Swain Build Guide

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Jericho Swain, Melting faces Since 1939

written by VongolaPrimo

Swain Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Carrion Renewal
    Melting faces allows me to possibly melt MORE FACES? Delicious!

    your main damaging ability. Slows the target and is a tether. make sure to use it as close as possible so they can't get out of it easily.

    an AoE root that lets me use my combo on them and they cannot run away? how absolutely delightful!

    MOAR DMG!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! why yes, thank you.
    this spell is absolutely amazing. It does a Great amount of Damage by itself But it also amplifies ALL your abilities by 20%! Ignite? yup. DFG? yup. even auto attacks? yup. All your standard abilities? also, yes.

    Ravenous Flock
    :3 i can kill you but you cant kill me!
    this spell will save your ass more times then you can count my friends. running away with a little health? run next to enemy minons and heal :D turning on Zhonya's allows you to heal too! :D

  • Back in my day We used Birds to melt peoples faces!

    Hello and welcome to my Swain guide. In this guide i will be covering a variety of useful techniques to Melt your enemies faces off :D
    Swain is a tanky Caster with Lots of Health regen (via ultimate) and an insane amount of DPS. he is really Underrated and underplayed so take advantage of your opponents lack of experience against them and melt their face :D Swain excels against Melee champions. especially ones without a dash. ex Udyr, and Yi.
    the only melee champion that should give you even a little trouble is olaf. But even if you cant slow and root him, you can still hurt the hell out of him, after all hes isn't tryndanoob :D

  • Masteries + Runes

    for masteries i usually go 10/19/1 taking all Ap boosting masteries and all Survivability ones as well.
    Ie Ardor, veterans scars and archmage's savy and improved ghost :D
    for runes i usually go Full Ap. gives quite a nice little boost to your early game which is something swain needs. i take this root with my masteries because it gives you an impressive boost to your survivability and a nice little boost to your early Damage.

  • RoA vs AA

    I see a lot of Swains build AA instead of RoA. Don't. "but AA allows you to ult for ever herp derp. It also makes you squishy. and swain does not like being squishy. i mean sure, if you already Have RoA, Rylai's and Rabadon's its a good item, but without those four don't even think of buying it. and if you already have those four don't buy it because you will be in late game, unless you are incredibly fed O.o
    Pros for RoA > AA


    mana.....hmmm. now if you're a good swain you really don't need all this Mana. you can just last hit to sustain yourself >.> overall RoA is just the better item for swain.

  • Item builds for Killing people of course.

    Rod of Ages i usually start with RoA because it gives a nice boost to your base stats and 80 ap. i like starting with an early Catalyst and then boots. because it gives you even more staying power then swain already has, kinda scary isn't it?
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter i get this to slow them even more and to give a nice little boost to my Hp and Ap.
    Rabadon's Deathcap a Personal Favorite of mine because it Boots your Ap by a tremendous amount.
    Boots of Mobility wait, WHAT? well you see, Swain is quite slow. and with these you are no longer slow and you can gank people to high hell and then devour their corpses.

    now the game is probably over before you can build anything else but if you're in a rediculously long game i recommend building these.

    Lich Bane for ever more DMG! this is for when you need to kill some towers quickly. its also boosted by torment so it really, REALLY hurts.
    Thornmail incase those Bastard Dps guys are hurting to much i.e tryndanoob, yi, olaf, ashe and caitlyn all on the same team haha.
    Banshee's Veil incase those other bastardly mages are giving you a slightly hard time. like Veigar. oooooooh i HATE a good veigar. this is also really good for pissing off an enemy swain. sacrificing your combo as swain is a big nono.
    Zhonya's Hourglass great item. a humongous bonus to AP and the sexiest active in the game.
    Deathfire Grasp its active is boosted by torment to 38% of their current health. Its sexy.

    my core is
    Rabadon's Deathcap Rod of Ages Boots of Mobility

    Full usually looks like this
    Rabadon's Deathcap Zhonya's Hourglass Deathfire Grasp Rod of Ages Lich Bane Boots of Mobility mainly because this build gives you the survivability you need and deals a ridiculous amount of sustained damage and sexy melty burst.

  • Uniquely Melting faces

    Swain is a very unique Champion because he can fill Multiple roles. He can Off-tank or he can DPs, but most of the time....he does both >:D
    anyway lets go over his unique skills.

    Decrepify- slow, tether, and Dmg pretty damned unique if i do say so myself.

    Nevermore- AoE snare? hmmmm Yes please!

    Torment- Damage booster that i can use every ten seconds or so, :D

    and Finally Big bird of Doom. - Heals you like mundo and Dmg like Ryze, wewt! i just wish all three birds would attack champions :

  • Pro's /Con's

    AMAZING Survivability.
    Amazing Damage potential.
    Awesome Cane.
    Awesome Melee dps denier
    the Best dancer In LoL.

    requires a Lot of skill and thought to play successfully.
    Viegar hurts.

  • Another enemy, another disappointment

    Lux- perhaps the easiest person to lane against. yes she can out range you most of the time. But your root hurts more and has a longer range. if you catch her shes screwed.

    Miss Fortune- also fairly easy to lane against she hurts but a little armor takes the sting away. catch her combo her about 2 times and you have your lane won.

    Mundo- ignite is mandatory so you can honestly just laugh at this big guy.

    irelia- slow her, combo her and stay out of her range lol.

    Yi, Udyr, Xin, and all other melee dps without escapes or cleanses- easy. as. hell. you catch them, Burn them, melt them, and then feed them to your crows. :) or in other words W>E>Q>R

    brand- not much of a challenge if you dodge one of his abilities so he can't combo you.

    lee sin- sure he can teleport every where during lane but if you get him alone hes actually really easy to kill.

    le blanc- shes really fun to lane against if your opponent is any good. you both try to out think eachother and the first to screw up, loses. you will most likely survive her combo and heal up and kill her before she can use it again. should be fairly easy.


    Veigar. OMFG i hate this litte guy. no one can nuke you down harder.

    Olaf can also be a pain in the ass if his ulti is up.

    Kassadin can be a Colossal pain in your ass if he is fed.

  • Summoner spells

    Ignite you must take it. literally you have no choice. if you do not take it and you play swain i will find you and PECK YOUR EYES OUT.
    now then for your escaping/chasing i recommend
    Ghost but Flash is also quite expectable. the reason behind this is swain has no escape. i actually prefer Flash if i go with movement boots.
    Exhaust is fine if you take the mastery in it, but you really don't need anymore CC. but it is great against those tryndanoobs and yis.

    These are the big nonos.
    [spell=rally] i really shouldn't even have to explain this...
    Revive just no.
    Clarity HELL NO. Swain does not have mana problems if you are a good player and last hit like a boss.
    Smite swain does not like the jungle. the wolves tried to eat Beatrice.
    [spell=fortify] no. you're not the tank, not your job.
    Cleanse oh yay no more CC....wait im still in the middle of the enemy team AHHHHHHHHHH! (swain does not scream....but i do. like a little girl)
    Clairvoyance great spell when used correctly, but not exactly needed for swain.
    Teleport great for map control, but with speed boots you don't need it. also its not a reliable escape.

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