, I start out with one of the items above, and when I farmed up enough (should be easy if you follow my guide below), I get if I already have boots. If I don't have boots yet, I'll wait and just grab boots and the compenents of Sheen. Following Sheen I'll get the (get the first if you can't afford to get both and ). Having boots, sheen, and the cutlass will give you lots of burst power. Note that as a solo laner, you'll also have .
    After I have Sheen, boots, and bilgewater cutlass, I'll get the . This will give you that spell vamp you've always wanted with that high dmg Devastating Blow. Following revolver goes the , and then , followed by (getting first). The rest is listed in the full item build.

  • Skilling Order

    For skills, I take her Devastating Blow first if I'm soloing. That's her Q move. Coupled with a quick CD, you can do a normal attack followed by a quick tap of the Q key to activate her Devastating Blow, effectively attacking twice in roughly one second. This allows you to harass the other champion(s) just as effectively as they would harass you if they are stupid enough to get so close to you. But with the masteries and items, getting up to the other champion should be fairly easy.

    If in a 2v2 lane I take her Heroic Charge. This allows you to charge into an enemy early game, possibly while still at lvl 1, maybe stunning the enemy champion or allowing a teammate to run away before they die. Since Poppy has a really nice passive that reduces dmg by 50% if it does more than 10% of current health, charging into an enemy at lvl 1 to save a teammate from death will still allow you run away before taking lethal dmg. Also coupled with the starting item build I mentioned, you can run away really fast with the boots while healing from a health pot.

    Regardless of which move I choose first, Q or E, I always max out my Devastating Blow first, followed by Heroic Charge, while getting her Ultimate ( Diplomatic Immunity) at lvls 6 and 11. Maxing out these 2 spells will allow you to have the highest burst dmg possible early game. After lvl 12, when you should have both Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge maxed out, get her W move ( Paragon of Demacia). With the runes/summoner abilities/masteries/items, movement speed should not be an issue, nor should the armor or attack power. At lvl 16, get the 3rd rank in her ultimate, and the rest of the levels max out her W move.

    So quick summary...

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner abilities are and . These two spells allow for easy ganking and early game warding. With Poppy I especially enjoy grabbing these two against junglers. I never deviate from these two summoner spells with Poppy. For example.... when the enemy has a jungler that requires mana for spells, I can quickly buy the boots and a ward, with just enough money leftover to buy a health pot. Having these items in hand, I teleport to the farthest turret on my side that is the closest turret to the other team's blue golem. Keep in mind that the turret does not become active until after roughly 10 or so seconds have passed, so you have those seconds to buy the items and get ready to teleport to the turret. Making your way directly down to the blue golem, plant the ward in the nearby bushes and run away back to your side, hiding in a bush or something, and get ready to gank their jungler as he's doing the blue buff.
    Also with these abilities, you can quickly teleport to a lane in need of a gank when they are targetting and chased. Having a full life, or even 60% life Poppy with lots of mana, will help tremendously in getting the upper hand in a fight. If it happens to be too much, activate Ghost and run away.

  • Full Item Build

    (to be sold to make room for another item if you farmed up enough)

    (feel free to get more than one if you don't want the rageblade and/or shield)

    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    There are 8 items up here, but the Doran's Shield/Guinsoo's Rageblade/Madred's Bloodrazor can be put in depending on what you like. I always end up selling Doran's Shield if I have the gold to buy something a lot better.

    The items provide lots of AD and AP, as I do build my Poppy hybrid style. The Guinsoo's Rageblade at the end is kinda unneccessary since it's a mid-game item that doesn't quite match up to those 3.5k and 4k gold items. Farming up another hextech gunblade or a madred's is better.
    Also note that the Hextech Gunblade and Bilgewater Cutlass (builds into hextech gunblade) do stack with each other. So you can activate one of them, causing the 50% MS reduction for 3 seconds, and then activate the other one for another 50% MS reduction for 3 seconds.

    (Now I know a lot of people will refuse to buy more than one of a late game item, since most last game items are all "Unique Active" or "Unique Passive" or something, so nothing really stacks, EXCEPT for the stat bonuses. But with the Hextech Gunblade, you get a solid +60 AD/+75 AP WITH 20% Lifesteal/Spellvamp per hextech. I would never go so far as to get 5 of them, let alone farm enough to that with all practicality. Stat bonuses with 5 would be at 300 AD, 375 AP and 100% lifesteal/spell vamp.... But don't go against more than one of an awesome item. A couple can really come a long way. Rod of Ages stacks too, although many people don't like getting more than 1, since it takes so long.)

    With this build you have a good 40% armor/MR penetration with at least 250 AD/AP. With Baron buff it'll be ridiculously high. Against the Blue/Red buff creeps you'll do at least 1k dmg per Devastating Blow. Against any, and I mean ANY enemy champion, you'll do at least, AT LEAST, 400 dmg Devastating Blow. I usually get to rougly 600 per hit, and if I get more than one gunblade I'll regen 40% of my dmg output per hit. 600 x .4 is 240, which is a good chunk of life, considering that the enemy champion's life is going down fast and you're regaining health just as quickly. This build will allow you to not only take out the annoying enemy carry, but also to move from target to target, taking them out one at a time, since you have the lifesteal/spell vamp necessary to maintain your health and the damage output necessary to actually kill them.

    When building Poppy as a hybrid AD/AP carry, please take into consideration that Poppy will have 0 lifesteal/spell vamp without items or teammates who have those auras from items.

  • Playing Tactics

    These tactics cover the some of the more important situations experienced in LoL.

    1 - Laning 1v1 AND 2v1
    2 - Counter Jungling
    3 - Team Fights

    LANING 1v2 AND 1v1

    For solo laning, regardless of if you're 1v1 or 2v1, try to keep as close to your own tower as possible. Only move in to last hit or seriously harass the opponent. With the spell order I suggested, you should be able to harass very effectively in lane, whether against a melee opponent or a ranged one. But to do so, always make sure you have your Heroic Charge available. This will allow you to smack your opponent into a wall (if possible), granting you a quick stun, and the chance to give your opponent a quick 1-2 hit, with the normal attack followed by Devastating Blow. This does require some estimating on the player's part, since Poppy and said target have to be in a straight line to the wall. You also have to get the feel for Poppy's charge range, so you know how far away she will throw her opponent. Having flash usually helps with this particular tactic, but it can be done just as easily if your opponent is stupid (they always are against a solo Poppy) and next to a wall.
    Now going back to the tower hugging, most people who 2v1 a Poppy in lane will push an absurd amount and try to hit the tower every chance they get. If you're lucky, one or both of them will be a melee champion. If you're REALLY lucky one will be Cho'Gath complete with his W move, which shoots out spikes on each normal attack. In the first case, no matter what they are, if you're 2v1 laning, always aim for the squishier champion available. At lower levels, tanks can't tank yet and no one should have armor or magic resistance over 50. So your damage will be nice and big :) So move into position to perform a Heroic Charge into an enemy champion (the squishier one) that will successfully stun respective champion. Follow up with the 1-2 attack-devastating blow. This should do at least 300 points of damage to a target champion. If you were able to harass them effectively in lane, then it might just be enough to kill them.
    In a special case with Cho'Gath, his vorpal spikes will be his downfall, unless he deactivates them while attacking the tower. But anyway, since his vorpal spikes shoot out and deal damage in a line, simple move directly in front of Cho and casually get hit by his spikes. This will automatically place him under focus fire from the tower. So what do you have to do? Heroic Charge him into the tower of course! This will stun him while placing him closer to the tower, periodically getting hit by said tower for massive damage. And there's a pretty easy kill right there! This also works with a Mundo who's dumb enough to activate a similar move that deals damage to all surrounding units. But sometimes you kinda get lucky but not lucky enough to kill them. But at the least, you made the enemy go back and heal at base, giving you time to farm in lane (without pushing, just last hitting creeps) and gain experience, putting you at a further advantage. However, if you're low on life and know you can't regenerate enough life to tank a few hits in lane, go back and heal/shop.


    Now then... on other tactics. One of my personal favorites with my summoner abilities is that I can teleport to a tower and get to their jungle before they even leave their base (this is listed in the [Summoner Abilities] section). This works out pretty well with her Heroic Charge as well, since it gives you more cast range, and coupled with Ghost, should knock out an opponent pretty well. PLEASE NOTE that this should only be done in the event that the other team has a jungler and it's UP TO YOU to do it if you want to. This is completely optional and does require some quick on the spot planning, usually during the skin loader. Anyway, be sure to look at the enemy champion to determine where you think they will start their jungling experience. Obviously, with Tryndamere and other no-mana champions, they will not be starting at the blue buff. So teleport to a tower that is closest to where you think they will appear. Ward a nearby bush that gives adequate vision, and hide back in a nearby spot in the jungle that IS IN YOUR jungle. This will prevent anyone from getting a sneak attack on you and give you time to meet up with your teammates if they want to gank with you. The route you take should avoid taking a direct path through enemy champions who may be hiding in their jungle, so make sure you know where at least 3 champions are before you decide the path you want to take to ambush the unsuspecting jungler. Blue/Red buffs spawn at 1:55, on the dot. Other neutrals spawn at 1:40, so time your gank appropriately. Blue or red buff usually hurts a jungler A LOT. So when they finish they'll be really low on health and perfect for ganking. But a BETTER time to gank (since you have a ward and can see their health) is when they are approaching a very low amount of life but haven't quite reached the point where the buff will die. What you have to do is time your gank so that by the time you get there, the buff will be close to dead (keep in mind that smite will do 400+ dmg to it) and move in to stun the jungler with your charge. If you can stun the jungler, the neutral spawns will still be attacking the jungler, so you have extra help in killing your opponent. This alone should be enough to kill the average jungler, including Nunu, Amumu, Fiddlesticks, etc. Warwick is a little harder since his attacks will regenerate health for him, so it's good to have at least one other person helping you gank him. So if you correctly perform this little bit of counter jungling, you may end up with an enemy buff AND a first blood, while hampering the jungling of an enemy champion which will ALSO decrease the gankability of said champion, giving your entire team a better chance of surviving/owning in lane.

    Team Fights
    In team fights, focus the carry every time. That, or the most useful or annoying champion they have. Such champions are Veigar, Zilean, Fiddlesticks, Sona, Soraka, and probably some others. But the ones that can heal, revive, or provide lots of AOE damage/Crowd Control. Targetting these chmapions makes for a great team fight, since they will be unable to assist teammates. On the off chance that the one you target has a Banshee's Veil, DO NOT ULT THEM FIRST. In the most optimal situation, have a teammate remove the shield. In case that can't happen, DO NOT ULT THEM FIRST. Instead, move in with your Heroic Charge, followed by Devastating Blow. One of these moves will definitely remove Banshee's Veil [Be careful not to get stunned or disabled by an enemy champion though, so you may want to wait until after someone has initiated and doesn't target you]. Now is the time to ult them. With the item build suggested, you can also throw in a Hextech Gunblade active for that slow and 300 points of magic damage. This item can also remove the shield. But after ulting, you now have the capability of bashing them to your heart's content, without consequence from other champions. Hopefully, if your team is coordinated and has a fighting chance, they can take out the enemy carry or at least hurt him/her. After you take out the carry/most useful/most annoying champion they have, you can move in to assist your team with killing another enemy. But always gauge your enemies by MOST DMG, MOST USEFUL, and MOST ANNOYING. If you kill one, move on to the next most annoying guy, and so on. Save the straight up tanks for last. If you die to the tanks at the end, at the least you must have killed an enemy champion already and maybe even assisted in killing another, so you have some gold to walk away with and possibly shop with. After obtaining the full item build, you can now even take on tanks and live to tell the tale! (At the end of a team fight that is)

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros are a really strong burst and sustained dmg. With Hextech Gunblade you have the power to slow down your opponent to deal more dmg to him (or her). Also if you get 2 of them, that's 40% lifesteal/spell vamp. Since her Q and E moves are both magic dmg attacks you will regen quite a bit of life with each hit. Combined with Void Staff you have a high chance of doing at least 500 dmg a hit, resulting in 200+ life given back to you from spell vamp. Her auto attack with this build should also be strong with last whisper and trinity force, so she'll do high dps as well. Her dps won't be as high just auto-attacking like it would be with Master Yi or Tryndamere, but it's still high enough to make ANYONE run from her. No one in their right minds would take on a Poppy like this 1v1, cuz they'd lose. So with this item build, also combined with smart tactics, will give the player a high survivability chance.

    Cons are low armor/magic resist. Poppy's base armor combined max stacks on Paragon of Demacia ability should give her a little over 100 armor, so a good 50% AD reduction. There is also very little CDR with this. The only CDR you get is from masteries, which is 6%.

  • Farming/Creeping

    Farming should be limited to last hitting. Always keep close to your own tower and don't auto attack creeps. The tower takes 3 hits to kill a melee minion early game, so time your attacks to only last hit the minion that the tower attacks. So if the tower hits a melee minion twice, you know it's your time to get in there and finish it before the tower does. With ranged creeps it's important to time attacks. VERY important since ranged creeps have less life and die a lot faster. Towers kill them in 2 hits, but you can't just let the tower hit it once and swoop in for a kill; the creep has JUST too much life to 1 hit it after a tower hit. So what you have to do is.... hit a ranged minion once, then let the tower hit it, and then you hit it again, effectively killing it. If it has too much life and you don't have the time to wait, activate your Q move and smack it down and kill it, still maintaining the last hit for the gold. Of course hitting a creep with the Q move won't kill it if it has full life...

    For Hybrid Poppy it's important that you get the Blue buff as much as possible. The red buff is nice to have and is recommended, but not vital. With Poppy the only mana regen I have on this build is from the masteries, so you'll end up running out of mana fairly quickly if you spam moves. So it is vital to have blue buff if you want to sustain your high burst damage. The cooldown reduction will also be nice to have. With a 40% CDR the Q move will only have a 2.8 sec CD, W move roughly 8 seconds, and E move only 7 seconds or so. So you can spam that Devastating Blow for serious damage, run away or chase, and move into position for a good stun with the E move.

  • A game example

    In a game that I recently played, I built my Poppy starting with the 2v2 side lane, since we didn't have a jungler and I wasn't allowed to solo. The build did take a while to farm, probably around 35-40 minutes of straight farming and killing, but mostly farming. I had a Trinity Force, Merc Treads, 2 Hextech Gunblades, a Madred's Bloodrazor, and a Rabadon's Deathcap just for kicks since I had sooo much gold. My base AD was over 300 and my AP was near 450. Devastating Blow did 900 a hit, not with my ult. So I 2 hit each carry. Now since my magic resist was really low, I suffered a lot from magic damage. But with this build, I have 40% lifesteal and 40% spell vamp AND one of my teammates had a Will of the Ancients, so my spell vamp was actually at 60%. 900 x 0.6 = 540, so that's roughly how much I regenerated per Devastating Blow. This was especially useful when I was close to dying from poison outside of battle. Quickly find an enemy or a neutral creep and smack then with a move, or an auto attack. With Madred's Bloodrazor I also did magic damage per regular attack, so that works even better with hextech (Kog'maw can also benefit from hextech or Will of the Ancients). But going back to almost dying, just find another enemy creep or something and hit them. You'll regenerate at least 500 dmg if you land a Devastating Blow keeping your health well above the danger zone. I finished that game 20-8-13.

  • My Remarks

    So I've been playing Poppy for a while now. She was my first champion that I bought at like summoner lvl 6, and I'm ranked in Solo 5v5 Q at a 1450 elo now, playing primarily Poppy. So I know this build works. I've played Poppy long enough to know every little quirk that she has, every little glitch, and every fault that she has. With a good playing style, knowing when to retreat and when to attack, is essential to doing well. With this build you'll be able to farm a LOT from kills and minions mid/late game. Most of the gold will come from mid game from killing carries and other squishy champions. Being effective mid game will set up your team for a better chance of succeeding late game in those 5v5 team fights. If you farm well and get assists/kills your teammates will benefit just as much from it.

    Please note that not everyone is meant to play Poppy. Don't blame the build for playing poorly if you try out the build, it takes some time to get used to if it's not in your realm of playing style. This build is meant for aggressive players, also for carry Poppy's. I have carried many a game with this build, also managing to get 30 kills in one game with this build (it wasn't ranked though and it was while I was a Lvl 30 summoner). My best ranked game was around 26-9-14 KDA.
    Also, some games are pretty hit or miss if you don't get a good start. Adapt to the pace of the game if things don't start the way you want them to.

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